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Dr. Mario Online Rx Review

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Posted by Sammy Barker

Zany pill-popping madness with Nintendo's favourite son.

Dr. Mario was the perfect NES game. A bold, simple statement to start this review, but never has a sentence rang so true in the ears of our peers. This was a game that combined mad colours, infectious soundtracks and a delightful twist on the classic Tetris formula and is (in our opinion) the ultimate “one more go” game that epitomises the word “addictive”.

After such a big build up, it’s extremely refreshing to announce that Dr Mario Online RX (or Dr. Mario & Germ Buster if you are in Europe) retains all that was great about the original. Basically what you’re getting for 1000 points is a revamped copy of the original Dr. Mario along with Brain Age 2 / More Brain Training’s “Germ Buster” minigame from the DS. The standard Dr. Mario game is played with the Wii Remote held like an NES controller while Germ Buster is played using the remote's pointing functionality. Both games essentially share the same presentation and mechanics, it being the control methods that set the games apart.

For those unfamiliar with the Dr. Mario gameplay, the premise is simple to explain. The main playing field is dotted with bright-coloured viruses which must be eliminated by the pills that Mario drops from the top of the screen. In order to vaporise the little critters you must match up 3 like coloured pills on top of each virus. Each pill is split into two different colours (or occasionally two of the same) allowing more able players to create chains and thus maximise their score. The level is cleared when all the viruses have been removed from the playing field and a new level is then approached where there are even more viruses than the previous one. Obviously, the game ends when your towers of misplaced pills reach the top of the screen.

There are lots of options before you start a single-player game. For example, if you find the initial levels too mundane you can start the gameplay at whichever level you prefer allowing you to get straight into the thick of the action where there are a lot more viruses on screen. You can also change the speed and music, but we highly doubt anyone plays this game on a tune other than the classic “Fever” track.

Aside from the original Dr. Mario gameplay mode where you have to destroy all the viruses, a “Flash” mode has been included which is essentially a race against the computer to see who can destroy a number of “flashing” viruses first. It’s a nice way of mixing up the gameplay, but most players will probably stick with the original form of play. However, Nintendo has included a great Wi-Fi connection mode which works well, letting you play either the standard Dr. Mario game or the “Flash” mode against an unknown counterpart or friend. In our test-run we managed to match several competitors in seconds who all proceeded to annihilate us. The online experience is enjoyable and lag-free allowing you to send predetermined messages to your opponent before the game starts. Aside from the niggles of swapping friends codes again with all your friends just for this game, it works as well as you might hope for a Wii game.

There is also an online leaderboard used to rank you on your Wi-Fi battle dominance, which works similarly to Mario Kart Wii. Everyone starts with 5000 points and you then proceed to either gain or lose those points. We're a little bemused as to why there are no single player scoreboards. A game like Dr. Mario, which relies on setting high-scores, should have a means of showcasing these to the rest of the world and while the online leaderboards are a decent addition, the omission of single player scoreboards is unforgivable.

Something we thought particularly nifty is the ability to send a demo version of the game to people in your friend roster. By them accepting and downloading the demo version you can enjoy online matches against your friends without them ever having to pay for the game. It’s a concept extended from the DS’ “Download Play”, it seems, and while we haven’t tested it out yet we're pretty impressed with the idea.

Germ Buster mode plays in the same way as the main Dr. Mario game but allows up to four players to make use of the Wii Remote pointer to essentially drag objects into place. The four player co-op mode allows players to work together to eliminate the viruses but essentially becomes a contest of who is first to click on the pill and drag it into place. While the game does hot the action up a little bit by throwing more than one pill down at a time, the resulting gameplay is particularly muddled and crowded. This isn't helped by the action being zoomed, which, while allowing for more intuitive point and clicking, can become messy in later levels. It's the kind of messy that makes you want to quit Germ Buster mode and play a normal game of Dr. Mario either over Wi-Fi or with a friend. In saying that, though, the Germ Buster modes controls and physics work perfectly. We're just not convinced many people will play it more than once.

The presentation between the two games is what you would expect. The backdrops are rich shades of blue and white contrasted by the bright colours of the pills on the foreground. Everything has been kept in the same place as the original NES version, but simply been redrawn and rendered. It looks good but it’s not going to make you “wow”. A game like this relies on its gameplay over its graphics and with the colours all distinguishable and in place the visuals do their job adequately. The menu screens and opening title screen are disappointingly bland but it’s a small niggle and detracts none from the experience.

The question on everyone’s lips is whether the game is really worth 1000 points? Sure there’s an online mode but take that away and you basically have the original NES Dr. Mario game with more colours and a 3D Mario in the corner. Essentially you’re getting a NES game without the nostalgia so it is entirely up to you to judge if this would represent good value for money. If Nintendo had released the original NES classic on the Virtual Console for 500 points already then it would be hard to justify paying double to download this when all you are really gaining is the ability to play a game online. As it stands this is probably the most convenient way to play Dr Mario now on the big screen so we cannot grumble too much.


Dr. Mario looks great, sounds great and plays great, just like the original did 18 years ago, and the inclusion of online multiplayer adds value. Newcomers to the series will be thrilled, but puzzle veterans may be a little disappointed. Dr. Mario was and still is a very, very good puzzle game and that fact remains unchanged here. If you’re a fan of Tetris or puzzle games in general then you will be delighted with this game. If you already own a copy of Dr. Mario on NES, Game Boy, SNES or N64 then think twice before picking this up unless online multiplayer really floats your boat.

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User Comments (107)



Raptor78 said:

I found the game exceedingly good value for money. The two basic games a great, especially when you play 4 player Germ Buster. But the online works REALLY well, im always able to find opponents in no time at all when playing worldwide, lag free, online leaderboards AND you can send invites and demos out to your friends etc... what more do you want for 1000 points?

If this had been a full retail game then yeah, 7 out of 10 is about right. But when you compare it to a VC game then it is as good if not better than other games of the same price. I would have given it 9 out of 10 myself, but its all down to each and everyones personal tastes I suppose.



get2sammyb said:

@Raptor - You're not wrong in saying that the online works exceptionally well. I haven't had trouble match-making yet. Some people are blimming good though aren't they? Damn you "Chris" whoever you are.



Raptor78 said:

Thanks for not taking my comments out of context Sammy, there have been many reviews I havnt agreed with it doesnt mean they are any more wrong or right. lol

Personally I keep getting my butt kicked by the Japanese players, even though they are the same rank as myself?!?



Simbabbad said:

There are more options, a new play mode, online play, excellent presentation, there are leaderboards and online rankings, the ability to send a demo to a friend, and this scores less than something like... Pop ? Which is as barebone and shallow as possible ?

And because it's been done before, which is also the case with Toki Tori, which yet has a 9 without online play or ranking or endless replay value ?



Raptor78 said:

@ Kawaiipikachu...

this game has been far from boring, if your not sure about the game try and find someone in your region who owns it to send you the demo.
Its difficult but addictive.



get2sammyb said:

@ Simbabbad: There are only multiplayer rankings (which in my opinion do not showcase who is best and worst at the game in any way). There appears to be no way of showcasing your highscore in the single player mode.

Also you must take into consideration the value for money aspect. Pop is cheaper and so is rated on its merits as value for money.



Homer_Simpson said:

I just dowloaded this today and I am incredibly dissapointed. As mentioned in the review, there is very little content besides a (slightly) revamped version of the original. Also, in terms of design, I'd take Tetris over Dr. Mario any day. Tetris has more depth to it's play, in my opinon.

Good review.



ReaperJ21 said:

well, 2 behonest, i woul have given dr. mario at least an 8/10, but probably a 9/10, its a grat game from a great series, but there are rankings, not leaderboards its one of the options i think, i don't own the game (yet) but i saw a video on youtube (sorry i can't remember the link) and it showed score boards through out the world, in what ranking u are (he was 3,022)



Simbabbad said:

Dr. Mario is not much expensive compared to Pop, especially when the replay value, depth, presentation, options and online play are taken into consideration.
And especially not when Puyo Puyo 2 costs 900 points and has 4/5 stars on vc-reviews.com, also with less options, outdated presentation and no online play or leaderboards whatsoever. The money excuse is a bit strange compared to a lot of titles.

It also seems from your review you don't really know how to play the game and spent little time with it. The Germ Buster mode has MANY important differences and rules from the main game and you don't mention any : not the several pills going down at the same time, not the seperated pieces being draggable (which really changes the gameplay), and not even the UP TO 4 PLAYER CO-OP MODE. That last one is a pretty big omission, to say the least.
I'm sorry, but your review is shallow and misleading, it really sounds like you spent 5 minutes on it.

On the whole I find the WiiWare reviews to be much less reliable than the Virtual Console reviews, they seem to be going all over the place, overrated in general and that one severely underrated.



get2sammyb said:

@Simbabbad: I appreciate your comments. I reviewed the game as I see fit. If we share a difference of opinion then fair enough. I'm glad you're enjoying the game.

Germ Buster essentially shares the same gameplay mechanics and no amount of falling objects or messy co-op change that for me.

I can not comment on any other review but my own.



jrsmaster411 said:

I don't think you can complain about the score if you haven't even played the game

Compairing reviews is just dumb btw pop was way better the big complaint was that this is basically just the same Dr. Mario we say on NES but with online play and some germ buster mode which is basically adding motion controls to the same old Dr. Mario which makes it sloppy play



Simbabbad said:

get2sammyb, weither you find those differences important or not is irrelevant (they're big deals gameplay wise, but that's not the point).

The fact is you don't mention any of them, and they may interest plenty of people. Not mentionning co-op play in a review is a huge omission, and your whole review has the same vibe all along. You're just not mentionning features when you personally don't care about them, and you're not accurately describing the game.



Raptor78 said:


The germ buster game uses IR not motion controls and makes for a much more enjoyable game than Dr. Mario. I have found I play that more offline out of the two games. And when your playing using 4 players it works really well not sloppy at all. Infact the mechanics seem altogether different due to the nature of the IR games drag an drop. A steady hand really helps as well

Overall I didnt agree with the reviewer at all, but that is their opinion and this was mine. The basic mode is indeed a repackaged Dr. Mario with a fantastic online mode all with plenty of options and mii support, and you get twoo games for your money.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

Excellent review.
But there are some parts that probably would make people think that the 1000-points price tag is justifiable (I don't think so but that's another story).

Anyway, I wasn't planning on getting this and my mind hasn't changed in any way but it's nice to know what I WOULD be getting into if I did get it for some reason. Mind you, I would like to try the Demo.



antdickens said:

Hmm... I think people are missing the point here, 7 is a pretty respectable score.. 7 doesn't mean its a BAD game. Just means it isn't an amazing game in the eyes of the reviewer. Please remember that all reviews are personal opinion and therefore are subjective to a reviewers tastes!



Jazzem said:

I think it's probably one of the least interesting WiiWare games as it's basically a retro update, but it's by no means a bad one going by the demo. It's classic Dr Mario, and for me being able to play it online makes the 1000 points price very fair.

I look forward to picking it up sometime



KnucklesSonic8 said:

Agreed. 7 means decent in my books, which is what I'd classify this game anyways.

And VIP Casino Blackjack got a lower score than 7.



ICEknight said:

...I don't think I would have bought this game had I read this review before. Fortunately, I got it and I must say it's one of the best versions of Dr. Mario I've played.

Germ Buster is a pretty nice addition (not as "pointless" as it may seem), and online play is amazingly addictive.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

Wow! Quite a claim, indeed.

And hearing that about Wi-Fi is great to hear. I thought it would get old a tad quickly.

Is it easy to find people? Are there a lot of people online already who have the game over there?



ICEknight said:

I've never had to wait for more than a couple of minutes for an online game to start.



get2sammyb said:

It's really easy to jump into a game. Couple of minutes ABSOLUTE maximum. 10 or so seconds average.



Kenji510 said:

I still want to download and play this game and im really looking forward to it too next week on the 26th and it better come too on that day cause i dont want wait anymore... i want to try the new online feature too... i always loved this game since i played the other versions too like nes, snes, gba and N64.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

Yeah, I can imagine. And having IGN not beeing a reliable source for RD's certainly doesn't help, now does it?



Kenji510 said:

@KnucklesSonic8- i guess not... sometimes it could be wrong and could always be changed again as well... im just tired of it and dont want to wait anymore for this game to be out and want it to be out on the 26th... so please let us have it on the 26th and do not change the date again and i mean never!!

USA Release Date
26 May 2008

That says it all right there and thats gotta be the final release date!



KnucklesSonic8 said:

Don't put your hopes up, though, just in case. Don't you remember last week? xD I expected Gyrostarr to release last week, tbh, but it didn't. I'm just gonna go with the flow I guess.

I'm tired of waiting for a release date, that's all. xD
Especially for Plattchen, the title I'm most looking fwd to.



Objection said:

Let's see, another version of Dr. Mario, a score mode only shooter and a NES game that no one liked when it first came out. Sounds like catch-up week to me! Time to get FFCC:MLAAK (which I already did)



lockelocke said:

No single player scoreboards is a big frown face for me, but the demo and online play are a plus. Not that it matters much, as soon as my girlfriend hears about this game, she will, without a doubt, somehow coerce me into buying it. And proceed to hand my ass to me on a plate, I suck at this game.



pdrydia said:

Simbabbad has a point. It doesn't matter to me if a reviewer likes or hates a game--we all like and dislike certain things--but it does matter that the reviewer actually, y'know, reviews the game thoroughly. That includes mentioning its features, even the features the reviewer doesn't particularly care about as a gamer. Cuz those may be features I care about as a gamer.

Not that I can comment on whether or the reviewer here neglected to mention important details, since I don't own the game. Not that this particular game isn't insta-buy for me, anyway.

Just making sure buying it doesn't, y'know, infect the user with herpes or anything.



andy836 said:

it seems every time someone makes a review there is always some stupid people who are like no thats wrong, your stupid, or I'm not coming to this site anymore, or some other crud, personally i think those people need to grow up, a review is an OPINION. Nobody is forcing you to read it, and he even says "so it is entirely up to you to judge if this would represent good value for money for you." he is not saying its bad it is his opinion about a game nothing more. You people should be happy that they are taking their time to actually review these games. So stop saying inconsiderate things to the reviewers. It's just a review............



ChocoDK said:

I own the original NES cartridge of Dr. Mario and wasn't interested in the game in the first place.

I enjoyed reading your reivew and getting more insight in the game.



Corbs said:

You have to understand, we only have a limited amount of space to review the game in and we also only have a few hours to play the game and then begin writing up the reviews. These games are not like retail versions where you get the review build of the games early and have plenty of time to play them and review them. It's very difficult to cover everything, and as was stated, much of a review is still personal opinion. It's always best to consult a number of reviews to get an idea of how the game is overall and whether or not it might be something you want to purchase.

And Sammy I liked the review. Good job.



Damo said:

7 out of 10 in WiiWare World's rating scale counts as 'Good'.

So why are people moaning about this being a 'bad review'?



Tundra said:

It's a fun game. Online is great and often challenging with the settings getting harder as your rank progresses. I lost practically all my first games, but then I was totally new to it all, but I have to say it won me over! It's certainly addictive and a nice game to enjoy in quick bursts or prolonged sessions.

And to clarify, there IS a leaderboard! Ranking is similar to other Nintendo games, starting out at 5000, and gaining or losing when you win or lose along the lines of Mario Kart etc



pdrydia said:

Corbie: Too true. I like the professionalism from reviews like this--you know, the clean writing style and coherency, and actual content (v. "this game is so grate buy it now or ur gay!", e.g. the more common player reviews). There is something lacking when a time limit is imposed, though, even with retail games. Penny Arcade mentioned something to this effect when discussing Assassin's Creed, IIRC.



DEMON212 said:

As I've just had to condense this for a Pod Cast, I can now say that I fail to see why this is a bad review. I thought it was a very good review and you mentioned everything that was important (Demo sending, 4 player co-op for Germ, the gameplay and how it works, the new modes and old ones, all of the extra options etc...). It was a bit long for my liking, but still, you done a good job

Personally though I find the game pretty dull and boring and I never seem to play more than 1 game at a time. I've never been a Dr. M fan, but this is better than I expected. I would like to say though, how I have the game and didn't know that it had 4p co-op, as in the game menu's, it's not advertised ANYWEHRE! The only way to find out is in the operations guide which requires you to connect to the net and therefore exit your game in order to read them.

I'm LMAO though at the comments comparing reviews. Because last time I checked, my man Drake reviewed Toki, not Sammy. So of course they're going to be different, as all reviews are, are peoples opinions. So one reviewer will be A LOT different compared to another. Including how he/she rates games, what they rate them on and why. And that goes doubly for sites. Comparing the VCR to the WWW is hilarious. That's like comparing Wii controls to SIXAXIS or Blu Ray to Beta Max. Or Gorgonzola to Mozzarella.

Man, it gets worse, the comments stating how old games shouldn't have been rated as high as new ones because they don't have online play.


I'm gonna have to leave before I bust a gut. Because I've still got Toki to condense, I really hope that the review is identacle to this one, oh wait, they're by different people so of course they're not going to be LMAO XD



blackknight77 said:

I would not complain about the review. Its not like he is torching the game. It's Dr. Mario if you enjoyed the older version or any puzzle game you will like it, but its not groundbreaking. The online play helps. So its a good review and a good game.

I do like seeing games like Manhunt and GTA get torched though. Over the top violence to sell games= lack of creativity IMO



ReaperJ21 said:

well this is about my last comment, i didn't mean 2 moan or put down the review, its still great, and im glad u posted it up, so im sorry if i insulted(or acted like a baby) about the review, still getting the game and can't wait till it comes out =D also any1 know when dr. mario comes out in america, just curious on any speculation dates?



get2sammyb said:

Can I please just clarify for everyone that says this game has scoreboards. It has rankings for the Wi-Fi battle but as far as I am aware there is certainly no way of getting a high-score in single-player and then sending it to a scoreboard. Singleplayer is basically "what's the best score you can get?" gameplay and therefore a SCOREBOARD here is essential. Hence the point in my review. If I've overlooked that SCOREBOARD then Nintendo must have seriously hidden it because all I see is a meaningless LEADERBOARD for the Wi-Fi battles.



Dazza said:

Thanks for clarifying Sammy. Lets try and keep the discussion on track now. I think it is pretty clear what modes the review says the game has and does not have.

If you don't agree with the review or the rating it was awarded then we are big enough to hear it, but try to be constructive in your comments please.



DEMON212 said:


IMO it's a good review that tells me everything I'd want to know. After reading it I know it's not something I'd buy, and the only reason I have it, is that it was a gift. After playing it, I personally think a 7 is probably being a lil generous, but not by much at all, and 1,000 is too pricey for what you're getting.

Make this 700 and PoP 500 and I'd have been happier. Although Toki Tori I'd have payed a 1,000 easily. FFCCMLAAK is priced appropriately IMO, but some of the content is a bit dodgy. 200 points for 2 constumes, which have to be activated EVERY time you switch the game on, is a lil bit of a joke.

Anywho, now I'm going off topic again, so I'll leave by saying, once again, good review, I look forward to your next



Clayfrd said:

I'm still sitting on 1000 points waiting for this. I personally love Dr. Mario, and a couple extra features and online justifies the purchase for me.

@Dazza- Your avatar! Why?!



Kenji510 said:

Please and i swear hopefully this comes out on the 26th and it will just make me happy to have this on my wii!!



Raptor78 said:

I think that whats important here is that the reviewers are doing this volunterily and we dont want to put them off writting any more in the future.
The review was well written in the small space that was available, I was one of the first to post that I didnt agree with it but also said that it was just a matter of opinion. I loved it although I found it really hard and now im getting better at it im loving it even more.

7 out of 10 was a good which doesnt mean that you shouldnt buy itit just mean that it isnt the best... I found it great value and well put together and a snip at the 1000 points so I found it somewhere between an 8 and a 9 but thats just me.

Looking forward to your next review Sammy, keep up the good work.



Sonicpro said:

This game should have been at launch of Wiiware. It was one of the only Nintendo games published for Wiiware. (Technicaly the only one because Everyone's Pokemon Ranch is the Pokemon company.) I like how it dosn't take up that many blocks and is one of the larger games. I hope it has unlockables and hope it comes out on Monday the 26th in North America.



Kenji510 said:

prays only 2 more days left and im so excited to download this game on monday and hopefully it will be out on the 26th cause its the memorial day too as well... i really want this game and ive been waiting soooooooo loooooooong and dont want to wait anymore!



ZueriHB said:

It's a great game, with all what I expected from Dr. Mario, all? No, there are some drawbacks in comparison with the NES original.

  • Single Player Score is only for a Level, a playtrough from 1 to 27 will not get you higher scores than starting at 20 (New Level = New Score), in this case, an online scoreboard would be pointless.
  • Multiplayer, be it off or online in Dr. Mario, does only feature one sound for combos and chains, be it Player 1 or 2. All other Dr. Mario titles had two distinct sounds, one for each player.
  • There are some major differences in controlls (Drops and Horizontal Movements), just play a round on a older Dr. Mario title to feel the difference, it takes a while to adjust, before level 20 at High can be played Good.
  • I don't know about you guys, but for me, every 3rd online match is not abborted due to network errors and stuff, also there is some lag, but it's not noticable as it's cleverly negated.
  • You cannot start at a higher level than 20, as on the Cube and 64 version was able to start at 22, and can't redo those over 20 in High (You'll have to restart after a Game Over)


get2sammyb said:

I've only been disconnected from Wi-Fi once out of 100 battles zueriHB. Must just be an unlucky connection with opponents



AlexSays said:


because its Dr. Mario.

@ get2sammyb

great review.
probably one of the better reviews i've read in a while,
so i'm not sure why some people are complaining.



Kevin said:

I can't wait to download it tomorrow! I've heard the other game is supposed to be toki tori.



deadly_by_design said:

This was worth my 1000 points. Nice to see them release games that are both fun and worthwhile. (hello - 700 for bubble popping? eesh)



Mike1 said:

Funny how this game takes up less memory blocks in the US than Europe but more than Japan. Don't care it's finally mine!!!



Jonny said:

ign's review is interesting compared to yours Sammy. They call virusbuster the best thing about the game whereas it's clear you didn't really care for it at all. As a big co op social gamer i'm tempted.



Adam said:

I just got it, and I think if you've played and enjoyed Dr. Mario before, you'll be happy enough for $10. Dr. Mario is definitely the toughest puzzle game I know, but I still love it -- perhaps because of the challenge, perhaps because of nostalgia. 7/10 sits about right for me as it's a great value for Dr. Mario fans, but probably not the best for someone looking for a Tetris-like experience, which I think is more forgiving.

I've yet to play the co-op Virus Buster, though, which looks quite satisfying...

If nothing else, the game's worth it to put on the Fever or Chill music and just listen!



calculon said:

Ugh, this game stinks. It's slow, boring and unjustifiably expensive. Unless you really enjoyed Dr Mario in its original guise, avoid at all costs. 7/10 is a generous score - I'd have gone for 6/10 max and then asked Nintendo for a refund. I hate to say it but this game is nothing more than expensive shovelware, if you really want to try it ask someone to send the demo first.



Jockolantern said:

Unbelievably awesome update of a classic game. The online play is smooth and excellent, the new Flash and Virus Buster options are a lot of fun (Virus Buster with four players is absolute chaos to coordinate) and the good ol' Classic style of Dr. Mario gameplay is just as addictive as ever. This game is going to get a looooooooooot of mileage on my Wii's clock.



beyondmany said:

I really enjoy this game. First time playing it ever was through WiiWare. A few annoying things:
1. The game does not appear to save your sound settings in-between launches.
2. Friend codes are a bore to work with.
3. Setting up to send a demo to your friends is tedious and non-intuitive



Vortex99 said:

7/10? This really deserves another mark. It's the best in the series, because aswell as having the addictive Dr Mario gameplay you all know and love, Wi-Fi has been thrown in and the excellent Germ Buster game features aswell. Definitely underrated - 8/10



poggydude said:

$10 is not bad for any iteration of dr. mario

no matter how dr.mario is presnted it is always worth 10 dollars the emulators shoul charge for a download

best puzzle game i've ever played (the nes version)

I don't see how they could make this franchise bad



Tate24 said:

Whats RX stand for in the american version ???

my version is called : Dr mario & germ busters.



Dazza said:

I do believe Rx is a commonly used term for prescription drugs in the USA. I can understand why this game has a alternate title in Europe!!



ttplayer92 said:

It might because I didnt have to spend a penny on this game because x.SuperMario.x gifted it to me but I am really enjoying and I have only played the old Doctor mario for 10 seconds when I was 4. Really good game and dont see why it did not get a 8/10



StarDust4Ever said:

It allows for the use of the Classic/ GC controller.

The file size is still the same for the US: 93 blocks. I had to delete it first to make room for the re-download because my Wii system memory is stuffed. I am a big Classic controller fan, so this download is a no-brainer for me.



mr_niceguy said:

I'm double posting to double the chances of this getting answered

I've never played Dr. Mario before, how is it? I've played falling block puzzlers before and I've honestly never liked them, with the exception of Tetris, Lumines, and Meteos. Falling block puzzlers(with the exception of the ones I just mentioned) have a tendency to screw you, by giving you a piece that you absolutely don't need, and wind up having to cover up a potential line, because you had to put it /somewhere/.

Does Dr. Mario come with this game-ruining fault?



Objection said:

I'm the same way when it comes to puzzles games- I just dont like them by default. But the exceptions for me are Dr. Mario (which I experienced as Dr. Wario in Warioware GBA) and Puzzlequest (Bejeweled mxed with RPG elements). So if you're like me and don't like Tetris (everyone goes "BOO!") you will probably still like Dr. Mario...and Puzzlequest!



SergeEXE said:

@Objection_Blaster: I agree- Puzzle Quest kicks ass. Just kinda stinks Nintendo got the short end of the stick with its versions of it. Oh well, the PC was best suited for that game anyway.

Either way, I'll probably get Dr. Mario because of the good online. Along with Mario Kart, Nintendo seems to be on a roll.



Objection said:

@Serge Well, it didn't have voice-overs or whatever but I really liked the touch screen controls on the DS version, so I would hav chosen that version even if I had the other systems.
@knuckles thanks for sending the demo, i will download it soon and send u FC



mr_niceguy said:


I guess I didn't make myself clear. You see, I love Tetris, along with the other two I mentioned, because they don't have a tendency to ruin your game, so long as you didn't make a sloppy mistake. All the other puzzle games I played always felt too cheap, like they were just throwing out pieces at random and messing me up, and wind up being too frustrating to enjoy. I just want to know if Dr. Mario ever does that.



pApEr_y0sh said:

@objectionblaster- i hate tetris too. it is too slow or something. its... just boring and gets old after 2 min. but dr. mario is the greatest puzzle game ever. the only one that i like and never gets old.



road-rash-4-wii said:

This game is fantastic! I can't believe it only cost me one fifth of a standard retail game. Its so addictive, the graphics and music are sweet and you get two games based on the same principle but with suprisingly different gameplay. Add the wifi connectivity and you have yourself a winner: 10 out of 10.

Can anyone answer this question. I'd never play Dr Mario before but I found getting grips with it a lot of fun and now I enjoy trying to beat my high scores and testing myself against the rest of the world on Wifi, I've also never played Action Loop Twist or any of its clones, should I ignore the 7/10 it got on WiiWareWorld and go ahead and buy it considering how ace Dr Mario is, which also got 7/10???



strade32 said:

if you want a puzzler(which i am assuming you do) then get Toki Tori. Action Loop is not bad, but everyone loves Toki Tori more.



road-rash-4-wii said:

Thanks for the advice! The reason I didn't get Toki Tori is because it brings back bad childhood memories of a game called Pugsy (I think) on the sega megadrive. Using all these different objects and power ups to try to solve the most ridiculous puzzles. I remember losing my mind and begging WHsmith to take it back off me so it wouldn't haunt me any longer (thankfully they did).

Toki Tori might be completely different but when I see the character and level design I just think 'oh no not again!!' Still I'm older and wiser now so I might take the plunge and put myself to the test.



pApEr_y0sh said:

im not saying you shouldnt get toki tori, its a great puzzler. its just dr. mario is better. so once you muster enough points again, toki tori is suggested if you want another puzzler( just DO NOT pick tetris party when it comes out) LOL



Symphonia_King said:

Dr Mario, a copy of an NES game with maybe 1 new feature better than a unique, original puzzler like Toki Tori? I think not. Nintendo's just milking the Mario cash cow, man. You're giving them money hand over fist.



CanisWolfred said:

I've never played a Dr. Mario game before, I always assumed it was like Puyo Puyo, which I hate, with a twist. Actually, I hated Puyo Puyo because it would drop unbreakable blocks on you if the opponent was doing really good, and that made the game very cheap, plus the multitude of bright colors was very confusing.

Thankfully Dr. Mario seems absent of unbreakable blocks, and the only 4 colors seem easy on the eyes. I might consider getting it, if somebody would kindly give me a demo...

@symphonia king

It's been a while since I've seen a Symphonia reference, I liked that game. Sadly I got stuck in it pretty quickly. I hated level grinding (that's part of why I could never get into RPG's), and for a while I had gotten away without any level grinding(on purpose, anyways). But, sadly, I wasn't able to get away with it unpunished, and now I'm stuck in a dungeon with no MP, no Items, and no escape. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted...



SRPirate said:

this game is well worth 1000 points, the game is so much fun and the online works really well



Ricardo91 said:

@PApEr Y0sh!. ATCHI- WHAAAAAAAAAAAAA!?!? You hate Tetris!? How's that even possible!? Do you hate freedom too?

I played the N64 version of Dr. M briefly one time, but other than that I haven't had much experience with the game. Now that I downloaded and played this version for a while, I've concluded that it's one of the best games on wiiware, and not just because it's a Nintendo game. Apparently I suck at it though (at least at classic mode.), since I keep getting my butt kicked online. Except for this one guy (I think his name was Chris?) who I ABSOLUTELY BUTCHERED. TWICE. It could've been more, but he quit.

I like how you can actually interact w/ people with those selectable phrases too (though sadly, "PWNED!" isn't a choice.). Actual voice-chat would've been nicer, but I guess I gotta take what I can get. Maybe someday...



Mr_Game_and_Watch said:

A bit like pOp you start off playing non-stop and then you soon copy and delete or it is hardly played so this score is fair.
I for one love the Germ Buster mode but not so much classic I'm useless at it.



AVahne said:

this game is one of the wiiware games that I REALLY WANT TO GET!i played the game on snes when i was younger and i loved it,even though i sucked.would be great to play this game online now that im older



Vortex99 said:

@ Mr. Cheez

Actually, I really don't get the point of Tetris. I played a demo of it on the Nintendo Channel and I was just itching about what to do. Plus, it does randomly dump unbreakable blocks on you, which is why for me Tetris is out of my leauge right now.

That's the whole point why I like Dr Mario actually - simple to understand, hard to beat. Plus, the Wi-Fi mode is REALLY addictive.

WiiWare World's score should be lifted one more. ONM's score is just right at 82%, but NGamer's 4/10? WAY OFF THE SCALE!



Clayfrd said:

100th comment . My internet has become more reliable lately, and while it is not strong enough for the likes of Brawl , it is strong enough for Dr. Mario, and I have been playing online more lately. Yay.



Ah, a mere 7? I've had this since it came out. It's still my only WiiWare game, though I'm considering Toki Tori despite playing the GBC game to death and being low on funds.

Admittedly, it's quite lacking compared to Dr. Mario 64 (and it certainly looked better too. The version of Chill in that game was really cool, not to mention Vampire Wario (seen below, sprite ripped and animated by yours truly, since nobody else on the internet would), who is totally badass and the most evil-looking character Nintendo has ever made.)


It delivers what it promises though. Two modes of Dr. Mario play, online play, Mii's as a novelty, and Virus Buster as a little bonus. It's hardly Dr. Mario perfection, but I got exactly what I expected out of it.

I suppose in the end 7 is probably an appropriate score. It's Dr. Mario Online, nothing more and nothing less. Still, it makes it sound like there's a lot of better things on WiiWare, or that it's not one of the better games on the service. :/



I can't stand the Fever song, way too annoying. I prefer Chill.



edward1224 said:

I don't neccesarily agree with the reviewer. I had Dr. Mario on N64 and I really liked it. Compared to that, I love this version. I would give it an 8 or a 9. Of course as with many other games, if you liked the older versions then I think you'll like this one. You also have to gameplay modes here. In one you hold the Wii remote sideways while in the other version you point at the virus capcel to show it where to go. One bad thing about this game, though. I don't think it can be beat. I've had my screen completely filled with virus's dozen times and still didn't reach an end to the game. I get the feeling that it's like Milipede. I've heard that there's no end to that game either.





One of the very best games on wiiware IMHO and it is easily an 8 or even a 9. Outstanding puzzle game. It should've been 800 points, that's my only complaint. Massively addictive and my household have had a great time with this game. One of the best puzzle games on any nintendo system. 7 doesn't do it justice IMHO



Noire said:

I've got to pick this up some time. It's one of the only puzzle games I actually enjoy.

The only thing I don't agree with in the review is the Fever comment. It's Chill for me every time.



mrhd said:

They missed a key part in this game. the 4 player multiplayer mode. were you can team up with buddies and go against each other or the computer.

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