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Fri 3rd Sep 2010

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Meteora commented on Video: Nintendo Life Plays The First 35 Minute...:

@SpaceApe As far as I'm concerned, the only qualm people have with the camera controls regard the 3DS version because it lacks a second circle pad, and even then, the camera controls are not bad at ALL and are easy to get used to on the 3DS, especially with the lock-on feature.

But I digress. If preconceived notions of camera controls are what are going to hold people back, they probably were never interested in the game anyway. My friends and I are having a blast with the game either way.



Meteora commented on A Mario Party is Getting Started on 3DS This W...:

@DerpSandwich While I agree that party games are best played on one screen, handheld party games can be just as fun if they support single-card download play.
Mario Party DS had fantastic multiplayer and lasted a long time for me and my friends all because of the fact that we only needed one copy of the game to fully enjoy it.

If Mario Party 3DS has download play, then I'll be excited. And when I say "if," I mean: "There's no reason that it shouldn't and I'll be upset/probably won't get it if it doesn't."

And when I say that, I mean: "It had better and it better be fully-featured like Mario Party DS's multiplayer or I'm not buying it."



Meteora commented on Play: Mario Kart 7 with Nintendo Life:

I didn't have the game (Or a 3DS) the first time this was held, but now that I do, I'm definitely gonna try to make it. Gonna be a blast, it is.

(Apparently I'm Yoda now.)



Meteora commented on Review: Rayman Origins (Wii):

I'm a fan of Rayman, but honestly, I'm not really a huge fan of the first game's gameplay, so up until a few weeks before this game came out, I wasn't really interested in it (I figured it would have gameplay like the first game, as they're both 2D). After seeing the rave reviews it was getting, though, the game suddenly caught my interest and I ended up picking it up for the 360.

I've played through about 60 percent of the levels thus far, both alone and with friends, and the game is simply fantastic. Not only does it look great and have tight controls, but the game is just...pure fun.



Meteora commented on What Do You Make of This 3DS Prototype?:

The final model is the best one for sure, though it'd be interesting if you could swap the D-pad and Circle Pad on it. Eh, people would probably lose the pieces or end up breaking them anyway.



Meteora commented on Mario Sports Mix Giveaway!:

I guess now would be a good time to start posting so that on the off chance that I DO win, I won't be pegged as a random new user.