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Rumour: Cherry And Mango Wii U Colours Outed By Toys R Us France

Posted by Damien McFerran

Due in November and December respectively

Toys R Us France has listed two new colours of the Wii U console: Cherry and Mango.

The listings state that the Cherry console will launch on November 27th at €299.99 while the Mango hue is expected on December 4th fo €50 less. The price difference suggests that the Cherry bundle will include elements not present in the Mango one. has asked Nintendo about the systems and has been told that the company does not comment on rumours and speculation — which as we all know, could mean anything.

Would you be keen to get your Wii U in a different colour? Let us know by leaving a comment.


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ThePirateCaptain said:

I could see the Cherry one being bundled with 3D World. The Mango one just seems weird though, I guess i'd wait to see pictures before I judge it though.



AdanVC said:

Idk I think it's cool, Like back on the N64-Game Boy Color days with plenty of different color models available.



Ryno said:

Next NIntendo console that comes out I am waiting for post launch bundles and different colors.



JadedGamer said:

Mango ftw! I would love an orange system ala gamecube.Whats not to like?Why not Luigi green?



6ch6ris6 said:

i miss the days when there were clear console models. like for the gameboycolour and n64. never had one of those but it sure looked cool !



jdarrell said:

About time. Different coloured consoles is the easiest way to finish the "Is the Wii U just an add-on?" marketing problem.



Samurai_Goroh said:

"Pas d'image disponible". Hum, I don't think this rumour is anything to be trusted but I wish Nintendo got wild and adamant with several colours, I'd love to see a red, green or purple (yay, Gamecube!) one. We still need the White Premium Pack first.



Conkers64 said:

I don't own a Wii U yet, but mango would do it for me--if it's anything like the GameCube in Spice Orange, I'm in. Nintendo's are supposed to be fun and quirky, colored systems really adds to that.



Goginho said:

hmm..3D World comes out on the 29th. A bundle would somehow be fitting, but the dates don't quite match. Does anything come out on the 27th?



SCAR said:

More colors would probably attract alot of attention, especially since Xbox and PS will only have black as far as we know.



SCAR said:

The current GamePad battery already lasts more than 2 hours. Mine lasts like 4 as long as it's on the lowest brightness.



TheAdrock said:

@SCAR392 , playing a game (or watching a show) ON the gamepad, with sound (which is one of the main selling points of this system), and whatever the default brightness is, it seems to be about 2 hours... and while I may be exaggerating slightly, its not certainly not far off. I'm considering buying a second gamepad just for this reason.



SCAR said:

The high capacity battery should be out shortly in the U.S. I'm buying it.

I understand the battery constraints. I just usually have the brightness on everything I own at the very minimum. I keep my HDTV at the lowest minimum backlight setting, and it matches the GamePad for the most part. I don't really use off-TV.



FiveDigitLP said:

No offense, but that seems like a pointless reason to have two Gamepads. By the time you synced the second Gamepad to replace the one that died (only one can be synced at a time), you could have plugged in the existing one and just play with it plugged in. Surely your money would be better spent on buying that larger battery that's coming out soon, no?



SCAR said:

I agree. 2 GamePads isn't necessary for the battery "issue". I'll be getting a 2nd GamePad, eventually, but definitely not to have more battery life(when they have stuff that supports 2).

The high capacity battery will make your GamePad last more than 2 GamePads with the stock battery.



Captain_Gonru said:

Poor timing. Why would you further divide your audience? "Hey, I want a Wii U, but they're out of the color I want, so never mind.". They can't move the units they have now, how does this help? Please, if anyone read this and said "Well, I didn't want a Wii U, but in cherry, how can I say no?", I'd love to hear from you.



ricklongo said:

Those colors do sound delicious.

I'm happy enough with my white one, but it's nice to see Nintendo release new, colorful versions. I hope we get a glimpse soon.



Williaint said:

I don't think Mango is a good idea....
Now "Spice" (Gamecube Orange) would have been a better plan.



cornishlee said:

Yes. Because people have chosen not to buy a Wii U yet because they don't like the colour black. If this is genuine then I can only stand aghast at the marketing idiot behind the idea.



ueI said:

I can not say whether I would buy one because there aren't any images.



Dreamcaster-X said:

I'm good with black but I'm interested to see what they look like & more options is always welcomed for people.



GamerZack87 said:

Would I buy a Wii U in a different colour? Technically no. I'm waiting for a Wii U Premium in a particular shade of grey, namely white.



Ras said:

If you bury a mango Wii U, you will grow a tree with three mango Wii Us in a few days. I'm holding out for the durian model.



JaxonH said:

Now I remember back around the time of the Wii U launch, and countless people were talking about getting the Wii U in bright colors, like red or lime green or, mango for example. I distinctly remember several members here stating that they'd buy a Wii U if they could get a colored one. So I would suspect this will go over well, especially if released worldwide.



rdp223 said:

yea they should make a see-through one, that would be cool for us retro gamers haha.



ogo79 said:

awww how cute a little fruity colored wii u!................



Drawdler said:

Then they have the rename the white one to Whipped Cream and the black one to Licorice.

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