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Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed Hits 3DS

Posted by James Newton

He's back

After endless rumours, SEGA's lifted the lid on Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed for Nintendo 3DS.

The racer sees Sonic and friends racing in cars that also transform for aquatic and aerial travel. That might sound a little familiar to Mario Kart 7 veterans, but developer Sumo Digital has assured fans it's very different: you race on the water's surface, not below the waves, for one.

Confirmed characters so far include the usual cast of Sonic characters as well as Golden Axe dwarf Gilius Thunderhead and Vyse from Skies of Arcadia, Beat from Jet Set Radio and Crazy Taxi's B.D. Joe. There's also a Panzer Dragoon stage confirmed, which gets us very excited indeed.

The racer is so far revealed for 3DS but we'd put money on a Wii U version being announced before too long. Expect more details later today.

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LONDON & SAN FRANCISCO – 30th April 2012 – SEGA® Europe and SEGA® of America Inc. are excited to announce Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed™, a thrilling new racing experience featuring Sonic the Hedgehog and a fantastic cast of SEGA All-Stars competing across land, air and water in vehicles that fully transform from cars, to planes to boats. Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed will speed on to the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft, PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system, PlayStation® Vita, Nintendo 3DS™ hand-held system and PC Digital Download late in 2012.

Following on from the huge success of Sonic & SEGA All-Star’s Racing™, the characters now have their own unique transforming vehicles designed to take advantage of the varying terrain. The line up on the Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed grid sees SEGA favourites – including Sonic the Hedgehog, Dr Eggman and AiAi – return to battle against newcomers that include Gilius Thunderhead of Golden Axe and Vyse of Skies of Arcadia. The brand new dynamic environments and tracks in Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed are once again inspired by SEGA’s illustrious gaming history. When the road falls away beneath you in Super Monkey Ball’s Temple Trouble track your car transforms into a boat and speeds down the rivers and rapids, whilst the Panzer Dragoon inspired track, Dragon Canyon, takes you into the sky in complete control of your plane, barrel rolling to out-manoeuvre rivals and obstacles before transforming back in to a car and racing to the finish line.

“Given the fantastic feedback we received from critics and consumers alike for the first game we really wanted to push the boundaries on our follow up game, Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed” commented David Corless, Global Sonic Brand Director. "Transforming vehicles allow us to do this – as well as drifting your car around the corners of a track, you get to fly your plane and pilot your boat against others all within one race. Add to this a grid full of star characters, retro IP, fun, fast race modes and cool tracks and racing fans of all ages are sure to love this one!”

Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed also sees the popular All-Star moves return with a brand new mechanic allowing your All-Star bar to power up faster if you race daringly and stylishly. An all new fair weapon system ensures that weapons fired at your vehicle can either be blocked or evaded once you have gained the skills to do so, making each race a unique and exhilarating experience whether it’s on water, in the air or on land. Old rivalries can be settled and new track records set in the enhanced online multiplayer mode, whilst the Grand Prix mode and competitive Battle Arenas will prove that Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed is certainly set to change the rules of the race.


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Whopper744 said:

nice! Probably won't quite be a Mario Kart, but I did enjoy the last Sonic and Sega racing game on the Wii.
I just wish I knew a little more about the other Sega franchises. I am a big Sonic fan though.



pixelman said:

I just thought of how awesome Skies of Arcadia 2 on the 3DS would be.

This sounds pretty fun. I'll keep my eye on it.



shingi_70 said:

Glad this is getting a sequel.

Enjoyed this way more than I did Mario mart wii.



LittleFuryThing said:

Wasn't that interested until I saw the mention of Panzer Dragoon.
...oh, and Skies of Arcadia is a bit of alright too.



SkywardLink98 said:

I didn't play the last one, but Sega is usually a quality game company. I'll have to keep my eye on this one.



Stuffgamer1 said:

The first one was much better than any Mario Kart game (yeah, I said it), so this sounds awesome. Vyse! Win win win win win!



Onett said:

The first one as pretty close to being a great game if it weren't for the strange course design and controls holding it back. I'll definitely give this one a try to keep my mind off of MK7.



shingi_70 said:

Eh would a new Panzer Dragoon even work. The old team is making a spiritual successor for kinect.

Would love to see a port of orta.



C-Olimar said:

Vyse!!!!! Confirm NiGHTs as playable and it's a day one purchase! Toejam and Earl would be nice as well...



Savino said:

If they dont announce DLC content for MK7 at E3 (what I dont see why it will happens) I buy this one!



Shotgunryugan said:

I saw a video and it literally copied Mario Kart 7's transformations(or whatever they are in Mario Kart 7),although it also reminded me of Diddy Kong Racing(N64).

But i am getting this definitely,like others said,i enjoyed the last game much more than Mario Kart Wii.



Kyoto said:

Original version on DS was a very big disappointment. Don't think i'll buy this one unless it is very different from that one.




Yeah looking like they're doing a modern SEGA version of Diddy Kong Racing instead of just a version of Mario Kart. Fine by me. Loved the first one. I'd buy both versions if I was interested enough




I used to own the Wii and DS versions myself and really liked them. It'd just be bizarre if it didn'( come to the Wii U



GuardianKing said:

I never played Sega all-stars racing on anything but mobile. Tell me though; is the mobile version an exact replica of the other versions, or just an abridged game?



Whopper744 said:


No. I've played the Wii, 360, and mobile version. The mobile version sucks in my opinion.
If you like Mario Kart though, you will probably like this. It's different, but it's the same sort of genre. Honestly I like the Wii's controls best.



Knux said:

Oh sweet! Now I'll just have to decide whether I want to buy the 3DS or Vita version (or both)!



Squashie said:

I loved the original! I have it on DS!

Maybe I'll pull it out again, before the launch of this one!



TeeJay said:

I dunno what Panzer Dragoon or Skies of Arcadia are, but the trailer seemed cool I guess.



misswliu81 said:

i hope jacky bryant from virtual fighter is in this one. i was disappointed that he and akira didn't make the wii and DS versions of sonic and all stars racing.

also, love to see raphael from rhythm thief as well.



SMW said:

I really hope we get a Wii U version. The first one was my favorite racer on the Wii.

Sweet new additions too. Gilius won't be sitting this one out! Can't wait to see his kart.




Sonic & All Stars Racing to me looks like how Diddy Kong Racing played. I agree with most of the people in here who said that. But when you see all the amount of characters and new stages in this along with the kart transformations going from car, to boat and to plane. It feels like it puts Mario Kart 7 to shame.



Bobhobob said:

What is this mario mart you speak of?
DO you play as Bowser, selling evil Marios that will tarnish Mario's good name?
Or is it a game where you sell and make Mario merch for your Mii?



OldBoy said:

Looks awesome. And the fan service sounds like it's gonna be great. I'll get this ,probably on 360 though.



Chris720 said:

@3DSLUIGI Sadly... I have to agree. In Mario Kart 7 its a direct transition... with this you can see the vehicle change from car to boat to plane... which makes it feel more complete and more awesome in some ways. But I'll have to pick this up as well now... the 3DS is bankrupting me.



mamp said:

I just want a new jet set radio >_< is that too much to ask but knowing sega and their problems it wont't happen.



nfzeta007 said:

this looks good but i still think someone needs to make a JetMoto (PSone) style racing game (in terms of how its controlled) with Mario Kart type interactions (powers, traps etc)



TKOWL said:

Cars that can transform for sea and air?
Hmm, sound completely original.

Just kidding, I'm actually pretty excited for this. All-Stars Racing was a fine game, but it just felt... bland. These two things will hopefully make it a bit more exciting.



47drift said:

The original felt like a spiritual successor to Diddy Kong Racing (my favorite kart racer ever). With the addition of air and sea vehicles, this is like a true sequel to Diddy Kong Racing. Can't wait. Will probably get it for Wii U.



Millenia said:

Panzer Dragoon stage makes it a day 1 purchase for me. Now if only they would make Edge from Saga playable... or even Azel! Oh well as long as there's Ulala!



shinesprite said:

Probably not for me. I've still got the first one to play over the summer (along with Generations).



CyberNature said:

Not interested. The only thing games like this does for me is make me miss the old Sega. And the great games they USED to put out. James, you say that Vyse and Panzer Dragoon equals a day-one buy for you, but to me, sticking Vyse and a Panzer Dragoon-themed level into their silly kart racer is no substitute for the real things. No substitutes for actual follow-ups to these once great series'. It's just a tactic (and not even a very good one at that) to get gullible people like you to buy their little racing game. Sorry to be such a downer, but that's my 2 cents.



CyberNature said:


I'd settle for a port of Jet Set Radio Future on Wii U with the bugs fixed and the ability to draw your own grafiti on the tablet controller. Is that really to much to ask? Would it cost them THAT much money?



Kagamine said:

YES! I loved the first game on the Wii, now I'm glad I held out on Mario Kart 7, this looks like it could be much better!



YUXLOA said:

It's not a sega racing game without the Hornet. At least give me a ROOOOLLLLLLLIIIINNNNGGGGGG SSSSSSAAAAAARRRRTTTTTTTTTT.



RadioShadow said:

Axel and Blaze from Streets of Rage need to be playable, with their police car.
Why wouldn't anyone want to drive a police car?



Firejonie said:

Will get this on PS3 and Vita. Though if the Vita and 3DS versions are different I will get all three.



Brando67854321 said:

for the love of god!! put it on wii u! (even though it will never happen dammit!!! (excuse my language)) I am like the only one on this site sick of portable gaming!!



OdnetninAges said:

Day 1 buy for me.
3DS Version for teh win!
Can't wait to race online. I'm obviously going to play this MUCH more than MK7.
Speaking of which, this is more high-tech than Mario Kart. A lot of elements in the Wii version were much better as well (like the drifting).
I can't help but feel that the 3DS version will not be as good though, (looking at the original's DS version, which was pretty fun, but still not as good,) Then again, people managed to get Super Street Fighter 4 on the system, so I'm sure it will at least be on par with Vita. But then again, I don't own a Vita, so...



Shirma_Akayaku said:

What? No Ulala?! This is absurd.
EDIT: just realized that Ulala's vehicle can count as a boat, aircraft, and car. look at the previous game and you'll see why. and it doesn't need to transform.



HanuKwanzMasBif said:

I foresee "A List of Things Sega Has Done Similar to Nintendo."
But yeah, this looks pretty cool. I only got a chance to play the DS version of the original (demo on the Nintendo Channel), and apparently that's the suckiest.



R-L-A-George said:

Yes! I don't care what the people say, I love this series. Looks like its going to have some decent features. ^_^

Glad its coming for 3DS, the DS game has some pretty bad glitches that 3DS exposes.



Chuie said:

i had this for xbxox 360 cause the ps3 version didnt have anything special but ima buy the version with someone good like nintendo could ut link in there to race or pikachu and ps3 sackboy or ratchet and clank xbox 360 conker or master chieft AND SILVER MUST BE A CHARACTER!



BulbasaurusRex said:

They should make Super Sonic an unlockable character; who races, hovers, and flies without the need of a vehicle.

Oh, and give me Blaze in a police interceptor (with a running siren) that transforms into a police motorboat and a police helicopter.



James said:

@TheNintendOtaku I can help you with that.

@CyberNature Don't get me wrong, if this came out on the same day as a new Panzer/Skies I'd buy them over this, but I'll take what I can get. JSR is coming to PSN and XBLA and there's Crimson Dragon for Kinect that's basically a new Panzer Dragoon. Both will get my money, and the second one's not even published by SEGA. (I already have Skies and every Panzer game, so no need for rereleases for me.)

Thanks for calling me gullible, though!



zenarium said:

Going to buy it!! It is a lot different from MK7! I don't say it is better, or wrost, just good and different. And I am a big fan of racing games in a handled! I was waiting for a good racing game, despite MK7.

I just hope the graphics are good, at least as good as MK7 graphics that aren't perfect but are good enough.

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