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Thu 9th May 2013

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onex commented on Feature: Reflecting On Three Years With The Wi...:

The Wii U is the greatest home console I've ever owned, and the sole reason is local multiplayer. I never thought I'd be playing a Warriors title for 2 years now? But the S.O. and I have been co-op'ing that game endlessly. We just recently got back into MK8 and Chariot and scream our heads off alternating with playing Fatal Frame!

Then we can talk about the unparalleled precision aiming the GP provides for Splatoon. I find it difficult to play any other shooter. The only disappointment has been AAA third party support, but that's on them. They could've done great things with the GP, but they chose to port old games or just phone it in, save for great experiences like ZombiU. Thankfully, Nintendo has finally been putting the pad to use with Mario Maker, Splatoon, Art Academy, and soon Star Fox 0. Let me not leave out Affordable Space Adventures. One of the most uniquely brilliant experiences I've ever had in co-op gaming. Next up is XCX?
What a great 3rd bday for the WiiU.



onex commented on More Than A Million Super Mario Maker Levels H...:

I just uploaded a pretty big level last night, hopefully someone gets to play it. I tried not to be too cheap and used what I know of Mario platforming to create something memorable.

For anyone interested:
1D76-0000-0044-932B. Star Gauntlet

And here's the Super Mario World version:

Hope you enjoy!



onex commented on Guide: Get Competitive with 1v1 Online Matches...:

I could see how Tenacity would be advantageous. If it was coded to only recognize when your team has "1 player active", it would continuously trigger that special. None of my friends have the game besides me, so I probably won't get to mess around with 1v1 though.



onex commented on Ubisoft's Former Wii U Exclusive ZombiU Confir...:

Lol @ Ubi if they think people will care about this when Ps4/xb have games like Dying Light, Dead Rising 3, Outlast, and DEAD ISLAND...which means they already have "zombie melee" well cornered in their markets. ZombiU without the tense Gamepad elements is mediocre at best, tedious and boring at worst.



onex commented on FreezeME, Coming to Wii U, Looks Rather Simila...:

Sheesh, harsh much, people?
From one of the chars quotes, it's obvious that this is an homage to beloved franchises. She is called HERMANA, for crying out loud. I say if the controls are spot on, I'm all for it.



onex commented on First Impressions: Exploring the Depths of Aff...:

@ricklongo perhaps your expectations for the game are a little off. to me, and judging by the title, this game is somewhat parodial in its nature. having to pay attention to complexities of your awfully inferior vessel compared to its environment is going to be a hoot, as the inevitable failures look hilarious. I can't wait to give this a go with a couple friends.



onex commented on Don't Worry, Splatoon Will Have A Local Mulitp...:

@Kirk Dream all you want, but unless YOU are coming up with a solution, you'll only end up disappointing yourself instead of appreciating what's readily available. Anyone can make these wild notions as to what 4 gamepads can do. However, a game such as Splatoon, in its current situation, could be released with one GP supported. Then if or when Nintendo decides to allow multiple GP support, the developers could always go back and patch additional GP play into the finished product, if the game remains interesting by then of course.



onex commented on Mario Kart 8 Speeds Into Second Place In NPD M...:

@Blast You're telling me! I played it on a friend's PS4 this past weekend, and was fairly underwhelmed. I guess GTA with hacking sounds better on paper rather than its execution. Then again, it could just be the atrocious vehicle physics. .. Depending on reviews and GamePad usage, I may end up canceling my pre-order. -_-



onex commented on Off-TV Play Coming to 1001 Spikes on Wii U:

@accc Not yet, but I asked Tyrone about it on Miiverse... he said he didn't see how it was comfortably possible. That is, until I provided him a suggestion. Long story short, he claims to be adding Wiimote support in a future update.

That is one of the many reasons Miiverse is a game changer imo. The developers are listening!



onex commented on Review: Spot the Differences: Party! (Wii U eS...:

The problem with these games is that there's literally no challenge to them if you know the 'magic eye' trick. Just cross your eyes like looking at a stereoscopic photo, and the differences pop out with ease.



onex commented on Asda Stores No Longer Stocking New Wii U Syste...:

X will be amazing. Bayonetta 2. MK8 will be amazing. SM3DW will be amazing. W_D will be amazing. W101 will be amazing. WWHD is already amazing. As is LCU!

These are all reasons that, even if WiiU's lifetime sales aren't so hot, at least it will have amazing games. This Doom and Gloom garbage is really offputting from media all around.



onex commented on Earthbound Arrives on the Wii U eShop Today:

It's called supply & demand, people. Consumers demand it, so Nin can charge whatever they like for it. And considering the licensing they probably had to go through, I'm sure the higher price tag is justified.

Anyway, when all is said and done, EARTHBOUND is TEN BUCKS! and you're complaining?? Considering the going rate for second-hand copies, ten bucks is practically a STEAL! Not to mention, the game may be old, but if it's as good as everyone screams, I'll gladly throw down a 10-spot for this gaming gem!



onex commented on Weirdness: Zelda Answers Rejected on Jeopardy,...:

Anyone who watches Jeopardy can tell you that their answers are deliberately tricky, yet grammatically sound.
"The title princess of this game" is all worded that way for a reason. If they were asking for just her name, the answer would have went something like, "The title Princess, which launched a best-selling game franchise, was named for F.Scott Fitzgerald's wife."



onex commented on Pikmin 3 is Playable Next Weekend At GameStop ...:

I'll never understand why they keep choosing the most podunk/ghetto locations for these events.. you'd think they would want the BUSIEST locations to showcase these games, to garner attention from the most eyes. I'm thinking that BestBuy/Gamestop/EB are just picking the least busy stores they have in hopes of drumming up much needed sales in those stores to keep them relevant, yet gamers are there to play games, not buy something they could simply purchase somewhere more convenient.

When I left the Glen Burnie, MD Best Buy event, the sales rep was asking each person, "would you like to pre-order any of these games?" to which I replied, "Uhh, no, I live in White Marsh."

WHY would they think somebody would pre-order something 30+ miles away when one could easily do the same thing MUCH closer to home?? -_-



onex commented on Armikrog Officially Coming To Wii U:

@CowLaunch EXACTLY!
I appreciate works such as The Neverhood, therefore I can't wait to see this new project come to fruition. On the flipside, I could care less what these developers do in their personal lives, as it has nothing to do with the artwork. The notion that you think OTHERS shouldn't support something just because YOU think a person involved is a doodiehead, is downright ridiculous, and it's the SAME mentality that your opposers use to rally haters.

Whatever happened to "Kill 'em with kindness"? If people followed that mantra, there would simply be less hate out there. *sigh



onex commented on Hands On: The Wonderful 101:

@GamerJunkie Local co-op, while not especially convenient, most definitely does not suck. There's nothing more fun - when it comes to videogames - than getting some buds over to have at it in some MarioKart, Sonic Racing, NSMBU and Nintendoland! Sweet Day is the best time we've had in quite a while, when it comes to lauging and giggling like a kid again!

Sure, online games can be fun, but it'll never compare to physical interactions, and I'm confident that 5player W-101 is going to be an absolute blast.



onex commented on Nintendo "Would Consider" Making Free-To-Play ...:

You people are ridiculous. I'm almost certain that what he's saying is that they're considering a F2P VERSION of AC:NL to entice those curious gamers who are reluctant to buy the game in the first place. Which means, if you have the game already, this isn't MEANT for you, so why is everyone all crying foul like NIntendo just took your lunch money?

Of all VG companies, you should know by now what Nintendo is about: options. They're simply giving people the option to go the F2P route, should they choose. Meanwhile, the full game is ALSO right there to purchase for the decided consumer.



onex commented on First Impressions: Super Mario 3D World:

I fail to see how the game's title is confusing, and instead think some of you are just finding the SIMPLEST thing about the game to critique for the sheer sake of complaining.

Check out this comparison:

Handheld : Console ::
Super Mario Land : Super Mario World ::
3DS : Wii U ::

How hard is that to grasp??
Seeing a video btw of a trailer, with 720p quality at best is no proper way of evaluating the game's graphic fidelity, either.

Was I disappointed with the reveal? Sure, at first, letting my expectations run wild. However, after bringing myself back to reality, I could appreciate and understand the brillance of what's been done here. If any game is receive flak for being lazy, it should be NSMBU, as that was simply a placeholder for them to say, "Hey, we've got Mario at launch!"
But even that game has some brilliantly devious level designs, and I'm sure the FULL 80+ LEVEL LUIGI DLC will well worth the 20 bones.

Also, single player appears to play more in line with the other 3D Mario greats. Watch the dev. interviews, people! Sheesh!



onex commented on Reggie: Publishers Should Create Great Games T...:

Yet another reason Reggie is so boss.

I was actually just talking to my brother about this the other day. It's nigh impossible to find used 1st party Ninty games, and if you do manage, it's likely only 5 bones less, so you may as well pony up for a fresh, new copy! It used to irk me because my cheap side couldn't catch a break, but with Reggie's statement here, I've realized even more why I respect and love Nintendo. Quality games through and through. Although my wallet would appreciate a few more sales now and then.



onex commented on NBA 2K14 Won't Be Slam Dunking On Wii U:

I'm sorry, I bought a new console (WiiU) in hopes of playing new games. Sports games are not new, and if I ever want to play those, I'll rally up some friends and do so IN REAL LIFE. These sorts of games are ruining the gaming industry. I'm still undecided on getting a PS4, but the WiiU might very well be my last console I ever own. The stunts these companies play are worse than politics, and frankly I refuse to support such a market for much longer.

I'm still amazed by what Nintendo managed to do on SNES and NES, yet all the majority of folks care about is graphics, graphics, graphics. What ever happened to ART DIRECTION?? So few developers - mostly indie - even bother with that, relying instead on poly count. It's truly maddening, and we're all fools for taking the ride.

I'd love to see the big software companies - namely Activision and EA - fold, but we know that will never happen, as they've found the proper popcorn entertainment formula to keep the mongoloids hooked to their heroin. Disgusts me when I think about it....ah well.

Keep fighting the good fight, Ninty.



onex commented on Spin The Bottle Will Adopt A Unique Pricing St...:

@9th_Sage I don't think so. To me, it sounds like the main game engine is complete, but they want to add activities later, increasing the price as they are implemented. So, essentially what we have here is DLC done right, and I think I'll support them for it!



onex commented on GungHo's CEO Wants To Surpass Nintendo's Sales...:

Bah! I just downloaded this game of his on my phone. Honestly, I'm more "intrigued" by Candy Crush Saga than this tripe. Sure, it has decent presentation for a mobile game, but the gameplay itself is rather lackluster. Call me when he manages to make something other than "popcorn entertainment".