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United States

Thu 22nd May 2008

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Sonicpro commented on Nintendo Download: Mixed Messages, Pitfalls, M...:

DSiWare lacks a lot this week. If Japan has 30 games on DSiWare, and 6 months of time to release these in the US, why were they not translated faster and put up for download faster?

As for Wii, I would have been fine with these titles if the DSiWare was bigger and focused on more. So, all sections of the shop suck this week.



Sonicpro commented on Review: Dr. Mario Online RX:

This game should have been at launch of Wiiware. It was one of the only Nintendo games published for Wiiware. (Technicaly the only one because Everyone's Pokemon Ranch is the Pokemon company.) I like how it dosn't take up that many blocks and is one of the larger games. I hope it has unlockables and hope it comes out on Monday the 26th in North America.