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Nano Assault EX Blasting Onto 3DS eShop

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Based on the retail release

Shin'en Multimedia, a development studio that's already shown plenty of enthusiasm for Nintendo platforms, has confirmed that Nano Assault EX is on the way to the 3DS eShop in both North America and Europe. It's less than a year since Nano Assault arrived as a retail title — though it wasn't released in Europe — and we thought is was rather good in our Nano Assault review.

When announcing the eShop follow-up on Twitter, the developer's wording was slightly vague in terms of the content that this download will include.

'Nano Assault EX' is coming to the 3DS eShop (EU+US) ! Based on the original release but with new game modes & options.. more info soon!

Whether this will repeat content from the retail title with additional modes and features, or simply carry across the concept but with all-new levels isn't completely clear. In any case, this will certainly be one to watch on the eShop.


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bro2dragons said:

In other news, I never picked up the retail version but always meant to, so I'll probably download this when it lands. Looks fantastic.



C-Olimar said:

I wonder why the original never made it to Europe? Shin'en are German, aren't they?



CanisWolfred said:

I'll be getting it regardless, but I kinda hope it's the full game with new levels and stuff.



TrueWiiMaster said:

Is this going to be a downloadable retail game, with a retail price, or an average priced eshop game?



Retro_on_theGo said:

I already have the retail game. It's awesome. A bit too short and easy though, so I hope there's plenty of new stuff here.



ouroborous said:

YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES!! I got Nano Assault for NOTHING and ended up LOVING it, even though shooters aren't really my fav genre.



Klinny said:

I'm not usually interested in action shooters, but Nano Assault is absolutely gorgeous. Since I never played the original, I'll definately be keeping an eye on this eshop version



rayword45 said:

Due to my (still) contempt with the way Cave Story+ is happening, I actually want this to be made up of completely new levels, so there's a purpose of buying it on retail.



Kifa said:

Yeah! I wanted this game since 3DS came out and was really disappointed when it was skipped on any european publisher's list (and of course 3DS is region locked, so no imports, hurr-durr). Will get that as soon as it appears, my 16GB memory card is ready for it.



Tony3DS said:

Nice, I was about to spend $15 for a used copy on this. Now I can save money (probably?) but at the same time support the developers, get bonus content and not have to keep up with another cart (still buying nsmb2 physical retail though). Sweet!



Takosuke said:

Yeeeeeah! I couldn't find this in the shops and I can't be bothered to buy it online so clearly this is a victory for laziness.



TheConsiglio said:

YES, Never Owned The Original But This I Know I'll Get. Probably Going To Be The Best Shooter Game On The Shop, IMO.



Sadodi said:

I've recently become a fan of the Shin'en games, first game being Jett Rocket, then Art of Balance. Hopefully this game will be cheap, include richer content and a small download-size to make it fit for my 3DS. Either way, I'm glad it's at least coming to the EU too.



DarkEdi said:

Based? What does that mean? Is the retail version with extras or is a new game with same engine?



WiiLovePeace said:

Awesome news! Now I can play it since it wasn't released in Australia. I hope its the full Nano Assault game, plus extra stuff they've added in. Now to finish Nanostray 1 & 2...



Ducutzu said:

I will be definitely getting this game.

I was excited to get the original game, even before the launch of the 3DS... but the game didn't see a European release.



Henmii said:

If it would be the exact same game with additional content (Wich I think it will be), it could be rather expensive! Otherwise people who bought the retail-version will be pissed!



Justaguest said:

hmm this will look good on xl. i think ill get it as people left positive responses on its review(1st version)



Samholy said:

ill wait and see how they charge for a digital retail game.
im interested,but i already got a list of digital games i must buy on psn....

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