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Stop the deadly Nanostray virus from spreading and contaminating civilisation in Nano Assault EX, a fast-paced action shooter set within a visually stunning cellular system that leaps off the screen in full 3D.

Control your microscopic Nanite ship inside the dangerous virus to fight off infections, navigate through alien cell clusters, battle bosses, and ultimately analyse and destroy the virus' core to save humanity.

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Posted by Corbie Dillard


Shin'en is certainly no stranger to the shoot 'em up genre, having already had some solid success with its Iridion releases on Game Boy Advance and Nanostray titles on DS. For those who don't remember, it was just a little over a year ago when the...

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Kriedler said:

Well, since they stiffed us in the PAL region on a retail release, guess I'm grabbing this one up :P



ouroborous said:

so what exactly is new in this version? will it really be worth re-purchasing if you already own the cart? I love the game but new "modes" like boss rush or something aren't worth a squat to anyone. I wonder what the new "options" will be? new weapons? ....new ship/ships would be a cool idea.



rayword45 said:

I got the retail title for 3DS. Absolutely fantastic.

The Star Fox-esque levels were simply amazing, and I preferred them much over SF643D.
The bosses were awesome. The SHMUP levels were good fun, but felt weak. Still didn't bring the game down too much.
The graphics blew my ass away like they were ringin a bell.
Soundtrack was awesome.
And the game, despite having a rather short campaign, was pretty content-rich with arcade mode, boss rush and plenty of unlockables.

Also, this was a terrible implementation of an [as] reference, so if nobody gets it I'll be sad.



ouroborous said:

so far the updates are supposed to be as follows:
-gameplay and graphical updates
-new modes
-circle pad pro support (this alone will pretty much be worth it)



AyeHaley said:

Knowing Shin'en they won't charge crazy retail prices for this game on eShop. As is is not a retail download. Can't wait!

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