With this morning's Nintendo Direct broadcast, there was a lot to digest, translate and understand about Miiverse and other Wii U system details. Nintendo of America has kindly put together a short summary video to highlight the key features, and provide a slightly more detailed look at the console's UI (user interface).

Hosted by Bill Trinen, this video focuses on WaraWara Plaza and Wii U chat, with updated footage of the former to give a better idea of how it'll look in English. Some footage is recycled with Trinen narrating, including a look at the 3DS-style menu that will be on the GamePad when the system is turned on, though the menu and WaraWara Plaza can be switched between screens. This video doesn't cover the in-game Miiverse functionality, but it's possible that Nintendo of America will film all-new footage to show that side of the system.

We've summarised most of the important information on the site already, but check out the video below and let us know what you think.

[via youtube.com]