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Rayman Legends on Wii U Wins Digital Foundry Face-Off

Posted by Martin Watts

Oddly enough, it has something to do with the ol' GamePad

The Wii U version of Rayman Legends has been declared the definitive version of the game in a recent comparison test carried out by Digital Foundry over at Eurogamer.

The analysis — which usually focuses primarily on visual performance — considered the Wii U, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC versions to be more or less equal, except for one major difference: the Wii U Gamepad.

Writing on behalf of Digital Foundry, David Bierton concluded:

Overall, it's clear that the Wii U offers up the definitive version of the game as imagined by its creators, and does so by introducing GamePad-exclusive mechanics that are well thought out and that never feel like cheap gimmicks.

It's important to note that he does mention that he believes Rayman Legends to be a brilliant game across all the systems for which Digital Foundry has been able to test it. In fact, Bierton goes as far as to suggest that the non-touch controls found in other versions may actually suit players looking for a more traditional gameplay experience. Nevertheless, it's good to see the Wii U receive praise over other systems for its unique features, especially when they're being put to good use in a third-party title.

In more good news, chart data for last week revealed earlier today that the Wii U version of the game has outsold its Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 counterparts in the UK during its first week on sale. It's essentially the first real sign that multi-platform titles can sell best on the system despite its smaller install base, provided third-parties put enough effort into supporting the system's bespoke functionality.

Did you get the Wii U version of Rayman Legends? Do you feel its touch and motion controls make it the definitive version? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.


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ReshiramZekrom said:

Wii U does what Xbox and PlayStatioNOT!

Aside from the bad puns, it's nice to see the Wii U version getting better praise than the other versions.



Quickman said:

Only Gamespot marked the Wii U version lower than the others apparently.. Didn't like the gamepad levels..



Memeboy3 said:

Ubisoft just wasted 7 months on versions that lost to the Wii U..clap clap Way to go, Ubisoft...i hope Nintendo gets Atlus to replace your stupidity...



Ailingforale said:

I am also glad to see Nintendo get some praise for something they deserve it for. Yeah! The internet isn't all negative!



Discostew said:

So, it could have sold much more on Wii U, building the Wii U's install base and such had they released it back in February, and it wouldn't have had to compete with any other games at the time. I think Ubisoft is kicking themselves right now, and rightly so. The question is, will they make that same mistake twice?



sinalefa said:

Something to ponder:

Had the game gotten such glowing reviews without those extra 7 months?



Peach64 said:

@Discostew I doubt their kicking themselves. It got no. 14 on the individual formats chart just like Wonderful 101, which everyone agreed was a flopped and resulted in 22nd place on the all formats chart. This would have been exactly the same as Wii U on it's own, but the other formats more than doubled their sales and boosted them up to 6th in the all format chart.

I'll be getting it on Wii U when I get one. The Weekend Confirmed podcast have been calling it by far the best use of the gamepad from any game for months.



ricklongo said:

I really liked the gamepad segment of the Rayman Legends Challenges app. I remember thinking, "how the hell will other consoles emulate this"? Apparently the answer is they won't.



ACK said:

Ubisoft is going to wonder why they delayed the Wii U version to accommodate the ports when that version sells at $60 while the others are promptly discounted to $40 (similar to Origins).

Not to say those versions shouldn't sell. Only that they will over-saturate and eventually undercut the market.



BrianXP7 said:

@Discostew Remember Rayman Oranges..I mean Origins? I think they decided to make it cross-platformed because the predecessor was originally a commercial failure. Still, it's just not the same without full control with Murphy...



AJWolfTill said:

Surely the fantastic marketing/appeasment strategy that was the challenge app has something to do with the better sales



TingLz said:

@Cohort While normally I would disagree with a statement of hatred against one's opinion, I have read that review and it was a joke



TingLz said:

Giving Skyward Sword a bad review because you don't know how to play it is pretty sad



Blast said:

This isn't surprising. Alotta gaming media has been recommending the Wii U version of this game over other platforms.



galetyler said:

@Blastoise As they should I mean yes the Murphy levels suck single player but that's true in all versions of the game, Ubisoft made it no secret those levels are meant to be played CO-OP now while that's not always possible I'd prefer the touch integration over some rhythmic QTE section like the PS3 and 360 versions have.



aaronsullivan said:

Good for the team behind Rayman Legends. Good for Wii U. All this business about "they should have or could have" doesn't mean much. Many more sales and much more success is coming from this plan. Wii U owners also got that cool challenges app for free.

I happen to believe that more Wii Us could have sold had it released on time, but this is only speculation and even then I don't think it would have been enough to move significant numbers.

I can't fault them. If I had worked on Zombi U or Lego City Undercover, two games with a lot of love and creativity put into them, I'd be pretty disappointed in the number of sales. Lego City in particular is really losing out due to the failure of the Wii U launch because it is the best Lego game in a long time.

Anyway, I'd much rather see this a success than a failure no matter the past and I'm eager to pick it up this week.



dartmonkey said:

Ubisoft wasted 7 months? They're kicking themselves? I don't follow how doubling your sales is a waste of time.

Also, what the dude above me said Still nice to see some positive news for the system.



JaxonH said:

I think they secretly just don't like the Wii U Gamepad, so the game's analysis suffered as a result. Anything that's not a Dualshock is a gimmick to those kind of people. Again, the Wonderful 101 review on IGN gave a 7.6 and labeled "bad controls", because of the Wii U gamepad. It's a common trend.



Quickman said:


This is why I hardly trust reviews anymore, for the majority of the games that I own on Wii U the GamePad is an absolute joy to use..



JaxonH said:

I thought the Murphy levels were AMAZING in single player. There's nothing wrong with them. The challenge is a unique and fun twist on platforming- and while it is great in co-op, I don't buy that the levels were specifically designed for co-op. Not at all. The levels were designed to test your skills in reaction time and route-planning, all while utilizing the second screen. The Challenges App had Murphy Levels where you'd go as far as you can without dying... I liked those more than the regular levels! And so did a lot of other people too.



JaxonH said:

Or more importantly, would the game have gotten such glowing reviews if exclusive to a Nintendo console...



Blast said:

@aaronsullivan When the Wii U picks up sales in the upcoming months due to must buy games looks at Sonic Lost World, I hope Nintendo markets Lego City: Undecover again like crazy. That game is amazing and deserves tons of praise.



aaronsullivan said:

@Blastoise I hope they promote Lego City Undercover again and I hope they do the same with Nintendo Land. I think Nintendo Land needs an online component to give it a boost, too. Not likely, but it would certainly generate some new interest.

The problem is that the world has moved on. There will be a couple of new Lego games (Lego Movie and Lego Marvel) before Nintendo would promote Lego City again, for instance.

@xNoktemAeternus So you don't own a Wii U. Not many do. Whose going to flame you for that? Still, this WAS made to target Wii U and it's the best version apparently, so I guess you're missing out. Not worth buying a console for most people, but missing out none-the-less.



Pachterkid said:


I hear ya, brother. My Wii U is currently collecting dust until Mario and DKC come out this fall. Maybe I'll go play Infamous, DmC, Tales of Xillia, or The Last of Us again whilst the Big N fanboys wait for something to play with their little Game Pad.



Senario said:

@Pachterkid First, I hope you are talking about DMC 1-4 and not the reboot because the reboot had absolutely terrible changing of characters as well as characters you couldn't care less about. Not mentioning the warped idea of what is "cool". Second, big talk considering Rayman is clearly the better version of this particular game. Infamous isn't coming out for a while, and The Last of Us is highly overrated as a video game. It makes a good movie and is a good game but nowhere near a masterpiece. I don't really understand why you are on a Nintendo site if you really don't like them. And I don't believe the gamepad is silly when apparently this game shows that it really isn't.

@xNoktemAeternus Sadly I can't vouch for Xillia as I feel that it is lacking in terms of a Tales Game. It puts a heavy emphasis on cinematics rather than actual playing the game and feels like it is lacking in extra content compared to most other tales games. Better than Vesperia and Graces to be sure(then again it isn't hard to be better than those), but nowhere near as good as Symphonia and Abyss. And those two were the golden age for Tales games imo. #3 on my list, but the gap between 3 and the top two is really large.



Senario said:

@xNoktemAeternus Symphonia 2 was terrible, for the love of all that is good don't play it. Odd because I felt that Vesperia was bad because of it being incomplete and missing a lot more content than Xillia had (can't judge the full version only in japan). Graces...I didn't particularly like any of the characters and I felt that the story itself wasn't as good. The battle system also fell flat. I had little investment or patience for it compared to Abyss which I absolutely loved as much or more than Symphonia 1.



iphys said:

I think it sold more copies for Wii U simply because Wii U owners have so little choice in game selection at the moment, and this is the highest rated game for it so far, so the majority of Wii U owners will be buying this game. I doubt many 360 or PS3 owners ran out to buy a Wii U just to be able to play this game on the GamePad (if they even gave a thought to buy this game with the piles of 360/PS3 games they likely still need to play).



WinterWarm said:


In all honesty: That's the most nonsensical thing I've ever heard.

Making a game for different consoles and playing to all their strengths is a smart thing to do. It almost always guarantees positive feedback.

Not sure why a multi-platform release qualifies as 'Stupidity'.

It happens all the time, and it will most likely continue.

Ubisoft saw potential in the WiiU's GamePad. And they used it. And Legends is the highest rated release so far on WiiU.

Don't know why a literal masterpiece is stupid. I do know, however, you're comment was nonsensical.



aaronsullivan said:

@xNoktemAeternus Oh, you have a Wii U, that surprises me. Why are you punishing yourself, then? I mean why buy the verifiably less enjoyable version of the game? I'm sure I'm missing something in your reasoning.



Shambo said:

@Cohort Gamespot and IGN are by far the worst reviewers ever. They don't understand the very first basic thing about true gaming, and are obvious fanboys. They expected Zombiu to be a Left 4 Dead clone, and rated it bad because it's not. It has some flaws, but I've seen FAR worse games get double the marks...



Shambo said:

Co-op Murphy levels are such a blast! Also, the 7 months weren't wasted. I too was angry for the delay at first, but they made it even better, and the TRUE fun is still Wii U exclusive.
Also: LOVE Kung Foot!



Mario-Man-Child said:

Does anyone know can the game be just played with the Wii U pro controller instead of the gamepad. Because I for one am definitely looking for a traditional gameplay experience. I don't like the gamepad.



Quickman said:

@Shambo A lot of the ZombiU reviews seemed to mark it down for not being an FPS and not having more Zombies... lol

@xNoktemAeternus Rayman was built from the ground up for Wii U, so it's very much a "Nintendo game" in that respect, the PS3 version is actually a port of Rayman, a good port but obviously not as good as the system that it was originally made for..



Marshi said:

I truely think with the current attitude towards nintendo and wiiu this year that if rayman had released in feb as an exclusive it wouldnt have recieved such high marks...



crobatman said:

All of this negativity about how the game should be a wii u exclusive, I know Ubisoft made it multiplatform because of money but have any of you considered that there are many Rayman fans that would have wanted to play the game but didn't have a wii u? I doubt there would have been a lot of people who would have bought a wii u just for a third party game.....



Arcamenel said:

I don't have a Wii U but got to play the Legends demo at Best Buy and the gamepad features were pretty cool.



Shambo said:

@Cohort Funny, 'cause it was OBVIOUSLY marketed as a verrrrry hardcore survival horror game. Last time I checked, verrrrry hardcore survival horror gamers were not looking for the next guts-'n'-gore slaughter fest. I bought the Zombiu premium pack day one, and I can tell you, unless they DO make a Zombiu sequel that doesn't screw it up, I can see myself play this game once a year for the forseeable future.



Quickman said:

@Shambo Seriously they were complaining that there were not enough Zombies...

I liked the Idea of ZOMBIU but there's not enough to keep you there playing it, If it had an "animal crossing" vibe of finding items to trade or fix up your hideout with, then that would have kept people coming back, "scavenging" for items would have been a good fit with the style of the game.



jayblue said:

The wii u is best version it should be its competing against consoles at the end of their lifespan.



URAmk2 said:

this should be $20 in a few months. ill pick it up on ps3 then. the gamepad only sections are meh to me. my wii u only tastes nintendo made games. it'll continue to sit idle untill mario 3d world in november.



Memeboy3 said:

@WinterWarm The reson why it was a multi platform was stupid, due to the fans, the Main reason why exclusives exist was to help the platform, if Ubisoft let it be an exclusive, it probrobly would've gotten more money and helped the Wii U. I'm mot saying the Game sucks, but if Ubisoft is doing moves like this..Nintendo could just out bid sega and replace Ubisoft w/ atlus cobsidering Ubisoft starting to back out a little and Atlus is slowly saying to Ninty '' Hey, buy me!''



CaPPa said:

It's fine that they went multiplatform (it was never a confirmed Wii U exclusive anyway) but my frustration came from the delay. It didn't even seem like a smart business decision because In February there were no games out for the Wii U, so it probably would have sold a fair number, plus it could have had 7 months of additional sales. This month it's competing with Splinter Cell, The Wonderful 101 and Windwaker HD on the Wii U alone (plus GTAV on 360/PS3); so it probably won't get great sales on any platform.

I wasn't going to buy it but I was sold on the challenge app, so I picked up my copy today (on Wii U of course).



Shambo said:

@Cohort Maybe, but it didn't bother me. Maybe even getting too 'cosy' would undermine the very basics of survival. There was an ultimate goal to the game, so I just focused on that and made it through in one piece, satisfied. It's almost been a year, and I'm starting to get an itch for replaying it.

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