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Fri 23rd Dec 2011

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Takosuke commented on Review: Star Soldier (3DS eShop / NES):

@Windy A 3D classic remake of this game would've gone down a treat. Would be good to have a score table and autofire. Not to mention the 3D aspect suits the "ducking behind scenery" feature very well, and those scrolling stars would look pretty good too.



Takosuke commented on Developer Interview: WaterMelon On Kickstarter...:

Really don't like the visual style in this remake. The disparity between the blocky sprites and those painted backgrounds just looks awful. Whereas the original looks absolutely stunning even with the drawbacks of the Genesis's palettes, this decision just makes the affair look like a lazy "nostalgia" cash-in, like so many indie game devs decide to opt for. Until they redo the sprites I have absolutely zero interest in this remake. Though to be honest I don't think whatever they do will looks as great as the original running on a Megadrive with RGB output!



Takosuke commented on Review: Super C (3DS eShop / NES):

"I think you’re a Contra"

I thought this was a family-friendly site?

Anyway, I don't really agree that eight levels is too short for this game, the game has the most level out of the entire series (don't know about 4 and that Hard Corps "sequel") and the game is exhilarating enough that it doesn't exactly feel as long as it really is!

Way better than the original imo, levels feel more varied and the F weapon isn't rubbish this time.



Takosuke commented on Oliver Twins Admit Dizzy Returns Kickstarter H...:

I feel like these two were ahead of their time... but the time they were at passed us long ago.

I'm not massively fussed because Toki Tori fills the gap of Dizzy nowadays. I would love to see the old games remade though, since I always thought that they were let down by the very limited technology.



Takosuke commented on Nicalis Blasting onto 3DS eShop with Guxt:

Looks quite like Solar Striker.

15 minutes is an appropriate length of time for a shooter like this. I'd like to see some difficulty options though, let us crank it up to really brutal levels and see if it still feels like it lasts 15 minutes.



Takosuke commented on Review: Gradius (3DS eShop / NES):

Just received my shipping stamp to get my 3DS repaired, this will be the first thing I download when I get the machine back.

This is very much the game that introduced me to shmups. When I first started playing it, I was stuck on the volcanoes for a week, until I realised you had to strategically place your options to protect yourself from the rocks. The game instantly opened up to me, and it became un-putdownable.

And I still play it. I think the simplicity is what does it for me. There is absolutely no filler in this game (despite those repetitive bosses, though they can be killed in seconds. And stage 5, come to think of it), and the level design is so approachable I keep coming up with new strategies. Having it on the go will be brilliant.

For those who worry about it being too hard, bear in mind Gradius uses a rank variable to determine how fast enemies are and how many bullets they shoot - Missile and Options add to the rank FAR less then Double, Laser or Shield, so prioritise getting those first. The higher the rank, the harder the game is. Also learn when to use Double over Laser (Hint - stages 3, 4, 7), and learn the secret locations for some free 1ups.



Takosuke commented on Rumour: Super C Coming to 3DS Virtual Console ...:

Sod the crusty original, I always preferred this. Great level design and trying to speedkill the many bosses with your mate as fast as possible feels awesome. And none of those naff base levels.

I'd still like to see the Game Boy titles on the e-shop.

@Mahe Oh, I had no idea. Guess I'll just get that instead then.



Takosuke commented on Review: VectorRacing (3DS eShop):

It's gotta have the same level of complexity that F-Zero on the SNES at least, which I've played for countless hours and still do. does, right?

The price of this is putting me off however.



Takosuke commented on VectorRacing:

This reminds me of vector games on my ancient IBM, would the 3D effect be that noticeable against that black background though?



Takosuke commented on Parodius: Non-Sense Fantasy:

Or even better Konami, take that Parodius collection what you did for the PSP and stick it on the 3DS! Oh god that would make my day several times over.



Takosuke commented on Parodius: Non-Sense Fantasy:

cough cough

Uh yeah, this is pretty much one of the best games I've ever played, from a pure gameplay point of view.

I would like the Konami Game Boy Collections released on the 3DS E-Shop so I can play the Game Boy Parodius with colour enhancements on my 3DS.



Takosuke commented on Master of Darkness Swooping to Virtual Console:

One of the best games on the Master System. I don't know if I'll buy it again since I already have the original, but I'll probably end up getting it anyway.

@Ras The music is good, but it takes a dip for the extremely repetitive after the first stage.

The only other 'flaw' I can think of with the game is that sometimes the colour choices tend to blend the characters and background together, though the game is quite nice artistically, just a bit brown.



Takosuke commented on Epic Mickey on 3DS is a Castle of Illusion Sequel:


Castle of Illusion on the Master System is a PERFECT game, in my opinion. And the Megadrive version wasn't half bad either. Not to mention I loved Mickey's Wild Adventure.

But this could turn out any way at this stage.



Takosuke commented on Review: Kid Icarus: Of Myths and Monsters (3DS...:

I have to criticise this article in one way:

"Each new area has its own unique look and feel"

But this isn't really demonstrated by the screenshots you've provided which are all clearly of the same area. Some more varied screenshots could probably do that statement justice. Just a recommendation.

Concerning the game, I've had difficulty enjoying Kid Icarus due to falling off the level so many damn times, but this title seems to fix a lot of my problems with the game, so I'll consider it.