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Need For Speed Rivals Not Screeching Onto Wii U

Posted by Andy Green

It'll only be available on rival consoles

A couple of days ago, EA announced the next game in the Need for Speed series. This one will be known as Need for Speed Rivals and is being developed by Swedish studio Ghost Games.

This iteration is set to come into view later this year and features an open-world environment where players can either take on the role as a typical street racer or police officer.

It's being powered by Frostbite 3 and is heading to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One as well as the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC.

However, there won't be a Wii U version of Need for Speed: Rivals, as Ghost Games' founder Marcus Nilsson told Eurogamer the Frostbite engine doesn't perform so well with with Nintendo's system:

Yeah, Frostbite is not really set up for Wii U. I don't have all the information, so it wouldn't be right for me to speak about it. Frostbite 3 is a really capable engine, it's scalable and it gives us a big advantage on the next generation to support the Xbox One and the PS4, but it's not being developed on the Wii U.

The Wii U version of Need for Speed: Most Wanted was seen as the definitive version of the game, so it's a shame the next game in the series won't be speeding onto Nintendo's system.

What are your thoughts on this? Are you disappointed Need for Speed Rivals won't be available on Wii U? Let us know in the comment section below.


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ThumperUK said:

I was initiallly disappointed, but then read that Criterion is not developing the game so couldn't care less! Criterion has shown every other developer how you can do a brilliant port of a game to the WiiU, and urge every WiiU owner to get hold of a copy if they like racing games.



Buduski said:

The last Need for speed game I played and purchased was need for speed underground 2, that should say how upset I am ( sarcasm), never really liked where the series was headed after that game, if they go back to underground they MIGHT have something



Nico07 said:

I'll just buy it a few months later for PC at around $15-$20. I'll be too busy playing other Wii U games later this year anyway. Criterion did a great job with the series and I am glad they took the time to make a decent port for the Wii U, despite the fact it seems we won't be getting any additional DLC. The best "open world" NFS game in my opinion is still the original NFS Most Wanted from 2005.



hYdeks said:

I love NFS and I really wish it was, but EA has decided to pull the "where super stupid" card and f*** over it's Nintendo fans, to that I say "Go away, EA!" My money can be better spent elsewhere.



Technosphile said:

I read someplace that Most Wanted U had sold 6,000 copies the entire month of April. So yeah, not surprising.



rjejr said:

The EA vs. Nintendo saga continues.

I wonder if EA will find a way to charge PS3/Xbox360 users for online play? I think at some point in the near future all Nintendo fans will be happy EA is off their systems even if it means missing some games they'ld like to play. .



kentray1985 said:

Honestly I do think EA suck but I can't denie the fact that nintendo didn't put enough thought and creativeness in the wiiu and its sad that the wiiu is suffering from a trio of bad mistakes that nintendo has made and don't get me wrong because I enjoy my wiiu and it has potential but the fact Is nintendo is not showing real care for its customers or else they would pull extra steps to bring these 3rd party games and ppl all over the world is seeing the lack of content that nintendo producing for wiiu so I just really hope nintendo get their act together this summer and make this console shine!



kentray1985 said:

I want to have a reason to tell friends to switch from xbox 360 and ps3 to the wiiu and honestly do yall have reasons rightnow? All can tell them is wait for them first party games to roll in because thathe only choice nintendo is leaving me with, a lot of ppl don't care about touchscreens so I don't kno why they don't have at least party chat and why is nintendoland not online where we can all walk around and be social to our friends, that would be amazing



kentray1985 said:

But anyway EA Suuuuck, bunch of corporate people, I rather use my money for toilet paper than give it to those greedyasgreedy idiots behind walls making decisions



onex said:

@kentray1985 This is an ignorant stance to take(regarding your first comment). Clearly, the article states that the game is coming to PS3 and 360, so we know the engine incompatibility is an outright LIE, because the FB3 engine is scalable. They're giving us that bogus excuse because they don't want to piss consumers off with the truth: Nintendo refused to play into EA's online strategy, so EA's acting like a butthurt child at recess.

The WiiU is MORE powerful than the PS3 and 360. So any excuses on that front you know to dismiss. Don't worry, though. The big 3rd parties are becoming more and more irrelevant, and they know it. That's why all of their main talent is jumping ship to go indie. And guess what? Nintendo is on top of it.



Einherjar said:

@kentray1985 You can always visit your friends in person and be "social" to them that way -.- Nintendo does this, to promote couch co-op. And frankly, nothing can beat having your friends right next to you while playing games together.

On Topic: The fact that they still planning for an Xbox -359 release after the huge backlash shows that:
a) popularity of a console cannot be a factor (as stated many times before) since no system is less popular than this thing.
b) the fact that frostibyte 3 and UE4 are scalable (like their respective predecessors) means, that it can easily be customized to run on different systems regardless of hardware power.

It still sounds like an "anti nintendo" vendetta to me.



Jonisme said:

I kinda grew up on NFS. And NFS Most Wanted U is my favourite Wii U game. So I am definitely bummed out about this, and this may be the reason I buy a "rival" console.



kentray1985 said:

Yes I know nintendo will get back on top of their game but I hope they bring cross chat or party chat to wiiu and a decent notification system, that flashing light thing don't help me at all, I don't see nothing wrong with notifications popping up on the top right side of the screen because I miss alot of wiichats lol



ShinRPGGamer said:

And in other news sheep go "baa" cats go "meow" Capcom makes too much DLC and EA releases nothing for the Wii U.



kentray1985 said:

@Einherjar I understand your point but you should have that option to sit next to your friend or play withem online, most of my relatives are far away and friends are in other states so I love playing with them online on my off hours and nintendo needs to realize that not all family can sit together in a living room!



CHECKit095 said:

Developers tried the Frostbite Engine 3 out in Wii U, and they said it was running without any problems... I think EA is just lying about everything...



WiiLovePeace said:

"Frostbite 3 is a really capable engine, it's scalable and it gives us a big advantage on the next generation to support the Xbox One and the PS4, but it's not being developed on the Wii U." Epic bummer I love NFS: Most Wanted U, its a great game & really too bad about the timing of its release many months after Most Wanted came out, its the only reason I could think of as to why Most Wanted U didn't sell very well allegedly. Oh well, guess I'll pick it up Rivals on PS3 then, eventually.



Urbanhispanic said:

Like some people pointed out already: EA is out to get Nintendo....plain and simple. The last Need for Speed game was called the definitive version of it and proved it to be so. When E3 comes and Nintendo brings out all the good games, EA and certain other developers will be sorry for underestimating the Wii U.



47drift said:

"It wouldn't be right for me to speak about it, but here's some contradictory BS to end this quote with anyway."



kentray1985 said:

Well how bout this, EA is just a bad company that's all about money, they care less for gamers!



defrb said:

disappointed, enjoying nfsmwu a lot at the moment.

Now i need to buy a ps4 also, to bad



kentray1985 said:

@Decker22 Telling EA they are butthurt is saying the least, I would get banned from posting if I told you what I really thought of that company lol



Shiryu said:

"Frostbite 3 is a really capable engine, it's scalable(..)"

I fail to understand this definition of "scalable" if it runs on 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4 but NOT Wii U. Time to outsource the engine to some who can really program and understand the innards of the Wii U (hey, go nuts, license it to Nintendo!) so EA can have a stable version of the engine running smoothly on Nintendos console and be able to port optimized versions of the 360/PS3 games to the Wii U and stop this entire sad, pathetic episode of the industry once and for all.

Yes, I am very disappointed indeed with everything EA does as of late but more so because I am a huge Criterion fan and other studios owned by EA like Bioware. Since I do not plan to buy either PS4 or Xbox One, EA will never see any of my money in the future. Lets hope I am a minority here, despite all these silliness regarding Wii U, I do not want EA to go bankrupt and become the next THQ.




Wouldn't be buying it anyway, but I gotta say that EA, in the immortal words of Eric Cartman, can "suck my *****" Fifa games on 3ds with no online, fifa 13 Wiiu which is a copy and paste of fifa 12, along with all the other melodrama in the EA v Nintendo saga. Yes, nintrndo were a hard company to deal with back in the day when they practically monopolised the console market in the 80's early 90's and drove EA to Sega with their draconian practices but EA are the emergent fools these days. Yes no EA games will hurt Nintendo but they got a lot of cash in reserve, enough for another 3/4 generations (???) without having to make a profit. Once the 1st party big hitters start coming this would be in the bargain bin anyway.



KnightRider666 said:

Man the Wii U is constantly being left out by various developers. Is the system really that bad to develop for??



blinder2 said:

@Shiryu Im a gamer of over 40 years I have always bought every console,even thou im a old school Nintendo fan I am a GAMER FIRST ,and you are wright in your comments



SparkOfSpirit said:

As of this moment it's about guaranteed to sell more copies on Wii-U than XBone and PS4 with the install base. The engine could be ported to the system, too.

Good 'ol, EA.



Farmboy74 said:

EA's secret is out of the bag, the real reason they will not be bringing many games across is MS policy with XBone over used games and their scrapping of the online pass. Frostbite runs on PS3 & 360 it will run on Wii U which is more powerful than both of these.
Off topic Zavvi are selling NFS Most Wanted at the minute for £24.85 with Mass Effect 3 also on sale for £24.98



Ichiban said:

This sounds like filler NFS without Criterion anyway, kinda like The Run or Prostreet...



ToneDeath said:

Companies like the petulant EA and arrogant Microsoft are making the entire games industry in the west look like a bunch of greedy graphics whores, conditioning their customers to be a mass of drooling zombies with little else but "COD", "FIFA" and "Netflix" in their vocabularies.
At least the backlash to the Xbox One reveal shows we're not all ready to allow an Orwellian Hal 9000 breeze block into our homes just yet.

I know Nintendo want to make money like any other business, but they genuinely want to make great games too, and as it happens what the typical gamer wants to do is PLAY great games. With or without the likes of EA, great games ARE coming.



MiNiStRy said:

Ea are just soured on nintendo for no implementing their online service. I mean frostbite 3 runs on ps3 and 360 which are 7 yr old consoles but not wii u???



SanderEvers said:

Really this isn't news AT ALL.

I can tell you right now:
The Last of Us,
Little Big Planet 3

Are all also NOT coming to the Wii U.

Nintendolife please just focus on the games that ARE being released and STOP, STOP posting this EA rubbish.



HawkeyeWii said:

Just as I thought back when the Wii U was released we are going to repeat the Wii's life cycle and get little to no 3rd party support after the first year.....



S7eventhHeaven said:

not bothered. never heard of this swedish developer. game will be crap will sell poor and all the staff will get laid off and will never get work again



ajcismo said:

I'll fist bump you on that.
The real fun is coming a year from now when Disney starts getting grumpy that EA burned its bridge with Nintendo and nobody is buying the X1box.



P-Gamer-C said:

Ea is like one of the biggest publisher's in the country and the need for speed game they just released on wii u barley broke 20k they have more games on wii u than nintendo does what exactly is ea jealus of nintendo about every third party game that does get released on wii u does very bad sad to say the wii u for third party devs is not profitable and doesent make any sense at this point not only do sales have to increase but the people who own wii u's have to actually BUY games and not just talk about them on NL



MeWario said:

Always disappointed when Nintendo struggles to attract 3rd party support like this as it usually a sign that things aren't great. But, really, I couldn't care less about the majority of EA's output.



kentray1985 said:

Yes eshop is okay but it could be a lot better, I want nintendo to give us more content try hard to get us extra or exclusive dlc because it seems like the other console are getting way more attention while nintendo keeps the wiiu trailing behind



MeWario said:

@P-Gamer-C ...Yea that's what I just said. To reiterate, I worry that the Wii U is struggling to attract 3rd party support but I'm not going to lose sleep about most EA games.



P-Gamer-C said:

@MeWario Yep without those casuals who went to tablets after they got bored of the original wii they need to get more of the hardcore crowd but hardcore gamers have standards they want all the cool new third party games and sadly nintendo is not getting it done



withoutdk said:

EA seem to hate Nintendo. it is quite a shame though..... i would like to have an okay racing game... but i will wait and see if there will be some in the future...
as far as i see it... the wii u is getting ditched by so many... and how the.... are they going to sell wii u consoles without any awesome games..



FullbringIchigo said:

i still think the only EA games the Wii U will get now are Star Wars and that would be because Disney would have made them do it

EA and Nintendo just ain't getting along at the moment and that fact is all this talk about Frostbite 3 not working is bull because they can make it work on mobile phones so they should be able to make it work on Wii U



dangermouseuk78 said:

I think these games are huge losses for nintendo, More so fifa 14 it has a huge player base. You can see why they are mainly doing it the used game market. However Ea games are not the only ones skipping the Wii U. Its only going to get worse with the release of the new consoles.

I been Nintendo fan since the Nes days owned all the consoles however im glad i have held off buying a Wii U, The Game website has only a couple of pages of games and over half have'nt been released or even have a date. Im not sure even the first party games alone can save the Wii U.

I feel Nintendo need to pull something very special come E3.



KAHN said:

those are all exclusives. games like Need for Speed and Battlefield series are on multiple platforms. and it's their job to tell us what isnt coming to wiiU. it's related and relevant.



TheAdrock said:

Why couldn't Nintendo just bring out "Wii U 2" with appropriate CPU enhancements? Acknowledge the weaknesses of the current U, make some upgrades/tweaks, and move on. It already can't hang with current Xbox, so give it a horsepower upgrade! (I know EA doesn't matter all that much, but I worry that the perception among studios will only get worse.)



Farmboy74 said:

@ theadrock13
I don't think we will see a Wii U 2 unless the U really tanks in the Christmas run up. It's regarded that Nintendo will have some first party heavy hitters out, Ubisoft will have 4 big titles out. If the price of PS4 & XBone are high cash strapped parents and gamers may just turn to the U as a cheaper alternative



CaPPa said:

It has little to do with the power of the console and is more to do with EA throwing their toys out of their pram over the Origin situation. You're also very gullible if you think that the Wii U is in any way weaker than the 360.



MeloMan said:

I won't go as far as to say "good riddance" or something like that, cause another game in the library worth playing is still another choice for the gamer for their system of choice (in this case, the Wii U). I understand it all comes down to the checks and balances of maximum profit, but you don't maximize profit but stopping short of all 3 systems. Let's face it, it's not going to sell the same on all 3 if it was released for all 3 systems... I get it, but what if EA only makes back the money on one of the consoles? In that case, you'd divert resources to making it an exclusive. All I'm saying is if you are going multiplatform, you've already made the commitment to say "damn the cost to make it cross platform, we're going for any and all profit on ANY of the consoles". Therefore, ANYTHING you get from putting it on the Wii U counts as SOME sort of profit. I just don't get these hairbrained decisions to single out Nintendo like they're the plague...



SanderEvers said:

@P-Gamer-C Both the WIi U's CPU and GPU are more powerful than those of the PS3 and XBOX 360. There is technically NO reason not to create FB 3 for the Wii U.

It was higher management that stopped them.

So a release of a Wii U 2 will not fix this. A Wii U 2 with XBOX 1 / PS4 like power will be twice as expensive as the Wii U. Therefore nobody will buy the system and then still no third party developers will develop games for it. See the problem? Okay.

Let's look at the PS4 / XBOX -1, these will be priced between 400 - 600 euro's. With games around 60-80 euro's. You will have to be online at least once every 24 hours. etc. etc. This all bodes well for the Wii U.

What Nintendo needs to do is:

  • Lower the price: 250 for the base model, 300 for the premium model.
  • Release a bunch of games for it.
  • Advertise it better.


bunnyking said:

Why don't you guys post when a game IS coming to Wii U instead of when a game ISN'T? We kind of already know where EA stands.



GiftedGimp said:

Its an EA game so no suprise here. Whays interesting is a developer is doing this NFS and not criterion who likr the WiiU.
Tbh EA are digging thier own financial grave, When the Partnership with M$ goes tits-up due to how badly the Xbone sells and the investment EA are making in the system.
All because it Xbone restricts Used Games.. (Sony Will do the Same on Ps4) and WiiU doesn't, at a hardware level anyway.



Noend said:

At what point will something NOT being for Wii U stop being noteworthy news to require a Nintendo Life article?



P-Gamer-C said:

Your half right the gpu is is a bit more powerfull if you no about pc's [im not sure u do] its in the 4ooo series range nothing special but it is much better than the xenos in the xbox 360 nintendo intended for devs to get used to the gpgpu and let its weak cpu just help with the little things but games like battlefield and the frosbite engine are cpu intensive and most console devs are not used to this yet and the cell mobile games are not useing the full frosbite engine is stripped down



GiftedGimp said:

Lets be honest, the reason EA and others do not want to release on WiiU is NOTHING to do with specs. Its all down to the fact that Next gen game development costs are going to be much higher than current gen and the WiiU will be able to operate a un-hindered used game market, and freinds/family will be able to share/swap game discs which Xbone One, and Ps4 (wait till e3) will hinder with the need of paying a fee for the privalige.



CountEkkiM said:

funny that frostbite 3 is working ps3 and xbox360 but not in wiiu? and wiiu is atleast 50% stronger than x360. somebody just dont like nintendo i think.



TheAdrock said:

@CaPPa , I'm gullible? I'm only citing what reverse engineering specialists have concluded: "We've seen substantial performance dips on CPU-specific tasks." ... "We can now, categorically, finally rule out any next-gen pretensions for the Wii U." ...
The fact is that the U's CPU is weak for a new console in 2013. If they had released the U four years ago like they should have, then it'd would have been sweet, but they're way late to the HD gaming party. If it can't even run Frostbite now with the U being brand new, why would you think it will hang in there for the next several years of new gaming? I don't see the big deal with giving the U a clockspeed upgrade.
As for the suspected price of the upcoming Xbox & PS4... industry analysts say: "What we’ve been told by Microsoft and Sony call for the next-generation systems to have a lower opening price point than they did last cycle."
Again, before you call me names, perhaps inform yourself?



GraveLordXD said:

This is Nintendo and EA not getting along maybe nintendo don't want to have micro transactions in there games or have an extra fee to play used games and or whatever other bs EA has planned to rip people off! Its obvious they aren't getting along and I doubt power has anything to do with it if it was just that EA would have never tried to support Nintendo with origin in the first place EA and Microsoft are two companies that will bleed you dry of your money
Yeah I've herd the price point of the xbox1 is supposed to be reasonable close or either cheaper than the 360 but with a two year contract with xbox live and who knows exactly how much that will be at this point



IPete2 said:

This is very disappointing, Need For Speed Wii U is a really great looking and playing game. It took me two weeks to decide to purchase it - and as a download, and I can't believe I didn't trust my gut feeling about it. In the videos it looked too good, and people do tend to wax lyrical about stuff, but this was a case of an excellent version of a really good game.

I hope there are other racing games coming to WiiU, and taking the gauntlet of NFS WiiU.



Noend said:

@P-Gamer-C It's not noteworthy at all. Your comment "if you really game" supports this because "if you really game" you would own all the systems (like me) and you would visit other sites and already KNOW what they are getting and could put it together that the Wii U is not getting it.

Push Square doesn't list what they aren't getting.

It's traffic driving headlines and not noteworthy news.



Neram said:

But it's being developed for PS3 and 360... So you're basically saying you're snubbing the Wii U? Gee that's great.



deitypower said:

Yves G. was even there at the e3 press conference before. I can't believe this is happening. So many ea games that won't be make for Wii U. I feel like EA has just stabbed Nintendo at their backs.



conan-mcmini-98 said:

@onex The wii u could be moore powerful than the x-b one. It's just a hunch as lots of people have been talking about how x-b 1 only runs 720p on ghosts. I could swear on wii u it was 1080p I'm not sure but it could be true.

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