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United Kingdom

Sun 27th Jan 2008

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Makrul commented on Review: Globulos Party (DSiWare):

I guess its up to personal opinion, but I rather enjoy this game even in single player. When playing the game its obvious to see the polish and effort gone into making it so I would give it at least a 7. Personally I think they mis-sold this as a minigame collection though as all the games play so similarly, its more of an action/strategy game.



Makrul commented on Competitions: Flipnote Studio - Amazing Giveaway:

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Makrul commented on Strong Bad's Homestar Ruiner Gets Release Date!:

Why is everybody complaining about the price? Lostwinds is 1000 points and lasts for 2 hours while Strong Bad costs the same but lasts for 3-4 hours (suggested by previews and people who have played the final version, such as ONM).



Makrul commented on Play Eternity’s Child Prequel – For Free!:

Just downloaded the game, love the art direction but hate the controls, the one reason why i hate nearly every mobile phone game ever created. Hopefully EC will be awesome on Wiiware as all platformers are better with tight controls.