As today's Nintendo Direct was mostly about the 3DS, Satoru Iwata announced a new title for the handheld that'll aim to get groups playing together. It was confirmed that a new Mario Party game is coming to the 3DS this Winter; with this being the Year of Luigi, we were also assured that Luigi would play an important role.

The footage shown looked like a continuation of the classic formula that the popular series has followed for a good amount of time. You roll the dice, advance along the board and trigger a wide range of fun and wacky mini-games that rely on skill, chance, timing and various other party skills. The official spiel is that there will be seven boards, 81 new minigames to try, the option to play these games at any time and implementation of AR (augmented reality) and StreetPass.

With an arrival at the end of the year we expect this to be a major part of the 3DS Holiday push. Are you looking forward to a Mario Party with fellow 3DS owners, or would you rather this was coming to Wii U?