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Boy Credits Mario Kart After Taking Control of Car and Saving Lives When Grandmother Passed Out

Posted by Andy Green

All that practice came in handy

Video games are often labelled as a time wasting exercise that offer nothing more than a bit of escapism but it's fair to say they have much more value to them than that.

Take Gryffin Sanders, a ten year old boy who was riding in a car with his younger brother and his 72 year old grandmother in Golden, Colorado. According to a KUSA-TV report, she passed out while driving at a staggering 60mph, which would have been a scary situation for anyone, let alone a ten year old.

However, instead of panicking, young Gryffin leant across and took the wheel before the car could steer into the oncoming traffic. Once he had control of the car he then directed it into a ditch at the side of the road and thankfully nobody was injured.

After the incident Gryffin was asked where he learned his driving skills and he responded by saying it was all thanks to Mario Kart. It's likely it was Mario Kart Wii, what with the Wii Wheel peripheral, and we're glad Gryffin got so much practice in.

My first thought was actually "is this a test, or what?". I tried to wake her up at first. Then, I just took the wheel and drove it into the ditch. I wanted us to get us somewhere we could get out of the way of traffic, I guess.

Naturally, Gryffin's parents were very pleased with him and his dad Sean said:

It was all him and he made a very wide decision at a very critical moment and I couldn't be a prouder father.

No doubt Gryffin can now play video games whenever he likes, regardless of how much homework he's got.

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WiiLovePeace said:

Wowzers! That's awesome Glad to see he got the practise with motion controls on MKWii (I presume) enough to know how to steer a car. Very lucky family!



CrazyOtto said:

Nintendo should send him a Wii U if he doesn't already have one and the first ever copy of Mario Kart 8, and have it signed by Hideki Konno, Miyamoto, Iwata, Reggie, and Charles Martinet.



Aviator said:

I said it in the forums and I'll say it again.

The connection to Mario Kart is ridiculous.



LordJumpMad said:

Thank god the kid didn't have a turtle shell or a banana peel.
This could of been worst.

For the other drivers...



smashbrolink said:

@Aviator Not really, considering without it he likely wouldn't have even have a general sense of what it's like to take the wheel of a vehicle.



Nintenjoe64 said:

@Aviator Yeah it's not as though the kid even said it! I think Nintendo are just beginning their crazy new marketing ploy for Wii U and MK8. Same as Wii Fit Girl



WingedSnagret said:

Call of Duty is blamed for numerous shootings, while Mario Kart is praised for saving lives.

Just let that sink in for a minute.



MAB said:

I know what you crazy kids mean when using the word 'rediculous' these days... Whoa! like awesomely cool bro



DiSTANToblivion said:

I just find this nice to hear about, when the news normally only talk trash about games. "Videogames create violence" blah blah...



GuSolarFlare said:

well it's kind of truth that when you spend too much time playing games pressuring situations become just a simple question of choices. I mean you start looking at things with a more decisive point of view, but it's also true to say gamers tend to avoid complicated situations in real life as much as they can, it's good and bad at the same time....
edit:but I still bet it was mario kart 7 and not mario kart wii because of the first person mode!



NintyMan said:

Very cool story! Such a good change from the usual pessimism thrown at video games from people too ignorant to judge. I'm just glad to see that everyone was all right regardless.



Dr_42o said:

I would have worked grandma's legs like a puppet and drove all the way back home..



allav866 said:

@WingedFish CoD doesn't teach you how to pull the trigger... Nowadays, Mario Kart Wii's Wii Wheel setup and MK7's Gyro controls can teach a kid sensitivity with the steering wheel and a general idea of how a car works, whereas in previous iterations you would have to use either a control stick or a D-Pad.



devilwaffle said:

This was some good news to get in the morning.

Also, In the video, I believe the father said "Wise" when in quote you wrote "Wide."



Veloster said:

Instead of over hyping video games regarding this story; instead can i just say: Well down Gryffin, you done something incredible - most others would just panic in your situation, but you took control and saved your grandmother and brothers' lives.



Fillytase said:

Yeah, if you click the original story there is barely any connection to Mario Kart at all. Saying it was "all thanks to Mario Kart" is rather over-the-top and misleading.



idork99 said:

It's like I always say: if you're good at video games, then most likely you're a good driver as well

I'm really happy for the boy and his family as this could have been a very tragic story if things had turned out differently.



ramstrong said:

Considering that he drove into a muddy ditch to slow down implies that he doesn't know how to use the brake. Driving isn't just steering, you know. There's also braking.



Veloster said:

Right, but how do you expect him to access the pedals with a grandmother in the way?



retro_player_22 said:

@ramstrong He put the car on neutral and steer it away from the road, of course he didn't had to use the brake. His granny already had her foot on it. He just needs to put it on neutral, steer away, and put it back on park.



Veloster said:

If he had played NFS instead - his first thought would probably "Handbrakes solve everything!"
That wouldn't have ended quite as well....



idork99 said:

@ramstrong It was just a personal general statement. I said most likely. Not very likely or always. Many video games require good hand/eye coordination. Driving requires the same which is the reason I believe there is a lot of truth to my statement.



SCAR said:

I used to drive a golf cart when I was 6. It makes sense that he thought about taking the wheel, because he plays Mario Kart.
I don't think the kid is saying Mario Kart taught him how to drive, but the the idea of driving is in his mind because of the game, so he was more comfortable to take action.



SCAR said:

That's funny as hell that they showed the new one at the end of the video.



letsplay said:

And MSN (Microsoft) probably didn't want to admit it was Nintendo and not XBOX.



Jllanos22 said:

Think of it as if mario kart was a simulation(it is a simulation)of someone driving. Thanks to the experience gain by it he save his grand mother. For parent who saw this have to think now that video games are not a waist of time and kids are really learning something that will help them in the future.

That's the power of wii and Nintendo!!!
What is Microsoft and Sony teaching your kids???
How to shoot???



kyle5 said:

yeah not sure about this, mario kart maybe apart of it,but more due to seeing other people drive



ramstrong said:

Oh, okay. Next time please be specific. I see way too many drivers drive like they're in a race, there's no brake pedal, and sometimes the result isn't pretty.



Silent said:

@Aviator ''Luckily, this is not the first time Gryffin has driven. He says he learned a lot playing the video game "Mario Kart".''



Retrowire said:

@allav866 What do you mean CoD doesn't teach you how to pull a trigger? It's the exact same motion and mechanism, same as the wheel and the car in this instance.



Daggo said:

I think the game relation to the action taken by the kid was that he ran into the mud, which, as seen in MK, slows you down.



NeoZuko said:

When Nintendo hears about this, they will start giving everyone a rubber barrier to cover their cars



Dolphinsquared said:

I can see that. Video games today are a lot about reaction times and being able to stay calm in a critical situation, whether evading enemy fire, or dodging a blue shell. It's a modern equivalent to any form of training in the ancient times, armed or unarmed.



DarkKirby said:

Video Games.

They save lives.

What they heck does school do? Teach you to be an obedient rule compliant drone?



Silent said:

@DarkKirby Actually school is good when you use the institution correctly. School is full of interesting people and places, depending on the school you are of course. It is in elementary and military school that they teach you how to be drone.



TomJ said:

He might have given Mario Kart credit, but God was watching over them, and protected them all.



mikeyman64 said:

@BlackSpy Indeed.

I remember this happening back in the 90s on Rescue 911. Don't know if Mario Kart had anything to do with it back then though.



Gryffsmom said:

Hey everyone. Yes he playes wii, but he also gets good grades and plays outside. For all of you who are supportive you rock! For all of you haters bad mouthing a lil boy who saved his life, his brothers and great grandma you should be ashamed of your selves. He was quick thinking and I could not be more proud. It wasn't in Golden it was in Hugo, CO on the way to visit their dad in Golden. Today is his 11th birthday and I just thank God he made it to that and that my Grandma is on the road to recovery. Yes send him a t-shirt saying video games save lives, and a new Wii and whatever. He has had other driving lessons, but he said Mario Kart and now nintendo is getting a ton of free press. Good for Nintendo, but don't dis the kid!! Thank You - Mom to a Rock Star Kid - Gryff's Mom



Poketendo said:

"video games are bad! They already saved 2 kids from a moose, 2 other kids and their grandmother from a road accident, and there are more expections, but what does that matter? they're bad!" Take that haters!



allav866 said:

@Retrowire I gotta stop posting things when I'm extremely tired. What I said didn't come out the way it originally was intended to. What I guess I meant is that CoD SHOULDN'T be blamed for shootings, nor should it be praised, as it doesn't teach you how to properly use a gun, as the controller may have triggers, but isn't shaped like an actual gun. Mario Kart Wii's Wii Wheel somewhat resembles a steering wheel.

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