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Japanese 3DS Sales Slump Coincided with Price Cut Announcement

Posted by Trevor Chan

No doubt sales will pick up again soon

How do you temporarily halt sales of the 3DS? In Japan's case at least, an announcement of a price cut that will come into effect the following month will do it.

According to Media Create and as reported by Andriasang, the 3DS sold about 16,415 units during the week that ran from 25th to 31st July in Japan. This was roughly half the amount of 3DS consoles that were sold the previous week (31,826) where it was the top-seller in the hardware chart.

This significant drop meant the 3DS was the fourth best-selling hardware of the week, falling behind the Wii which managed 18,232 units sold and the PlayStation 3 with 20,704. At the top of the pile was the PlayStation Portable which sold 36,659 units.

Nintendo's 3DS price drop announcement came on the 28th July, straight in the middle of Media Create's data collection week which correlates with the 50 percent drop in hardware sales. With the new and lower price tag starting from 11th August in Japan, we think it's safe to say that 3DS hardware sales will remain lower than usual for the next week or so.


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FluttershyGuy said:

Guess the Japanese don't want 20 free games... Although in this worldwide economy, I can understand wanting to save every penny possible. I'm in MegaBudget mode now.



Anotheralex_x said:

How many units do you think will sell in a week after the price drop? My guess is 10000000over9000∞.



Hardy83 said:

Man, the PSP is unstoppable.
Sony must be laughing their rears off knowing that they can stop support for the PSP and it'll still sell, while the 3DS struggles.



Tasuki said:

Doesnt surprise me people are waiting for the price drop before picking one up.

@BetelgeuseWC77: It might not be a case of they dont want it but a case of they cant afford a 3DS till the price drop.

I know I want the 20 free games but right now I only have 180 saved up for a 3DS.



Monsti said:

I think this was expected and is actually kind of good news. I'm pretty sure the next weeks will kill and once we're past the Mario Land release noone will talk about the "rocky launch" anymore.



dimi said:

DS models sold another 10k units next to 16.415 of the 3ds. With 3ds to be near same price as DS after the price cut there will be a huge sales boost. I expect 3ds to go more than 100k in japan the first week after the price cut.



Ernest_The_Crab said:

It's not just that customers are waiting for the price drop. It seems certain retailers are refusing to sell the systems until the actual price drop happens.

Don't know where the logic there is coming from, when you have the possibility of making some money back if someone purchases the system at full price. At least you wouldn't be making a guaranteed loss.



Bankai said:

@11 Not with Japan's economy it won't.

It is really bad over there right now.



PSICOffee said:

It always pisses me off that Japan takes video games for granted sometimes (ignoring Okami DS, Zelda games selling less) when the rest of the world doesn't share all their privileges, but I can understand the reason for this one.



SilverBaretta said:

Well, yeah. They're waiting for the price drop. Why 20 free games isn't that much incentive, apparently, I don't know, but I do see that people just want to save money.



mumoftwokids said:

why would they want to pay 250 when they can wait a week or so and buy it at a lower price. it's because of the economy and i can't say i blame them. Me, i'm getting mine before the 12th so that I can get those 20 free games. To me it's worth paying full price



zionich said:

Truthfully , its more discounted not free because everyone knows about the price cut. Unless they really don't bring the gba games to the eshop.



Wheels2050 said:

@TheSolarKnight: I daresay that retailers are choosing to do that because of the cost price.

Say, currently, the cost price for a retailer in the USA is $200. If they buy a bunch of 3DS systems now but don't sell them all, they're forced to lower the price to $170 on August 12. Thus, they make a $30 loss on those systems sold.

However, I'm sure the cost price will drop along with the retail price, so systems that retailers buy after the price drop will give them profit.



moosa said:

PSP go: 7
It's totally wack how successful the PSP is in Japan though. It must have just become some kind of a cool kid thing, where it sells itself because everyone who doesn't have one isn't in the in-crowd. I don't know.



FluttershyGuy said:

@8 & 13
And I fear it's going to get worse for Japan and so many other countries that are in any way connected with the US economy. After Wall Street's 512 point drop today, Nikkei fell 4%, among others.

Faith in the US dollar & economy is shaken to the core worldwide now, especially in light of the debt ceiling battle, and I'm afraid a worldwide economic collapse is a threat. When it's all said and done, after a domino effect like that of the '08 economic catastrophe that lead to unemployment being what it is today, Sony, Microsoft and Apple may also have to shave untold dollars off their devices (and Nintendo may have to make further cuts) as well.

Not many people are going to be interested in video games if they can't even afford food. I'm enjoying this day right now because, especially having been raised by grandparents who experienced the Great Depression, I know the signs are there. And at least back then, (for the most part) our representatives cared about the average American's survival.

On a lighter note, bleep that red 3DS is bloody gorgeous!



TLink9 said:

@10 exactly. Would you Imagine someone buying a 3ds on August 10th, then Nintendo says, oh btw the 3ds will be cut down $90 tomorrow.



Bankai said:

@28 - The situation is more dire in the US and Europe than most of the rest of the world. Australia, South East Asia and some of the emerging markets (Middle East and Brazil, mostly) are all doing surprisingly well. It's worth noting that Australia's unemployment is only around 4 per cent, for instance.

The US economic situation will of course have a ripple effect on the rest of the world, but in Asia, exports to China (which is doing very well right now) will help mitigate the general economic woes, in our little corner. Japan can still reasonably expect growth later in the year. One of the few positive side effects from a wide-scale natural disaster is that the rebuilding effort pumps a lot of money into the economy, stimulating it substantially.

The real problem for the games industry is that it relies too heavily on the US and Europe. Exports to the likes of China and Brazil are a secondary concern at this stage.



heraymo said:

i bought a 3ds a few days ago just because of the 20 free games you think it would inspire more to do so but im guessing not ill eat 80.00 for some classics



alLabouTandroiD said:

@TheSolarKnight (12.): Actually i find that nicer than to sell the system for the full price. To poor customers who haven't got a clue about the price cut.
It might even give them a better image.



kkslider5552000 said:

Between DS owning 3DS last month and this, it's good to see consumers have a clue. Maybe Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 can sell poorly and all can be right in the world for once this year in gaming.



JayceJa said:

i know i damn well wouldnt have paid full price for 20 free games, 10 of which ill barely play cause the nes games havent aged well, and 10 of which ill barely play because ive played them to death on the GBA

the only reason i bought one before the price drop was cause it was announced a few days after i bought it, and i cant refund it and rebuy after the drop cause we got it from america since family is moving there next year

so im not surprised at all that the sales have halted before the drop, and people who didnt expect it should have



C-195 said:

Anther way sales might increase is for us to actually have something to do with it after we've bought it.



Blaze said:

I see this as a good thing, it just means more sales later on. I'm constantly following the figures on, and noticed the slump in sales too.



Blaze said:

@James, so people must be trying to buy used 3DS' at a reduced price so they can get the 20 free games as well, that wouldn't be good for Nintendo.




You know what sells really well in Japan? Monster Hunter. Just make sure to release it over here!



Token_Girl said:

That makes a lot of sense. People can't afford $250, but the used market has already adjusted somewhat to take the price drop into account. Since the system has been out for such a short time, so most used units are probably still in decent condition. It's no surprise people who are broke but want the 20 free games are going that route.



Supremeist said:

I want red as well, but my Aqua Blue is fine.
I'm really happy to see this news. Go Nintendo!



nintendo3dsrock said:

i alredy bought it before the price cut.........nintendo makes the people who alredy bought it feel bad.....



LordTendoboy said:

Too bad the PSP is dead in America. I don't know how well it's selling in Europe, but god damn Japan is eating that thing up!



Dr_Mabuse said:

It's pretty obvious that people are waiting for the price drop + buying used hardware to take advantage of the Ambassador Program.

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