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Competition Winners: 3DS & 4 Ubisoft Games (UK)

Posted by Anthony Dickens

Do'ya feel lucky, punk? Well, do'ya?

To celebrate the launch of Nintendo's record-breaking 3DS handheld we teamed up with our PALs at Ubisoft with a very tasty competition with a total prize value of almost £1,000.

We had well over 500 entries, and the three winners drawn from our special Competition-tron 3000™ AI computer system were...

Congratulations from everyone at Nintendo Life. You'll soon be contacted to arrange delivery of your prize. Thanks to everyone who entered. We would also like to offer our huge thanks to Ubisoft for providing the prize, great job!

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ThomasBW84 said:

Congrats to the winners, your other consoles will get dusty for a while! It was certainly a great prize.



3DS said:

noooooooooooooooooooooooooo i shoul have got it i mean it is in my name i hate you nintendolife



Chris720 said:

YEEEEAAAAHHH I LOVE YOU LADY LUCK! I passed on my mailing address, WAHOO!



ninja_tom said:

Congrats, although, surely you have had to buy one already before now out of excitement?



jdkipfer said:

I do wish this was for North America instead of just Europe. I already have a 3ds though and I don't need 2.



Aviator said:

Congrats Chris, and all the other winners.

@11 Nintendo Life can only give away what they're given, I'm sure if they could they would buy 3DS' for NA (and Australia) but at the end of the day they have bills to pay.



Chris720 said:

@Aviator Thanks dudes! When I saw the e-mail I couldn't believe it! I am so happy! Thank you NL! I will wait for my lovely prize to enter through my door and I will open it slowly to build the awesomness!



Spoony_Tech said:

Congrats demon-chris. I now see what you ment by winning the contest! Ill be needing your 3ds friend code when you get it. You will have to pick up the conduit when it comes out so we can online frag people together. Just no complaining! LOL!!!



JJGenesis said:

judging by some comments in the competition thread I cant help but feel the competition was a little biased against new accounts created for the competition.

Other than that Congrats to the winners, as for myself, I'm off to buy a 3DS



theblackdragon said:

@JJGenesis: if you'll note, we of the staff who commented on the competition thread confirmed that new users were just as eligible (and in fact encouraged to sign up in order to enter the contest) as established users. we couldn't even take the normal pissing and moaning into account at all during the selection process if we wanted to, anyway — it's done completely at random.



JJGenesis said:

@TBD Fair enough, I didnt notice the involvement of website staff. Will pay more attention next time.



Token_Girl said:


This contest is sort of an oddity, if it's established users mainly winning (though, I haven't heard of 2 of them). Generally, contest comment threads are full of comments about having never seen any of the winners before on the comments/forums, so it's mostly new users/lurkers. NLife definitely isn't biased towards regular users.



Chris720 said:

@Machu I feel sorry for you dude. Congratulations to the other 2 winners, and better luck next competition to the rest of you guys!



Wolfy-Boey said:

Yeah yeah, congratulations and all that, yada yada yada bla bla bla...

Seriously though, congrats to the winners!



Tasuki said:

What the contest is over???? Just when I got everything all packed up and ready to move to Jolly ole England. Lol J/K . Congratulations to everyone who won.

now who do I talk to for a US contest?



PSICOffee said:

That's awesome to win a 3DS, but I'd feel bad about owning that many Ubisoft games. At least you can sell them.



Junkface said:

Nice one fellas! Gratz! Does anyone have vids of the 3DS in action on youtube?



wiigamer93 said:

I'm so jealous! The only competitions I've won were dancing competitions and a fancy dress competition in my school disco but I've never won anything as exciting as this

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