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XGen Studios Readying Machinarium and Super Motherload for WiiWare

Posted by James Newton

Double-whammy on the way

XGen Studios' last WiiWare title, Defend Your Castle, seems like a long time ago now, but it won't be long before it's gracing our Shop Channel again as it's bringing two titles to WiiWare in the coming months.

The first is a collaboration with Amanita Design to bring to WiiWare the highly-regarded PC puzzle-adventure Machinarium, which won plenty of hearts – and awards – for its offbeat design and fantastic artwork, a sample of which you can see in a trailer from the PC version below.

The second title is the all-new Super Motherload, the next entry in the alarmingly addictive Motherload series. With four player drop-in, drop-out co-op play and plenty of Martian digging action, we'll bring you screenshots and plenty more information on both releases in the coming months.

Here's that Machinarium PC trailer in the meantime:

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Kaeobais said:

Super Motherload is multiplayer? Looks like a buy to me! However, it looks to be same-screen which makes me think it's either online only, your tethered to the same screen, or the screen expands as you move apart (like Smash Bros). Hopefully it is local play and online, though.



Splat said:

Wow the look of the game is great very different in a good way.



Splat said:

I didn't realize the trailer was for the PC till now, it probably won't look as cool on the Wii. =(



Imerion said:

Awesome! I have been looking at Machinarium for a while but never got around to trying it. And another four-player game is always nice to have if it turns out to be good.



GammaGames said:

never heard of machinarium, looks cool though. I NEED Motherload though! Just, need some points first...



Radbot42 said:

this game looks like Kings Quest with robots. I loved Kings Quest. I might get this depending on the reviews. Looks awesome though



rustythekid said:

I know it's a good game but I never actually enjoyed it. Not my type of game, good to see it coming out on Wiiware though.



ThreadShadow said:

Way to go XGen Studios! Machinarium is so cool, and I've been waiting to see which platform it would come out on. I read they had trouble with XBLA and were looking to Wiiware and PSN. Looking forward to playing this on Wii! Thanks Amanita Design, and thanks XGen Studios!



JohnWalrus said:

Yes, more MOTHERLOAD! I love that series. With co-op? That's gonna be a must have for me... oh, and Machinarium looks good, too.



Marvelousmoo said:

Awww, I loved Motherload. Hopefully this won't come out before too long, and hopefully it will only cost the 500 points I left on my Wii. But I guess ill just have to stop being lazy and go buy a card... A credit card!... Online!



Pegasus said:

Cool beans. Got Machinarium for 5 bucks last month though... in HD! Naturally because I'm playing it on my Mac.



Popyman said:

Can't wait!! I've never heard of Motherload before though, but it looks neat.



Sean_Aaron said:

Machinarium reminds me of Oddworld Abe's Oddysee (there's a game I'd like to see remade for the Wii) and that's a good thing.



Golgo said:

Fantastic news. Hoping it comes out in Euro-land.

***looks disapprovingly at Cave Story*** ¬_¬



Varoennauraa said:

UAAAHHH!!! I have been planning to buy Machinarium for a long time!!! This news brightens my mind after another week of painful release. News of coming games is the only thing, that makes Wiis download service anything other than obsolete.



Pod said:

This is GREAT news! I've held off buying Machinarium, because I don't play much on my PC anymore, but I'd love playing it on Wii!



JebbyDeringer said:

Machinarium is perhaps the best point and click adventure I've ever played. Everything about it oozes atmosphere. The music/sound graphics, everything is top notch. I knew it was coming for Wii just didn't know when.



Marvelousmoo said:

@24 its a ... fun exploration game i guess? You take the role of a miner who has to mine for ores on mars, and the further you go down, the better the minerals become but there are more dangers. It really addicting, and I suggest you play the original <a href="">HERE</a>.

I guess this site doesn't support html does it? BBC?




WiiLovePeace said:

Woohoo! Super Motherload I played the motherload game way too much back in the day & now it's SUPER! Insta-buy!

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