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Sat 26th Dec 2009

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MageNoobMan57 commented on Animal Crossing: Wild World:

No. You have it so, so wrong...

The Wii version is basically a port of the DS version. Half the city is stuff you got in Wild World.
And no AC sequel will ever equal the Gamecube original. It didn't need wifi, because it was packed full of stuff that, sadly, didn't return in the 2 sequels. (Raffles, statues, train station, Porter, NES games, igloos, summer campers, morning aerobics, actually interactive neighbors).



MageNoobMan57 commented on Phantasy Star IV:

I might wanna check this out... idk. I've been getting into RPG's lately, and I've heard some good things about this.... idk.



MageNoobMan57 commented on Animal Crossing: City Folk:

I'm a hardcore Animal Crossing fan, and this is my least favorite entry in the series. It's basically a port of Wild World with the "City" added to it. Not enough new features. The online play is slightly better, but overall it really isn't worth it. Do yourselves a favor and get the original (best in the series imo) or the DS version. I'd give it a 5//10 if you've owned previous games, and a 7/10 if this is your first time.