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Nintendo Is Here To Stay And Will Do Very Well This Year, States Amazon UK Games Boss

Posted by Damien McFerran

"Everyone thinks it’s a dying format. It’s absolutely not"

Nintendo has been getting a lot of downbeat press recently thanks to the poor performance of the Wii U and dismal financial results, but’s category leader of video games and software Ketu Patel feels that the Japanese giant is long way from throwing in the towel — and has been treated unfairly by some sectors of the media.

Speaking to EDGE at Amazon’s Summer Wish List event in London last week, Patel said:

Contrary to a lot of people’s opinion, Nintendo is here to stay and Nintendo will do very well this year. They’re not going to meet their expectations, absolutely, but they've still got strong franchises and strong hardware and if you look at the back end of last year when they had a fairly good release slate, it certainly drove their hardware. 3DS has done very well for us so that format is here to stay.

Then why has there been so much negative publicity regarding Nintendo lately? Patel believes that the firm is being subjected to unreasonable bad press, and that the scare stories predicting the company's downfall are missing the mark by a wide margin:

I think Nintendo have this imposed on them and it’s driven by a lot of the media, and the media drives perception. Nintendo are getting a lot of bad press and PR and as soon as anything negative is out there it’s a media frenzy. It diminishes what they’ve actually done. If you look at 3DS as a format, it has done very well last year – had that sort of performance been with Microsoft or Sony, my personal opinion is that everybody would be thinking ‘wow, what a fantastic job’. Because it’s Nintendo and they’ve been embroiled in this negative PR frenzy, everyone thinks it’s a dying format. It’s absolutely not.

It's certainly encouraging to hear a retailer of Amazon's standing lavish praise on Nintendo, and bodes well for the company's prospects in 2014. Do you share Patel's optimism? Has Nintendo's current situation been blown out of proportion by media outlets? Would the same dire predictions have materialised if it was Microsoft or Sony in this position? Share your feelings by posting a comment.


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MrGawain said:

Translation: Just like Sony and Microsoft, Amazon needs Nintendo to do well because without physical products to mail to customer's Amazon is up the river Amazon without a paddle or gamepad.



Macarony64 said:

Everything Nintendo sells better on Amazon and it is because they have a little trick no one else has and that's is that they are able to do discounts on Nintendo games which very few retails do.



vattodev said:

Cool, someone finally blaming the media for lowering what the Wii U really is. It has it's flaws, but it's not nearly as bad as the press tries to make it. Now I would like to point that NintendoLife itself is part of that problem sometimes. So please, as a site that post news for the very specific market share that really likes Nintendo consoles, be careful to not dwell too much into bad news and rumor spreading.
If Nintendo fans nowadays read false statements even in a site like this, what do you expect for the image of the console?



Koffeeking0407 said:

Good for him! I'm glad he said they have "strong hardware"! Just because the PS4 and Xbone has better specs it doesn't mean the Wii U isn't a solid platform. Honestly I've had more fun with my Wii U thus far than I ever had with my Wii. It's quickly becoming my favorite system of all time. Specs aren't what makes a system.



rjejr said:

And yet Amazon US does NOT even sell the Wii U. Corporate BS hypocrisy aggravates me no end.



Tsurii said:

Finally someone, who sees the situation as it is: Nintendo was really slow this year, BUT it's the media, that's making them look THAT bad, simply because they have to exaggerate every negative thing that happened and ignore the positive things.

I agree with him: the Wii U is a pretty solid piece of hardware and I enjoyed playing its games more than anything else thus far. t's got loads of niche games like MonHan, W101 and Ninja Gaiden, but those are exactly what I like most



BakaKnight said:

For say the least the negative frenzy is AGAIN surrounding Nintendo too early -o-
They had some bad numbers, but also some good results the past year and some of the strongest games ready to come out this year. People in the market are over worried cause obviously there are a lot of money involved (well... who doesn't worry too much when his money are involved? >.>; ) and press always loved to decide immediatly the outcome of situations; the "maybes" and "if" don't sell well afterall in the news world.

I can't say for sure that Nintendo will do good this year, but for say that is doomed let's wait at least a huge fail in 2014 like hearing that Mario kart and Smash bros didn't sale well (seriously I found very hard to only imagine that XP ).



Goginho said:

Nintendo = scapegoat :/
They can do ten great things in a row, and as soon as they do one bad thing, the ten great things from before get forgotten and don't count anymore, thus bad press follows making them enter a vicious circle. They have a lot of pressure on them, being in the business the longest from all the companies. I feel as if the success of the previous generation has perhaps made the figureheads of Nintendo subside and slack a little bit for this generation. Thankfully, they've gotten their wake-up call, and I can only imagine it going uphill from now. It's going to take a while for them to build upon their image again. It takes ages to build something, but only seconds to destroy it, especially for outsiders and scapegoats. But in the end, swimming against the mainstream fish is all the more satisfying



JacketsNest101 said:

I agree, while the company does have its problems most of which are marketing based, a lot of the negativity is because of the media and its infatuation with nintendo hate. Fact is, hating nintendo is the cool thing to do these days.



jakysnakydx said:

@rjejr amazon uk and amazon are obviously part if one umbrella but the uk us not operated byvtge sane managerial decisions. This isnt hypocricy isnt geographical differences



Mooj738 said:

LOL funny news after i just preordered a game from Amazon for Wii U.

It is true fact of the matter is they have the most sold consoles in the new race and have the software to make the platform even better this year. Media hate the Wii U due to directs. I know this because it means they get less money when Nintendo go in house and other companies pay the real cash for news coverage.



zool said:

Amazon and Asda were selling Wii u with £50 off last year, and now Asda do not stock them in their stores at all, only on line.

It is only a few online retailers like Amazon that discount the new games. Nintendo and The Game seem to want the full £49.99 for most Wii u games.



goonow said:

I cant listen to the person who thinks amazon air is a good idea. Lol



BossBattles said:

Nintendo has been brutally attacked by media hipsters and paid analysts for over a decade. It's taking a toll.



unrandomsam said:

@MrGawain Amazon has its feet in millions of pies. Any one of that works better than most competitors. (It is funny how Nintendo of America won't let them sell hardware when they are the best supporter they have and they keep everything in stock they possibly can and new as well). The Game Collection seems ok as well.



unrandomsam said:

@zool Grainger Games seems good for the Wii U. (Dunno whether they in the process of trying to offload it or not but most of them are retail for £30 or so). For the 3DS in the stores is bad. (New at £32-£35 or used at £28-£30). Wii U games have much more to them though which I think makes the price fairer.



64supermario said:

Nice to hear somebody be positive about Nintendo, I'm not going to act like he's right or wrong, but with all the pessimist comments its nice to hear someone with a positive outlook on it. And yeah I know, he's not the only one who's been positive about it, it just feels like we are just flooded with pessimism as of late.



artofmana said:

@MrGawain I call nonsense on your comment. Amazon is certainly not relying on Nintendo's success. Not only does it have an almost limitless supply of physical goods to deliver, it has its own digital wares store and delivery system. In fact, I suspect this may be a genuinely unbiased statement.



DarkKirby said:

Nintendo certainly isn't going anywhere but if they are going to make money somewhere it certainly won't be from the Wii U.

Even if all the promised games like Smash Wii U and Bayonetta 2 are actually released 2014 I don't expect the Wii U to "do well", "do better", yes, but not "do well".

I hope Nintendo is serious about being looser with allowing merchandising of their IPs because I love my figures and plushes.



Agent721 said:

It has been blown out of proportion. The potential failure of the Wii U does not portend the death of Nintendo. Anyone who makes these dumb claims simply is has it in for Nintendo & hasn't taken a look at their balance sheet. I believe the company may suffer even more, but, the long run outlook is just fine.



WYLD-WOO said:

Amazon in the Uk are a really great company. Only ever had great experiences from price - service. Keep stocking them Nintendo products Amazon and I shall keep buying them off you.



MrGawain said:


Yes they do sell lots of different things, but the less games, cds, books and DVDs they sell, the less profit they make. Nintendo doing well will help Amazon do well.



HaNks said:

they are right. that they won't hit their own expectations but more than strong enough for themselves as a reseller. its all good business and the people who do buy it are generally satisfied.



Mida said:

The media forces sh*t (xbones) down people's throat and brainwash far too many people with lies already while a console that is innovative and has good potential is bashed by pointing out the dumbest things possible and completely ignoring all the good facts. This is the very reason why people die from cancer!



Emblem said:

I'm sure the this guy just looked at my Amazon account lol, every Wii U game pre-ordered? Check, every 3DS game pre-ordered? Check, lol.



Crunc said:

I'd like to believe this, but Nintendo HAS had a terrible year. Wii U sales are awful and while the 3DS is doing a lot better, it's sales are down. Now we like our Wii U, but Nintendo needs to get out of the dark ages. There's some things they can do. They can add a system wide achievement system. Yes I realize there are some Nintendo fans that think achievements are bad, but lots of people don't agree and won't even play games that don't offer achievements (and system wide ones). Of course that's only one thing, but it would be relatively easy to fix and you've got to start somewhere.



chiptoon said:

Amazon international now ships a lot of things to South Africa, but that's not helpful for gaming because of region locking. It would be amazing for Nintendo if Amazon UK would start shipping internationally, because then we could side step the unbelievably incompetent local distributor.

I'm sure South Africa is not the only country in this situation.



sr388survivor said:

Absolutely a lot of it is the media. Even when the press report something good about Nintendo, it's mired with negative comments and jokes about how the system has no games or is inferior. And to show it's not just fanboyism, it's the same with the Vita. People just love to put it down.
I've been saying it all last year, people say the Wii U sucks and has no games because the media tells them that, not because it's true.



Crunc said:

I also think they need to stop relying so much on their staple characters and make new stuff, new IPs, new characters. They aren't going to sell as much in their first iteration, but you've got to keep trying and in future iterations, if the games are good, they'll take off and Nintendo will stop seeming so stale.



sadsack777 said:

Nintendo keep the good work up as u been doing for 30 odd years ,and for the media go suck eggs



Chris720 said:

I thought Amazon had an issue with Nintendo? Clearly not...

Its good to see a lot of praise for Nintendo, but it doesn't change the fact they failed the Wii U. Such a brilliant console ruined by lack of advertising.



Senario said:

And the irony here is that even nintendo centric sites like this one participate in the bad news frenzy. Even more so than bigger and multi console sites. So you are only proving him right.

@Crunc you say that but wonderful 101 was an amazingly fun game and didn't sell all that much. You clamor for new IP but you never buy them. I don't think they need new ones so much as they just need different types of games. The 3ds had a strategy rpg, shooter(kid icarus), racing, platformer, adventure, life sim, rpg, and so on games. Having diversity in genre adds up the fans of each group to a healthy install base.

P.S. achievements suck, you get some by firing a gun for the first time or playing for 5 minutes. I would much rather have actual unlockable content like smash bros, 3dworld, wonderful 101, ect. Achievements and trophies are a lame feature that has lost its value.



GalacticMario28 said:

I've thought for a while now that the media seems to want Nintendo to fail; I really get the impression that the authors of the negativity articles are quite happy to have anything negative to write concerning Nintendo, even to the point of exaggerations. I'm glad to see someone else is thinking along those lines.



unrandomsam said:

@Chris720 Nintendo of America had an issue with Amazon because they ended up with too much stock of a console so they discounted for a bit which they didn't like.

As far as I know they still have.



Doctor_Pancakes said:

Nintendo will do fine but the press constantly saying the Wii U needs to go isn't helping. It is a false statment. Wii U is the best console out there, it is the press that needs to go and let Nintendo do their thing. They have a plan and it will work(Nintendo has some killer upcoming Wii U titles planned to add to their already great library that the press oddly ignores...), interviewers insist on focusing on the bad instead of this year's big releases. This site is one of the worst when it comes to doom and gloom articles too. Should be ashamed but I guess they are busy playing... what? Kill Zone in the PS4? Talk about awful library... I am shocked the thing has some as much as it has. Sadly gamers care about graphics over innovation these days I guess



Retrogamer88 said:

Yeah ninendo isnt going anywhere for sher! I have been enjoying the hell out of my 3DS and wit alot of great games i still have to pick up, i will be buying a wii U somtime in the future probably the zelda windwaker HD bundle



Windy said:

I like where this guys head is I also think part of it is Nintendo being hard on themselves and not meeting expectations or sales projections. Definitely like everything else in world the media blows it way out of proportion.



Excep7ional said:

I want a Wii U, but at the same time I don't. I think the Gamepad is a great idea and I would love to play while using one but there aren't any games besides Smash Bros (barely) Zelda, and X that I even look forward to. I just don't like the childish nature of their games (no offence). If they came back out with a new Metroid, and an account system along with something Similar to trophies/achievements I would buy the Wii U as soon as the opportunity arose.



ZyroXZ2 said:

Would it be a wrong time to mention my newly started talk show here to show that I also support the Wii U? I really think the Wii U is pretty cool, and love it, but think that other people put too much of their perception on what the media tells them rather than what their fellow peers tell them...



Damo said:

@Senario You're bound to see more downbeat Nintendo news stories on a Nintendo-focused site like this than on a multiformat one, because all we have to report on is Nintendo. I think where we differ from such soothsaying multiformat sites is that we're a little more balanced in presenting such news.

Certainly in my opinion, a Nintendo site which doesn't report both the bad news and the good is of little use to anyone. When the Wii was selling fantastically well and the DS was in everyone's pocket, we didn't have much dismal news to impart, but I don't recall getting any complaints of us being one-sided.

You have to take the rough with the smooth, and at the moment Nintendo isn't having the best of times. I know that will change in the future, and I am sure we'll have nothing but good news to share again soon. Until then, we'll be reporting anything we deem news-worthy, and will continue to discuss topics relevant to Nintendo fans right now.



retro_player_22 said:

Nintendo had face this kind of bad press before even back in the Super NES days and Amazon knew it. Like the saying always say, Ninty ain't going nowhere.



TromaDogg said:

I see him mentioning the 3DS a couple of times but he doesn't actually mention the Wii U at all. Hmmmmmmm.

The success of the 3DS isn't being disputed by anybody, it's the problems with Wii U sales we're all worried about.



sdcazares1980 said:

I really want to believe his optimism and I admire it, but when you hear that the Wii U sales projections have dropped by 67% and third-party support has been dropping like flies, how's blaming the media going to help? You want them to be dishonest by saying "everything is going to be just fine?" If you do, then this problem go way beyond Nintendo's. Sure some of it might be blown out of proportion like dropping out of the console race altogether, but the trend is here to stay unless the sales dramatically go up again.

Also, notice that Patel never said anything positive about the Wii U, but the 3DS? Could it be that maybe he's acknowledging that the situation with the Wii U could be that dire? Nobody is debating the 3DS even though it had a bit of an off year last year.



Zombie_Barioth said:

Finally someone points that out.

People keep complaining that Nintendo needs new IP, but when that new IP gets made people ignore it in favor of the same old ones. Whats really funny is that most fans will say that "sales don't matter", yet thats exactly why they will say Nintendo shouldn't revisit old favorites either, cause they don't sell enough.

So really, they don't want anything new, they just want to be able to brag about all these great, innovative games that nobody actually buys.



Excep7ional said:

@Senario I agree with what you said about the IP's but I disagree with theTrophy/achievement part. I think they are awesome and give you a whole new reason for playing a game. Plus it feels awesome when you finally Platinum a good game or get all of the achievements. Adding a reward system like that wouldn't hurt Nintendo at all, so why not add it? Of course you don't have to get them if you don't want to, but others might like it. I was planning on buying Starfox 3d the other day, but I heard the game was short and had no online. There is no way I'm spending money on a short game like that unless it had something to keep me going back. It's a really great system.



citizenerased said:

People feel more passionate about what Nintendo does cause they've been around for so long and people grew up on their systems. Any failure will of course be blown out of proportion.

Good to see Amazon UK supporting Nintendo, even if Amazon US is not. (No idea whether that's Nintendo's or Amazon's fault.) Amazon has had my business and will continue to have it as long as they keep up the excellent customer support and fantastic prices.



GreenGaming said:

Could this have something to do with the fact that Amazon and other online retailers are the only ones properly stocking the Wii U, making them the only place people can buy the console. My highstreet GAME is nothing but wall to wall Xbox and Playstation, and my local supermarkets have the Wii U sections merged with the Wii. It really frustrates me when people complain that the Wii U "isn't selling" because places won't stock it.



rjejr said:

@unrandomsam - Wait, what? The Wii U is selling poorly and NoA wont let Amazon sell it? I was under the impression - from gossip and hearsay as I have no firsthand knowledge of the situation - that Amazon wanted to return faulty 3DS stock and Nintendo said "no can do" so Amazon decided not to carry Nintendo hardware anymore, which at least explains why they still sell the software. So I'm really interested in your take. If Reggie is being a baby and not letting Amazon carry the Wii U then I think he's making a big mistake.



Senario said:

@Excep7ional The problem I have with them are the alerts that you got an achievement during a game. I do not like being brought out of immersion into the game just for "you played 3 hours" or "you finished the first campaign.". And again, having unlockable content is way better than some "achievement" that really is only a digital picture that is now colored or says you completed it. New worlds in Super Mario 3D world, hidden heroes in wonderful 101, new buildings or projects in Animal crossing, battle Maison items in pokemon, ect ect. These are much better than some set of words that tell you that you achieved something irrelevant and boring.



Excep7ional said:

@Senario Haha now I see where you are coming from. Truth be told that can be very annoying. Although I do believe that they allow you to manage your notifications on the XB1; not so sure about the PS4 though. Back when the 360 first came out, you could purchase stuff off of XBL with your gamerscore, which increased whenever you got an achievement. As for trophies, Sony has something like an Auction where you can get stuff with Platinum Trophies acting like Currency. So it's more than just some set of words.

Nintendo adding something like this would be fun. Even if they don't let you buy stuff with the points you've earned. It's just always nice to play for something extra. So this just goes back to my original question. Why not add them? Unlockables will still be there, plus this will give players something to do after they have unlocked everything.



Bender said:

Let's see... Mario Kart, Smash Bros., Hyrule Warriors, DK, Bayonetta 2... Possibly X and Persona Q.... Yeah, I think Nintendo will do fine this year xD



darthstuey said:

@Koffeeking0407 Couldn't agree more with WiiU being my favourite system of all time and I've owned nearly all of them since Atari Woody! The amount of fun I've had playing Mario, Lego City, Pikmin, NES Remix, Rayman and ZombiiU when I'm brave enough is unreal. Infact I can't afford all the games I want- never mind Donkey Kong- I still haven't played 101, Zelda and Nintendoland yet!

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