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Weirdness: These iPhone Mock-Ups Suggest That Mario On Mobile Might Be A Bad Idea

Posted by Damien McFerran

Place your tongue firmly in your cheek before reading

Industry experts and jumpy investors are screaming at Nintendo to make games for smartphones right now, but company president Satoru Iwata is adamant that the future of the firm lies in dedicated gaming hardware, rather than diluted, cash-grab experiences on the likes of iOS and Android.

However, it's always fun to play devil's advocate, so the guys over at Red Bull's gaming site have put together some amusing mock-up images which show what Nintendo's key franchises could look like if they were fused with popular smartphone properties like Angry Birds, Temple Run and Candy Crush Saga.

Before any pitchforks are brandished and torches lit, it's worth pointing out that this is a little bit of fun — but let us know what you think of the ideas by leaving a comment below. Are there any other obvious mash-ups you can think of? Could any of these light-hearted ideas actually work as a proper game? And what does the simplicity of these concepts say about the divide between dedicated and smartphone gaming?


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cfgk24 said:

No no no and no but lol lol lol and lol. These games are aimed at Lowest common denominator ( I hope that's not me ha ha!)



ungibbed said:

LoZ: Water Temple run would make me smash my new iPhone to bits. Especially if the N64 lag is 100% accurate!



DreamOn said:

Mobile gaming needs to get over itself and stop being such a troll to console gaming! Ok? Thanks!



Socar said:

@vonseux You're kidding right?

This is a fine example of why Nintendo shouldn't make their games on phones because everything on the phone is touch based and even if they do that, it would require competing against the gaming market on mobile.



alLabouTandroiD said:

Seeing that spoof of Duck Hunt / Cake Ninja makes me kinda want a NES Zapper Remix or some other form of these Zapper games on Wii U.



Gerbwmu said:

Angry Samus.......We can fling her across the screen at PIGS in SPACE!!!!!!!



Ichiban said:

Tetris is barely playable on a mobile, just imagine how bad these would be!! The horror!!



Randomname19 said:

There isn't even need to make mock-ups,most of Game & Wario and Nintendoland's games are perfect for tablets



IxnayontheCK said:

Yeah, I would be ok with those. Mini game style stuff only, not full Mario or Zelda games but those proposed idea s would be a good idea actually



nathandelune said:

I feel like if Nintendo capitalised on their IP's with something simple and innocent like this, which people would definitely buy, then they'd have more money to make new WiiU and 3DS games. Plus some games would definitely translate perfectly into IOS games. Can anybody imagine how well a Mario themed Elite Beat Agents game would play and sell? Or how about even Brain Training?



SkywardLink98 said:

"Before any pitchforks are brandished and torches lit, it's worth pointing out that this is a little bit of fun"
Dang it NLife, why do you have to go and ruin my fun?!?!



Kaze_Memaryu said:

As jokes, these ideas are very well thought-out (compared to many blatant ripoffs that are actually available on mobiles), but as a potential marketing idea, this terrifies me beyond my worst nightmares (which are already sick enough).



Kirby-life said:

I wouldn't mind a vertically scrolling Mario platformer like the one seen in "Super Luigi Jump". (But I'd like to have it on my 3DS or Wii U)



ItalianBaptist said:

Nintendo has actually shown that an endless runner with the style of super mario bros. can work - the Mario clock for dsiware. I'm not suggesting that nintendo port their old games onto the iPhone but something like that might just work - as an "advertisement" like nintendo was talking about rather than an actual game. I like what @randomname19 and @nathandelune said too - warioware and brain age would be perfect - again as a supplement, not a replacement.



Rezalack said:

A lot of people hating on the idea of Nintendo going Mobile. Why? I don't know. Would it hurt Nintendo..? Maybe? Could they possibly make millions, even billions of dollars if they did? Yes. I don't play mobile games at all, but.. if Nintendo was in trouble and needed Mobile as a shot in the arm, I say go for it.

Some of these mock-ups and even comments from others here, sound like they could be fun. @Gerbwmu Bowser's Castle Defense sounds awesome.



Gerbwmu said:

@Spuratis - I would actually enjoy Bowser's Castle Defense I think.............It does have some incredible options and game my head



nik1470 said:

Dear world,

Please stop trying to "Starbuck" Nintendo.

Peace out

oohhh how about Angry Yoshi's Island where you throw eggs instead of birds!



FarsanBaloo said:

Nintendo are the masters of mini- and micro-games. Why not put all of Mario Party, Wii Party, Wario Ware, Nintendoland, Brain Age, Nintendogs, Chibi-robo, Game & Watch and Elite Beat Agents on mobiles. That would be easy money and would not compromise any vital franchises.



aaronsullivan said:

In all seriousness, these games could probably be fun and remind people about awesome Nintendo characters. It might even be good for Nintendo. Ads could be all about Nintendo hardware even. :/

Of course they'd have to be made well with some interesting new stuff that is fun, but it won't happen.



bofis said:

I feel like Nintendo is entirely right here, because just throwing their characters into bad smartphone games will only diminish the quality of their characters anyway...which we love because we love the games they're in



unrandomsam said:

If they made a flappy Mario and made it really really good and free that would be brilliant advertising for their game making abilities.

(Introducing new mechanics like they do in say Gameboy Donkey Kong).

It would have to be outstanding though.



unrandomsam said:

@FarsanBaloo Warioware is one of my favourite franchises. (Not many where I think every entry is outstanding. To be fair I haven't tried the Dsiware ones).



unrandomsam said:

@Kaze_Memaryu I noticed a few of the comments on clones of flappy bird on the Amazon Appstore. Amusing because they have quite a bit in common with comments on this site. (It is not as good as the original etc etc). They are just as serious about that game from the tone of the comments as people are on this site.



shinokami said:

somehow I think that Mario game would actually be fun if it was as hard as that, but I rather play Mario World



Superryanworld said:

Not all mobile games are terrible.I was surprised how well sonic 4 played on iOS.No,Nintendo would never go for this but I don't think putting classic games on mobile would be a horrible idea.It would make money.My 3ds gets way more gaming time than my phone,and anyone who's a serious console gamer isn't going to jump ship if Mario land was on a phone.Its never going to happen anyway so whatever.



Manaphy2007 said:

mobile game will never come near to what console games are expected to be with few exceptions (and pc) and will never succeed. n64 games are better emulated on pc as they originated from them, while emulation is legal, roms are not legal as long as you have the physical game but since this is the internet that flies out the window and i play n64 on my pc which pj64 is damn near perfect. ds on android would make no sense as i would require the bottom half for touch controls, you are better off with a ds flashcard as it the perfect physical emulator, i have one and i use it to trade from pkmn black 2 to my physical copy and both have the same save data (its possible to trade with yourself) as i use a device called save dongle (useful to back up save data of physical games to pc in case it somehow gets corrupted). anyways full games are a bad idea and will take profit from the 3ds and wii u and i realized that thats how these idiots want as they fear that nintendo will somehow dominate and they are a threat to sony and microsoft and smart devices which smart devises are no competition to begin with



Superryanworld said:

@Manaphy2007 With the ps4's current sales I don't think anyone is thinking that Nintendo will dominate this generation.This article is just a thought,and there is no reason to call people idiots just because their thoughts dont match up with yours.If your perspective is so spot on you should find a career in the gaming industry.



unrandomsam said:

@Superryanworld This year Nintendo are going to take a smaller loss than Sony that is a fact. Depends how winning is defined. (Sony took an overall loss with the PS3. Only way they managed to get it to sell at a profit was to completely remove all quality control with the super slim).



Superryanworld said:

I was aware of the facts that surround the ps3,and it took awhile to recoup those are right about how one defines winning just look a Charlie Sheen.Youre posts always make sense so I agree.




lol they would actually sell, nintendo would make millions in minutes, but its just garbage nintendo won't do this tarnishing mario or zelda.



MysticX said:

Those games actually look like fun to me

Nintendo could make a fortune with those, and they hardly compete with the games they put out on the 3DS (Don't tell me "Super Luigi jump" would cannibalize "New Super Mario bros."-sales )

Let's face it: Lots more people have smartphones than will ever have a 3DS, so we have a huge market of people who don't know nor care what Nintendo is up to with 3DS that will leap onto a well-made mobile game, so there's a big market out there...



RantingThespian said:

@CorporalPegasus I have nothing against mobile games. Heck, I am typing this on my iPad (which has many games on it, as so does my android phone and tablet)

What I don't like is the idea that Nintendo porting games that were designed with controls that can't be replicated with a touch screen (Capcom and Sega have tried . . . and it is not the same). I also don't like the idea of Nintendo using its major brands and watering them down just for quick mobile games (which is why I dislike the Rayman games for mobile).

I am against Nintendo giving into the naysayers, ruining their amazing games just to make a few bucks on mobile devices, only to have their games then forgotten 2 months later.



retro_player_22 said:

These would be great for mobile:

  • Donkey Kong Country 3: Bleak Snowfight - Play snow fight with a roster of five selectable characters from DKC3: Dixie, Kiddy, Cranky, Funky and Bleak the Snowman.
  • Mario Golf: Birdie Challenge - Try to get five birdies in one playthrough.
  • Golden Sun: Gladiator Challenge - Play as Azart, Morgan, Galahad, Satrage, Dekka, Buford, or Navampa in the gladiator challenge in Tolbi before Isaac and his group came and ruin the competition in the event of Golden Sun.
  • Donkey Kong Country: Rambi Rampage - Kill all the enemies in Congo Jungle as Rambi the Rhyno.
  • Super Mario Bros. 2: Wart's Revenge - As Wart, use your bubble technique to kill Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Toad before they choke you to death with veggies and unleash the Subcons.
  • Super Mario Bros. 3: Koopaling Conquer - Choose from one of seven koopaling with one of two different names (Iggy, Morton, Wendy, Larry, Roy, Lemmy, and Ludwig or Hip, Big Mouth, Cootie Pie, Bully, Cheatsy, or Kooky) and built your own destructive airship (bullet bills, flame geyser, bob-omb, rocky wrench, etc., can be bought as DLC) to ambush Mario before he get to your chamber and kill you for the wand and save the world you are trying to conquer.
  • Fire Emblem: Fight For the Saint of Sword - As Guy or Karel, choose your weapon and fight to the death.
  • F-Zero: Mute City Mayhem - In a GP race, try to eliminate all the competitors on the track so Captain Falcon could win first place. Yes you are his bitch in this game.
  • Bomber Battle Royale - As Mouser, Wario, Link or Bomberman, use your variety of bombs and kill the others before they kill you.


unrandomsam said:

@RantingThespian Sega supports physical controls. e.g Sonic is better on an Android Tablet with a real controller than on the 3DS its a better version ported not emulated. Best version is the best version as long as physical controls can be used that is totally fine.

I see it exactly the same as people choosing to use the Wiimote and nunchuck when the best choice is the classic controller for that game.

Capcom / Konami / Square Enix on the other hand are totally worthless as they won't even allow those choices. (Contra Evolution / Megaman 2 / Megaman X / Secret of Mana are a total waste of time for that reason).

(Interestingly Knights of the Old Republic on the ipad supports real controls and that involves EA)

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