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Pokémon Bank Remains Offline in Japan as Nintendo Apologises for Issues

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

An economic crash

During the festive break the Nintendo Network encountered issues for over two days, with a number of new system owners combining with Christmas Day Pokémon Bank gamers in Japan to cause major problems. The downtime of the eShop platforms in particular was damaging in such a busy period; yet while the online stores have been back in action since 27th December the Pokémon Bank is yet to return in Japan, even though it was rapidly taken offline nearly two weeks ago.

Nintendo's official Twitter account in Japan posted an update to apologise for the continuing absence of the service; well known NeoGaf user Cheesemeister gave his own interpretation of the message.

The Bank's online storage service — and accompanying Poké Transporter — have certainly had extensive downtime since the faulty launch, while the delays to the original 26th December release date in the West are ongoing; we already know that it's not scheduled for Europe in this week's update.

Are you frustrated by these delays with Pokémon Bank?

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Megumi said:

Yup...its like they randomly forgotten about the Bank or something. :/



WingedSnagret said:

It's gotten to the point where I actually expect Nintendo to screw up anything online related.

Well done guys, you never fail to disappoint.



KTT said:

Yes. Not only it wasn't released on time but also they won't tell us how much we ought to wait (I assume PokeBank WILL be eventualy released, it won't be canceled or something). I supposed to have my pokemon from BW/W2 transported before 2014.



Gridatttack said:

Blarg. IIRC, bank and transporter still works on the people who downloaded it before it got taken down.

Also great, more vaporinfo.
They dont tell us WHY is it being delayed. :/



AdanVC said:

It's ok Nintendo, at least all of this means that lot's of people got a Wii U / 3DS this holidays, at least in Japan we know both consoles are selling great. It's not like Pokémon Bank is an actual game we've been looking forward for years, it's just an app so it's not a big deal to me. I would be mad if this happened to something like Chibi-Robo for example, I'm looking forward to play it this thursday.

It's true. I just hope something like this don't happen once Mario Kart 8 or Smash releases. Everyone trying to play online and making explode the Nintendo servers, now THAT would be a true disaster. Hope Nintendo is getting ready to handle the millions of people that would play at the same time once those two games releases...



Blast said:

So the only thing that coulda saved Pokémon X/Y from its terrible post game content still can't be released? Just.... great.



sinalefa said:

I haven't even started the game, so I don't care. Still I think it is important for many, so they should explain what happened or offer a tentative release date.



MaxxGothic said:

Spent December defeating the Elite Four in Pokemon Black, mastering Pokemon Transfer and putting Pokemon I've been collecting since Pokemon Sapphire into my copy of Pokemon Black. I've been looking forward to Pokemon Bank and Transporter. Releasing vital apps over the Christmas period shows a lack of foresight. Can only hope the apps release this month.



KingofSaiyans said:

Maybe this will serve as a wake up call to get their ducks in a row in the online arena. It's 2014 and most of Nintendo's online games don't allow voice chat.



ultraraichu said:

I pretty much have only 4 open spots left to add pokemons in the pc so it's a bit bothersome. I guess I can play my other games until it's released since I'm was planning to breed some more pokemons. Not a big problem for me.

Here's hoping for a January release.



ColdingLight said:

I'm sick of being dominated by the japanese soley because they have better Pokemon...Release the damned app.



Davidoffski1982 said:

Nintendo couldnt organise a turd fight in a doodoopoopoodoggiepooplehouse. They never fail to disappoint.
Watch the profanity please — TBD



SanderEvers said:

Nintendo needs to fix some stuff about the Bank, they'll release it when they finish fixing it. And I think they might increase the trial period for another month. (I hope so)



Einherjar said:

Its SO funny that at first, almost everyone had a hate tantrum in regards to the pokemon bank and now, everyone is freaking out because its delayed Some of you guys never cease to amaze me.
Let them take as much time as they need to iron out each and every flaw.
Were talking about a paid service to store data that could very well have cost you double digit hours to get.
Wouldnt want to loose it because of a rushed start just to get that thing out and letting you pay to loose your pokemon would you ?



thesilverbrick said:

I pretty much only need it now for my legendaries, since I've traded for all the breed-able stuff on the GTS already. Having monsters like Feraligatr and Porygon-Z on my game makes it a little easier to wait a bit longer.



shinokami said:

I got every legendary out of the GTS and blog trades so I'm somewhat good, but now I just want to save some of my pokemon in the bank as in just in case



rjejr said:

Good thing they are charging $5 per year per person to keep it up and running, I'ld hate to see what would have happened if they tried to offer this service for free.



Kaze_Memaryu said:

People really need to calm down. First you whine about the fee, now you whine about the delay. Of course Nintendo screwed up with their christmas onslaught of download codes, but some of you act up like they took your money already. Besides, if they didn't pull it from the eShop, most of you would be whining about ongoing server issues instead. Boo. Hoo.
Look on the bright side of it: now you have even more time to prepare the masses of Pokés for the great transfer so you can just make use of the free month instead of paying.

@ColdingLight You could always try trading with them instead - many actually feel bad enough for the west to constantly breed bank exclusives and offer them for nothing on GTS or wondertrade.



Spakiness said:

It is rather surprising to me that it is taking this long. Though I am not upset because I obviously don't know the technical things they are dealing with.



2Sang said:

I'm very disappointed that the great pokemon franchise has failed to meet their normally high standards, but as long as this comes out in the next month or so, it's not really a big deal.



MysticX said:

Nintendo needs to release a stopgap pokémon transfer app that uses the SD-card, i think very few people actually want to stockpile 3000 Pokémon on the internet, on the other hand loads of people want their pokémon from black/white in their X/Y cartridge, GTS and online battles are a lopsided mess now with some people able to use older 'mon and everybody else being stuck with the X/Y ones...



Memeboy3 said:

I don't blame Ninty, it's easy with 5 million users..but i can understand fixing the Network to fill up 39 - 40 million Wii U/3DS users..
Take your time Ninty, some things are just worth waiting for.



KingofSaiyans said:


I understand that not everyone is a talker, but at least give the option to talk if someone chooses. Pokemon had it. It makes multiplayer games more enjoyable when people act correct. And for people who want to act out of line can just be muted. It's as simple as that. Nintendo's philosophy is to punish everyone even if only one person misbehaves. Swap note and nes remix challenges are some examples



Justin83593 said:

This is so dissapointing. It was a long enough wait until December 27, but then it was delayed even longer... I am so pissed off.



TheOmega said:

On a completely different note the Boutique Coupon (50% off all boutiques) has been confirmed as an Pokemon X and Y Global Link Attraction Prize in Japan. Hopefully this will carry over into the Western releases of this game.



AlexSora89 said:

Besides, what about Flipnote?

Could we at least know whether it's been shelved or not?



AlbertoC said:

I pressume they are setting up extra infrastructure for load-balancing (A gateway/proxy and an additional cluster of servers, maybe? Given they are charging the service i would hope so). At this scale the implementation takes several weeks, if not months. I wouldn't hold my breath.

Let's just rely on wonder trade a little longer. They are really giving several unobtainable pokemon. (Still, teams with legendary trios or the like will remain a japanese exclusive, and a small portion of said users at that.)



LztheQuack said:

Considering Japan alone destroyed the infrastructure, I can't imagine them releasing it in all territories...



Gioku said:

...I was waiting for this so patiently...! I waited months for the game, and then they announced this shortly before the games came out... I've been waiting... and waiting... and I can't bring my old friends over, still... I know not everybody is concerned by this, but... I was expecting Pokémon Bank on the 27th and it didn't come... and here I am, still without it...



BlatantlyHeroic said:

@Gioku That's how most of us feel, but on the bright side, we can still train some pretty awesome Pokemon during this time. I just wanted to be able to complete my Pokedex though.



OdnetninAges said:

"Chillax like a Snorlax" should be what Nintendo's official NA Facebook and/or Twitter should say.



Knuckles said:

I understand the delay, but I'm just hoping that Game Freak blocks the hacked pokemon from being brought through anymore. I know some got through in japan, as I have seen X/Y online matches where both sides are using all shines.



legendofloveofz said:

I am not angry... I am just sad.... I have been looking forward to transferring pokemans like everybody else. looks like i'll just have more time to get those pokemon.



Gioku said:

@legendofloveofz yeah exactly; that's the worst part for me: not only do I not have it yet, but I also have no idea how long it will be before I do...!



Flowerlark said:

So I went from playing Pokemon to playing Rune Factory 4. It's just as good, and will last me a long time, so I can wait.



Kmno said:

Yeah pretty pissed. To the apologist: people are not annoyed by the lack of the bank, they are annoyed by that "little insignificant" piece attached to that app called transporter. For people who care about getting a full dex it is a must, for others it helps them get pokemons with special egg moves to breed that they can't access right now, there are MANY people that need the bank so no reason to be an apologist and pat Ninty in the back when they screw up.

And before someone says "it's just a game, don't you have something else to do? Just play another thing, bla bla bla", just shut up, we are disscussing videogames here, if you are going to play the "vg are not important" card I don't know why you bother to comment at all. Also to apologists this is not rocket science, it's just the release of an app and having decent online capabilities in 2014.



B3ND3R said:

Been really wanting a level 1 Oshawott... I find them on GTS, but so many people have RIDICULOUS expectations... Wanting legendary pokemon ONLY.



B3ND3R said:

Not to mention wonder trade is pretty much Magikarp delivery My friend got lucky and got a Cyndiquil... All I want is Oshawott xD



BenAV said:

To be honest, my fingers are crossed that it isn't released before January 25th.
I have a tournament to attend to that day and I already have everything I needed from Pokemon Bank, and I'd prefer if everyone else didn't too.



Kmno said:


I can trade you one, I hate the greed that GTS is, so if you want one I'll breed and you can give me pretty much anything you want.



mjhopkins81 said:

I'm not so much upset that it hasn't been released yet, as I am frustrated with Nintendo's typical lack of communication with its consumer base. They've become renowned for not addressing issues until it's well past the point where consumers care.

Nintendo is a very innovative company, but they are notoriously secretive about their plans and goings on, which breeds hostility against them. Their inability to adapt to modern gaming trends in a timely manner holds them back. While the NNID is a great first step, it's an embarrassment of riches. Why can't I have multiple consoles and handheld devices attached to my NNID? Why do I need a separate ID for each 3DS system in my household? Why do I have to contact Nintendo and hope that I can get my software back if my system fails?

Pokemon Bank/Transfer is just another example of their inability to anticipate the needs of a proper online presence and infrastructure. Hopefully, they'll get it together and start talking, but...I'm not holding my breath.



Mida said:

I'll only feel better if they ban ALL non-native pokemon to the x and y games until the bank is out.



Blacksquad said:

Would we still get celebi?
Since the release of pokemon bank in Japan most of the dudes there bring in the ubers teams to start wrecking everybody in unfair. Even with all the losses it still entertains me to see azumarill beat up a rayquaza with playrough.
That aside..I cant believe some people are being jerks and yeah I do admit that I am kind of dissapointed but some people are just incontent with what nintendo and gamefreak are trying to do right now. All the whining and first they were like:HEY GIVE US ATLEAST ANY UPDATE ON POKEMON BANK :And now they are like:GIVE US ATLEAST A RELEASE DATTTEE DONT CARE IF ITS ESTIMATEDD hello? They cant just do that they are still working on it and may not be entirely sure since things are unpredictable and anything can go wrong. Before anyone says to me "ive been waiting for a long time">>please...I have been waiting since day 1 of x and y's release I even pre ordered it.if yall so tired of waiting then go focus on something better to do..I wasted 5days on my break waiting and I regretted it. If they arent releasing it this month then so be it...its better for them to take their time resolving some issues and release Pokebank than a rushed one like in Japan.
And will never be forgotten someday justice will be served xD



WYLD-WOO said:

After all the problems with banks the World over last year. The last bank I thought would have trouble was the Pokebank.



DarkNinja9 said:

what i find annoying is the fact that this is a feature that should of been adding in the game it self to begin with but for them to have released it in another country and not the rest nor give us a date? mean while online everyone has there 6iv shiny legends i cant even get a piplup traded to me before they tell me no on what im trading them -_-



Blacksquad said:

6iv shiny legends? Ahaha obviously hacked or cloned
Its too unbelievable that there would be one in the world that exists can be possible but to the extent that a number of people would have lots of flawless shiny legends? Thats ridiculous. Imo the shinies and legends have lost their value due to the mad hacking in the previous gens and cloning glitch in this gen. If u hang around the trading boards u would know what I mean.



B3ND3R said:

@Kmno it's alright, found one on GTS for something I didn't want, so I'm happy I will still add ya if you want. My code is on my profile page



martynas223 said:

@Kmno This is why trading got so boring, you are not going to ask for anything? The whole point of trading is to get something equal in return



Manaphy2007 said:

i guess they are using the time to iron out any kinks, add things that will stabilize the app, and prevent game-breaking bugs. while i cant wait any longer, i will be patient and keep playing the demo of bravely default, and other games.



Domon said:

"A delayed game is eventually good, a bad game is bad forever." — Miyamoto



Royalblues said:

Pokemon company is stupid for making us have to import pokemon across the internet this time around. I seriouly hope this fails so that when gen 7 comes around, all you need is two handheld devices again. This is in my opinion absolutely unnecessary.



josetae666 said:

@royal blues absolutely right.we just need 2 ds or 3ds device to transfer pokemon not necessarily connect to internet to transfer pokemon.
that how it work back then even in pokemon played in gameboy.



Blacksquad said:

@josetae666 not all people have 2 3DS for it to be able to transfer but yeah I do agree on this...maybe give the online transferring as an option for us forever alone players and the usual everyday two DS DL play system transfer mechanic(which is built in-game) still existent as well



B3ND3R said:

Now.. If someone could get me Latios and Latias eggs, I would be complete xD almost have my dream team accomplished



Beevdog said:

So you can only transfer Pokemon from Black, White, Black 2 & White 2 to Pokemon X & Pokemon Y?

What about Pokemon from Heart Gold or Soul Silver?



liampaulmassey said:

@xj0462 I also feel just as annoyed as everyone else, I'm just waiting to see what my GAME store special event Shiny Dialga, Shiny Palkia and Shiny Giratina that are each NOT hacked and all the 16 Legendary Pokemon from Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver and black 2 and white 2 all look like on Pokemon Y, I went through a lot of hard work to get them all



liampaulmassey said:

@Beevdog you can trade/transfer pokemon from heart gold and soul silver onto pokemon black, white, black 2 or white 2 then put them in the pokemon bank and then put them on pokemon X or Y



Gridatttack said:

@Royalblues that will likely be the case. If the next gen ends being on the 3DS, it will be easy for ninty to make the past gen to transfer the new gen to the new one.
The problem now was that since past gen is on DS, they stated that they can only made it possible this way. And heck, the transporter its kinda blarg. You cant select any box, and you can only transfer a whole box at a time. And this box will always be box 1 of BW2.

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