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Features: Five Nintendo Games to Thrill You in 2011

Posted by James Newton

Gaze into our crystal ball

Were you happy with how 2010 panned out? We're guessing many of you had at least one eye on the future, as 2011 promises to be another twelve months full of exciting revelations, unexpected announcements and surprise appearances. When it comes to the titles we already know about, we've picked five that should definitely be on your radar.


The final part in a series that needs no introduction to many of you, BIT.TRIP FLUX is set to turn the much-loved adventures of Commander Video on its head. With elements of previous entries in the series all getting a neat spin, this is probably the most anticipated WiiWare game of 2011, and we'll have a full preview for you very soon.

Conduit 2

High Voltage's first The Conduit may have disappointed some – an almost inevitable side effect of the amount of hype it received – but the studio is determined to make amends with follow-up Conduit 2. Promising patches to address the kinds of issues that plagued the first release, support for the PDP Headbanger headset and downloadable content post-release, we'll find out if High Voltage and Sega have delivered on their potential in February.

The entire 3DS library

There was no way we could pick just one game for Nintendo's shiny new 3D-with-no-glasses handheld, so we've just lumped in the whole line-up. From Asphalt 3D to Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D, it's set to be a varied year for the machine, with titles from every major publisher lined-up.

Want to know when the 3DS will be available to buy, and with which games? Nintendo Life is attending the 3DS media event on January 19th, so come back then for all the information you need.

Pokémon Black and White

Of course, just because 3DS is on the way doesn't mean the DS's time is over, as it looks set to receive some quality titles in the next twelve months, none more feverishly anticipated than Pokémon Black and White. A new graphical style, countless new monsters and new communication features including DSi video chat are some of the biggest changes seen in the series so far, and North American trainers can begin to fill their Pokédex on March 6th 2011.

Dragon Quest VI: Realms of Revelation

DS's RPG line-up is pretty much world-beating anyway, but it's set to get even better with the launch of Dragon Quest VI outside Japan for the first time. Considering the huge success that greeted Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies this should be another big title for Nintendo and Square Enix in February.

Of course, this is just a small smattering of the announced titles you can look forward to playing in 2011: there are countless other upcoming Nintendo games to get excited about, so let us know what you're most excited about playing in 2011.

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PiribroH said:

I'm just waiting Okamiden. And of course the 3DS is also on my most wanted list. And also The Last Story and Xenoblade if they are even going to be released in Europe.



skywake said:

Skyward Sword.......... and Mario Kart 3DS if that happens by the end of 2011.



GamesX99 said:

insert jaw breaking noise that's awesome makes me happy for 2011 already!



BulbasaurusRex said:

On Wii, the only interesting upcoming games to me are Conduit 2, Mario Sports Mix, and a couple of WiiWare FPS's that are said to be coming soon.

As for handhelds, that's a different story with the 3DS and all its goodies as well as Pokémon White to look forward to.



Expa0 said:

Conduit 2? Really? Why does it get so much unnecessary hype? the first game was such a total failure and High Voltage has never released a game that was even above average.

Really the only thing 2011 has going for itself is the 3DS, though most likely it is going to be better than 2010, which only had SMG2 and Etrian Odyssey 3.




Conduit 2?! Wha?!

Wii: LOZ Skyward Sword, Kirby's Epic Yarn, De Blob 2, Mario Sports Mix

DS: Mario v DK Mini-Land Mayhem, Okamiden, Pokemon Black, Kirby DS

3DS: MK 3DS, LOZ OoT 3DS, SSF IV 3DS, Prof Layton MoM, Pilotwings R, Kid Icarus, Paper Mario 3DS, Super MB 3DS.

WiiWare: Missing games and catch-ups please!

DSiWare:as above!



Kamuki said:

The 3DS library seems to be bestowed upon by the heavens. I'm just concerned on how to come up with the money to get the 3DS plus all of them games. >_<



TheMasterSword said: says: "Five Nintendo Games to Thrill You in 2011"
Quite ironic, don't you think?
Oh yes, and why isn't Skyward Sword on that list? It'd certainly thrill me.



aaronluis26 said:

I don't believe Conduit 2 is getting unnecessary hype. It's a title to have cautious optimism for. I don't feel the first one was a failure. It had a good campaign and decent multiplayer marred by unfortunate hackers and glitchers. I'm interested in Conduit 2 to see if High Voltage can fix what was wrong with the first one. If they can, I think it will be a good game.



Expa0 said:

^I find it weird that High Voltage, a company that has never released an above average game suddenly gets everyone crazy by just promising that their next game will be good, I mean why should we believe them? If they have never made a good game, why should this be any different?

And to my knowledge the new Zelda has been moved to 2012



NintyMan said:

Yes, thinking of great games such as these makes me love 2011 already. It's almost surreal that the 3DS will come in Japan next month and here the next.



theblackdragon said:

i'm with everyone else who's surprised to not see Skyward Sword on that list. on a more personal level, the only game on this list i agree should be on it is Flux.



Kevin said:

Can't wait for the 3DS and Pokemon Black and White. The others I don't care about.



bro2dragons said:

Like the list, but as everyone else says... it needs more cowbell Zelda. I believe at least 98% of the world is more excited for Skyward Sword than for Dragon Quest VI. What do I know though?



aaronluis26 said:

Well, I played the first Conduit and I felt it was a good game, so there isn't any reason to believe they're not capable of improving upon that.



Aviator said:

Also Epic Yarn, Skyward Sword as mentioned above, the new Layton games, Mario Sports Mix, The Grinder.

2 of those suggestions are on my radar.



Arcanum said:

@expa0 You are judging Conduit 2 (a completely re-newed game) based on the first conduit. It's kinda like Red Steel 2. that game was judged based on the first Red Steel. and Red Steel 2 was Awesome.



JumpmanZ said:

WHY IS EVERYONE SAYING THEY'RE EXCITED FOR KIRBY'S EPIC YARN IN 2011? It came out in October!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Surprised to see no Skyward Sword, but I hope its still released this year. Has anyone else heard that Pokemon Black is way more hardcore than Pokemon White, but White has the better legendary.



theblackdragon said:

@CB: i think he meant to say 'redundant' there :3

@JumpmanZ: KEY came out in NA already, yes, but it still hasn't come out in EU/PAL regions yet. there's plenty of EU/PAL-region users who're excited to finally get KEY this year :3



zionich said:

Im still waiting for Monster Hunter Freedom 3DS, just rolls of the tounge. Capcom, are you listening?



GEOFF said:

Conduwhat in the top 5!
If the first one was great or High Voltage had built up a great reputation yes, but come on who are you kidding.



JimLad said:

The Conduit, as much of a let down as it was had excellent framework around it. A great engine, nice graphics, fantastic controls.
The online was very enjoyable (when it worked) but I feel like it was mainly let down by a very shallow campaign mode.

Conduit 2 is just building on that framework and filling it with more content. With all the new features they've confirmed, I think we're allowed to get a little hyped. If nothing else, High Voltage are still one of the most ambitious third party devs on the Wii.



FonistofCruxis said:

I'm looking forward to:
DS:Professor Layton and the spectre's flute, G.G. series collection+(hopefully), Radiant historia, Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Mini-land mayhem

Wii:The last story, Xenoblade, Kirby's epic yarn, Castle of shikigami III, Mario sports mix

3DS:Mario kart 3DS, Animal crossing 3DS, Tales of the abyss, Professor Layton vs. Phonix Wright, Kid Icarus: uprising

Wiiware: Bit. trip flux

Dsiware: Shantae: risky's revenge, Cave story



CanisWolfred said:

The Last Story
Ghost Trick
Radiant Historia

That's all I care about as far as Nintendo is concerned.



SuperMarioFan96 said:

"And to my knowledge the new Zelda has been moved to 2012."

Um, nobody from Nintendo has said that, so I don't know how YOU could know that. If there was in fact a time when it was said, please provide a link, but don't just say something that you aren't sure of.

As for things that I'm interested in:
Wii: Mario Sports Mix, Skyward Sword, Super Meat Boy? (sadly unlikely)
DS: Kirby DS. That's it.
3DS: A bunch of stuff.
WiiWare: FLUX FLUX FLUX FLUX, La Mulana, Retro City Rampage.
DSiWare: No idea.



Knux said:

The 3DS library, Pokemon Black and White, and Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded is what I am looking forward to this year.



pixelman said:

Conduit 2, The Last Story, and Kid Icarus are the ones I'm looking forward to the most. Luckily I'll be able to buy a 3DS at launch!



WaveBoy said:

Aside from the 3DS Library, Zelda Skyward Sword and the new Kirby for the DS I'd have to say....

F-Zero Wii, Punch-Out!! 2, Pikmin 3, Luigi's Mansion 2 and StarFox Wii, oh you know it's gonna happen. And I have a feeling a brand new WiiPlay sequal suporting MotionPlus will be one of the Nintendo announcement suprises.

Hey and lets not forget about Night of the Sacrafice for the Wii.



HeroOfTime007 said:

The first Conduit was hyped at first mostly because of its graphics and controls, which were good. Also with it being the only FPS besides World at War and MoHH2 and it promising multiplayer, many people and websites hyped it up themselves and claimed this would be the halo killer or whatever. Bringing up HVS's past games before 2005 is irrelevant as the Conduit Team was a small and young team. Then after that most of those titles are ports of bad games, and low funded licensed games rushed by publishers.



jobunker said:

If you ask me, they need to find a new super-tight super-potent second-party developer to start pushing out new IPs. Does no one remember Banjo, Conker, Diddy Kong Racing, Jet Force Gemini or Perfect Dark?
THEY NEED A NEW 'ALLIED' SECOND PARTY DEVELOPER. This should be like, one of their biggest goals for the year.



Kyloctopus said:

I don't know Nintendo is a bright company and it takes alot to outdo their wii games of 2010 with Galaxy 2, Other M, Donkey Kong Country, and Epic Yarn
Sure they will out do their Handheld With Pokemon, Dragon Quest, and the 3DS.
I guess it all matters on what Nintendo will do at their Conferences, Tokyo Game Show, and E3 But I gurantee in those stuff we're not getting anything better in our home consoles than Skyward Sward, unless Nintendo is going for a change in home consoles. Like Wii2



TheLonelyGamer said:

Can't wait for Black/White!
Also, where's Skyward Sword? That's one of my most anticipated games of 2011.



BXXL said:

Skyward Sword is definitely my most anticipated game, followed by Okamiden, and then by the 3DS and all the best games to come with it, Paper Mario on the top of my list...

But i hope some huge, epic games will be released in PAL: Ninokuni for the DS, and Xenoblade/Last Story/Earth Seeker for the Wii... i'm more an action/adventure fan than a JRPG one, but after now 4 years, Wii should at least have ONE really huge (and quality) JRPG in its library, if not a couple...

And also: why did they acquire Monolith, if all their games are not even released in both US and Europe? Silly, to say the least...



Quazzaazazazaazaza said:

let's see, I'm excited for...
skyward sword, animal crossing 3DS, paper mario 3DS, Pokemon B & W, okamiden, Ocarina of Time 3D, mario kart 3DS, pilotwings 3DS, Kid Icarus 3DS, and just about every other 3DS game on the list.
I don't understand why The Conduit 2 made the list and Skyward Sword didn't. Do they think it'll come out next year?



Ecto-1 said:

I am looking forward to Zelda, Conduit 2, Pokemon Black and White, Dragon Quest VI, and I am sure Nintendo will announce two or three others at E3 that will get my attention.



Hokori said:

So I can have that attractive girl in 2011 (judging it on the pic that says "This of course")



RevolverLink said:

Personally, I'm really excited about Capcom's DS line-up, specifically Ghost Trick, Okamiden and Ace Attorney Investigations 2 (though I'd still prefer Ace Attorney 5!).

I'm also really hoping that some Wii JRPGs (Last Story, Xenoblade, Tales of Graces, Earth Seeker), Inazuma Eleven and Last Window make their way to North America.



DF2506 said:

Don't forget everyone: there is a 3DS event in Japan on Jan. 8-10! We should get some new info on games then too (I hope). At least some new videos of playable and non-playable games.

As for Nintendo games I'm looking forward to:

Animal Crossing 3DS, Paper Mario 3DS, Ocarnia of Time 3DS, Skyward Sword, and lots of more!

I wouldn't worry about affording all these games right away though. I doubt most of them will come out at launch. Sure, I hope I'm wrong (I'd love to buy AC3DS at launch, but doubt it), but I think some of the probably still need work. We'll should see most of them sometime this year though, right? Here's hoping.



bro2dragons said:

@Jumpmanz: Since when did they start making Pokemon versions different aside from minor story changes and a handful of exclusive pokemon??? And what does "hardcore" even mean??? No, Black is no more "hardcore" than White. As for better legendary, that's up for interpretation.



aaronsullivan said:

Skyward Sword, Star Fox 3DS, Ocarina 3DS, cautiously optimistic for Kid Icarus 3DS. (Wish the 3DS was big and fat like DSi XL though)

Looking back our big winners from Nintendo were Galaxy 2 and MOM. Some iPhone/iPad stuff was very cool and the most time consuming and fun games of 2010 for me were Race for the Galaxy and Dominion. Yes, physical card/board games win for our family last year. Agricola still rocks, as well. Dominion takes all for being the most awesome gateway game that is quick to teach, addictive and deep. And now I've forgotten the topic completely. Apologies.



GamerZack87 said:


In all seriousness, most of the games to which I look forward this year are Game Boy series games. Of course, I'm excited about the supposed launch titles for the VC (Super Mario Land FTW!!!!...oh, and Link's Awakening DX FTW!!!!), but I hope that they release more GB gems...and maybe some Advance games too.

On the hard-copy front, I'm looking forward to Mario Kart 3D, Ocarina of Time 3D, Star Fox 64 3D, the new Paper Mario game, and the inevitable remastered Super Mario Sunshine or other main-series Mario title. Most of the DS and Wii games I'd like right now are already out though.



LuWiiGi said:

Typically, most games for Ninty systems aren't being announced till late. Should be another great year though.



Simon_Deku said:

Zelda isn't there. Big surprise. Everyone I know thinks that this one will be bad. Not that I care, I hate Zelda anyway.



theblackdragon said:

to everyone still looking for Skyward Sword on this list:
This article is why it's not there... apparently they felt including it in this list would overshadow the other games, so they gave it an article all its own. :3



Doma said:

Bit trip: interested.
Conduit: don't care
Entire 3DS library:, just the good games (of which there are plenty).
Pokemon B/W: Hell yes!
Dragon Quest: Maybe, if it ever comes to Europe. More interested in Monster joker 2 though.



VoltSlash said:

As it was already said more times than I could care to count, THE game of 2011 isn't there. And it might just be me, but I could care less for 3DS. These past three months, my PSP entertained me more than my DS did in 3 years. Even my GBA did. Still, the Wii is my favorite home console so I'm expecting great things. I'll be more than upset if Nintendo forgets the Wii over the 3DS.



Sean_Aaron said:

Given how nobody has come close to equalling the excellent control and setting customisations in The Conduit (okay Red Steel 2 did), I'm hoping Conduit 2 will end up being the online multiplayer FPS experience. In the meantime Black Ops is doing pretty well. It'll be nice to have two FPSes on Wii with voice chat options!

Skyward Sword is also something I'm keen to find out more about. Whilst not a fan of Zelda, Twilight Princess did some pretty neat things.



wallyobass12 said:

Adding FLUX is kind of silly. Its a fun game, but no one is sitting around waiting for it to come out.

it will be here and everyone will say

oh wow
thats nice



JeanLuc_Vaycard said:

^ You could say that about any game being released. I'm sure DQ VI when its out many will say, "Oh wow thats nice" and the new Zelda... "Oh wow thats nice" So why again shouldn't Flux be mentioned?



theblackdragon said:

@wallyobass12: lol, there's a lot of us sitting around waiting for it to come out. that was thoughtful of you to put words in our mouths like that so we didn't have to speak for ourselves, though. thanks for that, i guess...

seriously, though, we get that you don't like it, but i know i could totally go for days without missing you chiming in just to crap on anything vaguely WiiWare-related. i promise, i won't be sad to see you not piping up just to say Flux is boring, devs are lying to us, vaporwareblah-blah-blah... really, i think we'll be okay if you were to take a break to help your general mood improve, because you've had some serious anger issues lately. :/



Capt_N said:

Here's hoping the seller's market will allow me to make, even just a small profit off some of 2011's titles on eBay. Horrid seller's market. I'll take lesser profits over no profits, though. But, it's almost impossible to make any right now. Oh, well...



rjejr said:

I guess it's just me but that is one weak list. I'm glad E3 blew me away last year with Kirby and DK so there's still hope something great besides Zelda (which I'm not holding my breath for in 2011) will be out next holiday season. Since they came out with a really great SMG2 maybe a new New SMB Wii. Or Pikimn 3.

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