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Super Mario 64 Review

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Posted by Corbie Dillard

Mario steps into a whole new dimension

Mario's first foray into the world of 3D is regarded by many as one of the greatest videogames of all time, and with good reason. It ranks as the first really convincing use of a 3D world in a platform game and it introduced the concept of analogue control to a generation of gamers setting the template for hundreds of imitators. It is hardly surprising that Nintendo would choose this to be the first N64 game made available on the Virtual Console for download.

As usual Princess Peach has been kidnapped by the wicked Bowser and it's your job as Mario to rescue her. The Princess's Palace forms the hub for this great adventure. Each different room contains a canvas which when jumped through will transport you to a rather unique world. A challenge is presented upon entering the world which allows you to gain a star if you are successful in beating the challenge. You can return several times to the same world to complete a new challenge in order to accumulate enough stars to open some of the more elusive locked doors and eventually confront Bowser face to face.

The variety of Super Mario 64 is probably its greatest genius. You can race a giant penguin down an icy slope, plunder a sunken ship, scale twisting towers and have adventures in desert pyramids. You will not get bored quickly that's for sure. 3D platform games can often be hampered by a ropey in-game camera, but there are no such problems here – the viewing angle is always superb for keeping you in the action and assisting with traversing more complex environments.


Finishing the game won't take you too long but as with most Mario games that's not really the point, it will take you weeks (and quite possibly months) to discover all the secrets contained within this game. The Virtual Console incarnation of this game is probably the best way to play it now. The controls are as good as they ever were using a Gamecube or classic controller, so if you don't want to dig out the old N64 from the loft this is a much better alternative than the DS version with its broken controls. For 1000 Wii points this is a great bargain and comes highly recommended.

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User Comments (35)



Shinnok said:

Much better than the DS version. And in my opinion, it looks better too.



squid_soldier said:

I loved this game when it came out. I am planning on getting this for vc but how are the controls with the classic controller?



metakirbyknight said:

If you still care with the classic controller it feels okay. But the I would recommend using a gamecube controller.



blackknight77 said:

This game just oozes Nintendo charm and it simply cannot be missed. However it does have its flaws. For example, the camera is frustrating and many times will end up causing you to die over and over. Also the game relies to much on coin collecting. But overall the game it really good and it easy to overlook its flaws.



Linkuini said:

Personally, I was alright with the controls in the DS version. Sure, moving with the stylus is a clumsy substitute for analog control, but it still manages to be more reliable than the DS control pad, or my worn out N64 controller for that matter. Still, it's probably best to play with a Gamecube controller.



MetalMario said:

I have this for both N64 and VC.

When I first got it on VC I played and beat it with all 120 stars in 5 hours.

Good times...



MageNoobMan57 said:

Can't call yourself a Nintendo fan unless you've played this game. Definitely a must have for 1000 wii points.



Deviant_Mugen said:

Ah, nostalgia. I still have my N64 cart, maybe I should dig it out and play through it sometime. I never did get all the stars in the N64 version (though, I did accomplish it in the DS version--which was excellent as well).



Nintenzo said:

One of the greatest video games of all time, without a doubt ( However, the greatest video game of all time award is tied between this, Ocarina of Time, and Super Mario Galaxy 2 ).



PATUX3T said:

I LOVED the DS version. D:

...but, truth is, nothing beats the original in the end.



super-nintendo said:

Playing it again now....PERFECTION...seriously a 10. It's funny how Nintendo has SOOOO many game publishers beat even with a 1996 game. Nintendo just rocks!!!

I am playing it on VC with the Classic Controller...trust me...classic rocks. I have Gamecube controller as well but TRUST me, the classic is perfect in sticky situations. There has been no point where I've wanted to use any other controller...trust me.



fairybats said:

10/10 is right. What a fun and charming game! Didn't get to play this game much as a kid, so playing through it now feels like it's a brand new title. It has that timelessness to it. I love the penguins and racing down the slides



Knux said:

This is one of my most favorite games of all time! I spent so many hours playing this masterpiece as a kid! Even today, I love it so d*mn much...



UnseatingKDawg said:

Another one of those old-school legends I never got to play growing up (I had Game Gear and PC, which I find nothing wrong with). Once I played this after playing the DS remake, I can say if I had the choice, I'll play this any day over the remake, hands-down.



portealmario said:

This, mario bros delux, and Banjo-Tooie were the games I played when I was younger(about 6), acctually, it was when the gamecube and ps1 were out. But my mom and I still played it. She downloaded banjo-tooie for xbla now



BrickRockwell said:

Oh yes. Christmas 1996. Played the heck out of this after unwrapping the N64. Now THIS game should have been called Super Mario World. Still the greatest 3D Mario game out there. Sure, Super Mario Galaxy and its sequel are awesome, but Super Mario 64 not only introduced 3D gaming to a whole generation of people, but it was the near perfect representation of 3D game mechanics. From the hub system, to the camera control, to the analog sensitivity, to flying in 3D (never bettered until Pilotwings 64)... this game ROCKS
10/10 , 5/5. It's-a-me, Mario! BUY ME!!!!



Porpoise said:

Seriously, I dont get all the praise for this game. It's aged like old milk.
Nostalgia is blinding you all. :/

EDIT: I'm very sorry guys, I really like this game too, please disregard that last comment.

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