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Fri 12th Dec 2008

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Kamuki commented on Rayman 3D Rated by ESRB:

Considering Rayman 1 was on GBA (Rayman Advance) and Rayman 2 was on DS (Rayman DS) I'm guessing this'll just end up being Rayman 3 on 3DS. >_<



Kamuki commented on USA WiiWare Update: Niki - Rock 'n' Ball:

continues to wait for Eternity's Child

I've been thinking about getting Niki Rock'ball. Mainly cause it looks similar to a game I used to play for N64 Iggy Wrecking Ball



Kamuki commented on Review: Family Glide Hockey (WiiWare):

I love family table tennis and glide hockey. I just still don't get why the hate? Because it has family in it's name? (This is coming from a guy who hates family/most third party wii games.)



Kamuki commented on iPhone Hit 1112 WiiWare bound?:

1112 is actually part of a game called fade for PC.

It was split up into 4 chapters for iphone later so I'm sure they can just bring the much awkrardly smaller sized pc version to wiiware.



Kamuki commented on LostWinds 2:

Can anyone recommend any good wiiware games to play in the wait for this?

I already have...
1. Lost Winds
2. Final Fantasy
3. Strong bad
4. Strong bad 2
5. World of Goo
6. Megaman 9
7. Dr. Mario
8. Family Table Tennis
9. TV Show King
10. Star Soldier R
11. Bomberman Blast!
That's it so far.