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Mon 3rd Feb 2014

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Koffeeking0407 commented on Video: The Dubious Charm Of Senran Kagura Burs...:

The game is about scantily clad women no matter how great the gameplay may be. If my son ever tried to defend a game about half naked women with the "great gameplay" argument I would be disappointed at his lack of judgement and there would still be repercussions. No matter what light you try to shine on anything you can't polish a turd.



Koffeeking0407 commented on LEGO The Hobbit Questing Onto Wii U and 3DS in...:

Um, yay? I'm a little burnt out on Lego games. I did marvel super heroes and was a little let down by it. Think I'll just replay Lego City Undercover for my Lego fix if I ever need to. That title is outstanding and I don't see them putting one out that tops it anytime soon.



Koffeeking0407 commented on Iwata Looking To Emulate iOS And Android With ...:

Wow I'm not quite sure what I make of this. I'm gonna mull it over for a week or so and post about it on my site.... I like iOS but I don't like it for the games. I hope this doesn't mean the future of Nintendo titles are watered down apps that can run on all hardware they put out. If that is the way I things I will become purely a retro gamer and not look back....or would that be not looking forward? Lol



Koffeeking0407 commented on Satoru Iwata Outlines Belief that Continuing w...:

Agreed! The Wii U is outstanding! I don't get where all this negativity about the gamepad is coming from but I love it an apparently the ones who don't will be missing out on some great titles coming that Iwata says will take full advantage of. They need to treat Wii U development much like DS and 3DS development. That would pretty much guarantee great titles.



Koffeeking0407 commented on Nintendo Is Here To Stay And Will Do Very Well...:

Good for him! I'm glad he said they have "strong hardware"! Just because the PS4 and Xbone has better specs it doesn't mean the Wii U isn't a solid platform. Honestly I've had more fun with my Wii U thus far than I ever had with my Wii. It's quickly becoming my favorite system of all time. Specs aren't what makes a system.



Koffeeking0407 commented on Nintendo of America Running TVii Sweepstakes D...:

I entered as well. It was my first time using TVii for the sports functions it's capable of. It was definitely fun and unique but at time was frustrating due to the lag times I got. There were times that a question popped up and I was unable to vote because it said the question had timed out just as soon as I received it. This may have had something to do with the fact that my Wii U doesn't have a wired connection but rather on a wifi network...