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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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Joxe commented on 1000 and 3000 Nintendo Points Cards on Store S...:

I would rather see them going to just prices since last time I bought a game I have like 500 points left over and if you miss 100 points for a game you must pay for a full 1000 (in the Shop Channel) and you will end up with 900 too much (yes, I know this is to promote impulse buying).



Joxe commented on USA VC Release: Mega Man 2:

Congratulations americans! It's about time
Although calling the soundtrack for Mega Man 1 mediocre is a bit wrong, even though that the second games soundtrack is one of the best on the NES. This is a must get for everyone, let's just hope for Mega Man 9 in EU next week as well.



Joxe commented on Cybernoid: The Fighting Machine:

I really, really love this song! One of the best from the C64 period, so good that I have it on my mp3 player

Haven't played the game though but would probably buy this one for the song, lol...



Joxe commented on EU VC Releases - 20th June - Epic Fail:

Well, Super Smash Bros. is worth like 25 VC games so I wouldn't care if we didn't get VC games for four-five weeks after SSBB was released.

155 Hours and 38 minutes left!

Love the Epic Fail pic



Joxe commented on Wayforward Working On Shantae Sequel For WiiWare:

I think I will buy this one, just checked some YouTube videos of it and it's impressive to get all that power out of a GBC which means that they shouldn't have any problems developing for the WiiWare. I hope...

Well, will probably buy it if it turns out to be good.



Joxe commented on EU VC Release - March 21st - Sega Week - Mega ...:

Kelvin, the update was just making the shop channel able to post the new WiiWare games that will be released in May. So basically it was just the Shop Channel that got affected by the update.

Speaking of which, the europe version of the update letter said "WiiWare" while in the shop channel it's called "Wii Software", typo or will they rename it? :/



Joxe commented on EU VC Releases - 29th February - Super Turrican:

I've never ever played a Turrican game, can someone briefly tell me what the difference between this and games like Contra? From the video it looks like it contains a lot more open areas and a bit easier gameplay than Contra.

Nice that you fans finally got this one