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Take a Closer Look at the Wii U Console

Posted by James Newton

See it from behind

You've had your first look at the Wii U console, but we know you want to see Nintendo's new white box from all angles. While the machine was locked away pretty securely at E3, enterprising Japanese site Inside Games has snapped photos from the front, back and side to show exactly what's included.

The back will be of most interest, looking almost exactly like the existing Wii with the crucial addition of a HDMI port. The rest of the machine seems to be business as usual, with the biggest change being no ports for GameCube accessories.

Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime did state that the Wii U and controller are near their final form factor, so there could be some changes between now and the console's release. Is there anything you would add or remove from the console based on what you've seen so far?

We got hands-on with Wii U at E3 2011 so be sure to read our thoughts on Nintendo's new home console.


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jaffa said:

that orange port indicates that it'll have a sensor bar ;_______________;




phoenix1818 said:

Didn't realise how long it was until seeing that side picture. Looks pretty similar to the Wii. It's not bad, but I was hoping for something maybe a little different.



Beechbone said:

@2 Yeah, but I guess it's because it's fully backwards compatible with Wii, and also it can use a combination of Wii U controller and Wiimotes for some multiplayer gaming. I don't think the Wii U controller itself will use sensor bar.

I wonder if there's a toslink out slot anywhere on the console? Maybe behind that cover on the front? This probably holds an SD card slot, but what else?



Beechbone said:

@4 I looks like it's pretty tiny judging by the disc drive. And that's awesome.



Amorous_Badger said:

@2 - that'll be because it's backwards compatible with the wii. Bit pointless NOT having a slot for a sensor bar.



alLabouTandroiD said:

The size of the Wii was grandious so it would be great if it stays that way. I just wish it will look different enough. So people won't just assume you have a "simple" Wii standing there. When they're looking from a distance.
I hope it comes with a stand again too. And i still think they should just call that thing "(Nintendo) U".
A small problem for me will be to get a HDMI cable that hooks up to the TV and sound system. Adding in that the sound system i recently own only features optical cables anyway.
But we'll see about that if i someday get a Wii U.

Edit: Maybe a few more USB ports couldn't hurt too.



skywake said:

@5 The Wii U controller will use the sensor bar. Look at the videos of it in action (esp the shield one), they're clearly using the sensor bar to "zero" the gyros on the Wii U controller.



Cipher said:

@11 - Nintendo's already confirmed it has four USB slots. The other two are probably at the front with the SD card slot.

Chances are this isn't the final version (design-wise yes, tech-wise probably not) - it wouldn't surprise me if this one includes only the ports it needed for its E3 showing.



warioswoods said:

I wonder if it will run any post-processing, antialiasing, or other smoothing on the output of original Wii games, in order to improve their appearance over HDMI. Here's hoping.



timp29 said:

@18 haha I think there's a 'thats what your mum said' joke in there somewhere.
@17 same as above lol



shinesprite said:

@LTD I've got the same problem. I'd love to display the system in gorgeous 1080p on the 56" screen (via HDMI). I'd also like to connect it up to the surround-sound system which only accepts RCA sound (The Built-in speakers aren't even worth the space they take up.).

I'm also curious about what lies behind the system's looming front flap (and why'd they put the sync button out in the open?).



Chrno-x said:

For me Wiiu now only need optic port for optic cable, or Nintendo should give some Audio Adapter cable(like with the old version of X360) because i really want this time Dolby 5.1 not only Dolby Pro Logic II, it's 2011 Nintendo should understand that Dolby Pro Logic II isn't the best choice for a real HD console...



Aviator said:

@shinesprite Pretty sure that the SD card is under the flap. And the Sync button might have just been there due to E3, and the need to sync if issues arise.



rjejr said:

Agree it could use an optical port (any chance HDMI video will work with red/white audio?, PS3 added auto switching with a firmware update last year). Needs LAN port, though all Wii accessories are supposed to work so maybe the USB LAN adapter?

I think the sync button is outside for the expected constant switching of Wiimotes between Wii and WiiU. Put the Wii in the kids room.



hYdeks said:

HEY LOOK points HDMI! I'm sold lol I love how thats like the only new thing on the back of the system, nice and simple and can still use everything else. Right on!!!



Pod said:

The size is a huge factor for me, so I'm happy it's small. Sensor bar is a good thing, some people had said the IR LEDs would be situated on the WiiU controller, which would just be cumbersome, albeit wireless.

The shape is a little weird though.
Will it be able to stand vertically, like the Wii? I certainly hope so!

Here's hoping it will also be lighter and quieter than Wii.



WaveBoy said:

Thank you Nintendo for the HDMI input. Lets just hope that the games are in fact 1080p and not 720p. Anyways, where's the Wii U logo on the front of the console? without it, it just looks boring.

Optical is being fazed out is it not? It only offers up to Dolby Digital in sound, while HDMI delivers the Dolby True HD/DST Master HD Audio which is utterly mind blowing if of course you have a DTS HD Master/Dolby True HD Receiver. Optical however is old news.



Megumi said:

....I wonder....does the slot still light up blue like the Wii does?
I love that, lol



EdEN said:

Judging from the size my guess is we WILL get only 8 GB of flash memory as there's no space for a proper HDD inside that case. Since we can use external USB HDDs that won't be a huge problem as we won't be paying a huge premium price for a propietary HDD (right MS?).



Megumi said:

It should allow to change the color this time, so I could change it to orange. xD (orange and blue, woohoo! xD)



LittleIrves said:

Ehh, I'm not that concerned. As Reggie said in interviews, the console is "just a box." The interface and how we play the games, i.e., the controller, is what's important. Hence their focus on just that.



thanos316 said:

hmmm so its small so what, makes it better for me to place anywhere in my home entertainment setup. technology advances every 6 months i think, so its only understandable that they can pack a lot into a small case. so keep costs down ninty and push that power out..



DrCruse said:

How can it be fully backwards compatible with the Wii if it doesn't have Gamecube controller ports at least?

If it doesn't have Gamecube compatibility, it's a definite no-buy.



Deviant_Mugen said:

I'm liking the look of it...

@JesusSaves: ...Are you serious? I honestly can't believe how many complaints I've seen about GC functionality not being offered anymore since the Wii U's announcement. This is on a different level, though. If you still want GC functionality that bad, keep your Wii or pick up a GameCube. Eventually the line must be drawn, you know...



BulbasaurusRex said:

@42 Yeah, I wish it had GameCube controller ports so I could use my GameCube controllers with games like Super Smash Bros. Brawl and the N64 Virtual Console games. Taking out GameCube compatability is one thing, but this negatively affects how we can play Wii games.



Pj1 said:

@ BulbasaurusRex I agree with you! I find using the game cube controller for Super Mario 64 is easier than the N64's one and C.C!



MARl0 said:

It definitely needs an optical audio output. My receiver doesn't have HDMI inputs, so my only way of getting digital audio from my game systems is by using optical cables. I'll end up having to buy a new receiver if they don't fix this, which is an expense, that I'd rather not have right now.



motang said:

Guess no network playing online with wifi will be kinda slow, unless if it's 802.11n.



BulbasaurusRex said:

@49 There actually is one called the Hori Classic Controller (including turbo settings and claiming partial GameCube game support), but it's an expensive import that's only been released in Japan. I've bought one, but I'd rather not spend the money on more.



Capt_N said:

I still think a big plus would be for Nintendo to allow for hardwiring into a home network directly from the console, &/or making, & allowing for internet transceivers to be plugged in via usb. Both options would be nice to have actually.

Likewise, I think Nintendo should allow the console to have a sensor built-in, & give the user the option of allowing the console's internal sensor to pick up controller activity(whether that be Wii, &/or WiiU controllers), or to utilize a sensor bar plugged into either a dedicated port for such an ext. on the back of the console(as pictured above, & like on Wii as well), or plugged into usb.

These would really make the system versatile into the options of where it can be placed, & how.



MeloMan said:

I hope Nintendo or 3rd parties will provide a way to connect a GC controller to a wiimote at least. Then again, that would only make sense if there's GC game support via Virtual Console. Questions, questions, and the fate of backward compatibility for the GC... Guess we'll have to just be more patient for more details.



JaXs said:

Awesome! Now if they will just get rid of the high gloss white I will buy one at launch. Otherwise I have no intention of ever picking one up.



ToastyYogurt said:

@15: I'd rather have an option that allows the Wii U to switch it's resolution to 480p when playing a Wii game and then back to 1080p when back at the Wii U menu. It would be a nice alternative to those who don't like when a 480p image is stretched to 1080p and then has filters placed all over it. (I'm not sure which is better, but the 3DS has certainly scared me from stretching and filters on older games with lower resolution, though DS games used as much pixels as the screen had, which is not the case for HD TVs and Wiis....)



JustanotherGamer said:

Well looks like a Nintendo Console. I would like it if at launch Nintendo made the Wii U available in Black. I waited until the Wii was available in Black to buy one. Same with the Gamecube.

Nintendo does like the apple white scheme. I hope that they make Wii U in black.

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