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Tue 12th Mar 2013

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terdese commented on Talking Point: The Unreal Engine 4 Gaffe Expos...:

Really couldn't care less. So many people are talking about the high costs of creating video games and the risks they are not gonna take will turn into really boring games. If Nintendo plays things right they will become the indie developers playhouse which I'm completely ok with. I can handle major 1st party release spaces filled with indie games made with love and care. Too many genres like platformers were put aside while shooters were being made left right and centre. We're are finally seeing some diversity in gaming and I hope Nintendo continues to develop this further. I really could care less about 3rd party major releases that need to sell a zillion(exaduration...duh) units to be successful... Or even profitable...



terdese commented on U.S. February Sales Figures Make Grim Reading ...:

Can't sell a console without games... Look at the 3DS... Until Mario Kart and 3D land it was a tough sell to most. Nintendo should have learned from the 3DS launch that a console is not ready for release until its working properly(cough day 1 update cough) and it has games that appeal as must haves... Not the already haves that were released. A year head start Should have been great for Nintendo but there is little enticement to get a WiiU right now. If it continues to sell this bad, sales of the PS4 and NextBox will be very close in numbers and 3rd parties will have all but ditched Nintendo to go for higher volume consoles and it makes sense. Nintendo pretty much has 6-7 months to release games that will sell their console before interested buyers jump ship for a graphically superior system. The gamepad is awesome so I really hope Nintendo has some tricks up their sleeve to release before November.



terdese commented on Sakurai: Online Play Will Be Improved in Upcom...:

Brawls online was atrocious. I like Nintendo but when it comes to online they just don't seem to know how to deliver. That game was a flagship title for the wii and it seems like they just put in online to have it. Mario strikers charged online worked well enough... But for brawl they got lazy. I'll believe it when I see it. I mean come on I bought that game launch day and it still took forever to find a match, even weeks after. Forget defensive players, the lag made it unplayable! Even the WiiU is starting to show Nintendo's lack of online concern. I truly believe Nintendoland should have had online play. Where are the leader boards, most the 5 player games would have benefited from it but no... They keep sticking with the same ole story... We want people to play together BS. Welcome to the present Nintendo. If you want to be a contender this generation you need to get with the times. I'm fine with the graphical limitations but online is almost a deal breaker. At least miiverse was a start.



terdese commented on Team Meat: We'd Work With Nintendo If Meat Boy...:

Haha, I say Nintendo teases them and says they will add him in the next smash bros, shows a bunch of clips of him fighting, and sends cool screenshots, then says sorry, theres not enough interest in your 2009 character, try again next year!

Sorry but I'm pretty sour about all the teasers that lead to nothing. maybe the reason WiiWare failed to do as well as it could have is because developers expected garbage games to sell on a new service. Momentum dropped because developers initiative dropped.

Heres hoping for better luck with Wii U's eshop.