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Nintendo4Sonic commented on Review: Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures (Wi...:

Nintendolife gives strange ratings. A blockbuster like Batman Arkham Origins or CoD Ghosts get less good ratings than Pacman? I mean, i'm even interested in Pacman, but the ratings are still strange. Also Planes, Turbo or Amazing Spiderman got the same rating as Batman and CoD. But a game like Wind Waker HD gets a 9/10



Nintendo4Sonic commented on Review: Disney's Planes (Wii U):

I have this game since it launched. I'm a grown up and I don't know why, but i'm a fan of Cars, as well as Disney/Pixar at all. It doesn't mean i like everything they do, but i got interested in Planes. I even saw the movie a few days ago, it was great. Not a cheap Cars clone, it's very good.

To the game: It's fun and i can recommend it to those, who think it's something for them.
The review here is pretty fair. I wouldn't give 9 stars as well. But I'm no novice player and still i have fun, playing it. But i would recommend watching the movie, so you get a feeling for the nice characters.
I like the way, the game is using the gamepad.
You can control the whole game over motion sensor, which works surprisingly well and makes it a bit harder. The racing missions are much fun to play, but the free flight missions are pretty easy. Graphics are ok, could look better, could look worse. Nice character models and good draw distance meets a few simple textures.

So, if you like the movie as well as flight games, give it a try. It's no hit game, but could likely expand your Nintendo collection.