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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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Cooldued59 commented on Capcom: No Street Fighter II HD or Bionic Comm...:

My point is all you have to say to a person is this:

"You have your views and I have mine, let's settle it at that. You can keep going on about (Insert debate/arguement) but I am officialy done. PERIOD!"

I forgot to put that in my other post just to first see how you would react to this post.

Btw, unofficially, Goldeneye is coming out for the Wii. Enough said.



Cooldued59 commented on Capcom: No Street Fighter II HD or Bionic Comm...:

Before you leave you have to read this or ensure that something like this won't happen ever again or will stop in a quicker way.

What's so childish about this? If someone debates (flame is a harsher word to say) your phrase, point, etc., you wouldn't just let him go by and say your right without a point to prove? No. Would you let someone push you around without standing your ground? NO! So you have to enforce your point to him. Saying things like, " To all of the people who think the Wii's graphics suck look at COD5, but just ignore the fact that the edges are more rougher." This statement is fighting against yourself and though you could be honest about the statement, the human mind cannot be persuaded by this at all. If said something like, " Over the many years, haters of the Wii have claimed that the graphics are sub-par, but recently a game called COD5 have achieved superb graphics on the Wii like no other. Look at the screen shots I have provided in my source." Now that will persuade the readers and possibly your point by a milestone.

Reading post 122 and 130 still doesn't get the point of what you are trying to tell me. In fact, I read it three times to ensure that you were supporting me with the proper points to prove that he is:
a) Trying to make himself look cooler.
b) You were starting to end the argument.
Neither of them as shown me that he has done wrong or you were trying to end an arguement.

As quoted in 140 you said, " Let's twist someone's opion into a fight which will ensure a chance that a flame war will occur."

Well, let's take everything you said and realize your own mistakes:

Problem #1: In post 66, you quoted, " I didn't say the games were revolutionary don't put words into my mouth" Well, post 65 says the following:
-"So far wii games have been inovative and different from the mainstream"
-"End of the day yes i love oldschool nintendo, yes im very impressed with wii, and yes the CONSOLE is revolutionary "

Revolutionary means to fight for a difference/change or to be different and when you said the wii games are different and innovative, you were basically saying they are revolutionary . We weren't putting words in yout mouth, you got caught in your own trap.

When you say the Wii is revolutionary, wouldn't everything else a Wii related be too? A car can be nice but it cannot do anything without the parts, gas and power. So you can't have a wii without no games and enjoy it as it is, that is plainly weird if you do.

So yea you can chose to run away from the problem or you can face it. Only time will tell that the problem will soon to face you and when that time occurs, you may not be able to face it.



Cooldued59 commented on Capcom: No Street Fighter II HD or Bionic Comm...:

I would have to be on Alexsays's side just because Paul-B doesn't make any sense and his sources and proof don't match up to defend the wii at all cost.

If this was a debate to take home the huge trophy for their campus, Alex would win by a landslide.



Cooldued59 commented on Capcom: No Street Fighter II HD or Bionic Comm...:

The details on the COD WAW for the Wii sucks. Trust me I own the game. The people are just not realistic, the lighting isn't nice, its not something I would call an anchievment to the Wii's graphics. But, it isn't as bad as I suspected it to be.



Cooldued59 commented on Capcom: No Street Fighter II HD or Bionic Comm...:

I would have to agree with Ness after skimming through the replies. The games could be graphically downgraded so easy they are just making a lazy excuse for the games not comming to the Wii.

All I can say is Quantum3.

Quantum3 is the engine that is giving the extra fearures that no other engine has. A lot of people are prasing the Conduit for its enriched graphics and as you may know, the Conduit RUNS on the Quantum3 engine.

Does it say anything about the graphics being better than Xbox 360? Well that is something you have to answer by looking at the Q3 engine demo (I gave you the IGN link for the youtube link isn't an improper source to make your verdict):

Back to Capcom's issue, its not that big of a deal that it hasn't came. Not every thing will come to the Wii and this rule applies to the PS3/X360. WiiWare may learn a lesson for not dealing with their storage problem or cosiderbaly just ignore it.



Cooldued59 commented on Metal Slug 2:

Why does the character selection screen looks soo drugged? In Metal Gear 7, it looks perfectly fine but in this selction screen looks soo demented. But of course the game is good and thats what matters to me. I hope it come out soon.



Cooldued59 commented on Bionic Commando Not Approved For Virtual Console:

Hahaha so this is where the homebrew scene comes in and saves the day..... The Unofficial Way! It has already happened but I am not going to post links and tutorials unless prompted by the mods themselves. I really don't reccomend unless you have bought the original Japanese Cartridge (for best results hahaha notice I didn't say NTSC American/PAL but you can buy them to) .



Cooldued59 commented on Top 10 Puzzlers We Want To Come To The Virtual...:

How about Tetris ®™?!?!?!?! Sure it is coming out to the WiiWare ®™ but maybe I like the older ones better? You did say the top ten puzzles for the VC®™ right? So, shouldn't Tetris®™ be there?

Oh yea, did you know that bomberman is a puzzle game?

Too bad Street Puzzle Fighter II Turbo will never come to the wii.

Oh yea, good list.



Cooldued59 commented on Top 10 Shmups We Want To Come To The Virtual C...:

How about Darius ®™ ? The series and the games I think is pretty good. In the arcade, you needed three screens to play which to me was pretty sweet. I own two of the games; one for the SNES ®™ and PSX ®™ . To me, both were pretty darn good. This may be the only side scroller I would acutally play it a lot (due to the fact shumps aren't my favorite genre). The co-op feature (I am not sure if it is in the SNES ®™ one) made the game shine cause then two people can play a game to accomplish something (like Metal Slug ®™) in order to beat it.



Cooldued59 commented on USA VC Update: Super Fantasy Zone and Gley Lancer:

@ttplayer92 - Hey man! Do you really think I was being serious? I mean, I was getting the sarcastic way of each response. And you know what? I am not even close to a fan boy... I just have a gifted mind and I only spend on my game system and computer (COMBINED) for about 10 Hours a week, sometimes even 10h per 2 weeks. Also to top it off, CAN YOU TAKE A JOKE?!?!?!?! Like seriously, have you ever heard the word before? And comparing the acessories for the Xbox 360 and the Wii, you would have to be thinking something else to even compare them. The wii uses the majority of accessories to make the wii better ( I admit that they do have a lot but if you want the full experience, you need them). The Xbox 360 uses their accessories to make them stronger (they do have some experience changing accessories but the majority but about 15 of them are the make me stronger accessories and they just make things easier not a different experience). For an example of the Xbox 360: YOU HAVE TO PAY FOR A WIRELESS ADAPTER!?!?!?!

@North99 : I guess you are like me, pretty casual. But please, I say please don't try to do this again because there are a lot of people here that are sensitve and they don't like these kind of things. Sure, it wasn't even that big but about 80% of the posts are connected to you. But for the games that will never come to the wii, I would try to find another way..... AND the key ingredient to everthing as I said before is paitence. Oh yea, thanks for realizing my previous post. Ummm and to replaced sensitive, an easier chance to get flamed.

Also, there is a good looking FPS game coming out called Conduit. I hope It comes out good.
And the VC? I am satisfied cause I have a life and it is fun which makes time go really fast, which makes game releases come sooner.



Cooldued59 commented on USA VC Update: Super Fantasy Zone and Gley Lancer:

@North99 - Ok bud, go ahead and buy them Xbox 360 or PS3 but I am warning you the Xbox 360 and PS3 speaks out like this:

Xbox 360: Hi I am the Xbox 360, I have a pretty cheap price and comes with nice graphics. Most of my good games are FPS and will be enjoyed but, if you want to play online, there is going to have a fee of a membership. Playing with more enjoyment will also plee out to you to buy more accessories. Sometimes but, rarely, i'll give you guys the RED RING of Death and will have to make you refund me or repair me. Buy me cause you will have fun and I will have money!!!! (if you buy a Xbox Live © membership)(there is much more but I am trying to make this short)

PS3: Hi I am the PS3, I am much cheaper now ($399 to be perceise) and now you can buy me because I have BLUE-RAY©­­ ! You have to buy me just because I have BLUE-RAY© because it is a steal of a deal! I have around 4-5 great games I can name and some of them are also for the XBox 360.Sometimes if you buy me, put your ear near my face and hear the addicting noise! VMMNNNNNN... Also if you liked the wii, you can have some of the motion sensor powers that the wii had! Buy me and you will not only get the best graphics, you will get the best BLUE-RAY© combo.

Well we have to hear what the wii says.

Wii: Hi I am the Wii. Like the Xbox 360, I am cheap. Sure my grpahics aren't as superior as the PS3 or XBox 360, it is still better then the previous console. MY gameplay though, is unique cause motion based actions on the wii makes some games on the wii fun for the family and for yourself. Don't want to use motion sensing though? Some games offer stand still, hard core gaming aspects like the SSBB and Mario Kart Wii.I have a lot of great games and guess what? Its a variety! And so some of you may ask, how about my storage space? Well it sucks but later, it will have solution. I am the Wii and buy me if you want to have the 'True Happiness'.

NOTE** I did not use the services like arcade, vc and PS Store.



Cooldued59 commented on Last Ninja 3:

The amiga remake had better graphics but what I heard was a downgraded gameplay.

I really hope they make a new one.



Cooldued59 commented on EU - 6th June - No Virtual Console Games!:

@Tull: You just offically killed it. Hombrewers are not Piraters nor is Engineers are Hijackers.THey can be but they are not. Plus, are you alright?

Homebrew isn't illegal due to the fact, it is something you created. Pirating is illegal because it is another form of stealing.

For an Example, if you hombrew some green iced tea and post the reicpie on the internet, do you think Arizona and Lipton will sue you for Making something like theirs? NO! So it goes under the same circumstances when you do homebrew. If you make a homebrew game, will NIntendo sue you for something you made? NO! SO HOW IS THAT ILLEGAL? IT DOESN'T MAKE ANY SENSE. And it says in the law that homebrew is legal.

But, since I deleted on my post the other hack, you have no rights to say that I know nothing. Because the law also states that if you own the game and download the rom, it is legal but, if you don't own the game and download the rom, it is illegal.



Cooldued59 commented on EU - 6th June - No Virtual Console Games!:

Tim: I know the homebrew scene is great. BUT GIVING NO LINK PROVES YOU KNOW NOTHING!

The Hombrew Scene will never brick and if so it is 1 in 1000000000. ( For Twilght hack) ( Hombrew Channel) (for homebrew) ( Twilight Hack Download)

Do not use this for taking over your wii.
Do not overpower the wii,
Do not expolit the wii.



Cooldued59 commented on EU - 6th June - No Virtual Console Games!:

@Quimby: That's why I said a real Mario Platformer cause clash looks like Mario Bros. style, not a Super mario bros style. And for Wario land, that's a Wario Platformer .

Mario Land was pretty cool but what was with the Chinese/Asian level? The people you killed as SUPER Mario was Jumping Asians or something like that. And what made all of the sudden mario was a shumP and platformer hybird?
So should tey make a re-make?Probably Mario Land 2 (for it was like Super Mario World which was also good) but as for the orginal Mario Land 1, they pretty have to change the whole concept of four worlds, but yet you can still save daisy.

To cheer you guys up,



Cooldued59 commented on EU - 6th June - No Virtual Console Games!:

Fireband: .................................................... every nintendo system has had one. Where have you been? Mario Galaxy hello? For the wii? And no, not every Nintendo system has mario PLATFORMER in it. Virtual Boy and Color TV Game did not have a mario platformer/ or did not have a true mario Platformer on it.

The richest game companys have put games on there look again. HUDSON is considered to be rich hmm? And maybe also rich companies can afford big things and big games like wii discs. So why make something small? They can but, what is there to make if Nintendo will give licences to small companies to remake their stuff for them? Dr.Mario has proven to be an example of this because it was made by Arika.

But in the other hand wait! Nintendo is probably planned out a new series for the wiiware or have remade/ are making a new game for a popluar series.



Cooldued59 commented on EU - 6th June - No Virtual Console Games!:

Rexy: But do you own an Xbox 360 and a Wii COMBINED? If you do, tell me if it's good cause to me, they both improve both of my gaming experience. AS for PS3...........

Also, SSBB Will make any of you guys hate the other systems cause it is that good (unless you like FPS then that will make you still love your other systems)



Cooldued59 commented on The Making Of The World Of Goo:

I never knew photoshop could do that!?! I have photoshop and have no clue that It helps people make video games! Thanks Kyle! Now I am going to do that right noW!



Cooldued59 commented on EU - 6th June - No Virtual Console Games!:

@quimby: You will love Brawl. It has soo many new things to it and besides, it has online and competitve friend battles.

It still doesn't make sense that you don't own 2 game systems because only having one will not have a variety. For an example: the wii has fun games that aren't rated M while the XBox 360 has fun FPS that the Wii will probably never have and is usually rated M.

If you have a job, spend your money wisely for the future and use your job wages as an advantage to life,



Cooldued59 commented on EU WiiWare Update: Actionloop Twist:

thewiirocks: I think Panel De Pon is more known than Tetris attack. I have never heard of tetris attack until 2006.

Let's take SSBB: About 15% of SSBB fans (which is a heck of a lot) all wanted Lip to be in there as a charcter why? It is because her item is in it (lip's stick).

I survyed my class and they heard about tetris but look very dumbfonded when they heard tetris attack. They either said if that was a kung-fu move or a physco diease of an over obession of tetris. When I said Panel De Pon, suprising enough, they said it was a puzzle game and that the item was used in SSBB.

Now known as puzzle leauge in today's world.



Cooldued59 commented on EU - 6th June - No Virtual Console Games!:

@ Fireband: Do you know how much a Wii Ware game cost to be made? About $150 000 or even more. In order to make a profit, they have to come with a price that will be fit for the game.

As for taking advantage of Wiiware, they already have DR.Mario game on there. Is that a mario game and isn't it successful? I think so.

As we speak, they are probably making a wii-ware game by Nintendo that is a popular series but maybe they don't wanna annouce it to the pubilc just yet. Probably at E3 we will get some info or later on in life.



Cooldued59 commented on EU - 6th June - No Virtual Console Games!:


It seems to me that you are Nintendo dependent and are wanting more if they don't give you any.

How many games do you have? There is a lot of great games out there for the Wii I can name about 15 good games for the Wii. I don't know how you can't be bored with the 215 VC titles out there. Sure, the greatest RPGs are not all in there but about 100 of the VC games you have are probably good enough to last for the next releases.

It isn't the end of he world if Nintendo doesn't release VC. On the good side, you guys are getting Wiiware or something. Have you guys missed one day of getting neither? Probably not.

It is easy to say that Nintendo is not doing what you want them to do but is harder to make it happen and it is much harder to work for Nintendo to program stuff.

Were you guys 100% sure promised 4 a week VC? I never saw anything in the press nor on their website. If it was a true promise, I would garuntee you that Nintendo would keep it.



Cooldued59 commented on EU - 6th June - No Virtual Console Games!:

@Quimby: 0_0 Whoa, take it easy. I can imagine now if one week of missing VC. What would happen if it didn't come for 2 weeks? I do a agree but, what can you do about it? Boycotting won't help because if you jsut disappear, they like only lose, 2000 point profit out of the 1 billion point profit they already made.

As for everyone, I am sorry that VC hasn't come out but being sorry won't change Nintend's future.

@ Cipher : I AGREE WITH YOU 10000%! We need more speeches like this!



Cooldued59 commented on EU WiiWare Update: Actionloop Twist:

@Damo: I am really dumb..... I just am used to Zuma more then Actionloop just because ZUMA is more known than actionloop.
But, it doesn't make sense, why isn't actionloop more known than Zuma. It is like saying that Bejeweled is less known than Jewel King (Bejewel Clone that I made up as a name),



Cooldued59 commented on Ghostfire Games Interview - Helix:

......Wii Sports being a good exercise vechile? Are you serious? At least he could say Wii fit is a good exercise vechile. Well the good side to this is that he thinks that exercise is #2 in life (family,school and your beliefs being #1).

The price itself would get the person who bought it would get his money's worth of music . Hands down.

As for the interview, it was very good and sounded professional.



Cooldued59 commented on EU - 6th June - No Virtual Console Games!:

No VC? Oh well... At least you guys get ACTIONLOOP!

And I also heard that that you guys get a new game that involves dishwashing. Here's a link for my proof:

Before I get flamed, I am actually very sorry that you guys didn't get any VC games but really, if you were a Nintendo Fanboy, you would have a lot of the classic hits on your wii.

And.... Some guy has SSB n64 for his wii:



Cooldued59 commented on Nintendo Barring Small Developers From WiiWare?:

This person can be lying you know or he may not. We don't know that. It said in the rejection e-mail that fianancial problems and staffing could be a prevention to this. He may not have enough money or enough staffing at the time.

In the other hand I, I do give him props for trying to get a licensed wiiware game.