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Legend of Zelda: Iron Knuckle Encounter Goes to LEGO Cuusoo Review

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Could LEGO Zelda finally happen?

Earlier this week Nintendo President Satoru Iwata stated that the company would become more open to licensing products of its IPs in order to increase awareness. Somewhat coincidentally, LEGO Cuusoo has confirmed that the next review period will consider the potential of moving forward with a set called "Legend of Zelda: Iron Knuckle Encounter".

LEGO Cuusoo is a platform where fans and anyone besides can design and submit potential projects. Other users of the site then need to approve these projects, and when they hit 10,000 votes they go through to LEGO for approval. The company considers all sorts of aspects to decide whether the project can become a product, such as practicality, the size of the potential market and, of course, licensing issues. In truth it's a minority of projects that make it through this final stage, though successes can happen; a Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary submission has just been confirmed for production.

We've been here before with Nintendo and, specifically, Zelda sets, where they accrue the necessary votes and then fail to progress. While some of these projects may not have been practical for many reasons, we'd like to think that Nintendo's change in stance towards licensed products could open the door for LEGO sets; the brick-building company is enormously popular worldwide.

There may be hope, then. This Iron Knuckle Encounter set will now go under review, with results to be announced late Spring; you can see the announcement below.

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Our thanks to Brad Long for the tip.

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YoshiAngemon said:

Even if it doesn't win, there's always K'NEX. And that will open the way to Super Smash Bros. for K'NEX!



Nik-Davies said:

I've thought about this and LEGO has to be one of my favourite creations of all time. While I don't buy any sets anymore, the countless hours of memories as a kid, the sheer creativity you see from others, the simplistic yet amazingly fun games is just incredible. If someone was to hand me a box of LEGO right here, right now, I would just get on the floor and start building.



FishieFish said:

Didn't two other LoZ sets get 10,000 supporters too?
They both failed, so I'm guessing this one will fail too.



Rensch said:

It did not happen the first time, but seeing that Nintendo might be more willing to license out its brands according to rumours, this might actually happen one day. I think it would be awesome.



Azikira said:

You guys gotta keep in mind that those other Zelda sets were ridiculously over-detailed and took thousands of pieces, where this looks like a smaller and more practical set. Two characters and a little background, pretty much what they always release when it comes to licensed sets.



suburban_sensei said:

I would kill for a Zelda lego set. Even though I am an adult, I really respect those huge lego sets (they are usually $2-300), and would proudly display them in my place. I love the Star Wars ones, and if they had a detailed Zelda set around that size/price, I would still pick it up.



kuribo4 said:

Sorry that this is off-topic, but I need to know if this is true:
This web says that Smash Bros is coming the endo of this year, it has a quote from Miyamoto, and it's real, its from here:

But does the quote really say that? I don't trust Google translator.


This would suck...



kuribo4 said:

BTW, a Zelda Lego set would be awesome, and the possibility of a TT Zelda game, with that silly comedy, and they've showed they don't need voices in their games.



ThomasBW84 said:

@kuribo4 I choose not to report such things based on translations from Japanese, as there's too much scope for mis-interpetation. Once the English translation of the Q & A is release — I'm checking regularly — we'll cover what's said.



kuribo4 said:

@ThomasBW84 Ah, I didn't know the Q&A would have a translation too. I'll wait then. Thanks for the answer. And sorry for the off-topic!



XCWarrior said:

I would buy all of these... for my 11 month old son... yeah, that's who I'd buy them for... him.



MixMasterMudkip said:

Didn't Lego Zelda sets fail before due to copyright? Maybe since it's back in Nintendo will have a change of heart with this.



Mk_II said:

Those earlier Zelda set propopals failed because they would need to many custom moulded pieces == too expensive.



Pj1 said:

I would still like a Lego Mario game! but a Zelda lego game would be good!



Shambo said:

Come on, Nintendo! Think of your fans! Your games are toys, like you said, so the possibility of a toy, that is a game, based on this awesome toy idea, that is based on my favourite games, that are actually toys like you said, must appeal to you too! I know it does to me! Think of the exclusivity over another Lego game! Think of the... Children, for whom we grown-ups would definitely buy these! Think of how awesome an announcement that would be, directly to us! Think! Now repeat after me: 'great idea, let's see to it this really happens!'



NintendoFan990 said:

It would be awesome if this became a real thing! Although, I doubt it will happen, but we've got a better chance this time than the last two times. Here's hoping!



MadAdam81 said:

Considering the Nintendo stuff in Lego City Undercover, I hope the door has been kept open and things will keep moving through.
I have my Lego TMNT sets, some Lego Nintendo stuff would be a fantastic addition. Lego Donkey Kong throwing barrels down some ramps at a Lego Mario -this would be far more awesome than Lego Zelda.



Mk_II said:

Copyright or licensing isn't the problem; Kinex did a Mario Kart series of products



ShadJV said:

This would be cool but based on what I've seen from Cuusoo, I don't think this is going anywhere. One of the biggest hurdles is whether they have to make new molds to create the sets, and looking at the castle parts, I definitely see more than a few parts that aren't shaped like existing pieces. I mean, it's possible, but combining that with the fact that it doesn't appeal to audiences as large as, say, some recent Hollywood movie that's all over the media, I just wouldn't expect much here.

For the record, if this does go through, I might buy it!



Kirk said:

Well, Nintendo said it wants to license it's franchises and properties more so you'd think it would be knocking at LEGO's right about now...



donkeykong64 said:

Basically any Nintendo game would be amazing in lego form. Why not make a lego game based on all of Nintendo? Like the recent Lego Marvel Superheroes



jedisquidward said:

@Mk_II Even though the Collectable Minifigures Series, which has new ones come out every couple months, each get 15-25 new molds.



ningeek185 said:

Of course LEGO should allow this set to express itself. Believe me, the sales will say it all. If Minecraft fans eat up those Minecraft sets, then Zelda ones should be just as effective.



B-Squared said:

This could be really cool! Of mind immediately jumps to a LEGO Zelda game which has the potential to be AWESOME.



King47 said:

They should make a Super Smash Brothers Set. Oh, and Pokemon would likely sell lots of sets.



paburrows said:


Well and that's exactly the reason why we won't see any Nintendo themed Lego products, Nintendo at the moment is under contract with K'nex with their Mario and Mario Kart K'nex sets that are on the market. Nintendo would have to get out of that contract in order to do Lego sets. Although Marvel was making set with another company for awhile and did Lego sets before (Spiderman 2) and after (ther current line, so never say never.



Gerbwmu said:

@donkeykong64 - I'd love to see a Lego Nintendo characters could be insanely fun if they borrowed from all of Nintendo's creations and worlds. Could be an ultimate collection of Nintendo greatness



Sinister said:

With Nintendo's new stance on licensing Lego Zelda might be possible in the future.
Both Zelda and Mario would fit Lego really well.



Mr-X9000 said:

woah lego zelda!!! whats next, lego back to the future? lego mario? lego ghostbusters, lego star trek? lego lord of the rings?



Chunky_Droid said:

Also I think we can bear in mind that the last LEGO Zelda project was:

#1: Quite ambitious compared to this Iron Knuckle set
#2: Was canned before LEGO City Undercover came out, a Nintendo published game

And as a separate 3rd point, as Thomas pointed out, Nintendo are moving ahead and being a bit more lenient with getting their brand out there. I know you can already get Mario Megabloks (eww) so having Zelda LEGO won't be a far stretch in my opinion.



Alienfish said:

I will buy every single one of them. My son can play if he's good. I can just imagine how awesome a Hyrule Castle set would be. A Lego Zelda video game could be pretty sweet too!



Aozz said:

if true then i have say this
TT Games make a Lego Zelda Game for Nintendo On Wii U And 3DS
just to dream about it



paburrows said:

Nintendo at the moment is under contract with K'nex with their Mario and Mario Kart K'nex sets that are on the market. Nintendo would have to get out of that contract in order to do Lego sets. Although Marvel was making set with another company for awhile and did Lego sets before (Spiderman 2) and after (their current line), so never say never.



DarkLloyd said:

i will definitly buy those zelda lego sets, would be my first rentry into legos since i was a kid lol



sarethums said:

zelda an metroid toys should be massive already, its as if nintendo dont like money.



DonnaxNL said:

There is already (Super) Mario (Kart) K'Nex sets, but the look really bad, I wish Lego would work together with Nintendo.



aaronsullivan said:

I've always thought there should be retro Nintendo Lego sets that allow for stage design a bit. Like the first Dungeon in Legend of Zelda or a scene from Metroid. In other words you have a scale that lets you recreate parts of the game or make your own "stages". It's getting a bit late for that now as everything is more complicated and 3D now.

I'd like to tackle the entire Deku Tree stage from Ocarina someday in Lego form. It would have to be big and tall.



Bobhobob said:

While a Zelda set would be cool, I would honestly much rather have that Adventure Time set.



Pro-N-Gamer said:

I hope that this time Nintendo agrees with a license for Lego Zelda. For me it's (like the Ghostbusters one) a instabuy!



Williaint said:

I haven't liked LEGO as much, since they started doing all these licensed products.
Blacktron, Space Police...
Original stuff like that. Now the only original sets they have are, like, city... and creator, Castle... and a few others.
I'm not for having Nintendo Based LEGO sets, though it would increase popularity with the younger crowd.



Chunky_Droid said:

@Williant: There are quite a few original sets out at the moment, Monster Fighters and some Alien Conquest one I believe. My son collects them because he avoids most of the licensed stuff.



Williaint said:

Good for him. My brother made a Helicopter out of the Hobbit sets. Usually, after I built the set, I'd make my own creation. LEGO is always fun.



Rerun said:

I got back into LEGO for the MILLENIUM FALCON. After that, I just kept buying set after set. I'm after the minifigs and the vehicles. IMHO, Samus with her spaceship with two minifigs: one with armor, the other with the zero suit would be cool.
Starfox and team with Arwings and the tank would also be good. They would look like Chima sets!



Rerun said:

Hmmmm . . . Animal Crossing would also be a great idea. It would be similar to the LEGO city sets only with animal heads (like Chima, again). Too Nook's store, Mayor Tortimer's office, you can even have a museum and a train!



dumedum said:

@Williaint exactly my thoughts. Anyway, I'll be happy for Nintendo to expand, but it's sad how Lego had to resort to all the licensing stuff. They had a perfect Pirate lego set and they needed Carribean. They had a perfect space lego test and needed Star Wars. Pretty sad.

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