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The Wii U Nintendo Network Will Connect to EA's Origin

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

So many connections

Although Wii is rapidly fading into a borderline retro status with gamers, do you remember how simple it was to play its small collection of online games on the web? Sure, connection drops were common on the humble hardware and friend codes were a ponderous way to organise things, but a lot of the time you pressed a button and, hey presto, you were playing online.

Many have been agitating for much more, though, and despite some early concerns and hiccups it's expected that the use of Nintendo Network on Wii U will bring its gamers more in line with those on Xbox 360, PS3 or PC online games. Still, you should be careful what you wish for, as it's been discovered that to play EA games online, such as FIFA 13 or shooting things in Mass Effect 3, you'll need to set up an account on the company's Origin service that will link into your Nintendo Network id. This is from EA's privacy policy.

If you sign up to play EA games through a Nintendo Wii U console, your Nintendo account information will be provided to EA so that we can establish an Origin Account for you. You need an Origin Account to play EA's titles online. By signing up to play EA's titles, you agree that limited user account information can be transferred to EA. Information transferred to EA includes your Mii information, email address, Nintendo Network ID, friend list, country, language and date of birth but does not include credit card number or other financial account information.

This is expected and replicates the experience that other HD consoles owners have, and we doubt this'll be the last account or system that you need to link to in order to play some online multiplayer. We seriously doubt this is anything more significant, after all of that talk around E3 2011 of EA being involved in Nintendo's online network for Wii U, but it is the cost of having a more modern online system. It does at least sound like Origin will do most of the work for you, though if you need a separate username and password you may be reaching for the notebook to keep track.

So, does setting up multiple accounts to access online gaming make sense to you, or do you pine for the simple but limited ways of Wii? Let us know in the comments below.


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Cipher said:

So in order to play EA games online on PS3/X360, you have to have an Origin account? Well, like you said then, this is expected. If EA has their own online infrastructure in place on other systems, there's no reason why they shouldn't use it on Wii U too.



Prof_Clayton said:

Multiple accounts would be annoying to deal with, but I still feel is a leap forward from Wii. As long as every major publisher doesn't have one, I'll be fine.



SirSmugleaf said:

That actually makes a lot of sense, as at E3 2011 the CEO of EA came on the stage on Nintendo's press conference and announced that they were working closely with Nintendo with the Wii U.



Sun said:

If the servers are from Nintendo it doesn't make much sense but if the servers are from EA it does. In between do you have to pay for an Origin account and if so would you also have to pay for a premium Nintendo account if you upgrade from Nintendo Basic Pack? So many questions in the air...



Mk_II said:

the chance that i will be buying EA products (i hesitate to call them games) is close to zero so i'm not bothered



ThomasBW84 said:

@Sun - I don't think there'll be any fees or charges for standard online multiplayer. There may be CoD Elite-style services in the future, but I imagine almost all games will have some level of free online out of the box.



19Robb92 said:

Hmm, I like this. So they can fuse other online services with the Nintendo Network? I'm assuming ValvE can do the same with Steam? That'd be awesome.

Not a fan of Orgin though, but I very rarely play EA games anyway.



PeterW77 said:

Is it possible that this would happen in the future to the DS/3DS/future Nintendo Handhelds?



TheRegginator said:

EA, nobody likes Origin. It doesn't matter to me though. I don't play EA games on consoles. I only use Steam on my PC, so I get my EA games via other methods.



shinpichu said:


Edit: So wait, do you just need it for the online stuff? Or is it for offline AND online? This is EA we're talking about, so the latter is a possibility.



Norfair said:

No! I don't like EA and I don't like Origin.
Why won't there be Steam on the Wii U? Please, make my dreams true..



NaturalGus said:

I don't see an issue. Sounds like the account "set up" will be simple it simply accesses your Nintendo Network account and autofills it. Even if it doesn't, what's the big deal? it's only a one time set up with no fee. I'm not the type of gamer who looks for things to complain about. It's gaming, it's a service, it's an engine, you sign up, you set up, and you play. It would be a little unfair to EA if they were told tey had to do things differenty just becauase it's a Nintendo system. I am 100% behind this online system. Let's not get lazy and complain about having to set up.



rjejr said:

It's really annoying when you have to do it for demos on the PS3. I guess it might be easier if I just went ahead and set up an account but I haven't yet so every EA demo asks me to set one up. You don't need to - at least in the demo - to play offline, which is all I want to do in a demo anyway.



NaturalGus said:

Oh okay then. That's understandable. I don't hare Origin and haven't found a reason to, but since most people hate it, then EA really needs to listen to the consumer and make som changes in that case.



dangermouseuk78 said:

I dont hate origin it seems to work fine for me at least, as i already have an account i hope i can use that. The T&C's are no worse than that of steams and its good to have choice you always shop around for the best deals on the high street or online.

Its scary that people will only use steam it stifles competition and gives one company to much control of the market. Origin isnt perfect neither was steam when it first started but it adds choice which is something people complain about not having with Ea games as most new ones are not available with steam.

But i think doing that is there only way to get a foothold in to the online space, Origin isnt evil its another option to steam and i welcome it.



Nanoline said:

Well, guess I'm not buying any EA games then. I refuse to put their spyware-laced crap on any of my devices, game system or otherwise.



Lan said:

When will EA realize Origin sucks? The only reason people use it is because they have to. Steam is superior in every way.



Auracle said:

I will not hand over my information to EA. No way, no how. Luckily for me I don't play any EA games.



aaronsullivan said:

The Origin hate is just an extension of EA hate and the service doesn't really deserve the hate, IMO. If it's just linking to your Nintendo ID, it probably just means less work for us and EA gets to do what it needs with its services. Everything it does is on origin, now, so this just means more compatibility for Wii U games. This is good news.

Also, try to remember that PC users tend to hate on anything with DRM (except for Steam just because), which is a non-issue to console people where DRM is on EVERYTHING ALWAYS.

The only issue with these services is that they want to keep track of information for use in advertising and sale to interested parties. The exact info you are handing over is important to keep track of.



Phle said:

Will people in scandinavia (and africa for that matter...) get the possibility to make an account on their WiiU? I mean, they don't let us have a club nintendo account, and nintendo has stated that they aren't going to change that in the near future, as it was disabled for a reason (I have no idea why).



Sun said:

@ThomasBW84 Scenario b, you upgrade from Wii U Basic to Wii U Premium to enjoy full Nintendo online services so you are already paying. Then should we have to pay again for playing Call of Duty? We should pay only once and each company get its part of the profits.



edhe said:

The only reason people dislike Origin is because it supposedly plants insidious spyware onto your computer.

The System that will appear on the WiiU would be unable to harvest your personal data.

For that reason, if it means being able to get some of EA's AAA (albeit formulaic) games, then it can't be that bad.



SCAR said:

Origins isn't even a hard service to connect to, and connecting your Nintendo Network ID(Gamertag type thing?) has only made it easier for you to play EA games without as much hassle to get online and play.

I like some EA games, and the ONLY reason why I never took very many EA games online was becasue of this account, so hopefully it will make things easier. If you don't like EA games, then no news for you I guess...



Lan said:

@aaronsullivan The reason I hate Origin and not Steam is because it's slower, more annoying, more intrusive, always wants to be open. I don't mind DRM, my PC is always connected to the internet, so it's a non-issue. But have you used Origin? Have you tried out battlelog? None of these bad factors are caused by the fact that I hate EA. They just make me hate EA more. Ever tried contacting EA's customer support?



Zaphod_Beeblebrox said:

Like others above, I don't buy EA games. As long as Nintendo doesn't make any exclusive deals with EA, I'm fine with whatever they want to do. I'll just ignore it.



SMW said:

If the Nintendo Network uses our existing Club Nintendo accounts, then I'd refuse to give EA any access! Sure they'll only really get my email address and Mii, but I signed up on EA/Origin using a junk email account for a reason.

I don't even know what the last EA game I've played was. It was probably From Russia with Love on the Cube. lol



cdude said:

My last ea game was and will be skate 3. Origin may connect automatically to the wii u, but it won't to mine.



RoboConker said:

EA have done this with every console, Wii, Xbox 360, PS3, PC, in PC is ok, but in consoles is really annoying that you have to login and Ubisoft is kinda doing the same thing with Uplay.



DarkLloyd said:

i only have an origin account for console games i dont use it on pc, not a big deal to me



GreenDream said:

So basically, Nintendo is allowing third-parties to dip into their customer's information in a shared network...

It's like #24 Nanoline said, Nintendo has basically opened the doors of possibility for EA's terrible DRM schemes.



Kamalot said:

I downloaded an EA demo on the 360 once YEARS ago. As part of the setup process, I had to click a few 'I Agree' checkboxes. Instantly I was bombarded with emails from EA.

Just playing a demo automatically set me up on a bunch of their spam lists.

Over the next two months I kept trying to unsubscribe, and eventually had a long, drawn-out conversation via email with a number of their techs. I wanted to be removed from their accounts FOREVER. I eventually got them to remove me from all their BS email 'marketing' lists, but as a result of my experience I am NEVER buying or even playing another EA game.

EA's practice of 'trapping' players into their marketing machine is downright evil, and I refuse to take part in it.

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