USA VC Update: Sonic Chaos

The streak of high-profile releases for the US continues - As Sonic 3 wasn't remade for the Master System, Sega has decided it's time to release the other Sonic games for the system.

Sonic Chaos is the third Master System Sonic game. The Chaos Emeralds have been stolen yet again, so Sonic and Tails will have to travel through six zones to get them back and beat Dr. Robotnik/Eggman, just like in every other game. One of the biggest changes for this game (Compared to the other Master System titles) is that you can now play as Tails as well. He controls entirely different from Sonic and even gets a different amount of lives. Overall, however, the game's just more of the same. If you've played other Sonic games, this one will come over as decidedly average and as such we can't really recommend it.

That's it for VC, see you next week! On WiiWare, you can grab Hudson's Snowboard Riot and Nintendo's Lonpos later today.