Back in February, Nintendo announced the popular Wii game Donkey Kong Country Returns is being remade for the 3DS. The upcoming title - appropriately named Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D - is being developed by Monster Games and will largely be the same game but with the inclusion of 3D visuals.

However, according to the product listing on the Nintendo UK website, there will be some changes. The biggest of which is an easier difficulty mode, which will allow both Donkey and Diddy to have three hearts instead of two - an effective 50 percent health boost. Of course you don't have to play in easy mode, but it'll be there to fall back on should you get frustrated with those punishing later levels.

There will also be new items made available that will enable players to save themselves from pitfalls, and allow the mine cart and rocket barrel to take a second hit. Trophy levels can be unlocked and beating all of them will lead to "a brand new surprise", which is certainly intriguing.

As expected the game features local wireless multiplayer so you can team up with a friend and take on those evil Tikis.

Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D will be available on 24th May in North America and Europe.

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