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Talking Point: Your Favourite Nintendo Christmas Memories

Posted by James Newton

Gather round, gather round

For many gamers, Nintendo is as big a part of Christmas as tinsel, turkey and too-tight trousers, the company's magic helping to make the festive season just a little more joyful.

With that in mind, we want to hear from you, our beloved Nintendo Life readers, about your favourite Nintendo Christmas memories. Perhaps it was the time you received an NES as a surprise gift, or teaming up with your tipsy parents to dish out some pain in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. We especially want to hear from you if you're this guy.

Whatever your Nintendo-related memories of Christmas, we want to hear them in the comments below.

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Bass_X0 said:

One of my presents when I was young was Probotector. However, I didn't have a NES so I thought my parents made a mistake. Then my uncle came down at midday and gave me my NES. I played on it for the rest of the day and even found the first warp zone by myself.



grenworthshero said:

Getting my Nintendo 64 is definitely my best gaming-related Christmas memory. That system changed my life. I started to become obsessed with the NFL, Brett Favre and the Green Bay Packers, because of NFL QB Club 1999, and Ocarina of Time started my obsession with Koji Kondo and video game music in general. I got into writing because I wanted to write an epic like Ocarina of Time (which was pretty epic at age 10). That system is what cemented my adolescent Nintendo fanboyism, and started my real obsession with gaming in general. I had played a lot of NES and SNES back when they were the only things available, but not until I got the N64 did I really get into gaming. Many of the games I played back then played a big part in forming my personality.



Fuzzy said:

Got my SNES (with All Stars) one Christmas, and a N64 (with Mario64) another. So there was a lot of gaming had.

I remember hogging the SNES that day and "trying out" all of the games on All Stars to "make sure they worked". But my brother got me back on Boxing Day by being allowed to play Super Mario World all morning while I watched. I was jealous, as that game looked a lot better, and started my love for SMW. Ahhh, good times.



Sylverstone said:

Definitely the day I got my first Nintendo DS.

My dad came over the house back in December 2004 (divorced from Mom) and I was staying over his house for the holidays.

I had asked him about the DS before when I saw the day-long coverage on G4, in the good old days.

I hopped in the back of his truck, and he tossed back the DS box at me and smiled.

I carefully tore my way into my first DS and was playing Spider-Man 2 and Madden NFL for most of the time.

Unfortunately, my nephew spilled orange juice on it by mistake so I never got to show my friends until April, when my replacement came in.



Jazzem said:

Chirstmas 1997. My brothers and I all asked for different presents (I asked for magnets; how sad is that!?), but we all shared one 'main' gift we dearly wanted; an N64. I'd been fascinated by Nintendo since watching Super Mario Kart in motion at friends' houses and the mesmerising bleeps of a Game Boy, so the thought of a new Nintendo console to replace our now-dead (and later replaced) Mega Drive was Christmas magic in the making.

Funny thing is I wanted a PlayStation at first...for the game based on the Looney Tunes Space Jam movie. Eep! My bros convinced me otherwise, and while the PS wouldn't have been a poor choice, I'm glad we went with the '64. We got Super Mario 64 and Diddy Kong Racing (even if initially my eldest brother advised me not to play the former due to difficulty; screw that!), two games very dear to my heart that allowed my love for Nintendo and Rare to really be cemented. I fell in love with DKR and its colourful characters (pre Bad Fur Day-Conker yes!), amazing music and fast frantic gameplay, and Mario? Well that was just glorious, you know?

But guess what? Power frigging cut! Hooray to South Wales eh...happened for a good deal of the day, which meant some sad fixated staring at the console, all of us so desperate for a race or two against some weird animal dudes. Still, you could tell a dear love for that jet black console had settled in and was there to stay. We ended up getting several games for it (up to Paper Mario and Pokémon Stadium 2 in 2001!) and plugging untold amounts of hours into it.

I've had other great Nintendo Christmases (Game Boy Color, Wii, Donkey Konga, Mario Kart Double Dash) but that's probably the most significant and most fondly remembered for me, as I've remained a huge Nintendo fan ever since. 1998 would probably be a runner up though, getting my own Game Boy Color was amazing for me, and the magic of my brother on Ocarina of Time in the background was certainly acknowledged.

Long live the Big N!

@Dazza Honestly I probably wasn't far off that



booker_steve said:

I remember wanting an N64, we weren't made of money and it had been out many years. They released the goldeneye/N64 pack (not the one with the gold controller, the one after for £99), and I knew it was time. I was about 13, and was only allowed it if I sold my SNES (which I had the year the 64 came out), and the games to make up the money. A sad day indeed, especially as I had to wait 6 weeks without a console before Christmas.

But what a day when it came, playing Mario Kart and Goldeneye, only one controller, but my brother and I took it in turns. Ah, good times.

Kids these days don't realise how lucky they are with their two or three consoles and 500 games each.



JimLad said:

Getting a SNES + Star Wing + Super Mario Kart. I had been pestering my parents about it since our summer holiday that year, so it wasn't too much of a surprise.

Also '98, getting Ocarina of Time and Body Harvest (one of my favourite games) in one christmas was just magical.



HanuKwanzMasBif said:

When I got a Wii from my grandma last year (I be a young newb. I try to make up for that). I had essentially the same reaction as the Nintendo Sixty FOOOOOOOOOOUR kid.



TKOWL said:

Chritmas 2003- I peeked into our gift pile 10 days before Christmas, and there was a Gamecube, my first-ever console. My parents found out, and threatened to not give me it. With tensions high, I went downstairs on Christmas morning, expecting there to be an empty tree, but low and behold the Gamecube was there! It came with Kirby Air Ride, and still to this day I play that game.



DiggerandIndy said:

I remember getting a Sega Genesis for Christmas of 1995. It came with Sonic 2 and we were fascinated by it all, and it was a good thing too, because my dad was deployed to South Korea at the time, and he had our SNES to keep him from getting bored.



NintyMan said:

It was Christmas Eve, 2006. My parents brought up a big present and told me to unwrap it, since we usually open just one present on Christmas Eve. So I did, and I found a Nintendo Wii. Obviously overjoyed not only because it was a Nintendo Wii but a rare one since it was during the time when Wiis were scarce, we had the whole family gather around for a good time of Wii Sports. That was fun!
Another time was Christmas 1999 when I was a kid. That Christmas I got a green N64 with Donkey Kong 64 bundled in. Being a DK fan I was joyful for it! I still have it now along with our original N64.



hatty475 said:

One year my brother and I got a PS2 for Christmas. At the time I had no interest in the PS2 library so my parents got me two random games they though I would like. They got me SpongeBob SquarePants: Curse of the Flying Dutchman and Scooby Doo Night of 100 frights. They were ok and all but I traded them both in at a store for Super Smash Bros on the N64.



SuperLink said:

I can see that you all have some really amazing stories of the 8-bit glory days (praise them), but I do not have a story with the same epic propotrions. Although, a it was a very exciting day when, on Christmas, 2006, when I was furiously unwrapping presents, much like how the small Nintendo Sixty FOOOOOOOOOOOOUR child clawed at his box. I had a gut feeling that I would be getting a Wii that year, but I still was not sure.
I was on a quest you see, a quest to find the long awaited present, the treasure........the Nintendo Wii. I kept opening the bigger presents my mother had gotten me, in hopes of finding the box for the Wii (I opened one big box, and it turned out to be a waffle maker!), but when she suggested opening some smaller presents instead, and saving the slightly bigger ones for last, I had no choice but to agree, 'cause she had this look in her eye that said "I know what you're looking for, but there are some good presents besides that, so quit being disrespectful and open a smaller present, dang it!"
So, I walked over to the tree, with a disappointed look on my face, knowing that my exciting quest was on hold, when I spotted a small rectangular prisim-like object...the shape of a video game box. I went down to open it, when my mother saw what I was doing and shouted "No, wait, STOP!". It was too late.
It was an Avatar the Last Airbender video game...for Wii. Well, apparently, I was supposed to open the Wii first, and not the game as not to ruin the surprise of GETTING a Wii. But it did not matter. It was still a joyous moment of my life when I saw that little gray word: Wii, in the top right-hand corner of the box. It was like seeing the future, eventually, watching me complete my quest....eventually. So, as you might guess, the hunt was back on, and this time, wrapping paper would fly. Whe I saw it, I screamed, much like the small child in the video, with all the joy in the world........and then I played the Wii for the rest of the day.

THE END and Merry Christmas!



Pastry said:

Oh man, my Christmas story is WAY different than all of yours.

When I was about five or six, I was over at my friends house two days before Christmas. My friend had an old SNES that my family used to own, but my parents had traded it to them for a new roof for our car (I never forgave them). We were playing Super Mario World and Mario Kart.

I had been asking for a SNES for Christmas so I wouldn't have to go over to my friend's house every time I wanted to play it (we lived pretty close to each other). My parents had hinted that they were getting me a console but I had no idea that they were going to get me a Gameboy Advance!

They bought me Super Mario World and Mario Kart: Super Circuit! We went out two days after Christmas and we bought Donkey Kong Country 2, Pac-Man Collection, Super Mario Bros. 3 and Yoshi's Island.

You can imagine I didn't do anything productive for about a MONTH!



Token_Girl said:


That would definitely have been the first Nintendo system I got at X-mas. I guess I was 9th grade or so at the time. I got Mario 64 and Diddy Kong Racing as well. Two awesome games (makes me sad we won't see Rare on the VC). My bro and I played them all day pretty much.

The only other time I got a Nintendo system as a gift was a GBC a year or two later. My bro had one already, so it generally wasn't a problem to borrow his. My mom ended up stealing it to play Tetris, so I never really saw it much after that.



SuperMarioFan96 said:

I feel like a such a young'in.

Anyway this one's easy for me. 2006. The year of the Wii. Oh how badly I wanted one. But as many of ou probably remember, they were selling like crazy and therefore very hard to find. My mom searched and searched, but eventually I wound up with an IOU under the tree (among various other things of course ).

2 days pass and my mom goes to Target to return something that wasn't working. She never went there with the intention of finding a Wii as she was walking she suddenly noticed one sitting on a shelf. I wasn't there, but she told me she (pretty much) had the following conversation with the guy working there:
Her: ....Is that a Wii?
Worker: ...yeah.
Her: Is it for sale?!
Worker: Yes, it is.
Her: Is there something wrong with it!?!
Her: Can I buy it?!?!??!?!?!
Worker: Of course.

As you can tell, she was kind of in shock. After she finally calmed down enough to ask someone, she found out that the store had recieved a shipment of more than 20 Wiis a mere hour before she picked this one up. Not that they lasted long or anthing: There were only 3 left when she bought it, and this was after Christmas to boot.

So eventually she arrived home from the store, and placed the Wii box on our stairs. She told me to go get something upstairs, but I stopped dead in my tracks when I saw the Wii. I couldn't even believe what I was looking at, and after recovering from my shock, my reaction was NINTENDO SIXTY FOOOOOOOOOOUR-esque (well, mabe not quite.... ). I hooked it up all by myself (to 10-year-old me it seemed like an accomplishment ), and played Wii Sports for hours upon hours over the next week of school vacation, with numerous friends coming over to make Miis and join in on the fun.

So yeah, that's my story.



IAmNotWill said:

Favorite Nintendo Christmas? It was only 3 years ago...

Went with my dad early morning on a Sunday. (I remember the exact day too... December 16th, 2007, 8:00 am, weird huh?) We hadn't been able to find a Wii for the past weeks at any stores, so we had to go to Target early morning. When my dad swiped his credit card, I was ready to run with it to the car so I could get home and start playing, but my dad said to "wait until christmas." At school that week, I got a $100 gift card for GameStop, and used it to buy 2 games. Christmas came, and I unwraped the Wii, 2 nunchucks , Wii PLay + Extra Wiimote, and Super Mario Galaxy. Spent the rest of the day playing Wii Sports, and looking for stars in SMG. Best Christmas ever!



SonicMaster said:

Ah yes, I have one. It's pretty short, though . 3 Years ago tomorrow was the day we got our Wii. We were opening presents when we stumbled upon a Wii Remote charger. Then, for whatever reason, our parents decided to let us unwrap Wii Play plus the extra wii remote before finally they brought out another box, hidden in the closet. I remember fondly unwrapping it then jumping around in my underwear with my brother yelling, "Wii! Wii! Wii! Wii! Wii! Wii!" Ah, good times.



CHRISZ0626 said:

my most memorable christmas present was getting a N64.This system is what made me become into video gaming.The N64 had games i still remember to this day.For example super mario 64,starfox 64,pokemon stadium,vigilante 8, and mario kart 64.I never played a zelda game since i never even heard of it in that time but nintendo made one of the greatest systems of all time and would like to thank my parents for buying me a N64.I have another question does anyone play ss bros. brawl?



RetroWarrior said:

I cannot imagine Christmas without video games and especially Nintendo. In 1990, my present was a Game Boy, with Tetris and Super Mario Land. That was the beginning of my video game career.
So, this year, I also celebrate my 20th video game anniversary.

Merry Christmas!



Crystalking18 said:

My story would probably have to be in 2005, when I was just a mere 11 years old. Me and my brother were unwrapping presents around the Christmas tree, when suddenly my brother pulled out a copy of Mario Kart DS. We never had a DS, so the rest of the time became an instant scramble to find the DS and any other games that came with it. Eventually when we found it, we had not only found Mario Kart DS, but also Mega Man Battle Network 5, and Mario and Luigi Partners in Time. On the Gamecube though, we got some pretty good games like Super Smash Bros Melee (yes we were late but my brother recently turned 13 so we could get it), and some Mega Man X Collection. Overall, great Christmas



OverlordMao said:

It was 2000, my brother had played his psx for years and left me out of it, so I became jealous. I wanted my own system because all I had was a gameboy color and 2 games.

Then, my awesome grandman who worked at a game casino (the people who excahnge tickets for prizes) told me that if I could win enough tickets(around 2000), she would give me a PS2 from the prize rack for christmas.

I did it, and I outdid my brother at the same time. BOOYAH!



metakirbyknight said:

It was 2:05AM on December 25th 2006. I always am the first one to wake up, and not just on Christmas. Of course, I couldn't go back to sleep, so I woke everybody else up. This year all the presents were simply addressed to the family, not to a specific person. Me and three of my four (my older sister has severe cerebral palsy) siblings took turns opening presents. The boxes were arranged so the smaller boxes were closest to us and the larger boxes were closest to the tree. Being widely excited, we jump at the smaller boxes. The smaller boxes at the front included one or two Nintendo DS games. Then slightly larger were the Wii games. At this point we were just confused because we didn't own a Wii nor did it look like there was a box large enough to contain one. Then we moved onto the Wii Remotes and Nunchucks. Now we were suspicious, but no boxes were left. My parents said "Aren't you missing something?" And I looked behind the tree and there was one last present. Being myself, I had watched countless unboxing videos of the Wii and knew what size the box was. And here was this box, exactly the same size. I tore it open and there it was. That's (mostly) all we got for Christmas that year. It was a weird year, because while my family is fairly well off, the kids still have to purchase most of the gaming equipment and the like.

Not necessarily a Nintendo story, but it's still good. It was December 7th, 2010. Google was holding a Chrome OS event. It turned out that they were giving away 60,000 free laptops running the new Chrome OS. I almost immediately applied. A couple days before Christmas, I was coming home from the movies, and there was a package with my name on it. I ripped it open and there was sitting my new laptop. I'm using it right now. It looks like Santa came early for me.



k8sMum said:

it was the year that Donkey Kong Country came out. i had searched all over for one for our little boy, but none were to be found. finally, after calling all over, one turned up in north syracuse, about 35 miles away...but a big snow storm was due to hit. no problem! daddy and i got the kids off to school then hit the road. 10 miles into the trip, blizzard conditions. good old central new york lake effect.

finally made it to the store, which had kindly saved one of their last 2 copies for me (yes, i had used tears to get them to do it). crawled back home thru the blowing snow and made it with 1/2 hour to spare before the kids got i settled down to play a game! (oh, did i mention that mom wanted the game really badly too?? )

one very happy boy on christmas morning...then i hear: 'hey mom! how come there's already a saved game on here???' i told him i had to make sure it was a good cartridge so he wouldn't be disappointed...even as a little one he didn't buy that. lol



LztheQuack said:

Well a few years ago, I was playing my GBA having a wonderful time....until the Christmas tree fell



Raylax said:

I burnt down the family home, ate the kitten, and kicked my cousin's new Game Boy all the way down the street. Great Christmas.



HP_3 said:

My favorite Nintendo Christmas memories was when I got the NES (xmas-1985) and the SNES (xmas-1991). Good memories there!



LuWiiGi said:

Last year, I got an XBOX 360 for Christmas. My cousin got a Nintendo Wii. Guess what? I preferred his Wii to my XBOX, and he preferred my XBOX to his Wii. Christmas, eh?



SilverBaretta said:

I was 3 or 4, I believe. I had no idea video games existed. Then Christmas came. My cousin gave me a package. It was his hand-me-down SNES, which, at the time, was just ending it's lifecycle. My sister, of all people seemed to know what it was, and was the one who hooked it up. Watching her play Super Mario All-Stars, (which my cousin also gave to me as a gift, because who wants a system with no games to play on it?) I was enthralled by all the moving colors and the little chubby guy who jumped on brown mushrooms. Then, I actually got to play. Needless to say, I was terrible, but as time went on, I gt better and better, and my adoration of video games grew deeper and deeper. Now I sit here today, sharing this memory of how my habit came to be, all because of that one Christmas.

@Superlink64: Hahaha, a waffle maker for christmas, that would be hilarious to me if I got it.



Objection said:

It wasn't my first Nintendo system, but it was the first one i got for Christmas. December 2001: The Nintendo Gamecube. When I opened the wrapping and saw that my grandparents had gotten that, I pretended to faint. It was funny, because they all thought I was gonna hit my head on the fireplace. It was less funny because I almost did, but whatever, I got a freakin' Gamecube! Eventually I got a PS2 which had more games but the GCN still remains one of my favorite systems.



1080ike said:

Well, I'm younger than most people here, so I didn't start gaming until the early GBA/GC years. But, the Christmas where I got my first-ever system still sticks out in my mind.
I had just finished opening all of my presents and was playing with a few of them (I think the one I was playing with the most was a Woody and Buzz Lightyear set, yeah, I was only seven or eight), when my dad tapped me on the shoulder. When I asked him what he wanted, he pointed under the tree, where there was a present that I had missed. When I opened it, there was a cardboard box, with a certain handheld on the side: the GBA. And, even better, I got Super Mario Advance and Golden Sun with it! Of course, this being my first time playing an RPG, I got stuck almost immidiately, and began playing Mario. I was almost as bad at that, so I put it down in frustration and refused to play it for the rest of the day. A day later, I decided to try again, and, well, the rest is histroy, since I've been playing games ever since. All nine years since.



Incognito_D said:

I'm also a member of the Christmas 1997 Nintendo 64 Club. It was the first time I'd ever been hyped up for a console, and I had to wait all the time from it's release in March til Christmas - while all the magazines tormented me with their previews and coverage of all the great new games.
I can totally identify with the N64 kid because the N64 was built up to be the most important thing in the world, ever. On Christmas Day I received Super Mario 64, Mario Kart 64, Diddy Kong Racing and Wave Race 64. good times were had!



MasterGraveheart said:

Merry Christmas!

In 1986, my mom brought me and my dad our first NES system. Games we got, including Super Mario Bros., were The Legend of Zelda, Castlevania II, Metroid, Top Gun, and Mega Man 2, I think. I don't remember it so much since I was only 5 months old at the time. ^^;

The year I got my Super NES for my birthday, complete with Donkey Kong Country, I finally got some extra SNES games to go with it. While my hopes were for A Link to the Past, sitting in front of the tree for me that morning was a game that I underestimated so much. That game was Super Metroid and it would go on to become my absolute favorite SNES game. It was simply awesome and I could only imagine the music blaring out of my window into the unsuspecting public that summer. While I did get Link to the Past, X-Men: Mutant Apocalypse, and a couple others, Super Metroid was simply IT.

My favorite Nintendo memory that I do remember is the day I got my N64 with Super Mario 64 and Shadows of the Empire (launch Christmas). THEN my mom takes me into her room and tells me that I won ANOTHER N64 from a Toys R Us contest with Super Mario 64. I literally jumped into the air proclaiming "YES! YES! YES!" I think I scared my dog... =P

Not to be outdone, the launch year of the Nintendo GameCube also netted me Luigi's Mansion, Rogue Squadron II, and Super Smash Bros. Brawl. I think this one was a little dampered though as my best friend moved away the year before, so, unlike with the N64, I didn't have anyone to play it with... but I still had a blast with my GameCube and still have it hooked up to this day, even with my Wii nestled between it and my N64.

Then, of course, there is my Wii. It's launch was sweet and I got more games for it then any other system I had gotten on Christmas before. Along with Wii Sports, I got Call of Duty 3, Dragonball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 2, Dragon Quest Swords, The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, Marvel Ultimate Alliance, Red Steel, and Trauma Center: Second Opinion. Needless to say, Zelda got the most play time and Red Steel got the least, however, I still enjoy these games today. It was also the first time I hooked up the system myself, so that was an adventure, heh.

Merry Christmas, everyone!



Ecto-1 said:

My favorite Nintendo related Christmas memory would have to be Christmas of 1999. That was the year I received a teal blue Nintendo GameBoy Color. It was my first Nintendo system, and it was really the system that got me hooked on videogames. I still have it and it still works. I think I am going to go pop some batteries in it and play it , just for old times sake. Merry Christmas one and all!



93jam said:

The best Christmas game related story that I had was when I got my Gamecube the Christmas of 2004. It was the bundle that had the silver console, 2 controllers, and Double Dash. They also got me Animal Crossing! Another year, can't remember which, when I got my GBA SP, I had no clue I was getting it!



DeeEll said:

Well, I have 2.

The first was getting a Gameboy Advance SP. I don't believe I had actually had a game system before that. I recall getting Shrek 2 with it, which was a game I actually enjoyed.

The second is getting a Wii. After tearing off that wonderful gift wrapping, I saw it. I actually cried tears of pure joy. I now think of that moment as rather embarrassing (please tell me someone else cried when they got one), but it's a nice Christmas memory.



Jazzem said:

Gotta say, speaking as someone who's 19 who used to be the 'young' one on such websites likes these, it's wonderful to see the younger folks having their great Christmases with the newer systems But worries of senility are starting to settle in!



astarisborn94 said:

When I got coal.

Just kidding. My favorite Christmas memory would be in Christmas of 1999 when I got my Nintendo 64. I don't recall how I felt but if I could guess, I would say I was pretty excited for it. It would then go on to make me the gamer I am and the Nintendo 64 would end up being my favorite gaming system.



MasterGraveheart said:

@JumpMad: Is Link hitting on Peach? It all makes sense! HE'S the one who was supposed to be protecting Peach, but Bowser used magic to banish him to Hyrule, while cursing his rival in evil, Gannondorf!



DarkLloyd said:

well i cant remeber the past christmass where i got a nintendo system but i do remeber the gamecube (19 years old here) the times were tough money wise for my only parent mom but she managed it somehow she literally went in line hours before the local zellers store was open and this was while i was still sleeping

but enough of that what came with my black gamecube was the zelda collection man it was fun playing the zelda games again plus the demo of windwaker and a extra game was luigi's mansion which was beaten over the weekend

you all write better stories of your christmas, sorry mine wasnt so interesting like the rest of u guys



bboy2970 said:

Well, I remember the year i got the N64. I was so excited even though the thing wasn't exactly a new console at that time. As I sat there mesmerized with Mario 64, my dad came down the stairs holding a brand new Dreamcast with Sonic Adventure! It was amazing! And then there was the year that the Wii came out. My dad had failed to get one at launch and my chances of getting it that year were looking grim. On christmas I got an Xbox 360 from my dad. I was happy don't get me wrong but I'm not exactly a fan of Xbox and felt that was the nail in the coffin of me not getting a Wii that year. But then! My mom had apparently secretly snatched a Wii of of Ebay and gave it to me shortly after I got the 360. That was by far the best Christmas ever. The only Christmas that could top it would be one where I get the 3DS. That will of course never happen though as I'm getting it myself on March when it comes out.



WaveGhoul said:

The Gamecube with Luigi's Mansion and the Wii with Super Mario Galaxy!
I'd also say the NES, but I got that a few months before christmas. I was more of a genesis kid growing up in the SNES/Genesis era(more of a fanboy, although I totaly prefered the SNES), so I honestly don't have too many NIntendo Christmas memories, sucks to be me!



bryguy1919 said:

Christmas 2003 my dad surprised me with a gameboy advance sp. It was how I got into video games!



PSICOffee said:

The year 1999 when I got an N64 finally after 3 years of asking for one. Only problem was my grandma put my brothers name on the tag. Nevertheless, we played Bomberman Hero all night which is a far better game than people give it credit for. All those great gaming memories of Smash Bros and everything. My brother and I accumulated 30 N64 games the year after we got the system, being all the good games made for it of course. I'm glad we got Bomberman 64 2 when we did.

Getting my NES and Gameboy Pocket (first gameboy) were pretty sweet also. I remember saying "wow! Super Mario Land! But I don't have a gameboy!" when I opened the present, with my grandparents saying, "well, you never know you might get one." Of course one of my later presents was a black gameboy pocket. I think my parents hate me getting video games because I got an NES too but I never saw it again after Christmas day...

Of course I've showed them now with my massive NES collection and top loader!



Big_A2 said:

Ah yes, Christmas 2002; The Christmas of GameCube and Super Smash Bros Melee. The Christmas that changed my life forever. I had asked for Super Mario Sunshine, but that must’ve been sold out, so it fell back on my parent’s best judgement, and man did I get lucky. It was my introduction to the world of Nintendo outside of Pokémon. Ah yes, those were the days. I’d give anything to re-live the next 4 years after that Christmas.

Then high school and Wii came. Now my life sucks.



JustanotherGamer said:

I had recieved an NES for Christmas, And an Nintendo 64 for Christmas. Those were the only consoles that I recieved at Christmas. I've had all 5 Nintendo consoles. A Nintendo Console at Christmas is a great gift to recieve.



super-nintendo said:

Playing Donkey Kong Country Returns TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love Nintendo. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

Oh, but when I got that NES Christmas 1988....I went totally nuts!! It's great to still play games from the BEST game company EVER: NINTENDO.

I had to come back and say again: I LOVE NINTENDO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Everybody is trying to play my Nintendo games today because they are the most fun to play on CHRISTMAS!!!! LOL

I recieved 7 awesome Nintendo games as gifts and a new sexy HDTV......Merry Christmas!!! I love you Jesus!!! (bet you don't see that



pmccord said:

Christmas 1991. We asked for a Super Nintendo, but got a Sega Genesis. We played it, but I wanted the next Mario game. We played the Sonic games, Toe Jam & Earl, and a few other Genesis hits, but not nearly as much as we had played the original NES.

Fast forward to Christmas 1997. We got a Nintendo 64, but my little brother was hogging it. I had gotten a hand-me-down SNES that summer but hadn't really touched it, so over the Christmas holidays, I played Super Mario World for the first time. In the past, I had played SMB 1, 2, and 3 until my fingers bled, but the few chances I had to play SMW weren't enough, and I never learned to like it. But that Christmas, I played it through two or three times. After that, I played Super Mario World all the way through - start to finish, 0 to 96 stars - every Christmas for several years...

Always being a few years behind is why I love retro games so much. They've proven again and again to be as much fun as, if not more fun than, the new games coming out. I still go back and play the original Mario and DKC games a couple of times a year...



WizzJones said:

i remember when i first got my gamecube on christmas
played starfox adventures until i threw up
literally lol



Ultranintendofanboy said:

My favourit nintendo Christmas was in 2003 when i got my Game Boy Advance SP with F-Zero-GP Legend and GTA Advance.
Good old times.



Bassman_Q said:

Me and my bro got a Gamecube for Christmas of either '02 or '03, with me getting Super Mario Sunshine and my bro getting StarFox Adventures. I remember both of us fighting over the Gamecube to spend time with our respective games. Eh, good times.



Gamer83 said:

I got the original Gameboy for Christmas in 1991 or 1992 along with Tetris and Blades of Steel and spent the day playing most of those, that was the first system I ever got as a Christmas gift so that's one of my fondest memories. I'll also never forget opening up the N64 and Super Mario 64 on Christmas day 1996. Three years later I got the Sega Dreamcast which is also a great memory. I've also received plenty of great games that led to other awesome days of gaming on Christmas over the years. Some of my favorites are Aladdin (Genesis), NBA Jam (Sega CD), Diddy Kong Racing, WCW vs. nWo World Tour, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, San Francisco Rush, Resident Evil 2 (N64), Super Smash Bros. Melee, Metroid Prime 1, one of the PS2 Castlevanias, Metal Gear Solid 3, Condemned: Criminal Origins, Yoshi's Island DS, Medal of Honor Heroes 2 (Wii), Fable 2 and most recently Epic Mickey.



nmozdzier said:

Well I actually got a surprise Wii a few weeks after Christmas, because we couldn't find one before that, but it did produce a quite similar reaction to that guy.



paperskyx said:

My favorite memory is when I got my DSi last year <3
It's my baby, I spoil it with new games all the time xD
I freaked out when I dropped it and watched it tumble down the staircase open, one step at a time, but it was completely undamaged. Not even a scratch. I got lucky. :]



TheBigHamlin said:

I remember getting Donkey Kong Country and Final Fantasy III the same Christmas. I knew I was getting Final Fantasy because I was at Meijer (
midwest thing) where my mother had bought it, but it was still the only time I peeked in my parents hiding place and knew what I was getting for sure.



Capt_N said:

SNes early 90's. Don't remember exactly. I'm sure it was '94, or '95. Awesome, & a 1/2!



salty1264 said:

ggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmmeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee cccccccccccccccccccuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuubbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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