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USA VC Release: Mega Man 2

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

It's time for another catchup update: Today US Wii owners will be able to download what is almost certainly the most loved Mega Man game ever made: Mega Man 2. European Wii owners already got to rediscover its delights last December, meaning it's been a 9 month wait.

Mega Man 2 expands on the concepts of the first Mega Man - Aside from upping the initial stage count from 6 to 8, there's 8 entirely new Robot Masters to face. As Mega Man 2 is the most popular Mega Man game it's also got some of the most popular Robot Masters - You probably know the likes of Heat Man, Bubble Man, Wood Man and Quick Man. The game also has an amazing soundtrack (Compared to the original Mega Man's relatively mediocre tunes), which has since really been something the entire series is associated with.

That's all on VC this week, but do you really need something else with a game like Mega Man 2? If you've never played a Mega Man game before now is the time to do so - You will want to sharpen your skills before next week's release of Mega Man 9!

On WiiWare, later today you can either go overthrow a certain king in Strong Bad Episode 2: Strong Badia the Free, or try your hand at an interesting new puzzler called Potpourrii. Go to WiiWare World for detailed information!

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Bass_X0 said:

Congratulations. Its about time you guys got it. More than one game would have been even better but hey, you can't knock a classic like this. download it now!



Kevin said:

Oh yeah baby! Hopefully they'll continue to release the remaining NES mega mans after 9 comes out.



deadbattery said:

"Do you really need something else with a game like Mega Man 2?"

As a matter of fact, I do. Good game or not, single-game weeks fail at life. They're just a notch better than no-game weeks. They could've easily released a trash game (Super Pitfall?) alongside it to get it out of the way.

Edit: I mean single-Virtual-Console game weeks.



Rexy said:

Have fun playing Mega Man 2, fellow Americans! You have waited far too long for this one, I assure you

@deadbattery, comment #7: I'm assuming you aren't counting the two Wiiware titles released as stuff alongside it? I'm pretty sure there's been quite a good buildup concerning Potpourrii at least.



Ghouls_n_Ghosts said:

I already have the game on my anniversary collection, so I'll be skipping this one. This is my favorite Mega Man of all time. Have fun, guys and gals.



pernz said:

I have the anniversary collection but I'm getting this one anyway. The wii mote just feels like the real controller



7th_lutz said:

Megaman 2 is a classic.

I figure it will be at least a couple months before Megaman 3 gets released on the vc.

I'll be skipping this vc release since I own the Nes cartridge and Mega Man Anniversary Collection.




blackknight77 said:

For those who are new to classic gaming and not familair with Mega Man 2, you need this game. Its superior to Mega Man in many ways and you will have a whole new respect for metal blades after playing it. Get yourself ready for MM9 by downloading this game.

I also do not like single VC game weeks, but I think that is because we have 5 mondays this month. I think next week will be one VC game and two Wii ware because I don't think NOA wants to bring out more than 6 VC games a month. But we do need some Sega games this month



slangman said:

Only 1 game but at least you guys got a classic. Mega Man 2 is great fun possibly better than the orginal. WiiWare is looking good for you guys too.



Kultist said:

Bubble Man is going to get it tonight!
@slangman : Mega Man 2 is great fun possibly better than the orginal.
"Possibly"? Is there a doubt?



Joxe said:

Congratulations americans! It's about time
Although calling the soundtrack for Mega Man 1 mediocre is a bit wrong, even though that the second games soundtrack is one of the best on the NES. This is a must get for everyone, let's just hope for Mega Man 9 in EU next week as well.



Link79 said:

I already have both the cartridge and Anniversary collection so I can just skip this one for now. Maybe I'll get it later when I have some spare Wii points. Since Mega man 9 is likely to be out by next monday I think I'll start my Marathon today and play 1 - 8. I should have then all beat by next week so I can get started on 9. Heck after beating 9 I might even play through the entire X, Zero and ZX games also. Looks like I'll be pretty busy with my Mega man party. This Is just soo awesome!



Link79 said:

MM 3 is still good but most people seem to prefer 2. I'm not exactly sure why though. The series was never dull until about MM 6. That was probably the worst one. Still decent but too half assed compared to the rest. I think by that point the designers had lost interest. Looks like they are back on the right track now. Mega man 9 looks and sounds amazing!



North99 said:

Super yay I wasn't expecting anything at all and I got Mega Man 2!! Yes!!



StarDust4Ever said:

I noticed that Megaman 3 doesn't have an exciting intro story like Megaman 2 does. By the way, all of the first three games are über-hard! I bought them for the NES and I wasn't able to beat some of the bosses, even with a Game Genie...

Other than that, my only other gripe is that you can only shoot horizontally, whereas the enemies shoot in all kinds of directions. Kind of unfair when compared to the likes of Metroid. These games are just too ridiculous-hard to warrant me spending Wii points on them.



stinssd said:

Ah, now this is a great title. I have the compilation disc as well as a working NES copy. Nevertheless, if you have Wii-points burning a hole in your Wii-pocket, this would be a good investment. Perhaps Nintendo will release each title before number nine? That would be funny.



stinssd said:

StarDust, the robot masters' weapons compensate for Rock's limited firing. Try using the different weapons you pick up in different ways.



StarDust4Ever said:

@stinssd: yeah, I know about the weapons, but you still have to fight solo for a good bit of the time because they wear off quickly. Actually, it was the platform jumping that kept killing me.



Rexy said:

Well, some levels seem tricky enough without certain "Items" too (especially those vanishing platforms in Heat Man's stage), but once you get enough stuff to help overcome such obstacles, it all becomes clean sailing.

I find it funny though - I had issues trying to get through Mega Man X3 in record time when I was younger, yet when I made the investment on Mega Man 2 out here nearly a year back, I cleared both difficulties in the space of less than a week. I bet the true difficulty lies more in trying to do the entire game without Game Overs though



worrybomb said:

Sure it's one game on the VC this week. At least we have 2 WiiWare games being released (one that is exclusive to NA for now). But on top of all that, it's Mega motherfreakin' Man 2! This is the game that not only saved but also propelled the Mega Man franchise as you know of it today. For 500 Wii Points, if you are at least one and thirty-fourths nostalgic then download this game immediately. This is coming from a guy who played this game as soon as it came out, who had to do chores in order to get $50 in alowance, and who also owns the Anniversary Collection. Heck I'm going to be downloading this sucker as well.

Enjoy all!



WarioFan63 said:

Good game or not, single-game weeks fail at life.

Well no, I think its the that it IS a good game that prevents it from failing....



deadbattery said:

I'm not angry that Mega Man 2 was released... I'm angry because Nintendo has the nerve to only ONE Virtual Console game this week, while there's an EPIC back-catalogue of underappreciated Nintendo, Sega and Turbografx games that deserve re-release. Give us a choice.



tasthomas said:

@ Tony, yeah I like to take out Metalman first then I use metal blades for the rest of the game!
@ Stardust, beat Metalman first; metalblades give you directional shot, and the energy for them never runs out.
@ GrandSparkster, thats why you take out flashman first, and use the timestopper to beat the level.
@ Drake (and others), I agree that 3 was my favorite; there were clearer weapon choices to beat the bosses, and I believe better boss designs (plus its when they gave you a pet dog!)
Crashman level music is the best! careful, it will get into your head!! I would recommend the anniversary collection. ebay-$15 Mega-man 1-8!



Jogurt_the_Yogurt said:

Great VC week! MM2 alone is certainly worth it. Good thing, too, since the WW games this week leave something to be desired.



blackknight77 said:

If anyone wants a real challenge then play this game on difficult and try to tackle Metal Man first. Its one of the hardest battle ever!

I do enjoy Mega Man 3, but not as much as 2. I felt the robot masters and levels were starting to become a little generic. If you do download this game, you may want to consider the Anniversary collection. It has really cool remixed tunes for Mega man 1-6



Jockolantern said:

Mega Man 2 is one of the greatest games of all time, bar none. I've played through it dozens of times throughout my life and can't wait to play it dozens more on my 42" widescreen television now. Capcom just nailed it with this game; a truly quality game that just keeps on giving and giving and giving.



Virus said:

I'd be with you saying this is a "fail" week because there is only one release, but you must realize that combined with the WiiWare releases, we got three games, our weekly maximum usually. I know one VC game is a bummer, but let's look at it this way: It seems there is a unanimous cry that Mega Man 2 is awesome and one release means the VC will have a longer life.

Anyhoo, I'm very excited about this release but bummed all the same. Don't quite have the money to get it and all the games I want to get before seems no matter how much I raid the crevices of my couch I can't find any more change...



Rapadash6 said:

I knew we'd be getting this game today. The rest of September remains kind of a mystery for VC games but it really doesn't matter considering what has already come out this month. Also with Mega Man 9 right around the corner, I would be surprised to see anything spectacular anyway.



Ricardo91 said:

About damn time we got Mega Man 2! Now when are we gonna get Vectorman?

@Deadbattery. At least the one game we did get is good. Remember the summer weeks, where we kept getting a single crappy Neo-Geo game every week?

But you still have a point. They could've released Super Pitfall or Boogerman or some other crap game that's scheduled to release, just to get it out of the way.



deadbattery said:

@Mr. Cheez

Ahhh, how could I forget that wonderful summer? Waking up whenever I wanted, taking relaxing walks on the sunny beach, and being completely disappointed by the variety-free Virtual Console release schedule, week after week.



Bendover83 said:

I expect mediocre game(s) next week since MM9 is coming out. Does anyone know how much Mega Man 9 will cost? I'm going to download it anyway whatever the price.



The_Fox said:

Wow. One game this week, huh? True, Mega Man 2 is a great game, but that isn't really the point. There are many gamers that are out there whom don't give a rats a** about MM, and that leaves them in the cold.
Also, you know Nintendo has a ton of sinkers lined up to be released on the VC. I'd think they would release at least one of those alongside a good/high demand game (such as MM2) to soften the blow of the crappy game.



Conral said:

Nice releases these past few weeks, wow. Though it was to be expected since Capcom released this information, though I own the Anniversary GameCube edition and do not see a reason to own more than one copy for one system.

I can't wait for next week's release of Mega Man 9!



Marvel_Maniac said:

Downloaded it at 12:09. Finished it (on Difficult) just now (1:15). Man do I love this game. I already have it on the Anniversary edition AND the original cartridge and this was absolutley $5 well spent. The Wii controller feels just perfect AND I can save whenever I want at the exact spot I want. This is a must for any Mega Man fan or platforming fan. Oh, and if you haven't played this game before, don't let my hour finish time delude you into thinking this is an easy game. It isn't, I've just got everything memorized.

Oh, and Tony (comment #40) as far as you're comments are concerned (re: Metal Man first on Difficult) I did that, and it was great. I usually kill all of the robots with my P-shooter. I can kill all of them "first" on difficult except for Air Man. I need an E tank to beat him without the Wood Shield. This isn't me tooting my own horn, I just thought you'd like a response



Ricardo91 said:

"I usually kill all the robots with my P-shooter."

You sure have some strong P. Heh heh!



Ricardo91 said:

Ohio got hit with 55 mph winds last night, and the power's out in most areas, So I get to stay home from school today! Thankfully, my house wasn't affected, So I can still use my computer and post here.

As excited as I am to see this at the shop, I'm got gonna get it. I'll wait until I can get my hands on the collection.



blackknight77 said:

@ Marvel Maniac
Wow your the master of that game! If I play Metal Man on difficult, I need two energy tanks to beat him. Metal Man just has my number for some reason. Even on difficult I don't need extra help with all of the bosses. Bubble Man is still easy to beat on the difficult level



Mike1 said:

Wow, you are right, Mega Man X3 is really hard. Anyway, I'm thrilled Mega Man 2 came out today. I have the Anniversary Collection so I'm not going to buy it, but it more than likely means that Mega Man 9 is coming next week!



ChocoDK said:

Good week for those who don't have the Mega Man Anniversary Collection on PS2, Xbox, or GCN. I personally prefer the PS2 controller better then the latter two. But the Wii remote is better for the original feel if you don't own the NES and game cart. I fall into the group that has the Anniversary Collection on the PS2 so I won't be getting this. However, its nice to see two Wii Ware games came out this week although I am not interested in them both.



I wouldn't download Mega Man 2 (I have the collection) even if I wanted to, because I only have enough Wii points left for Mega Man 9, which is apparently coming out next Monday. Now that, I am looking forward to. Also, I want TMNT 3 for the NES, but part 2 hasn't even come out yet, so I don't expect to see it anytime soon.



Atlantis1982 said:

I love the hypocrisy when people ranting that people should get the Sega Collection instead of buying Genesis games on the VC and here is everyone clamoring for Mega Man 2 when the game is available on a collection compilation. No thanks.



BB_Sting said:

"Hooray, come on Mega Man 9!!!!!"
Only seven more to go before we get to nine, and I have all of those on the anniversary collection.



Rexy said:

@Atlantis, comment #62: Well, if the claims about the awkward control scheme for the Anniversary Collection are correct, then a VC release for the Mega Man series as we know it seems to be the ticket for some of us. On the other hand, there's no hope in hell of seeing lock-on technology on the Genesis side of the VC so if I want my Blue Sphere/S3&K fix, a collection's my only choice.

The point is, the demand partially comes by how comfortable people find their experiences with playing prior collections before going for the VC. I think Majora's Mask is another example of this, but that's best saved for another rant and rave assuming that 2009 doesn't get off to a flying start either o.O



Tides_of_Chaos said:

Considering I already have the MM collection for PS2, I don't need this game but I must urge anyone who has yet to play this game must buy it now! It's terrific and no matter how hard it gets, you always know that you can still do it.

Oh, and Mega Man 1 did NOT have a mediocre soundtrack. I demand you take that back now!



@ Rexy
I have the Gamecube MM Collection, and the controls are not awkward. It is the same lackluster experience as on the Nintendo. As for the PS2 version, couldn't say.

@ BB Sting
I love the Bomberman picture!



BB_Sting said:

@ Badknux #66
"I love the Bomberman picture!"

Thanks! I figured I'd get an avatar with a little attitude. I mean, someone has to compete with x.SuperMario.x.



MrDanger88 said:

I have this on the Megaman Anniversary Collection for Gamecube, but great for you guys that don't have it.



AXEL314 said:

i just downloaded MM2 and I've instantly fallen in love with it! this is only my 5th VC game i've downloaded. i do hope they release the Sunsoft's original Batman on the NES! Thanks VC-Reviews, for all the insightful info; that way i dont waste precious wii-points.



BB_Sting said:

"I have this on the Megaman Anniversary Collection for Gamecube, but great for you guys that don't have it"

Yeah, me too. I'll get this when the laser on my gamecube finally kicks the bucket.



timp29 said:

Its good news and all, but why do they need to have a 9 month difference in release between europe and north america? Thats poo!! As if it was a 9 month effort to port it from europe to NA.. bad games nintendo



Objection said:

As a snobby gamer who doesnt care for most classics I won't be getting this, but I do think it continues our roll of "good" or greater weeks this last month or so!



whalleywhat said:

I remember seeing this box art in ads in comic books when I was a kid. I was like "Why does it say Mega Man when it's a woman the cover?" Well, the bottom half looks womanly and the way he holds his hand, there could be boobs. Nevermind.



Mayhem said:

MM2 is my favourite of the original series, and was about the second game we ever got for the NES in the late 80s. Great levels, great bosses, great music... what more could you want? An easier time of things?!



MrPinguy said:

Way to go USA!
MegaMan 2 is one of the best 8-bit era games ever!
One in my top 10,
It have everything good that a NES game could have
a MUST download for any old-school fan.



AlphaNerd01 said:

The best of the best. Already own the cart, but people who haven't played this should. Immediately.



megacody said:

Mega Man 2=Gnarly
I already beat this enough times though, I'm saving my points for Mega Man 9 anyways. Also I spent my money for points card on Conker Bad Fur Day on ebay, since Rare is with microsoft now.



@ BB Sting
Not much to compete against. Bomberman trounces Mario any day. Classic style Bomberman though, the one with the square-shaped head. Not the Jetters version. Also, not that you could see it so well, but my Knuckles avatar has attitude!

Oh, and I got two thousand more Wii points, which is good. Still won't buy this though, I have to save it for something better that might come along.



Sharecrow said:

I shouldn't admit this here but I am not sure if I've ever played MM2. If I did, it was very little. I am looking forward to thoroughly enjoying this for my first time!!! Will download it sometime soon...



MarkyVigoroth said:

marktheshark-san: Well, Heatran is a legendary... then again, I do not know about Heat Man...
Excuse me; I was making a small pun... at least it is not as bad as Mr. Ikutsuki's (Persona 3: FES) jokes...

  • "Listen to the monorail in monaural."
  • "That was an engine-ous move!"
  • "One should always wear bright clothing at night; otherwise, the Shadows could make it dangerous to walk near traffic!"
    There are more...

By the way, I think a lot of people will be nosebleedingly angry if they found out that I am more inclined to download Dragon Spirit instead of Rockman 2, because, if I download Rockman 2, I will be left with a surplus 100 points which Dragon Spirit will take up! (Not that I will never download Rockman 2, though...)



Jolted85 said:

I'll download this one later this week, I still play the original NES game from time to time, but I like having a copy I can play without dragging the old NES out, Mega Man 2 is considered the best game out of the original series, and it has good reason to be considered the best, good week even though its 1 game.



carson said:

great mega man game. Im waiting for My favorite Mega Man game, Mega Man 4......its most likely not going to come in my lifetime



BB_Sting said:

"its most likely not going to come in my lifetime"

What, are you terminally ill or something, we'll get it eventually.
Oh, btw, it's on the Mega man anniversary collection for the GCN, Xbox, or PS2 so just get that.



carson said:

@BB Sting

oh, i was just joking. ha ha

I know, i guess ill just have to wait. And actually i have the Mega Man Anniversary Collection for PS2....I'm just too lazy to pull out the old playstation 2



MrPoo6321 said:

Finally.... I mean, I knew it was coming, but it felt like the only reason it was coming was because of Mega Man 9.... Not that that should really matter, I only bring it up because I want Vectorman! We need a good Genesis game this month, and what better game to get than Vectorman? A game that has been on the EU VC for 9 months just like Mega Man 2..... Please, Nintendo, can I finally have Vectorman again? Pretty please with sugar on top and a cherry?



classicmike said:

@ Well its about time we get this game! Europe had it for so long I tought that when they would give it to us, they would make the price 600 Wii Points because of the import tax on the VC! But anyway, great week , hope i can see great releases like the last couple releases for the rest of the year. (That is doubtful, though.)



Cally said:

Vectorman? Really? It's an okay game, but . . .

MEGA MAN 2!!!! Actually, in addition to the button-swap issue, there is another good reason to go for this instead of the GC collection. Defying all explanation, the Xbox emulation was the only one that got it right. I forget the name of the emulation method for the PS2 and GC versions, but it was the kind that tended to make moving sprites (like Mega Man) look like they were searing into your brain, glowing. Hard to explain. But a better emulation more than justifies a purchase, I think.

My single favorite game ever. Perfect gameplay, great art and music. (okay, Heatman's jumping blocks stage is just shy of impossible without "item 2")



MaxPlastic said:

Good for you who wanted it, lame for us who have the GCN compilation disc... But MM2 is definitely the better than the first... MM6 is my favorite! lol
Mega Man fans, if you don't have it, DL it now!



I agree with MaxPlastic, this is a lame release (for the collection owners). I loved Megaman's big debut on the Playstation (Megaman 8, X4, and Legends), those games are some of my all time favorites.



Stuffgamer1 said:

I say that attitude in your avatar is overrated. That's why mine grins and says something stupid

I'm surprised by the explosion of Collection mentioners. I thought we weren't supposed to talk about those here? Maybe it's okay now. Anyway, I have it on PS2 and have no idea what Cally is talking about. It works just fine! Also, if anybody's near the Baltimore area and wants a great deal, Arundel Mills Mall's Gamestop has a mint condition copy of the Gamecube Anniversary Collection for $8. Can't beat that price!

If you really want the game on VC, I won't argue with you. Download it and have fun, by all means. I just don't see filling up the Wii's limited memory on a game I can get in a collection, that's all (barring Zelda games, because Gamecube is the only collection, and I hate its D-pad).

Also, @Badknux: You know quality when you see it if you like Mega Man Legends. Ever played Legends 2 and/or The Misadventures of Tron Bonne? Classic games!



stinssd said:

This game makes me want to listen to the Quickman stage remix on youtube! In fact, I think I will!



Brownie said:

I have been waiting forever for this game to come out and now my internet at home isn't working so no download for a while yet



Rapadash6 said:

Does anyone else here notice in the Heat Man stage that the music starts out fine but sounds a little glitchy after a while? Maybe it was that way in the original but I can't remember.



Devastator said:

When I watched the video on the WiWare page for Mega Man 9 it looked like the game was co-op. There was the blue color Mega Man, which is the normal color, and a black colored one following him. The game is listed as a single player game though. It just might be a power-up like in Ninja Gaiden 2 where you could have shadows of yourself follow you.



AXEL314 said:

@ Ghouls 'n Ghosts

the music is brillant, just watched some videos of it on YouTube. Anyone remember Shadow of the Ninja, awesome 8-bit co-op goodness and great music



@ Stuffgamer1

I did play Megaman Legends 2. I didn't like it as much. I didn't like how they changed his voice back to the traditional style. It sounded so perfect in the first game. I liked the bosses though, and its still fun to play like the first one.And I never played Tron Bonne, but I'm sure that it's a truck load of fun!



Cocoa_Man5 said:

i had a strong feeling that this would come out today. bit of a shame that it is the only VC release though. i thnk we will be seeing earthworm jim, and clayfighter this month as well, but a pretty good release as i wanted mm2 for a while now.



Ricardo91 said:

@Devastator. I didn't hear anything about the game having co-op, or shadows that follow you around. I think you're talking about that one level where evil Mega Man clones appear out of the background and attack you. So they aren't really helpful at all.



deadly_by_design said:

I had forgotten how much I love this game. Darn that Dragon in Wily's first stage. Lousy blocks...
...and those lousy Orbs that hide behind Crash-vulnerable walls.
Not a big fan of newer Megaman, but I love the older stuff. Also not a big fan of switching A/B buttons for jumping/shooting, so there's no way I'm getting the collection.



Digiki said:

Hopefully Dragon Quest/Warrior games come out soon, the first 3 would be primed to come out as I doubt they're getting remade. Anyways the 4 remake supposedly came out today so I'll pick it up in a few days, anyone else getting it? Sidenote the GBC version of DQ3 is my fave straight-up RPG.



Stuffgamer1 said:

@Digiki: Forget the supposedly, it just plain did. I sold a few copies at Gamestop today. It's definitely getting overshadowed by Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, though. Hardly sold anything else all day! Oh well. I might get it at some point. I like DQ okay (beat 1 on GBC and played at least half of 2 on same. Bought 8 but haven't really played it yet), but awesomeness like Chrono Trigger has higher priority (yes, even though it's two months away; I've got different kinds of games to buy right now).



shadows262 said:

mega man 9 should be around the corner. you think bomberman blast will come out next monday



@ shadows262

Megaman 9 is coming out this Monday, but Bomberman Blast hasn't even been announced for North America yet. Only Japan and Europe at this point. Hopefully it will come out soon, I really want it too.



classicmike said:

@ badknux: Yeah I want Bomberman Blast a lot, too. I hope it comes out before the year ends. Also, don't be so sure that Mega Man 9 will come out this Monday, even though these recent predictions for releases were correct. Remember when we were supposed to get Mega Man, Y's I&II and Samurai Shodown II and instead got Sonic for the Master System and Splatterhouse 2?



@ classicmike
I said Megaman 9 is coming out Monday because Wikipedia confirmed that it is, and Drake also mentions it on this topic's header. Unless they change the release date or something, it will come out Monday. But with Nintendo, any disappointment is possible.



Virus said:

I wouldn't trust Wikipedia...Drake may be right, but if I were you, I'd go with your last statement.



Cally said:


It's nice to hear appreciation for those 32-bit MMs. I played Legends a so many times, and I thought MM8 was loaded with enough awesome action shticks that made it the best since 3. MMX4 had the most epic story of the entire franchise that got the lamest conclusion conceivable in its follow-up.



Bendover83 said:

@Digiki: I also bought DQIV today. MMX4 is pretty sweet. I've beaten X through X6, except X3 that was a little too hard. I hated the 3D X's X7 & X8.



Bendover83 said:

Capcom needs to make an X9 like Mega Man 9 but use the original graphics from MegaMan X of course.



blackknight77 said:

"I said Megaman 9 is coming out Monday because Wikipedia confirmed that it is, "

Mega Man has a good shot about coming out Monday IMO, but be careful anyone can edit Wikipedia. Its just not the best source



MarkyVigoroth said:

Tony-san, Wikipedia is neither "never wrong" nor "nonstop garbage". I read into it a lot and treat it as a reliable source, yet I get suspicious if something is not written with proper grammar...



blackknight77 said:

@ MarkyV
I also check it but if I see a game with a release date or something shows up with an ESRB rating, I try to find what source it came from just in case. When SSMB Brawl came out, Wikipedia showed that Smash Bros. would be out on the VC. Some jokster out there thought that would be funny , but that was cruel cruel joke.

I have also noticed alot of Vectorman comments in this thread. While its not related to the Mega Man series it needs to come to NA right now! THis was a game the pushed the Genesis hardware to the max and looks great. Vectorman combined elements from many games including platformers and shooters and then added extra layers of awesomeness on top.

Besides with going "Green" being the hip thing to do. Vectorman would be an appropriate eco-friendly game to put release. I'll get off my soapbox now:)

I would also like to leave my prediction for next monday. I am picking Street FIghter 2 SCE, Bomberman Blast, and Mega Man 9



Rapadash6 said:

Now we need to start getting the X games up on the Virtual Console too. Who's with me on that one?



Bass_X0 said:

I'd put faith into VC Reviews much more than wikipedia. I never check wikipedia for VC and WiiWare releases because I have VC reviews. Its really all I need.



tasthomas said:

@ 110 "deadly by design" Quick boomerang makes quick work of that pesky dragon.
@ the people who can beat this quickly with just the p-shooter on difficult, gratz! That is hard to do. If that is fun for you, great! Personally, I like finding the perfect weapon for just about every enemy in the game. I have more fun by dominating the game, but that's me.
@ Bass xo, I agree, I'm so glad that I found this sight.



FJOJR said:

Mega Man 2 is a good game indeed. I don't know which I like better 2 or 3. 2 seemed more challenging than 3 to me.



For some reason, Wikipedia gets updated on the latest news pretty quickly. And when there is a link attached to an article that validates everything it says, I have to assume that its true. The Mega Man 9 article I mentioned had a link attached to it, so I firmly believe its true. Wikipedia is a very reliable source, and any vandalism is usually corrected pretty quickly.



Cally said:

I'm a little skeptical of MM9 in some ways. It was made by the guys who made the MMZero series, Inticreates, which was pretty flawed (basic things, like size of the sprite made it hard to see far enough around the character--LOTS of cheapness). The level design was never memorable to me in that series either. It just had a higher emphasis on story and that incredibly ill-conceived system of ranking that effected how you powered up (wouldn't the poor sucker who wasn't good at the game NEED the power-ups the most?).

We'll see, since Inafune got off his * this time and got involved for once.



classicmike said:

@ Badknux: Well its only because of the reason that I want Mega
Man 9 badly and don't want anyone to jump too quickly stating its release so I can get exicited about the game and then all of the sudden Monday comes and we don't get Mega Man 9. That would not be a good way to start a new week for me. Now I can't wait for Monday, and at the same time I'm nervous about seeing what we get Monday.



You have a valid point classicmike, but at least it's (for now anyway) been confirmed for Monday. That fact should give you a little solace. I know, it's upsetting when they change things around on us like that. But hopefully, Nintendo won't let us down.



Kenji510 said:

We'll just find out next week and see if this really happens and if it does, its gonna be so coooooool and shockin too us all!



classicmike said:

I've also have a good feeling that the game will come out next Monday for us, but I could be wrong!



Devastator said:

I am going to wait a little while on buying Mega Man 9. I want to read people's comments about it, before I make a decission on whether to purchase it.



Jogurt_the_Yogurt said:

As far as I know, all we know is that it's coming in Sept. There is another Monday in Sept. after the 22nd. It's not even being released in Japan until the 24th. I'd say the 22nd and the 29th are just as likely, and I wouldn't be disappointed to have to wait one week for it... because it's just one week.



Bass_X0 said:

any guesses to whats going to appear in europe tonight?

i think sonic on the SMS is a definite. Maybe Donkey Kong 3 too.



blackknight77 said:

If Bomberman was released Monday instead of Mega Man 9, I would be cool with that.The VC really needs a Sega game this week though



snabald said:

I wish they would release the graphically superior "Wily Wars" megadrive versions of Megaman I, II, and III on virtual console.



jbjoca said:

Anyone else notice the enhanced colors and sound on this release of Mega Man 2? I still have my old copy of the game from the NES and it looks nothing like the VC version... On the VC port, Mega Man 2 looks better and the sounds are enhanced. They brushed it up and enhanced some things before putting it out! I wonder if the 1st one got the same treatment? Anyone else notice this?



CanisWolfred said:

@Rexy #30

I wasn't even able to get past all the Bosses in MMX3 without passwords, and even then I wouldn't say it was record time.

Funny, I always thought of MM2 as one of the easier Mega Man games, yet I'm having a hell of a time on Air Man's stage( used to be my favorite stage)! Even Mega Man 1 didn't seem this hard!

Edit: Well, at least it isn't as hard as Mega Man 3.



Captain_Konami said:

Actually, I share that sentiment (about the Air Man stage in MM2) Mickeymac. It was always sort of a signature level that was almost entirely about the jumping skills and timing rather than nasty enemies in nasty places. And with a fairly straightforward/easy Air Man at the end, it sort of had it's own reward. That level more than any in MM2 tests poise and patience along with control of Mega (sort of what the Heat Man timed blocks area was meant to be and failed, due to being just plain too obnoxious and unforgiving).

But yeah, Air Man, Metal Man, and Wood Man were always the first three stops for me.....mostly because they were among the most fun levels. Oh and Bubble Mans too, but usually that is more of a fun-easy rest stop between fun-hard levels.

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