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Kenryoku_Maxis commented on Alleyway:

I think this review is being a little harsh. Sure Alleyway is a copy of Arkanoid, but its still fun. Its like downgrading Tetris because its a clone of the PC version with less colors and levels.



Kenryoku_Maxis commented on Planet Pachinko:

Personally, I would have bought a Pachinko Simulator for 500 Points easy. There's a reason Japan is hooked on the machines.

But this...just seems like run and gun chaos....but in a confined space.



Kenryoku_Maxis commented on What Capcom games do you want to see on the Vi...:

Pretty much all the games from Capcom I'd want I already own (Duck Tales 2, Darkwing Duck, Bionic Commando, Mega Man IV, Strider 2).

However, the two games I don't have hard copies of are Final Fight 2 and UN Squadron. Two games I was hoping they'd get around to releasing. But they haven't.



Kenryoku_Maxis commented on Nintendo Rep: Virtual Console Being Toned Down:

Like most people are saying, we saw this coming, for almost a year. And at the risk of becoming unpopular, I would have to say, I kind of can see where they come from. I personally got 90% of what I needed out of the Virtual Console. I haven't downloaded anything off of it for probably 4-5 months. Yes, partially this comes from the service slowly dying, but also this comes from the Wii actually picking up and getting good games. If anything, the Virtual Console kind of helped tide us gamers over during the LONG dry spell when the only good Wii games were stuff like Twilight Princess, WarioWare: Smooth Moves and Dragon Quest Swords.

Does this mean I want the service to die? No way! I want it to come back as good as it was in the beginning. But I'm just being realistic. Over a year ago I started buying hard copies of NES and N64 games, anticipating this was going to happen. I wish they would have gotten a few more good SNES games out, but since that didn't happen, it looks like I'll have to start buying SNES games as well.



Kenryoku_Maxis commented on Is Game Design Art? Great Designers Say 'Not ...:

Art is a label. And throughout time, everything, from paintings, sculptures, books, plays, movies and yes, even games, have been stated as and used as examples against the definition 'art'. Its not so much that there is a universal definition of what art is, but more that everyone has their own view of art based on their upbringing and personal tastes. And when you ask 'do you think this is art', every person will give you a different answer.

Some people will think Okami is art, but likewise think Andy Warhol's 'Tomato Soup' is just a painting of a bunch of soup cans. Yet if you ask another person, they'll think the opposite.



Kenryoku_Maxis commented on Final Fantasy Finally Coming to VC:

I'd actually be more interested in the Dragon Quest games getting put on VC. Since DQIII US can sell for up to $80 and DQIV can sell up to $150.

But yeah, this was a no brainer for SE. They are one of the best sellers on the VC. So they should throw any old game they don't expect to have a remake for in the next 5 years on the VC and cash in.



Kenryoku_Maxis commented on Japan to get the Classic Controller Pro:

Frankly, while I think the grips are good and the cord solution is a much needed improvement...I don't understand the double shoulder buttons. What system between the NES and the N64 ever had 4 shoulder buttons? Or are they just trying to 'stick it' to Sony for copying the SNES controller? Frankly, I would have rather had 2 shoulder buttons that were 'grooved' like the GC, but had the same sensitivity of the regular VC controller (don't need to be forced down and clicked like the GC ones).



Kenryoku_Maxis commented on USA VC Update: MUSHA:

I'll probably get it down the road, as I use my VC console mostly for SNES and Genesis games (the two major consoles I don't physically own). And of course I like any and all game, including shooters, that are good.



Kenryoku_Maxis commented on ESRB Cleans Up:


There's still a small amount of development time to get these games ready for VC. While yes, its so small they should do it, its there. And some games on VC are only going to sell like 500 times (or even less). Making developers go 'why bother' in comparison to something like Sonic that sells almost a million times. Espeically since they're also giving royalties to Nintendo per sale on a game they made 10-30 years ago.

But I agree, they should still put it up. Even if all they get is 500 dollars in return.



Kenryoku_Maxis commented on ESRB Cleans Up:

I just wanted them to somehow make the Zapper games work with the Wii Zapper. Especially since the Zapper actually has a following on the Wii. Not that I'd probably buy them since I own 11 of the 15 original NES Zapper games. But most people don't.



Kenryoku_Maxis commented on USA VC Update: Castlevania III:


People like me like the fulfillment of playing a game where your character gains lots of experience and finds lots of amazing items, while also has a massive area to explore. In this way, Symphony of the Night was the perfect example of this gameplay. As well as having amazing sprites with fluid movement. The problem with the subsequent GBA and DS incernations wasn't the 'grinding' or difficulty, as those were balanced fine. It was that the other elements that were done so well in Symphony of the Night (lots of weapons, items, familiars to find that were all fun to try out) were dumbed down, replaced by gimmicks like Souls or Paintings, etc. And in this way, the game mostly just became a system of hack-n-slash and get to the next boss with no real drive to explore aside from collecting all the mandatory equip items and the most powerful weapon (or in Dawn of Sorrow...nothing to collect at all but Souls and money). And perhaps worst of all, the sprites were vastly limited, even on the DS incarnations. Leaving Alucard's fluid and very versatile gameplay for a slow and clunky attack pattern with all weapons (that most often left you open for attacks with enemies just walking into you mid-swing).

In the end, this turned all the games from SotN on into 'SotN-Lite' games. Because there's just a lack of drive to explore beyond your boundaries and anything more to the game besides what they wanted you to do in the first place. Which is what makes great games (and games like CVIII or SotN) great.



Kenryoku_Maxis commented on Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse:


If you play this, and then Symphony of the Night, you have probably played the best games in the series. That shouldn't stop you from playing many of the other games, as they are amazing. And you might find another game you like even more, from Castlevania IV or Bloodlines or Rondo of Blood or etc. But of course, to get the full Castlevania experience, you'd pretty much have to own every console ever made aside from GameCube or Dreamcast. As its been on everything from the Amiga to the NES, Commodore to Genesis, Game Boy to the DS, the PC to PS2.

...on second thought, don't buy the ones on the PS2.



Kenryoku_Maxis commented on USA VC Update: Castlevania III:


Tell me about it. Square-Enix has been ruining the Dragon Quest series. With the last DS incarnation being one of the worst translations in recent video game history. Rivaling that of old censored NES games. And I've been contacting them in any way I can, including on their main site and through 'back channels'. But I doubt any of my inquires will be headed and their practices of altering and destroying to Dragon Quest series will continue into the future. At a loss of sales and interest in a new franchise to them.

Still, that doesn't mean we shouldn't try. There's still the small glimmer of hope that our constant inquiries, not to mention their faulty sales, will provoke needed change.

Donno if the same can be said for Nintendo however. Nintendo does what it wants. Even if it will hurt them. And if it wants to just release one game from now until the end of the Wii's lifespan, it will.

Also, Deadpool = win.



Kenryoku_Maxis commented on Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse:

One of the 5 best NES games easily and has one of the best MIDI composed soundtracks ever made. And with multiple paths and a well balanced difficulty, it just keeps calling you back for more.

What else is there to say?



Kenryoku_Maxis commented on USA VC Update: Castlevania III:

Finally this game came out. It so good I'll be downloading it. And I even have the actual cart. But for 5 dollars, to have one of the best NES games, and two best Castlevania games in my opinion, available so accessible on another platform, I'll do it.



Kenryoku_Maxis commented on Talking Point: Is the Virtual Console On The S...:


We'd all like to see them put most, if not all the past games they could on the Virtual Console. And its obvious that the biggest problem with the Virtual Console now is the slow pace at which te games are coming out. But for the most part, many of those games you have on the list probably won't have a chance to come out just because the companies who own them won't or can't get the rights to Nintendo to put them up. This is also a possibility to why games are coming out slower now.

I sympathize with you. I collect NES games. My collection of physical carts is 72 games and I have a list of over 250 other games I hope to find someday. But that's the only way a person really is going to be able to play all of the games they want when it comes down to it. Especially from companies like Konami, Capcom, Square-Enix or SEGA. Who by all accounts came out strong for the Virtual Console, but won't give up all their games because they can make more money with them down the road. Or because they don't think a random game like 'Darkwing Duck' on the NES will sell.



Kenryoku_Maxis commented on Uno Coming to WiiWare and DSiWare:

You guys are missing the point. Its not wither or not it'll have online play. Its wither or not it'll allow you to play random people or not. Think the difference in the Online capability in Smash Bros Brawl and Mario Kart.



Kenryoku_Maxis commented on ESRB Update: Super Punch-Out!! and Ogre Battle...:

I'll be interested in Ogre Battle. I'm not a fan of Final Fantasy Tactics, but Ogre Battle and the 64 incarnation are suppose to be even better (and more balanced, better AI, etc). Which is what I thought were the downfalls of Final Fantasy Tactics. If the game wasn't plagued with the problems of Final Fantasy Tactics, then it should be great.



Kenryoku_Maxis commented on USA VC Update: Kirby's Dream Land 3:

I played this Kirby game long ago and didn't quite enjoy it. But I didn't give it much of a chance because I was playing it along with a host of other games in a 'trial' setting and didn't really look to own it. And was put off by the graphics, which at the time, I had expectations for a Kirby game.

I just downloaded it off the VC service and gave it a good solid try, and I'm really loving it. Even more than some of the other Kirby games out there like Kirby's Dreamland 4 (err...I mean 64).



Kenryoku_Maxis commented on Ten Games We'd Like To See On The Virtual Cons...:

Most of the games I'd like to see on the list I realize are games I've already been buying myself, because I just own the systems and so I went and found the real McCoy. But for the most part, some of them are games no one has heard of, care that much about or have no chance of being on the VC in the first place. Things like Bugs Bunny's Birthday Blowout (NES), Phantom Fighter (NES), Harvest Moon 64 (N64). But I still believe that games like UN Squadron, Duck Tales 2, Mischief Makers and Yoshi's Island should all make it someday.


I don't think we'll ever see games to the caliber of Mark of the Wolves, Last Blade or even the later KOF/Samurai Showdown titles on the Wii. Not when they're still selling in Japan on the PS2 for the equivalent of 50 dollars. And aside from that reason, I bet Mark of the Wolves would take up more space then the Wii HD can provide.



Kenryoku_Maxis commented on Uno Coming to WiiWare and DSiWare:

I love UNO and have so many fond memories of playing it as a kid. The only thing that is a deal breaker for me getting it is will I be able to play with random people online or not. Because if not, I don't think I'll be able to get much play out of it. If it has that option, price really isn't an issue (within reason).



Kenryoku_Maxis commented on Talking Point: Is the Virtual Console On The S...:

For the most part, I think it just comes down to the same problem Nintendo has with its main Wii system. Not enough third party support and spreading out their focus to too many markets. The thing is, its making them the most money so you can't fault them for doing it. On the flip side, if they keep doing it all the way until 'next gen'...they will be in the same boat PS3 is in this gen and they were in with the GC.

But its also not entirely their fault. Like hudson is doing with them and WiiWare, third parties are just shifting their attention away from the 'full picture' to only half of Nintendo's market's. Only working on the DS instead of the DS and Wii or Working on WiiWare instead of WiiWare and Virtual Console. In the end, its Nintendo who will suffer...but the third parties will make bank off the Wii and move onto who ever is the leader next gen.



Kenryoku_Maxis commented on Nicalis Updates Cave Story Progress:

Everyone and their mom were telling me to play this, but I never had time. And I don't play games on PC anymore.

But I'm definitely always looking for ways to utilize my Wii. This is a perfect announcement.



Kenryoku_Maxis commented on Nintendo To Launch Wii Video Service Next Year:


For the last time. Third party support does not equal Nintendo Support. And the fact that Third parties have chosen to put their B quality titles on the Wii for quick cash while putting their AAA titles on the 360/PS3/DS is NOT NINTENDO'S FAULT.

Its the same exact thing the third parties did on the N64 and the GC. Nintendo (as both a hardware and software developer) is doing better than it has in 10 years. If you want to complain to anyone, complain to every other company out there for not jumping on board to the system that's outselling the other two consoles combined.



Kenryoku_Maxis commented on USA VC Update: StarTropics II:

Sorry, just always thought the Star Tropics series was a good concept with bad controls and put on top of the Zelda engine.

I try not to speak up often when I don't have anything good to say about a game, but I'm just always thrown off as to why people love the games so much.



Kenryoku_Maxis commented on Japanese Virtual Console list - January 2009:

Its good that the people who never got to play the original can now play it. Especially since the original is still so much fun to this day, even when it isn't 'balanced'. Not that any of the games are balanced, including (and especially) Melee.

But the major reason it is good that the original Smash Bros is coming out is so some people might be able to finally make the connection, Brawl was made to be more like the original game. From a visual sense making all the characters resemble trophies and their entrances to their move sets and longer air time to larger stages and the choice of items. Even the storyline and theme of the game. It went back to the roots of the series....which may be the reason Melee fans have a nack for being put off by the game beyond just the physics of the battle engine.



Kenryoku_Maxis commented on Art Style Continues on DSiWare:

I didn't seem to interested in two of the other Art Style games, but the Cubello game really caught my eye. And upon downloading it, its addicting beyond beleif. One of the best puzzle games I have played.

I can't say these two games sound interesting to me either, but I suppose it might be a good thing that every game they make is trying to appeal to a new group and player, and not just to the same audiance/person. If you continue to make games that just appeal to the same person/group, it just means you are making similar games. And that's constantly been the problem with the Puzzle genre for years.



Kenryoku_Maxis commented on Nintendo To Launch Wii Video Service Next Year:

Sony is already trying to corner the market for Media based (movie) entertainment. Not that their systems this gen weren't already leaning towards that with the PS3 touting its Blu-Ray player over its gaming ability and especially the PSP with its various MP3, streaming and movie features over its games. But now, with the lack of software sales and Blu-Ray having recently taken over, there's no question why Sony will push to make themselves to 'Movie Media Oriented' company with the PS3/PSP. As all of their commercials recently have featured just advertising for major Blu Ray video releases such as The Dark Knight or Death Race, and not even one game.

In this respects, it might be good for Nintendo to not try and become the 'jack of all trades' system like the other two. Having to struggle to be a movie player, game developer, online powerhouse, super computer, cheese grater, all in one. But if Nintendo just stuck with what it knows, and yes, Nintendo does publish and even own the rights to more than a few Anime/Movies, it can probably do what its always done. Put stuff on the Wii for much cheaper than its competitors. Drawing some more attention to the Wii (as if they needed to). However, this isn't a feature that will be a system seller.



Kenryoku_Maxis commented on Club Nintendo Comes To North America:

I'd go and do it, the Game and Watch collection...the only thing I'd even care about, even worth registering about 20 of my games? Plus, am I guaranteed that a few months from now, after I register all these games, they won't put up something better?



Kenryoku_Maxis commented on Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse:

Glad it came out for Europe. And I hope it'll come out for America sometime soon too. From the truly epic Castlevania ideas/levels to one of the best OSTs to appear in a game still to date, the game is just one nearly everyone should play through, if not own. And with Virtual Console, you have that option for this long action/platformer with massive replay ability, but on the cheap.

Now I'm gonna have to go turn on my NES....



Kenryoku_Maxis commented on Digital Champ: Battle Boxing:

Punch-Out may be the King of the Ring in terms of popularity, due to how many people have played it. But I do prefer first-person when it comes to boxing style games. The idea works perfectly for the genre. And one game in particular took the ideas this game tried to implement and made it work.

It was a Treasure game. It was for the GBA. It was based on an Anime. And it is one of, if not the best boxing games ever made. Not completely accurate to boxing, but then neither is Punch-Out or many of the better boxing games ever made. But it sure was one of the most FUN boxing games.



Kenryoku_Maxis commented on Treasure: Buy Dynamite Headdy, You Fools:

If I buy Dynamite Headdy, will you put Mischief Makers on the Virtual Console? And perhaps release Hajime no Ippo: The Fighting stateside? Oh, how about a Mischief Makers sequel on Wii!

Yeah.....our Wii dollars probably aren't going THAT far.



Kenryoku_Maxis commented on US VC Releases - 28th April - Double Dragon:


I can remember the days when we use to get One N64 game and a NES game, as if they were afraid to give us only an N64 game alone and needed to give us an NES game along with it.

Now they think a 'classic' like Double Dragon is big enough to be put on the VC alone.



Kenryoku_Maxis commented on New WiiWare Game: Gyrostarr:

Here's hoping WiiWare does good by them. Let's hope WiiWare is a good medium for fledgling companies. Heck, I hope their regular Wii game does good to show up all those whining third parties who throw their horrible games on Wii and then whine that their games don’t sell as well as their XBOX360 and DS games.



Kenryoku_Maxis commented on Japanese Virtual Console list - April 2008:

Tat is SUPERB news. More Imports, and one of my 3 favorite series, Castlevania would be great. But I do need to point out...they do seem to be skipping over Castlevania III for some odd reason. They have CV I, II, IV and now the superior version of V out. Wait...what happened to III?

Don't you DARE touch my masterpiece IGA! I'll KILL you!



Kenryoku_Maxis commented on EU VC Releases - 28th March - Commodore 64 and...:

I REALLY hope that Crusi'n USA doesn't come to America, taking up a slot for games such as Harvest Moon 64, Mischief Makers, Pilot Wings 64, Shadows of the Empire...heck anything interesting I'd actually look into before that game.

But I have a feeling it will. The games I don't want that aren't Nintendo owned seem to make the hop to America while games like River City Ransom have stayed over in Europe. What the heck.



Kenryoku_Maxis commented on Virtual Console Top 20 – March 12th to March...:

@Jockolantern - Yeah, its too bad that Super Metroid wasn't consistently one of the top 10 or even top 5 best selling VC titles. Not only because it should be and its one of the best games on VC by far, but because a lot of Metroid fans were hoping it would send a signal to Nintendo to start production of that next 2D Metroid... Oh well. We can still hope its sell well without being on the top 20, knowing full well some of those titles are selling WAY more than all of the rest of the titles on VC combined.

And to everybody questioning if 3rd parties will shy away from VC because Nintendo is hogging sales...its a Nintendo system. Of course titles like Super Mario Bros, Legend of Zelda and Kirby are going to take some of the spotlight. They'd do that even if they took them off of the VC altogether. The 3rd party titles are still selling and expect not to do as well as the Nintendo ones. They should be trying to put MORE of their titles on the VC to outnumber Nintendos and to get a better chance of getting theirs bought. Also to make the VC known for being a service with verity of items other than just 'Nintendo and a few other companies on board'.



Kenryoku_Maxis commented on Talking Point: The State of Play of the Virtua...:

This article hits on many of the reasons I felt they might be slowing down with the VC. But I would hope that they would either start putting on more games, even 'crappy' ones like 'Mario Teaches Typing' as space filler if they have nothing else to put that week to get more titles out.

But if they indeed are not able to get enough third parties to produce three titles a week, then that might be the reason they are slowing down and adding more consoles.



Kenryoku_Maxis commented on WiiWare vs Xbox Live Arcade - Fight!:

@Manicfatty - I guess everyone sees what they want to see. I didn't see but one or two mentions of storage outside of this site, where its brought up a lot, for obvious reasons (people downloading more than the avg amount of Virtual Console games). But outside of here, Virtual Console and the use of the Wiis memory is hardly touched. That was the point I wanted to get across.

The vast majority of Wii owners either don't use any of their Wii blocks, only download a couple of the free WiiWare items or download a couple old games they liked from VC like Mario 1, Sonic and Pac-Man. I'm not saying you shouldn't advocate for a thumb drive or the like, I'm just playing devils advocate and saying why Nintendo probably won't.

We who download 25+ VC games and are here every day looking at the WiiWare news are rare compared to the rest of the gaming market. They might feel the device is along the lines of a N64 Disk Drive market. Not saying it is, but this is Nintendos thinking you know. Keep it cheap, for all markets and formulaic. I'm surprised we even got such a thing as the WiFi router device by Buffalo supported by Nintendo. Maybe the WiiWare will make them get some kind of storage device out or you will be able to use the SD cards better with the WiiWare.



Kenryoku_Maxis commented on WiiWare microtransactions - good or bad thing?:

All I can say is, if Nintendo DOESN'T come out with a Smash Bros channel and start coming up with new music, levels and kits and such for download, even for measly 500 points a download or less for each, they are the dumbest company ever. Well not really, but they’ll be ruining the chance of a century.

Ethics be damned, Smash Bros will be one of the biggest games of the next 5 years, and not only to get the cash, but to get people online, you just make a Smash Bros Channel and draw them online with it. Then they will filter onto WiiWare and VC without any effort. Not only will people pay a few points to download additional content for Smash Bros, but they will go to other Wii online services at the same time.



Kenryoku_Maxis commented on WiiWare vs Xbox Live Arcade - Fight!:

Okay guys, I've been hearing nothing but 'Storage' coming from you guys on this site for a while now. But I gotta tell you, I don't hear it from any other Wii owners from any other forum, hardcore or casual gamer out there.

Let's look at what would happen if Nintendo suddenly released either a new HardDrive or a new 20,000 block attachment thing to the Wii. Casual gamers wouldn't buy it most likely (big hit to them). Many hardcore gamers don't need it because they either are just playing Smash Bros, Mario and Zelda and the like and only are saving files or haven't filled up their space already. And even me, who DID fill up my space, was able to just delete the Internet Channel and put one thing on an SD card and now I have another 700 blocks free again WITH Smash Bros saved on my system.

So, looking at it, it looks like only the people who are downloading 50+ VC games and are planning to buy 10 WiiWare items are going to need some crazy HD support, and still, I think you might want to look at a SD card, which has 15000 slots on it...



Kenryoku_Maxis commented on WiiWare vs Xbox Live Arcade – Fight!:

That's what I was noticing when I looked on XBL. It was mostly full of a bunch of small original titles that looked to be either knock-offs of other major games (Smash Bros knock-off, Gradius Knock off, etc). They're fun, but then you start to realize what they are and you feel jipped for playing it instead of playing what they are parodying. And then you feel that you'd have to filter through the huge list to find all the ones that are good or bad just to find the few good ones.

The WiiWare focuses on either new original titles or games that are connected to name brands already (like Dr. Mario, Pokemon, Final Fantasy, etc). It doesn't have to be a knock off title. Plus we already have the largest library of classic ports on the market, Virtual Console.

Its taken a while for the Wii to overtake XBL, but as long as the WiiWare titles are good, it will. Heck, I'd rather have Virtual Console alone over XBL anyway. WiiWare is just typical Nintendo going that extra mile.



Kenryoku_Maxis commented on US VC Releases - March 10th - DoReMi Fantasy:

Wow, now THAT'S what I'm talking about! Bring more of those never brought over SNES and NES Japanese games Nintendo! And this game looks great! Talking about Milon's 'heartpounding' Adventure, lol.

Too bad I'm just gonna buy it this week and have to wait a long time to play it. know the reason why.



Kenryoku_Maxis commented on EU VC Release - March 7th - Kirby 64:


He didn't say that. He said that people are just not caring that Virtual Console is going down to 1-2 releases a week and they aren't releasing enough N64 games, and he's right. Not that one game, which isn't even on VC, is better than another game which isn't even on VC.

Ever since they released the Turbo-Graphix, we've seen a huge influx of those games back when we were getting 3 games at a time, along with NES titles as if they were saying 'they're cheap and old so we'll bundle 'em'. Then when the games started going down to 2 and 1 games at a time, they started using it as an excuse to release SNES and the very rare Neo-Geo game on us.

Now they seem to be doing the same thing with the N64, with a 1 a week release schedule as if to say its 'ok because its a N64 game'. While we hardly seem to get N64 games, we would like to see the old days of 3 games at a time. And like Dark Moogle was saying, there's lots of N64 games worth coming out still, not just 'Hockey Manager'. Harvest Moon 64, Mischief Makers, Blast Corps, Shadows of the Empire, Donkey Kong 64, Rogue Squadron, Majora's Mask, Smash Bros. Not that I'd want all those (the first two yes), but they'd sell for sure.