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EU - 6th June - No Virtual Console Games!

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

When we got Paradroid during the week of the WiiWare launch, many thought we narrowly dodged a bullet (As the US and Japan both got no VC games at all with the WiiWare launch). Sadly, it seems Nintendo of Europe has decided to make us suffer through a no-VC-game-week after all, because that is the case today.

It's not as if the Wii Shop is unupdated though - There is one new WiiWare game, namely Actionloop Twist. You can read more info about it at WiiWare World.

If you prefer VC to WiiWare, why not just try and make the best of this week by trying out a game that was released a while ago but you didn't get yet?

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DEMON212 said:

Jogurt, you've obviously never played Zuma/Actionloop then.

One of the worst puzzlers I've ever played. It's just so boring and irritating and it's just plain crap.



SuperMichael64 said:

Ouch... get ready for a bunch of people from the states laughing their heads off... personally I feel too bad for you guys to even chuckle at this situation but you did get SOMETHING, a wiiware puzzle game similar to zuma. Super Smash Bros Brawl Narrator: "FAILURE!" enough said



DEMON212 said:


I just got bored of the demo after 5 mins. And irritated at the dodgy ball firing. It always went the way I didn't want it too (Like if I needed it to goto the left of the ball, it'd go to the right).

Everyone's different though, and hey, as I've never played this version before, this one might be better and have some cool modes. Can't wait for the WWW review

On a side note, I forseen this week. I knew we were overdue for a 1 gamer.



diablos79 said:

you know its things like this that really annoy me about nintendo. they assume that we'll all be so bloody grateful for a wiiware title that we'll forgive all other sins. why cant countries have a wiiware title AND a vc title or do they think we wouldnt be able to handle the excitment? ive had nothing but apathy for wiiware since it was announced and now that its here im still under-whelmed. lets face it, its hardly XBLA is it? i know its still in its infancy and hopefuly something good is gona come out of it but why do they have to neglect their pre-existing fan base in the hope they might sell a few extra copies of a god-awful wiiare title?



DEMON212 said:

XBL:A had like 20 titles on launch though, and multi region launching. Plus online play, achivements and fairer pricing. So... As you were saying... It's hardly XBL:A is it? lol



Objection said:

It's only fair Europe! but I DO FEEL FOR YOU in that your wiiware was also so skim and unexciting. I hope we do better on Monday and you do better next week! Everyone, get all those titles you missed before you complain!



ToneDeath said:

They'd better give us something pretty bloody good next week. Hmm...

How about the 'surprise' arrival of the Amiga on the VC, with Cannon Fodder & Secret of Monkey Island to launch it. Plus, Alex Kidd (we haven't had any Master System games since the first two), Road Rash 2 (When are we gonna see EA games on VC anyway) and if I'm being 'greedy,' how about an N64 game for good measure? I fancy a bit of The New Tetris, please (4 player tetris + Neil Voss soundtrack = fungasm).

I think that would suffice for me to forget about this (weak) week. What would it take for you to forgive them?



brooks83 said:

I guess that whole "EU gets better games because the American dollar is weak" theory isn't true after all



dark_moogle said:


Just so you know, mentioning Brawl to a PAL gamer is like rubbing salt into an open wound for us. We are just getting it at the end of the month (complete with our over-inflated price tag) so we are a tad sensitive to the issue.



Cooldued59 said:

No VC? Oh well... At least you guys get ACTIONLOOP!

And I also heard that that you guys get a new game that involves dishwashing. Here's a link for my proof:

Before I get flamed, I am actually very sorry that you guys didn't get any VC games but really, if you were a Nintendo Fanboy, you would have a lot of the classic hits on your wii.

And.... Some guy has SSB n64 for his wii:



Madmanonfire said:

That game looks AWESOME! So much action! Fantastic story-line! The game really gives you an adrenaline rush! I'm buying it the SECOND it gets released.

As for the news post, I feel bad for you guys. Just hope Monday won't turn out as bad.



Rapadash6 said:

Here I was beginning to think Nintendo was favoring Europe over North America. Silly me. You guys really shouldn't complain though, as all regions had to endure a week devoid of any VC titles. It's just too bad that because of lack of C64 support in Australia, they had to suffer through two. Also isn't Brawl coming out this month in Europe? That might affect the releases as well, just as it did us. Totally worth it though. Only one Wiiware game in it's place though? Ouch!



AlphaNerd01 said:

Did the Pound and Euro suddenly become weak?! I don't understand! Who's asinine conspiracy theory will explain this?! lol



rbtransformed said:

First off, I'm sorry for you guys in Europe. Nintendo has created some huge letdowns in recent times.

@Cooldued59, do you know anything about how that guy got SSB on his Wii? I noticed that he had a "homebrew channel," as well as two SD channels... interesting... Could it be a storage solution?



famicom said:

You know guys, there is a LOT of bad games. But, they have eventually to come out too you know. It's bound to be something good in two weeks.

Cooldued: that SSB thing, is a hack.



Jon2 said:

Now it's ok to whine! No VC game! This sucks... I could have accepted only one game but no game at all! This is ridiculous!



Rexy said:

It's a poor week indeed, but hey, give me a no-game week over a Super Mario RPG dominated week any day (ugh, I don't get the fanbase supporting something that is actually really TAME in comparison to Paper Mario).

Oh well, I'll do what Marcel stated and take a peek into Zelda 2



GamerWho said:

Epic Phail. Guess I'll have to play a game from Sony or Microsoft instead. Blau!



uncle_smuck said:

holy tits! us europeans really are treated like a bag full of used condoms. i really thought nintendo had changed since the wii came i was wrong like your transvestite dad at a wedding. you are family but no one speaks to you. a dirty little secret that you keep covered up. but i shouldnt worry. the whole way us europeans are treated (see the whole super smash bros brawl fiasco) and nintendos obvious detested outlook at europe.
i have joined sony and the ps3. there online store is really impressive with psone games every week and loads of demos and original games. this is how the vc should be run. not by a cat!



i8cookie said:

you said it uncle smuck, although nintendo bring out some really good stuff...occasionally... the quality of the service is SSSHHHYYYYYIIIITTTTTEEEEEEE. I hate the shop channel as well, once you're on its ok, but half the time I can't get that far, and the times that I do it takes a good few minutes of thinking... why?



Will said:

OK, nows the time to try and finally finish Ecco the dolphin. By the way, im lovin the cat!



sym1 said:

I have lost all interest in virtual console!!! The last really good game I downloaded was 1080 and that was months ago!! OVER IT!



slangman said:

It least it lets me play catch up on buying more VC games. Would have prefered it if they got some dodgy titles out of the way like Ninja Combat though.



ZueriHB said:

Nothing for me to download, I gonna play something else, like, Super Famicom or... Super Mario Galaxy (great game).



Gameguardian said:

I too, would have preferred a VC release this week. I don't know what Nintendo is thinking. The roster of games that could be potential VC games is LONG and it would only benefit both Nintendo and gamers alike if more games would arrive in the VC launch days (friday in PAL and monday(?) in USA)

I agree with GamerWho, Wii and Nintendo will have to get better with their customer service to boost the gamer satisfaction. And where is that solution to the harddisk problem!? (when is E3? Might they adress this there?)



blackknight77 said:

Love the picture of the guy in charge of the VC! Thats too funny:)

Anyway I guess the weaking dollar not to blame, I too have been playing some past titles that I have not beat yet. I actually have a back log of game I need to finish like Mario 64, Resident Evil and Resident Evil UC, Lords of Thunder and Soldier blade.



Big_Sexy said:

The next E3 is currently set for July 15-17, 2008.

I too have been neglecting RE:UC, but I got a little pissed off at it because I wanted to play multiplayer and I keep earning single player Wesker stages. Makes me upset, because I usually play it when I'm at my mom's visiting my little brother.

No VC this week for EU is like getting Ninja Combat last week for US. Shameful.

At least we all have Dr. Mario. Right?



Starwolf_UK said:

i have joined sony and the ps3. there online store is really impressive with psone games every week and loads of demos and original games.

You do realise the PSN is just as bad when it comes to releases. For example Europe is only now getting Super Puzzle Fighter 2 HD which was out about 8 months ago in America AND XBLA.

Though with PSN you get access the US and Japan stores pretty easily...though getting some money to buy purchases is the hard part...

(when is E3? Might they adress this there?)

Middle of July and personally I would rather people stop whining about the problem until then (as ATM I find peoples complaining about the problem more annoying than the problem) but I know a week can't be complete without a grreat debate on the storage issue yawn.



Gameguardian said:

Ah, okay thanks for the heads-up! I hope we'll get some information about storage possibilities then. And until next week, I too might turn my gaze to some neglected pearls that I have wanted to have some time now, like Toejam and Earl



WoRMaSTeR said:

Could we please get some excuses Nintendo? I just can't understand why we can't get more games?



samman said:

for the next eu release on VC i predict

1. Captain Planet on the NES (50hz)
2. Mortal Kombat 1 on the SMS (50hz)
3. James Bond Jr SNES (50hz)
4. Aggressors of Dark combat NEO GEO (50hz)
5. Fruit Machine Simulator C64 (50hz)



blackknight77 said:

I am predicting the VC is going to get alot of Neo-Geo brawlers. I think the release of Deca Sports is why we see a small amount of VC releases. Just kidding



Bass_X0 said:

No games at all is not the same as getting bad games. The bad games still have to come out at some point. I'd rather have had Ninja Combat today just so its done and out of the way instead of it appearing next week.



MVP said:

Ouch!!! I though I could donwload SM RPG this week... No games is very dissapointing, even I prefer they to offer a bad game... (the result is the same, no downloads this week from the VC) I´ll try with Toki Tori...



Junichi said:

No way is that cat in charge of Europe's VC releases. That cat with a peice of processed cheese on its head would do a better job.



Quimby said:

This is outright bull. I am so sick of Nintendo. First no brawl until everyone else in the world is sick of it so no online play, then no VC for us aussies last week, because we dont deserve C64 games, now this. Nintendo has to get over thier superiority complex and satisfy some of the desires of the gamers for a change.
If they dont sort their out by december, I'm going to 360 and boycotting future Nintendo releases. (I'm not selling my wii because my VC games arent worth when selling the console)



Mike1 said:

You guys should stop complaining. Europe has had good VC releases lately while the US has had nothing good. It's only one week. Look at it this way, we didn't get VC games when we got WiiWare, and now you guys got no VC games because of WiiWare (just a few weeks late).



fredrikandreas said:

it doesnt matter that there isnt a release this week,
because the cat in charge of vc titles made me laugh like a
please form a site for that cat (
or something, great work vc crew!



MrPoo6321 said:

I have to agree with Mike on this one. You guys have been getting craploads of games for a while, when we've been lucky if we get two VC games per week.... Not to mention we don't have Vectorman or Mega Man 1 and 2 yet... so chill out and enjoy your loads and loads of games that Nintendo has already given you.



Rexy said:

"i have joined sony and the ps3. there online store is really impressive with psone games every week and loads of demos and original games. this is how the vc should be run. not by a cat!"

If Nintendo is a cat, then Sony is a pregnant pig. They've made us worse off with the 40GB model, a poorer game selection and a price tag that doesn't reflect the poor treatment at all. I don't care if this is a bad week for Nintendo, just be happy enough with whatever you have already.



Pj1 said:

It's a bad week for us, I don't understand last week we get four VC titles and this week we don't get a thing apart from one Wii-Ware title! Wii-ware titles are over-priced compared to VC games, but could Nintendo give us some thing truly special with Wii-ware that makes us sit up and take notice?. The big N could take advantage of their successful games like Mario and Zelda...



Rexy said:

Yeah, but all we have to do now is wait and see if Nintendo's first party development team are willing to make Wiiware games based on their franchises. Besides, I just want to play games that are fun, not just being confined to one series altogether; it'll be boring if one would play Mario games all the time, or even Zelda for that matter.



Bensei said:

I have no problem with no VC Releases this week, we had 3 wonderful Hanabi Festival weeks, one of the best C64 Games in the Wiiware week and 2 Neo Geo and an N64 game last week.

What really sets me up is that the first Wiiware Update is rather low, while America already got twice as much games as on the beginning!



diablos79 said:

does anyonelse get the feeling that nintendo still hasnt forgiven europe for making the master system a success over here in the mid 80's? knowing nintendo, it wouldnt suprise me in the least if they still bore a grudge againt us for siding with their competition.
(tho i always prefered the nes personaly.)



Bensei said:

That's like a Renchman having a grudge against Italy because Caesar once took over France.
It's not because of grudge, it's just because Europe has 5 different languages and less customer than america.

Many Wiiware games (like Pop) are just lost in Translation



Manicfatty said:

@ Quimby - Agree...I've been done with them for a while. I'm going to sit down and play Commando 3 on my PS3. I'm dusting off my emulators for the Dreamcast, and that will be the end of my association w Ninty. They have driven away the loyal fans, and sent them into the arms of hacks and emulation because of their near-sighted, ignorant and pompous mismanagement.



Cipher said:

For weeks on end recently, we've had some of the best VC weeks since the Wii launched, what with the Hanabi Festival 2, Commodore 64 games and a fantastic WiiWare launch. The number of complaints at one poor week (which it isn't, as Actionloop Twist is certainly better than average) just shows how greedy and hypocritical some Europeans are. Nintendo Europe is at a disadvantage when it comes to downloadable releases due to translation issues, so not everything will be immediately available. Obviously you lot don't care about that in the slightest.



Cooldued59 said:

@Quimby: 0_0 Whoa, take it easy. I can imagine now if one week of missing VC. What would happen if it didn't come for 2 weeks? I do a agree but, what can you do about it? Boycotting won't help because if you jsut disappear, they like only lose, 2000 point profit out of the 1 billion point profit they already made.

As for everyone, I am sorry that VC hasn't come out but being sorry won't change Nintend's future.

@ Cipher : I AGREE WITH YOU 10000%! We need more speeches like this!



Quimby said:

@manicfatty - Yeah, my DC has been getting a fair amount of use recently too.(got Lack of Love and Street Fighter A3 a while back) I hadn't seen you post 4 a while, now I know why.
@cooldeud - Im Australian, there HAS been 2 weeks with no VC. & I realise that me boycotting won't bring down their corporationn, but it will save my disappointment. If you expect and want nothing, you wont be as disappointed when you get it.
Im just sick of going into a games store with a bundle of cash after a LONG week of work (which may be why I'm cranky), stand there staring at a wall full of games and deciding to leave emptyhanded due to crappy games. I have bought every Nintendo console to date (not GBA though) and the one that I had the most faith in, the Revolution, has let me down the most overall. Nintendo has turned me from an avid gamer preordering games way before they even have their final names, into a casual Wii Sports gamer. I havent played a new Wii game for months except for Wii Fit, but that doesn't count as it eats testes. Sorry for the long rant. Ninty has till December.
@ Cypher- Thats a good point re: translation issues and you are right, I don't care. With the amount of money Nintendo makes out of VC they should have a crack team of people working on VC releases including translators. Four games a week my left nut, at least if there was 4 a week, they would be close to having an excuse for the absence of Pop. Also VC games dont get translated, only the manual. (Yeah I know there is at least 1 exception but I dont care)



Quimby said:

Oh, and to all of you saying "well, you got actionloop, so deal with it"
Since when should Wiiware and VC be interconnected. I know you all must be sick to death of the old "not enough VC releases" rant, but... we WERE promised 4/week, and how often has that happened?



Corbs said:

I'd like to speak to someone at Hudson just to find out what the heck has happened to the TG16 VC releases in the US. Not one release since February. That's over three months. Did the US do something to tick Hudson off or something?



timp29 said:

As a fellow aussie i can feel quimby's pain. We've watched europe get great releases for weeks while we get dregs here in australia. We still haven't got the c64 and several other great releases.
However, I can't help but agree with whoever it was who said something along the lines of '1 week without games and europeans are going ape sh1t'. Chill guys, hanabi was ok....
But anyway, just by reading this site religiously, the anticipation for vc games goes off the charts and invariably leads to a bit of dissapointment come friday or whenever the vc release is. Just relax people, put that anger into wii fit lol. Try do 20 of those pushup side stand things... slow pushups eat dick!



firebrand said:

"Wii-ware titles are over-priced compared to VC games, but could Nintendo give us some thing truly special with Wii-ware that makes us sit up and take notice?. The big N could take advantage of their successful games like Mario and Zelda..."

I have no idea why Nintendo hasn't done this. An original Mario title would go a long way towards promoting WiiWare.



firebrand said:

"I'd like to speak to someone at Hudson just to find out what the heck has happened to the TG16 VC releases in the US. Not one release since February. That's over three months. Did the US do something to tick Hudson off or something?"

I'm wondering the same thing. We've been waiting for Ys 1&2 forever.



konkerdoodle said:

Hey vc-reviews and wiiware-world staff, I love your use of lolcats! Excellent choice!
On another note, ouch. Sorry guys. Things'll get better in time.



Cooldued59 said:


It seems to me that you are Nintendo dependent and are wanting more if they don't give you any.

How many games do you have? There is a lot of great games out there for the Wii I can name about 15 good games for the Wii. I don't know how you can't be bored with the 215 VC titles out there. Sure, the greatest RPGs are not all in there but about 100 of the VC games you have are probably good enough to last for the next releases.

It isn't the end of he world if Nintendo doesn't release VC. On the good side, you guys are getting Wiiware or something. Have you guys missed one day of getting neither? Probably not.

It is easy to say that Nintendo is not doing what you want them to do but is harder to make it happen and it is much harder to work for Nintendo to program stuff.

Were you guys 100% sure promised 4 a week VC? I never saw anything in the press nor on their website. If it was a true promise, I would garuntee you that Nintendo would keep it.



Cooldued59 said:

@ Fireband: Do you know how much a Wii Ware game cost to be made? About $150 000 or even more. In order to make a profit, they have to come with a price that will be fit for the game.

As for taking advantage of Wiiware, they already have DR.Mario game on there. Is that a mario game and isn't it successful? I think so.

As we speak, they are probably making a wii-ware game by Nintendo that is a popular series but maybe they don't wanna annouce it to the pubilc just yet. Probably at E3 we will get some info or later on in life.



WoRMaSTeR said:

"Middle of July and personally I would rather people stop whining about the problem until then (as ATM I find peoples complaining about the problem more annoying than the problem) but I know a week can't be complete without a grreat debate on the storage issue yawn."

It is kinda hard to stop complaining when I have to delete Virtual Console games just to have enough room to save my Wii games. I just have to wonder how hard it would be to allow playing those games (or saving wii games) to memory card that is allready supported. I'm no code junkie, but in my mind nothing could really be easier, so all I'm thinking that they are not doing it for the sole purpose of coming up with something they can make money out of.

I'm sorry for bringing this up again, I'm just amazed how Nintendo can continue to ignore this... And frankly even my patience has limits.



Rexy said:

"I have no idea why Nintendo hasn't done this. An original Mario title would go a long way towards promoting WiiWare."

Quick and easy answer: they want to reach Mario to everyone, not just confining those to us people with Internet connections. If there's a reason why Nintendo wouldn't create their own Wiiware games, then that would be it.
I wouldn't be bothered though, they do a better job marketing the actual Mario releases on the Wii so why worry about Wiiware, when we get a lot more fresher and more exciting products? (Not saying that Mario's dull and all, but like I said, I'd be sick and tired playing Mario games ALL the time.)



Quimby said:

@ Cooldeud - You are right, I am Nintendo dependant. I prefer to own one console and buy all the games I want for it. I buy all the games I am interested in Full price on release day and thats why I am so pissed at the moment. Last gen the gamecube had slow and questionable releases and so I bought an Xbox. in about 6 months I bought between 40 and 50 new release titles for it and still play a few of them (Conker, Destroy all humans 2, Mercenaries), but the Wii, which I have had since release day and I only own like 20 to 30 games for it, and on top of that, guess which game is in the slot? Ultimate Spiderman. (GCN title)
I guess I'm just a bit pissed about the way it appears that Ninty hates PAL regions.
If Brawl sucks and there are no immediate improvements in the outlook soon afterwards, I'll go Xbox 360. I have wanted to play Viva Pinata, GTA4, and Mercenaries 2 anyway.



Rexy said:

Whichever happens, I'm still siding with Nintendo purely because Sony and Microsoft can't do any better right now, the latter ESPECIALLY with its questionable hardware setup and its red ring of death scenario.



Viral said:

Personally, I think we could've gotten one game this week. I mean, how hard will it be to get one game setup. Besides, for all those who want to save money FROM the Virtual Console, buy Zelda : Collector's Edition, Metroid Prime (unlock Metroid 1), Mega Man Collection, Mega Man X Collection, and you've got yourself a virtual library to start with...



SuperMichael64 said:

Yea! I was just thinking the same thing, we used to be informed about u.s. releases 1 to 2 days before monday arrived, though I can live without being informed earlier, it sure was convenient.



Cooldued59 said:

@quimby: You will love Brawl. It has soo many new things to it and besides, it has online and competitve friend battles.

It still doesn't make sense that you don't own 2 game systems because only having one will not have a variety. For an example: the wii has fun games that aren't rated M while the XBox 360 has fun FPS that the Wii will probably never have and is usually rated M.

If you have a job, spend your money wisely for the future and use your job wages as an advantage to life,



Rexy said:

It better be, I made a preorder on it on Friday
But still, I thought owning 2 game systems would make you sound more expensive than you currently are. I mean I own both a DS AND a PSP, yet the issue I've had with the latter is the lack of variety in the games on release. My brother owns a PS3, and by looking at his collection and what's usually charting, it seems to be the same story with that too; shame, because the PS2 had good diversity of stuff to dive into.

I know I'll get backlashed for looking at Sony in a Nintendo based website, but it's just showing that there's no point having two consoles if you somehow end up neglecting one of which



Eltigro said:

WarioFan63, Marcel was referring to the slice of cheese on the cat I think. No, cats can't be in charge, but cheese rules!



Cooldued59 said:

Rexy: But do you own an Xbox 360 and a Wii COMBINED? If you do, tell me if it's good cause to me, they both improve both of my gaming experience. AS for PS3...........

Also, SSBB Will make any of you guys hate the other systems cause it is that good (unless you like FPS then that will make you still love your other systems)



firebrand said:

"Do you know how much a Wii Ware game cost to be made? About $150 000 or even more. In order to make a profit, they have to come with a price that will be fit for the game."

If small game studios can deal with costs of putting games on WiiWare, why can't one of the richest game companies on the planet deal with it?

"As for taking advantage of Wiiware, they already have DR.Mario game on there. Is that a mario game and isn't it successful? I think so."

I'm talking about a Mario platformer. Every Nintendo system has had one. It's expected. They could always remake Super Mario Land.



Cooldued59 said:

Fireband: .................................................... every nintendo system has had one. Where have you been? Mario Galaxy hello? For the wii? And no, not every Nintendo system has mario PLATFORMER in it. Virtual Boy and Color TV Game did not have a mario platformer/ or did not have a true mario Platformer on it.

The richest game companys have put games on there look again. HUDSON is considered to be rich hmm? And maybe also rich companies can afford big things and big games like wii discs. So why make something small? They can but, what is there to make if Nintendo will give licences to small companies to remake their stuff for them? Dr.Mario has proven to be an example of this because it was made by Arika.

But in the other hand wait! Nintendo is probably planned out a new series for the wiiware or have remade/ are making a new game for a popluar series.



Quimby said:

@cooldeud - The Colour TV Game series don't really count as they were dedicated systems with one game each (Pong, Breakout, Racing, and Othello I think) so they are not really consoles per se, and the Virtual boy had both Wario Land and Mario clash. lol
I'm glad to hear SSBB is worth the wait 'cause its been a hell of a wait.
And with the XBOX 360 thing, I also have a missus and son wanting money so having two consoles kinda draws that little bit more, although the missus wouldn't mind Viva Pinata.
Super Mario Land as a series was pretty crap. How about an extension of New Mario Bros.?



Bensei said:

Hey, Super Mario Land was short, but had nice ideas, and SML2 was one of my favourite GB Games! They were the base for the excellent Wario Lands too...

I don't think they would make any Mario plattformer a Wiiware Game, because:
1.) No internet means no possibility to gain this and
2.) They could put it on DS (if 2D) or on Wii Disc (if 3D (I don't think there'll be a second) to get more money.

I think the great Nintendo Heros will only appear in spin-offs on Wiiware, like Zelda Pinball, Metroid Puzzle Attack or a Wiimake of Mario Clash.
But Heroes that had been neglected for quite a while because Nintendo wasn't sure they would make it today (or want to add interesting new controls) like Kid Icarus, Ice Climbers or a little Game & Watch Collection.
Tingle's Balloon Fight shows that Nintendo IS playing with the thought of bringing old series back



Viral said:

Balloon Fight....that boring game where you flap...look into Wario Ware and tell me it's not there...



Bensei said:

Did I say it wasn't?

I liked Tingle Balloon Fight, especially in 4p Mode
But those Warioware controls were indeed a bit odd...

Btw, The thing with the controls in my post earlier wasn't connected to all those titles btw., I just meant try-outs like Germ Buster, the Balance Board Tetris controls (I know it's not from Nintendo) and those strange controls in actionloop Twist.



uncle_smuck said:

I still think nintendo has somthing against europeans. SSBB may be the dogs testies but how would we know? These days we live in a world where everyone wants everything now...Its a real shame. I don't mind waiting for a bus or a pig to give birth. The bus has a route it must run before getting to me (Ps i hate public transport it smells like the inside of my granny's mouth) the pig will give birth when good and ready unless induced with a vindaloo. The point is i (we) can wait for somthing when there is a reason behind the wait or delay. Dont anyone try and tell me that goes for SSBB. And the whole master system thing i agree with. It can't be denied that Nintendo whether intentional or not has made lots of europeans very annoyed. (oh and my granny would make me polish her gold capped teeth with brasso every sunday night.)



Raganara said:

I hope Nintendo will compensating it next week.

For more than one Console you nedd not only money, more important is the Time. In my case it's no problem to buy a PS3 or Xbox 360, but if I do that I can't use it's full potencial. When I get home after work I just have 3-4 hours to eat, clean and gaming.
And with this limited Time I'm glad when I can play Wii.

Therefore it's no problem for me to wait for Games like SSBB, because I dont have enough Time anyway.



Cooldued59 said:

@Quimby: That's why I said a real Mario Platformer cause clash looks like Mario Bros. style, not a Super mario bros style. And for Wario land, that's a Wario Platformer .

Mario Land was pretty cool but what was with the Chinese/Asian level? The people you killed as SUPER Mario was Jumping Asians or something like that. And what made all of the sudden mario was a shumP and platformer hybird?
So should tey make a re-make?Probably Mario Land 2 (for it was like Super Mario World which was also good) but as for the orginal Mario Land 1, they pretty have to change the whole concept of four worlds, but yet you can still save daisy.

To cheer you guys up,



Rexy said:

Cooldued59: I've never owned an XBox console, namely because all they had was the technical porportions, not the range of games to back it up. Plus, there's something about that fabled "red ring of death" that makes it sound more awkward than it currently is.



ChocoDK said:

@Mike: I got to agree with your comment 100% it took the words right out of my mouth.

Europe has had excellent VC releases lately while North America has been getting crap. However, while North America at the end of 2007 was getting tons of titles, Europe was only getting one title a week. So the tables turned and then out of nowhere Europe gets zero titles? You can't have your cake and eat it too. Europe got the better launch line-up for Wii Ware.

Although across the board I must say in either region Nintendo has dissapointed me a ton. I have to agree with the people who say they were/are loyal Nintendo fans and feel like they are being screwed. I feel in the same boat and am starting to go more towards Sony.



Bluezealand said:

I wish I could. The PS2 has tons of great games, but the PS3 (till now) imho not. At least not the kind of games I would buy and play.



Rexy said:

Same. For every decent game that seems to take my interest, there's always 20 sports sims of any description, 30 of which that involve car driving - usually real cars - as a primary element, and 50 first person shooters or at least have men holding guns to some degree. The PS3 is lacking variety; the PS2, on the other hand, had some decent games that came through and felt more welcoming for a wider audience than its successor.

Somehow, I couldn't help but feel as if I was actually a Nintendo gamer in Sony's makeup with all this that's going on o_o



Viral said:

I don't know...I feel like there's a clone of a clone of a clone for FPS...Halo 1 > Halo 2 > Halo 3? MGS1 < MGS : TS > MGS2 > MGS 3 > MGS4.
The only difference is graphics...I may be comparing non-Nintendo games, but it's just a point. I can't wait for PS5 (see Youtube)



Tim said:

Why does Nintendo feel like they have to limit releases and take forever to do something? The wii home brew scene is rapidly getting closer to solving our dreaded problems than Nintendo.

People have already figured out how to softmod their system so they can run vc games from SD Cards with a proper channel interface and everything. Without needing a modchip to do this I must say it is becoming a very appealing option rather than waiting for Nintendo.

If I was Nintendo I would just release all the vc titles in one shot to get it over with and then focus exclusively on WiiWare. In a couple of years the Wii will be hacked to the point where even a dummy can easily install roms of their favorite past games onto the system. If all the vc gems are not released by than I can see a lot of people taking this alternate route. Of course if all those gems were already released then no body would bother putting the effort into softmodding their system.



firebrand said:


"every nintendo system has had one. Where have you been? Mario Galaxy hello? For the wii? And no, not every Nintendo system has mario PLATFORMER in it. Virtual Boy and Color TV Game did not have a mario platformer/ or did not have a true mario Platformer on it."

You're not understanding me. Super Mario Galaxy is available on the Wii, not WiiWare. WiiWare needs a killer app to draw people in who would otherwise not be interested. I'm not saying it has to be a Mario game, but it has to be something worthwhile.

And yes, the Virtual Boy didn't have a Mario platformer. In fact, it didn't have much of anything which is partly why no one bought it.



marktheshark said:

@Tim: if they release all the games at once, people are only going to buy the AAA titles and skip the obscure games and if they were to release them sporadically, people might download games they haven't heard of thus leading to higher sales.



mr_niceguy said:


Wonder ing the same thing myself. In fact I got so sick of waiting for them to release Final Soldier(or any TG-16 game for that matter) to the US, that I finally gave up and got an emulator to finally try it out, though, I whole-heartedly admit I'm a Cheap, impatient jerk(forlack of a better word) for having done so, especially since it's only been a month's wait. If it makes ya feel any better, the emulator only lets me play for 5 min. at a time, so I'm essentially always playing the 5 min. mode, and has subsequently helped to convince me to purchase
Star Soldier R.



Tim said:


I think people will skip the obscure games that happen to be crap regardless. I won't buy a crappy game just because I'm waiting for a good game. I imagine that other people are smart too and would do the same. Also casual gamers probably don't by any game without a recent recognizable franchise behind it to begin with.

mr.niceguy's post #105 is proof of the inevitable point that my post was about. He got tired of waiting for Nintendo to release Final Soldier in NA, not to mention that it is already 'prepared' and available in EU, and than downloaded an emulator onto his pc to try it out.

It's only a matter of time until it becomes mind-numbling easy to copy roms from an SD card to wii. Once that happens a lot of people are not going to bother wasting their time waiting for Nintendo when they can just do it them selves light years faster than Nintendo can.



StarDust4Ever said:


"People have already figured out how to softmod their system so they can run vc games from SD Cards with a proper channel interface and everything. Without needing a modchip to do this I must say it is becoming a very appealing option rather than waiting for Nintendo."

It would be appreciated if you cited your sources when posting this kind of stuff, otherwise it is just baloney in my book. Besides, any system update will either remove or disable a softmod hack, or possibly brick the system if it was chipped.



Cooldued59 said:

Tim: I know the homebrew scene is great. BUT GIVING NO LINK PROVES YOU KNOW NOTHING!

The Hombrew Scene will never brick and if so it is 1 in 1000000000. ( For Twilght hack) ( Hombrew Channel) (for homebrew) ( Twilight Hack Download)

Do not use this for taking over your wii.
Do not overpower the wii,
Do not expolit the wii.



Storm101 said:

And what makes you think the chances of it being blocked/bricked are so low? False hope?



Viral said:

Bricked...what a name. Eventually Nintendo will be generous and release a system restore disc for those who have been I have good news for you all. This is an important message so read :

The source is ONM in England :

Steve Jarratt, long-time Nintendo gamer and mag editor shares his thoughts on the Wii download services :

"if you've got a broadband connection, the only thing preventing you from buying the next Super Mario game online is the Wii's meagre 512 MB of internal flash RAM. Fortunately Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has acknowledged that internal memory is a problem and that they are currently working on a solution, so perhaps we'll see the much-rumoured Wii hard drive after all - let's hope so."

Now, this was printed in ONM for June 2008. I do believe E3 is scheduled for 15-17 July 2008. I hope this helps everyone who's worried about space. Also, the magazine mentions a few other things but they're non-VC/Wii-Ware related.



Viral said:

Also, to add to my previous VC comment :

Earthbound is Wii-Bound :

The ESRB, the American game ratings board, has recently rated SNES game Earthbound, meaning it's due to be released on the American VC very soon (and may already be out by the time you read this). Given the demand here for the game, which was never released in the UK, we'd bet on it appearing here soon as well.

That's quoted in the ONM as well.

And on a side note to all getting Brawl, screw that, I'm waiting for a storage solution, until then, Alone In The Dark will keep me entertained.



StarDust4Ever said:

Well, if people can inject unreleased games into VC channels, I would really like to see "Tengen Tetris" (Unlicensed NES game; makes the official version look like $***) and "Super Demo World: The Legend Continues" (Super Mario World hack with professional-quality redesigned levels). That would be really awesome



Starwolf_UK said:

@StarDust. The problem with those two is for the NES game it might be on a mapper that isn't supported by Nintendos emulator. For the SNES game, I think the game you mentioned is too big to be injected as you can't inject something larger than what you are replacing (plus I think its vastly overated, maybe its just that I struggle with Super Mario World let alone Super Harder World which is what 99% of Super Mario World hacks are).

If you want to play those two on a Wii you'll have to instal yourself the Homebrew channel and then use emulators. Its a few more clicks but it takes up less space (as apps on the homebrew channel can load from the SD card).

_Bricked...what a name. Eventually Nintendo will be generous and release a system restore disc for those who have been _
Not Nintendo but as far as semi-bricking goes (can't access the setting page)...restore discs have been made (you'll need a modchip to use them though):
It might be a little pointless as the next firmware update for your region always fixes it but it saves waiting I suppose. As for fully bricked (turn on wii and the error 404 message shows up can't do anything). They are working on it (by bricking a few Wiis) but ATM it looks to be very challenging.

As far as injected channels with custom icons go those things could psudo-brick a Wii in theory. If the person who made the icon mucked up so it crasahes the menu and the menu is the first thing to load on the Wii (its in the background of the seisures screen). Though most custom icons are made with stolen dev kits so work...(the homebrew channel had to do it through trial and error).

Now, this was printed in ONM for June 2008.
Iwata said that months ago as part of his financial report (big graphs are big). Do realise that ONM literilly know about as much as we do when it comes to anything (you would think otherwise but thats been proven not to be the case). Anyway given how the Wii shop nearly died at WiiWare launch and also how often Xbox 360 downloads grind to a halt when a big demo comes out I don't think I would want to buy the next Super Mario game online. Plus just like Steam it'll probably be cheaper to buy a real copy from a real shop



Tim said:

I didn't provide any links because I didn't want this conversation to end up becoming anything illegal. A simple Google search would have brought up all the necessary links. It's legal to talk about this stuff but it's questionable when providing links to content.



Cooldued59 said:

@Tull: You just offically killed it. Hombrewers are not Piraters nor is Engineers are Hijackers.THey can be but they are not. Plus, are you alright?

Homebrew isn't illegal due to the fact, it is something you created. Pirating is illegal because it is another form of stealing.

For an Example, if you hombrew some green iced tea and post the reicpie on the internet, do you think Arizona and Lipton will sue you for Making something like theirs? NO! So it goes under the same circumstances when you do homebrew. If you make a homebrew game, will NIntendo sue you for something you made? NO! SO HOW IS THAT ILLEGAL? IT DOESN'T MAKE ANY SENSE. And it says in the law that homebrew is legal.

But, since I deleted on my post the other hack, you have no rights to say that I know nothing. Because the law also states that if you own the game and download the rom, it is legal but, if you don't own the game and download the rom, it is illegal.



Tull said:

I like how you deleted the points in your posts that i did address.
Its like your telling yourself to shut up.



Bensei said:

@Viral: Thanks for the info, but it was either in the Wiiware news or in the vc-news a month ago

@Zeroagean: Look at the coming soon link of Wiiwareworld or vc-reviews or go to the official ESRB web page, they list all the games they have rated.

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