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Europe Gets An Unobstructed Flash Of Tharja's Bottom In Fire Emblem: Awakening DLC

Posted by Damien McFerran

View of fictional character's butt is uncensored, millions rejoice

We recently reported that the latest North American DLC release for Fire Emblem: Awakening contained some strange censorship, with Tharja's dainty behind being covered by a cloth sheet which actually made the situation look ruder than it was in the Japanese original.

Thankfully, it would appear that this silliness is confined to North America only, as the recent European release of the DLC shows no sign of censorship — that's right, if you're based in The Old World you can enjoy a completely unhindered view of her bikini-clad posterior.

Phew. All is well is the world again. We can sleep easily at night now.


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Shiryu said:

And it shall forever be know in European history as "T-Day". Oh, we got the sparkle too!



real_gamer said:

It amazes me that a video game character could cause this much mayhem. I could only imagine what would happen if they made Link talk.



Midnight3DS said:

Sneaking at night to watch HBO as a kid was much more exciting than this. Getting caught was sometimes a problem...



ledreppe said:

How's that uncensored? You made it seem that she was completely butt naked, and that she was censored for the US version. Yet she's wearing a bikini in the European version and you call that uncensored?!



ueI said:

I actually think the American version did a good job of covering Tharja, though I agree it was unnecessary to begin with.



Shworange said:

There's still cleavage in it though. It's weird that a butt garners more censorship than that. Even the Nintendo Video cartoon of Kid Icarus had a naked Paulentina taking a bath with her bountiful cleavage pressed up against the side of the bath. I'm not complaining, I just don't understand what the big deal is with a bikini clad butt given the acceptance of cleavage.



ThumperUK said:

You have to laugh at the people who insist on such censorship. Its not like she was ever naked, but the fear of an outcry because the cleft of the buttocks is on show is really pathetic.

However, shooting and killing people is commonplace and rarely censored!



DreamyViridi said:

Well, I guess that's good so it doesn't look even more suggestive.
...But eh, I don't know why this became a big deal in the first place.



Beta said:

@ueI The word of the day "unnecessary." Truly, it wouldn't affect gameplay at ALL, so why worry parents and others by putting something that wouldn't affect how the game goes?




Wow Nintendo has sunken low. Relying on sexual appeal to try and get a game popularity. Shake my head Nintendo, you're no better than Sony or Microsoft or dare I say EA!



Jim_Reaper said:

@Xilef The "Boingy bits" conversation was stupid though, especially as in the original Japanese version it was a conversation about her hair. I'm glad they changed it.



Platinumhobo said:

@ueI Really? I (and I assume most others) think it was so bad because the curtain completely covers here bikini, giving the illusion that she is naked from the waist down.



ueI said:

But the curtain doesn't completely cover her bikini, so I know she's not naked from the waste down. Maybe the censor isn't as successful as I previously made it out to be, but I certainly would not say the American version is more risqué. Obviously, there was no need to change it at all.



Magikarp3 said:

The complaints in America must have been really strong to force them to... throw in the towel.



Fazermint said:

That such an insignificant matter receives so much attention is beyond me. If you want to see a butt, you watch porn. If cartoon porn is your thing, the internet caters for that, too. So please, calm yourselves.



sinalefa said:

Well, why would I want the European version? We have the "offending material" kindly attached to this article. And in Spanish no less!

Reminds me of the ridiculous reaction to Dead or Alive Dimensions' cover.



kenzo said:

The US has one of the highest rates of teenage pregnancies in the world. Its difficult to reconcile this fact with their prudish moralistic censorship standards. No warddrobe malfunctions in video games please.



SetupDisk said:

The funny thing is I actually got to that part in the dlc and with the curtain blocking her butt it comes off as way more filthy as the bottom is "riding up". Nice butt either way though.



WinterWarm said:

They threw in the towel, because no one wanted to see Tharja's bowel? Blasphemy, I say! I'd kill for Tharja's a** any day!

@simonbelmont82 Because England's still bad-mouthing us. XD

FE:A PhotoShoot:

Photographer: "Okay Tharja, let's see that gorgeous ***!"

Tharja: "Ugh, pathetic men." <get's into pose>

Photographer: "Aw come on! You'll be the most famous woman in the realm!" <Flash>
Er, what just happened? There's a towel floating in front of you!"

Henry: "Hehehe! Have some death!" <Cast's Goetia>

Photographer: "UURGH!"

Henry: "Hey ya Tharja!" <smacks bottom>

Tharja: "Do NOT touch me, you lost cause."

Henry:"Aw, it's all right. Henry's here. Hey, I talked to Nowi-dragon-girl, lemme see those boingy bits!"

Tharja: "You fool!" <Cast's Noseferatu, boingy bits enlarge>

Henry: "Yowch! Hey! When'd you grow those?!"

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