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Thu 11th Nov 2010

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Pokeman commented on Talking Point: Nintendo has Nothing to Fear fr...:

Actually, Apple has earned over a billion bucks, not millions. Even though Apple has cheaper games, doesn't mean they can beat Nintendo or Sony or all of our favorite devices. Money doesn't matter, the entertainment does. Well maybe some games can, thats a whole different story.[=



Pokeman commented on Review: Rango (Wii):

Dude, every movie game sucks! I've bought many movie games and their all unenjoyable. Well Toy Story 3 was preeeeetty neat.



Pokeman commented on Review: Monster Buster Club (DSiWare):

Bleh, totally forgot it was a kids show, thank god I didn't dare browse at the game. Also, all you do I bet is just touch the screen to kill unsual childfreindly creatures.



Pokeman commented on Review: Crystal Monsters (DSiWare):

Man, this game is awesome, but not as awesome as pokemon, well maybe their a little even but the result, a copy of pokemon but sassier. Make a sequal!!!



Pokeman commented on Review: I SPY Spooky Mansion (Wii):

A seven! Man, I was expecting lower than a 3 or 4 but they called Pokepark even suckier than a game that is probably only lasts 1 or 2 hours. How do they do this by allowing the *****iest game that doesn't interest people!



Pokeman commented on Review: Scooby-Doo! and the Spooky Swamp (Wii):

In one of the pictures, Shaggy or whatever his name is, looks like a woman. I was expecting a rating below 3 because a friend of mine has this for his kids, they beat it in an hour and guess how old they were, FIVE!!! This was their first game too.



Pokeman commented on Review: Inkub (WiiWare):

I bought this game, I really REALLY thought it was a waste of money, don't be surprised over the low rating it got, it deserved it, On the bright side, good review, but I still wouldn't buy it if I were you.



Pokeman commented on Review: Soccer Bashi (WiiWare):

You could totally just buy puzzle games online or even play puzzle games for free most of the time!! No one likes puzzle games on their TV!!! Hear that Nintendo!! No Tv puzzle games for the Wii! WE all want fun games that let you explore lands.



Pokeman commented on Review: Karnov's Revenge (Virtual Console / Ne...:

I don't get why villians want to rule or destroy Earth. I bet it's because a fat guy was watching Tv and wanted excersice and he couldn't excersice and he had a temper tantrum. He was probably so frustated, he wanted to create this video game about himself to show off how powerful he was and THEN beat up people like a villian. Now don't let start with superheros.



Pokeman commented on Review: Fireplacing (WiiWare):

I love getting channels for free even if its sucky on the wii. It's stupid to make a fireplace game while you can listen to your own fireplace . It seems pretty relaxing and all but it has awful graphics and bad scoreboard too. Pretty dissapointing its not for free.



Pokeman commented on Create:

I wonder if it is one of those creeper games or a good game that makes you jiggle like crazy when you put a disk into your game station.



Pokeman commented on Review: Family Go-Kart Racing (WiiWare):

It does have awful wonder why it sucks, it also seems like one of those creeper games that try to make those dark kids to be bright. MAKE REAL GOOD GAMES!!!!!



Pokeman commented on Review: Golden Sun: Dark Dawn (DS):

I haven't even heard or seen any of these Golden Sun games and they seem awesome!!! Anyways nice review!! It told us basicly everything we need to know about the game thats juicy or not juicy at all!! I would've given the game the same rating,an 8/10.