Earlier this week we reported on a Tomb Raider Wii U listing in Game Informer magazine, which was contrary to comments from the developer that it wasn't working on a port for Nintendo's new system.

We highlighted the possibilities that the developer had changed its mind or that Game Informer had made an honest mistake, and unfortunately for Lara Croft fans planning a Wii U purchase, it's the latter. Game Informer has now issued a correction through its website, confirming that the magazine listing was an error.

We incorrectly listed Tomb Raider coming to Wii U, which is incorrect. Tomb Raider is headed to 360, PlayStation 3, and PC on March 5th of next year.

Misprints of that kind happen in print publishing, so this one can go back on the list of games that seem, for now, to be skipping Wii U.

[via gameinformer.com]