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Here's a Video of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D's New Features

Posted by James Newton

Not just a port

As you'll know if you read our The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D preview, the upcoming 3DS release isn't just a simple port of its N64 forefather, with several new additions intended to improve the game. In case you didn't believe us, Nintendo has sent over a new trailer to show you exactly what these improvements are.

Depicting the hint-giving Sheikah Stones, touch screen item selection and new Boss Challenge — though strangely not the Master Quest mode — the video might help to get you just a little bit more excited about Link's return.

The 30fps Zelda experience lands in Europe on 17th June and North America on 19th June.

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Expa0 said:

The horrid touch screen controls were, what killed Phantom Houglass and ST for me. Hopefully the touch screen controls are optional in this game.



Kaeobais said:

The touch screen controls are merely for items and menus, expa. The game play is controlled with the thumb stick.



Kosmo said:

I didn't see anything not annonced before here... Gyro controles, touch-screen inventory, drop-dead-gorgeous graphics and boss mode...
I kinda was expecting a peek at the rumored new temples and such... (yes, I'm still dreaming)
Looks great still. A day-one purchase for me.



Aviator said:

Laser sight? What's this new technology?

I also appreciate getting Saria's song stuck in my head...



cheapogamer4life said:

The more videos i see id OoT the more comfortable i get with this beening a day one buy for me. Keep em' coming Nintendo.



NintyMan said:

I wonder if Boss Challenge will have something that allows you to fight each boss in order? Anyway, these new features are all nice!



King_Boo said:

only real new content I'm seeing is boss challenge. better graphics and controls are just going to make this the best version to have, but it's still just a better version of a game I've played a dozen times



Detective_TeeJay said:

@13 not? It's everything the original was and more.

This music isn't nearly as cool as the one for the Japanese trailer, but that's to be expected. The Japanese always get everything.



thebluelight1 said:

@TeeJay because the N64 version is the original, it is the most critically acclaimed game ever, it is the game that changed 3D games and made them what they are today, it is the version people remember. Super Mario Bros. is an iconic NES game even though it was released on the SNES with enhanced graphics. For most people this will just be a trip down memory lane, albeit a shinier version of said lane, it's not going to change gaming in the way the original did.



dinkelberg said:

im goanna buy nintendo 3ds when this game comes out becasue then i get internett browser eshop and the game this game is one of the best games ever made in my opinion finaly we can play the legend of zelda ocarina of time with uppdated graphics and in our hans this looks so cool and is a welcome adition to the 3ds libary



Spoony_Tech said:

I think most people are forgetting the best new feature!!!!! It wasn't possible 13 years ago. We now have a portable version of my favorite game ever. I think most people that don't want it are just bitter that its not a new game in the series. At least we know this one is like and will be liked by most fans. Oh and the 3d is new. Why does everyone always forget that as well. I'm so happy I'm going to play through it twice just for the master quest. Now quit complaining and pre order the game you know your going to get anyways. Nintendo loves us and here is their love song!



Token_Girl said:

Nice. Definitely excited about the touch screen controls. The game looks like it runs faster than the original did, though it could have just been sped up video. I'm glad they're keeping it a pretty straight port, content wise. No need to spoil perfection adding things just for the sake of adding things.



Ahiru77 said:

Laser pointer for your hookshot ?!!!.....NOOBS. They would never survive the N64 difficulty. xD



Morpheel said:

i bet the laser looks awesome in 3D

@19: anyways, what's the difference in dificulty? the original game had the red pointer, which did the same thing!



Link977 said:

I will seriously beat this on the first day or the second day it comes out without any hints, already know what to do, and the only time I did look this game up was for heart piece locations but that was a long time ago, so I forget where a lot of the tricky ones are.



Chris720 said:

N64 difficulty? OoT was never that hard... first time, yeah. Second onwards it became almost second nature.

Laser pointer is kinda weird though, this is ZELDA, not COD!

Also in the film it said that only 3D images can be seen in 3D... now they might be talking about seeing the 3D when playing the game, but could this mean that they'll be releasing 3D trailers for video games or even view 3D videos on the internet browser? Either way, June 7th can't come quick enough.



Detective_TeeJay said:

@15's only better because of nostalgia goggles? Man, memories really hold people back from enjoying the now. I played the original and loved it just as much as everyone else, but that's not going to stop me from moving forward and enjoying a very much improved version of it more. I'm not going to hold on to the past and ignore the better version just because I enjoyed the original.



Doma said:

Why is Link able to run through water so easily now?? that looks so messed up.



FonistofCruxis said:

@TeeJay I agree, this version is obviously better. Just because the original was more influential doesn't make it better. A remake obviously isn't going to have the same kind of impact but that doesn't mean it won't be better.



EdEN said:

The water temple (which never gave me trouble back in the day) will be waaaaaaay easier with the touch control.

@xDemon720x: 3D trailers will be viewable on the eShop in two weeks time, directly on your 3DS!



Linkuini said:

I won't need any of those hint stones, but I know a lot of people who will! Before beating the game, I definitely would have appreciated a more specific tip than "That cloud around Death Mountain... there's something strange about it!" Sheesh, I was stuck there way longer than I was stuck inside the water temple. Oh, and they mapped the iron boots to a button! Now Eiji Aonuma has no regrets about this game.



thebluelight1 said:

@TeeJay It's still just a remake though, you've already played this game, a graphical update and a better menu system are hardly making it "very much improved", I'm not expecting a Resident Evil on GameCube level of improvement based on what I've seen but that's because OoT doesn't need it.

And playing a 13 year old title yourself is hardly "moving forward", playing a a new game now and waiting a few months and saving your money for Skyward Sword would be really moving forward. The fact that this can get released comes from people not moving forward and instead thinking " I loved that game, I want to play the shiny version!" This then gets people interested in the system and adequetly shows the power of it off, it's really just an expensive tech demo for nostalgic people. It's very clever by Nintendo.

However despite the negative sound to this, I'm actually really excited for this probably as a result of not moving forward from OoT even after all the times I've played it



theblackdragon said:

@TeeJay (30): now a 'jump' button would be an honest-to-god improvement — it'd add something to the gameplay, they'd probably even have to change some dungeons around and make it a brand new experience for OoT veterans entirely. as for whether a remake is 'better' or not, though... there's no factual way to quantify that (unless said remake were to fix bugs/errors in the original game, which isn't the case here). that kind of thing is entirely subjective — it's all in the eye of the player. :3



Meta-Rift said:

Looks like it's more than a port, but less than a remake.

@theblackdragon: There was a jump button in Zelda II.
I don't think a jump "button" would be the best way to do it. How about a 3D game with Roc's Feather?



MasterGraveheart said:

Let me control with the circle pad and the buttons and we're beyond golden. I'm still looking forward to more gamers whining about the Water Temple. =P



Madmanonfire said:

@thebluelight1 New features + improved graphics + portability means it's better. Nostalgia is irrelevant. Being a remake is irrelevant. The only way the N64 version could be "better" is how much easier it is to lose track of the 3DS version's cart, if kept out of its case, than an N64 cart.



theblackdragon said:

@Rift: lol, i'm not saying it hasn't been done ever in a Zelda game, i'm just saying that adding a jump action (e.g. updating OoT's gameplay, and the necessary dungeon changes to go along with the new jump action too) could be an actual improvement as opposed to just a fresh coat of 3D paint.

Honestly, it's just like the Chrono Trigger DS remake IMO — sure, the newer one is shinier and might have updated control options and blah-blah-blah, but the core game is the same. which version is 'better' is all up to the person playing it, and that decision will be different for everyone. :3



TanookiSteven said:

Gosh, can't we just say "Yay!" or "It's almost here" and just move on instead of being nostalgic figs? The fact that it's just a remake shouldn't mean you have to argue of how it's better. Sure, we'll love the original, but you don't have to complain about every single remake of a game just because it's not the original. We still have the original in our hearts, so just stop arguing and be happy that our generation will get to see what epic experiences we had when they weren't around and just stop arguing. If you want the original, just go play the N64 ... Welcome to modern day, and I hope you have a good day.



Meta-Rift said:

@NetrackSteven64: I don't really care whether or not it's better, because it's not worth an extra $30. Like TBD said, the game hasn't been changed at its core, and that means all of the original's shortcomings are still there.

@thebluelight1: But SM64 DS didn't have analogue input, the graphics were about the same, and it had new content, but a lot of it replaced old stuff. You're right, though. This is really just a tech demo craftily disguised by nostalgia.



Detective_TeeJay said:

@Rift: What shortcomings? And what do you expect? It's a remake. Are you not going to buy every remake that comes out because it "hasn't changed at it's core"? It's not supposed to change because that's the nature of a remake.

Remember, "re" means "again". So a remake is when companies "make" a game "again".



theblackdragon said:

@TeeJay: Relax, it's not the end of the world if people would rather wait for entirely new experiences instead of purchasing remakes or ports, whatever their reasoning. I think you're taking this a bit too personally.



Meta-Rift said:

@TeeJay: If you were going to do something over again, you wouldn't want to make the same mistakes you made the first time, would you? And if remakes aren't supposed to be different, why on earth wouldn't people just buy the original? And if that is the case, what's the difference between that and a port?

Yes, Ocarina of Time had shortcomings. It was revolutionary in one sense, but in another it destroyed what made Zelda games awesome in the first place.



AlexSays said:

Where is that favorite user thread? I have an addition.

I don't even have to say anything here! Great job Rift.



Kid_A said:

Without reading the comments, let me predict what the discussion has covered:

-Some people are incredibly excited.
-Some people don't get what all the fuss is about. Zelda is boring.
-Some people are excited about the touch screen controls.
-Some people hated the touch screen controls in Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks, and therefore are dreading the touch screen controls.
-Some people think that Nintendo is lazy for doing so many ports.
-Some people think that the ports are a good idea, as they're actually improving the original titles and letting them find a new audience.
-Some people think A Link to the Past is still better.
-Some people think that all REAL Zelda fans know that Majora's Mask is the best title.
-A lone Link's Awakening fan cries in a corner.
-Some people are feeling better about the Water Temple now that the iron boots are an item.
-Some people don't feel that the Water Temple was ever that hard to begin with.

EDIT: Pretty close
Also, the jump button...I have mixed feelings about that. It really would completely change the experience. I don't really have any reasons for hating on it, but I don't really have any reasons for supporting it either. Interesting.



motang said:

Surely is shaping up well, still don't want it right when it comes out though.

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