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Japanese Retailer Sells Wii & Entire Games Catalogue Dirt Cheap

Posted by Trevor Chan

Although some will be second hand copies

Ever wondered what it would be like to own a console and every single game available for that system? Sankei News has reported that Japanese retailer Enterking will be making that a reality for someone as part of the fukubukuro tradition this New Year's.

Fukubukuro is a custom in Japan where retailers offer mystery bags to customers, filled with random products at a discounted price on New Year's Day. There's nothing random about this colossal Wii bundle though as buyers know exactly what they're getting, so could it be a clever way of shifting excess stock of old games?

The bundle includes the Wii console and the entire catalogue of 408 games, which are mostly second-hand copies, although Enterking will be providing new copies where necessary. If this collection was to be bought at full retail price, it would set you back ¥2,300,000 (that's roughly $27,357 USD or £17,522 GBP). Enterking is offering all this for just ¥1,000,000 ($11,894 USD, £7,618 GBP).

As this is a one-off offer, names will be taken down at Enterking branches from 1st January to 3rd January. If it turns out that more than one person expresses interest in the bundle, the buyer will be chosen at random via a lottery.

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Junkface said:

Is that really a bargain? Considering the amount of shovel wear you'll recieve. Do they throw in peripherals like Wii fit board or Motion plus?



NintyMan said:

Wow, that's a lot of games. Only some of them would be worthy to play, so what would the person do with all the shovelware? Sell them?



RionaaM said:

Wow, that would be great! He has reviewed a Wii game once, so maybe he could do that again (perhaps a whole episode dedicated to Data Design games)



waffles said:

I can't even imagine how heavy the bag to carry all that would be.
(You'd pry look like Santa. LOL)



Punny said:

Woah! Imagine having to dust the room that all those games will be in! Imagine finding the room for those games to be in!



TheChosen said:

408 games...thats pretty much over half of the amount of NES games released on NTSC format.



Blue_Cat said:

THat would be incredibly tedious. Imagine looking through all 408. . . just to find the one that you want to play!



Odnetnin said:

Nott too b A speleng Natzi, butt "woah" si spelt "whoa."

Also, who would buy that?



gatygun said:

or they just release a demo from every game, you basically end up with the same thing.

from what i would do if i won it.

sell every single game and the console.



Rob_mc_1 said:

I wouldn't want it. that is too many. I barely have time to play the ones I have. I also wouldn't want to play some of those.



Saeros_Fae_Falla said:

@ 2
Truth is that it is a bargain. If i won would likely sell close to half of all thoes games(shovel ware that is), at amazon, gamestop, etc.



JebbyDeringer said:

It surprises me the number is so low. I thought there would be more Wii games than that by now especially in Japan.



ArmoredGoomba said:

Ew the whole wii catalog? I wouldn't even want that for free. Not every game is worth owning.

Also $30 a game is a horrible deal.



The_Fox said:

That comes to about $30 a game...not that good of a deal considering what the older/crappy ones go for these days



Iggy said:

@29 I totally agree with you on not every game is worth owning but if this set was giving to me for free i would defentally take it. Im sure atleast half those games are crap.



Roo said:

Honestly, I would have thought that there were more than 408 Wii games out in Japan by now. It feels like I've traded more in to the local HMV here in the UK than that...



Pod said:

Remember that most of the shovel-ware we have been subjugated to in the West never sustained a retail release in Japan.

This is a considerably better deal than it would be in Europe or the US.



Hokori said:

@2 Shovelware, ah its for japan so theres going to be 1000000X less shovelware



Bassman_Q said:

So long, winner! Say goodbye to your life!

I can't imagine having to play all that shovelware like the Imagine! series. Yech.

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