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Mon 1st Aug 2011

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supersayinluigi commented on 3DS Mario Titles Land in November and December:

for some reason I dont feel like getting super mario becuase it is the same 25 year old story peach gets kidnapped by bowser mario beats bowser saves the princess horay. at least make a diffrent story like bowser builds a genarator to absorb energy and make him powerful so he rules the mushroom kingdom and over runs the princess. that could work if they change the story line I will buy it but now it is on the line of pass but for mario kart monster karts that can glide and is water proof boy I am in there like water in a lake!



supersayinluigi commented on Review: Pokédex 3D (3DSWare):

this is a fun app but you need some time collect them I started geting pokemon ever since the e shop came and I am still not even half way done so it is really slow but ok.



supersayinluigi commented on Talking Point: The GBA Games You Want on 3DS V...:

hopefully there will be super mario world that was a good game but I never beat it since I first played it on the wii but the the controls on the contorllers are so loose I also wanted a sonic advance those where some fun ones and I dont need to worry about yoshi island its already on the list.