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Compulsive buyer of Mario games.

Female, 19, United States

I'm a loyal Nintendo fan. I'll admit it, a lot of it comes from nostalgia, but honestly, how can you not love classics like Paper Mario and Super Mario Sunshine?

Sat 11th Dec 2010

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paperskyx commented on Nintendo "Would Consider" Making Free-To-Play ...:

Can they please NOT add paid content to Animal Crossing?! A free-to-play version is fine and could increase sales dramatically if done correctly.. but putting paid DLCs into Animal Crossing is completely out of line and annoying.



paperskyx commented on Katsuya Eguchi: An Animal Crossing: New Leaf T...:

I play everyday and I'm not sick of it! I won't be sick of it until I've gotten all of my house expansions and each room is well furnished, and I have all of the available buildings/structures in my town (except for dumb stuff like street lamps, clocks, etc), donated everything to the museum, caught every bug, fish, and underwater creature, seen everything I can see... So yeah, it'll be a while. There's a lot more content in this game than any other version, so if you were iffy on previous AC games, I still recommend this one to you. It also depends if you prefer fast-paced games or games like this one that give you a little bit at a time.



paperskyx commented on Cooking Mama 4: Kitchen Magic:

I wish they hadn't made her talk in this game. It's really annoying to constantly hear "Wow! Even better than Mama!" every single time I complete a simple task, like putting butter on a pan. Also, each task is so slow and deliberate in this game that I feel as though it would have been a much better experience if it was more fast-paced..



paperskyx commented on Review: Halloween: Trick or Treat (DSiWare):

"We then tapped Bigfoot again and, still, nothing happened. We assumed we must have tapped the wrong Bigfoot so we scanned the area for another, found none, and frustratedly tapped Bigfoot a third time, which all of a sudden counted as finding him."
This makes me picture two people holding the stylus together and doing those actions.. Why do you need to say "we" for everything? o_0

Anyway, this game sounds terrible. I hate seasonal games anyway.



paperskyx commented on Review: Inchworm Animation (DSiWare):

Hmm. A bit late to be writing this comment maybe, but I bought this a while back and I was kind of disappointed. Naturally, I'm going to compare it to Flipnote.. and I must say, I like Flipnote better. Whereas Inchworm has more powerful tools, Flipnote has a much cleaner, professional, visually appealing look. Inchworm's design in general just puts me off and makes me not want to use it. It also lacks the ability to share creations with the world like you can with Flipnote, and that's a huge mistake. Flipnote has created a community within itself with the ability to share animations, and without that feature on Inchworm, creating things seems dry and pointless.

I can't ignore its good qualities though. I really like how we can create movies, stop motion, and time lapses. I wish we could make movies longer than a few seconds, but I understand that with that ability, the memory on our poor Nintendos would dwindle faster than we knew what we were doing. I also like how we have a full color selection, rather than the classic black, red, and blue that Flipnote provides. The drawing tools are certainly more diverse and they allow us to make beautiful creations that would be impossible with Flipnote.

Buy this application if you're an artist, basically. I feel like it's a nice thing to have but I don't use it too often because I'm not good at drawing or animating myself. The potential of this program goes above and beyond though, so I definitely recommend it.



paperskyx commented on Review: Panda Craze (DSiWare):

LMAO, this review is hilarious! Especially the part about her breathing heavily. But it's a shame that all this crap is coming to DSiWare..



paperskyx commented on Talking Point: Your Favourite Nintendo Christm...:

My favorite memory is when I got my DSi last year <3
It's my baby, I spoil it with new games all the time xD
I freaked out when I dropped it and watched it tumble down the staircase open, one step at a time, but it was completely undamaged. Not even a scratch. I got lucky. :]



paperskyx commented on Review: AlphaBounce (DSiWare):

This game is AWESOME! I agree with what some others are saying - it starts off a bit slow but once you get to your fifth or sixth level, you're addicted. Oh, and the loading time is NOT as bad as people are making it seem.



paperskyx commented on Review: Art Style: AQUITE (DSiWare):

I think this game is pretty fun. The perfect extra puzzle game to store on your DSi for the times that you're bored. I think a 9 might be pushing it, I'd give it a 8 at the most.



paperskyx commented on Review: Maestro! Green Groove (DSiWare):

I kind of want to buy this, it looks fun. My only concern is the bug that people are talking about. I don't want to waste money on a game that will just mess up my DSi.. Does anyone else know more about this?



paperskyx commented on Review: Rhythm Core Alpha (DSiWare):

This looks horrid. The graphics are ugly and almost painful to look at. Granted, what really matters is the quality of music we're able to make with it, but the look is important to me too.. If looking at it will give me a headache, I won't buy it.



paperskyx commented on Review: Date or Ditch (DSiWare):

This game looks really bad. Gameloft's games are all similar to each other, and they're all similarly terrible as well.. at least the popstar one has minigames in it and a good storyline.



paperskyx commented on Review: Pyoro (DSiWare):

This game is SO ADDICTING. I love it soo much. I used to play it all the time and I'm really good at it now. The second one gets really intense and fast-paced.