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Xenoblade Chronicles Hits North America on 6th April

Posted by James Newton

Time to gear up

Long-awaited Wii RPG Xenoblade Chronicles is finally heading Stateside on 6th April.

Monolith Soft's epic adventure lands in just over two months, giving you plenty of time to read our Xenoblade Chronicles review and get all excited about being able to play it.

There's also an enlightening Iwata Asks: Xenoblade Chronicles that delves into the development of this fine game.

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Noire said:

Three days after my birthday. Well I know what that extra expendable income is going to. :3



erv said:

Ok, western westerners, buy it. Buy three copies if you have to. Buy all of its stock.

This game has the most hours of fun gameplay in a long, long time. Don't forget to buy it.



DarkLloyd said:

i'll preorder it near the end of march but id like to know if they are going to put out a red ccp bundle first



CanWizard said:

already ordered it a month ago. why they have to wait two more months to ship it to me is beyond my comprehension



BenAV said:

Amazing game.
Make sure you pick it up as soon as you can.
If it's anything like Europe or Australia, they'll have much less stock than they should, so definitely preorder if you have to, as it'd be a real shame to miss out on this amazing game.



NintyMan said:

Alright, just four days before my birthday! It's going on my birthday list for sure.



coyote37 said:

So good I'm now finding new Zelda underwhelming. I hope it sells like gangbusters!



ville10 said:

You're in for a treat! I almost wish I hadn't played it yet, just so I could get the chance to enjoy it fully again...



SomeBitTripFan said:

I NEEEEEEEEEED THIS! I am an rpg fan so this is a need. This will be my first non-pixelated rpg game (I play a lot of SNES RPGS)



Shworange said:

I'd get it, but I'm just not sure if it's good or not. I just never hear positive reviews about it.



Late said:

So much hype for this game, again. And I haven't even bought it yet
I'll promise myself to buy it during this year.



Gameday said:

All you who promised to buy , Follow thru my friends just like LS when it arrives



iPruch said:

Thank goodness it is finally worldwide. Despite of all these troubles that NoA has caused to its distribution, this game deserves the best sale figures of a JRPG. Too bad it won't happen since its name is not "Final Fantasy" -.-



rjejr said:

This game won't have great sales b/c it's limited to Gamestop and the Nintendo website. Raise your hand if you've ever bought a game off of the Nintendo website before? I expect dismal sales and then Nintendo saying "look, we told you so". People buy games at TRU and Walmart and Target and Best Buy and online at Amazon and Newegg. I really want to play this, but I don't like my buying options. Maybe if the NYC store carries it I'll pick it up next time I'm there. I also think it's stupid Nintendo can ship me all kinds of stuff for free from their Nintendo Club website but they want to charge me $5.00 shipping for a $50 game. That makes no sense.



misswliu81 said:

and the last few final fantasy games didn't live up to its expectations.

this deserves to be as big as FF. i hope that as long as the sales of this are strong enough for nintendo to make a sequel of xenoblade for the wii U.



bauckster said:

I'm on the fence about this, partly because it is hard for me to devote hours at a time to gaming these days; bite size gaming and occasional chunks of 1-2 hours is much easier than long periods. Question: Is it easy to save your game? That would make a difference for me in deciding whether to buy the game or not. Also, does the game get exciting right away? How hard is it to play for people that are slightly more casual RPG players?



FonistofCruxis said:

@Bauckster You can save anywhere so that's not a problem and I wouldn't say it gets exciting right away but it doesn't take that long and the charming characters and environment along with the fun battle system and soundtrack help counter that.



koelboel said:

Nothing but to chime in, it really is a brilliant game. I blush when I think of the hours I put into this game. It´s almost like the hours I put into big games when I was in school and had the time for games the rest of the day.



supers0nic91 said:

I suggest that anyone who hasn't got this game/ hasn't been able to get it, should get it right now! I got it for Christmas and I'm still playing it now, very long and very awesome game!



CanisWolfred said:

So they changed the date again? Curses, and I was planning to use most of April to play Final Fantasy games. Ah well. At least I get to play this gem earlier than expected!



bauckster said:

@mariofanatic128 Hey, thanks for your thoughts! I will consider this one - definitely helpful that you can save anywhere. Sounds like it could be a bit of a slow-burner, but many seem to be raving about it so I am considering it. How do the graphics and framerate hold up?



FonistofCruxis said:

@bauckster I never noticed any problems with the framerate at all and as for the graphics, the characters could be a bit better but they look pretty good but for the most part the environments look fantastic. The scope of the Bionis leg is impressive and it looks even more impressive when you stand atop a secret location on the Bionis leg called the believers paradise and take in the view. Also, you can change the time of day whenever you want and I found myself doing this in Satorl marsh often as its far from one of the best looking areas in the game in the day time but it looks beautiful at night. The reason why I said 'for the most part' about the look of the environments is because in Makna forest there is often some noticeable pop-up with some of the scenery and this can happen on the Bionis leg but that doesn't happen often there.

The main reason the ability to change the time of day that I mentioned earlier is that some enemies only appear at certain times of day and in the two towns in the game, each NPC is active at certain times of the day that you can look up as all the named NPCs have a small profile to look at.

@Samholy I'm not sure how well this would work on the 3DS due to the screen size and if it ever did come to the 3DS, the circle pad pro would be essential to control the camera because of the way the game was designed.



WolfRamHeart said:

I'm definitely buying this. I got my copy already pre-ordered. Here's hoping that The Last Story will come here next.



Urbanhispanic said:

RPG fans, please support this game. I am thinking of getting it myself but I'm more interested in The Last Story.



CanisWolfred said:


Since our chances of getting Last Story probably relies heavily on Xenoblade Chrinicles sales, I suggest getting both. We probably won't be getting TLS for a while, if at all.



warioswoods said:

Hmm.... I'm always scared to pick up a game like this, due to the time investment needed. I haven't played a serious RPG of this scale since college. Maybe I'll pick it up at least to support the whole import process.



Samholy said:

@43. Faron
the best of all time ?
seriously, its that good ? because there is tons of older titles that are considered best rpg of all time, like final fantasy 6-7, dragonquest 7, star ocean...
makes me wanna get a used Wii for this title. then resell it when im done



accc said:

That would've made a nice birthday present for me, if not for the fact that I already imported it from Europe!

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