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Thu 10th Jan 2013

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DlSPOSABLEHERO commented on Wii Disc Software Heading to the Wii U eShop: if the Wii download recognises the gamepad as a classic controller if the game originally had support for it would that not mean a tweak to the operating system. For example could that not mean that Sin & Punishment will let you use the gamepad controls, whether it's the download or you pop in your original disc....possibly/hopefully????

I might stick in some classic controller ganes now & see if it works. If it's not an update to the operating system and simply a tweak to the actual game then this support for gamepad controls, could be added in some shape or form, to work with the disc versions??? Maybe, I'm not very technical minded.

I would love to play Tatsunoko vs Capcom, Xenoblade, Resident Evil 4 (not a lot of people realise it can be played with a classic controller as it doesn't say it on the box), Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn, Geoetry Wars etc. etc. solely on the gamepad



DlSPOSABLEHERO commented on Need For Speed Rivals Not Screeching Onto Wii U:

Wouldn't be buying it anyway, but I gotta say that EA, in the immortal words of Eric Cartman, can "suck my *****" Fifa games on 3ds with no online, fifa 13 Wiiu which is a copy and paste of fifa 12, along with all the other melodrama in the EA v Nintendo saga. Yes, nintrndo were a hard company to deal with back in the day when they practically monopolised the console market in the 80's early 90's and drove EA to Sega with their draconian practices but EA are the emergent fools these days. Yes no EA games will hurt Nintendo but they got a lot of cash in reserve, enough for another 3/4 generations (???) without having to make a profit. Once the 1st party big hitters start coming this would be in the bargain bin anyway.



DlSPOSABLEHERO commented on New Wii U Virtual Console Titles Confirmed By ...:

I already bought World Warrior, Turbo and Super Street Fighter ll on the Wii VC. Please just bypass drip feeding them and give us Super Street Fighter ll from the start, I know I'll crumble and re-purchase them all again for the £1.49 upgrade if you don't.



DlSPOSABLEHERO commented on Gaijin Games: Runner 2 Fix is On The Way:

When is it coming to Europe? I've got all the bit. games on my Wii, and loved the demo on Xbox live but i want to get it on the Wiiu for off tv play (I assume you can play it solely on the pad????).