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In a world ruled by two mighty dragons, dark forces rise and threaten to destroy the kingdom of men. Set out on an exciting adventure and experience battles packed with action, strategy and danger.

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Posted by Jon Wahlgren

I love the smell of Elfire in the morning

A hint of trepidation arises whenever the "Powers That Be" decide that "Your Cool Thing" needs a bigger audience, primarily because "What They Like" and "Why You Like It" don't always mesh. Take Fire Emblem, possibly the most hardcore of Nintendo's...

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User Comments (35)



Son said:

I hope this comes out in English version. Come on now Japan! share your games to the world.



Son said:

yeah me too! I never played Fire Emblem before but after I saw the game trailer and gameplay of this game I decided to buy and try it when it comes out in US.



simonbelmont82 said:

please come to the usa just found out i like it when i played fire emblem sacred stones from being ambasador program. yeah!!!!!!!!!!



Mryokokurama1 said:

Hmm could this possibly be better than path of radiance and sacred stones? guess ill be finding out



H_Hunter said:

I played Fire Emblem on Wii and it was just amazing!
Can't wait for another round with 3DS ^__^



Wonder_Ideal said:

I was introduced to Fire Emblem with the Sacred Stones, and I fell in love with it! Can't wait to learn more about this one.



shiack said:

bring it on can't wait to get my hands on this,
and play some online matches



Varia01 said:

I first found out about Fire Emblem in Smash Bros. Brawl. I've also played the demo and it was good. The combat system maybe a little boring... but neat, I guess. I see Marth on the cover (His voiced is a little too high-pitched for a guy) but where's Ike? He was on my favorite characters on Smash Bros. Brawl. Did he die in a previous, or he is he not a major character, or he remains a unknown character throughout the game, etc.



kereke12 said:

I played the demo and the graphics are amazing I think it one of the best 3ds game of all time my opinion



Kimmai said:

Played the Demo version and it's very addicting. Hoping to get the full game soon... it'll be my first Fire Emblem game.



beat said:

im playing it right now, im at chapter 21 in hard and classic mode with over 80 hours playtime(not counting those times that i did a chapter over and over again) this game is like the epitome of awesomeness for every rpg i ever played and the best one i played since dragon quest 8 in my opinion!



golephish said:

@beat good call, dragon quest was great. Is it just me, or is nintendo finally bringing rpgs to the 3ds like they did to the ds!



TheHeroOfLegend said:

This is my favorite 3DS game ever. I bet I wouldnt even be playing Awakening if it hadn't been for the demo Nintendo released on the eShop! Thank goodnes for that!



R-Moss said:

I love Fire Emblem, but Awakening is overrated. Good game. Bad Fire Emblem.



supermonkey117 said:

great game well worth the £40 out my wage that i work so so hard for i have to say its the best out of them all though i do have epic memories of the classics.



PoTher said:

I can't find the enemy list for each battle. I can see all my units' stats and inventory in my army's list, but what happened to the list of enemies? Am I missing something, or is the game? It's frustrating having to move the cursor over every enemy.



Link-Rogers said:

this is the best game i have ever played besides link to the past. i got married to lucina



darkfather0 said:

Epic game, Marth looks freaking awesome in it. The only thing that's weird is the way there feet look during battle



ruby11251991 said:

I loved this game it has everything I wanted fitting and the fact u can have kids are awesome this game is the best ever but I did not like the ending wen the character has to die to save them I wished that all lived I hope u can mack a another game but this with the same thing just difrent story and maby u can see ur kids grow as there leave gos up and the its for the 3ds it just much better on the 3ds



Amateur said:

Beat this game 4 times and the experience was not growing old. Yes I kinda wish that it had a lot more character skins for the main, but that is too minor the amazing experience altogether. Fire Emblem Awakening is a great game and you should buy it.

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