Nintendo's well aware of the stock issues with some amiibo figures, even if it's not actually able to resolve some of the problems affected the toys' availability in stores. We expect amiibo in card-form later this year, and some key figures will get additional runs of stock to meet demand, though we suspect it'll be difficult for the big N to keep us all happy.

One fairly rare figure is Marth, and earlier this year Nintendo confirmed that the Fire Emblem character was one of those in line to have more stock arrive in stores. This is no doubt designed to tie into the amiibo support in Code Name: S.T.E.A.M. by Intelligent Systems, with that strategy title arriving in North America soon on 13th March (Europeans need to wait until May). Nintendo of America has brought the good news that more Marth stock is coming to the region, though the downside is that it'll arrive long after the 3DS title has hit store shelves.

Clearly issues with manufacturing and delays from external problems such as port strikes have made life difficult, and it's a pity that more Marth figures won't arrive in time for Code Name: S.T.E.A.M. All of that said, are you keen to grab a Marth amiibo and hoping to pick one up once more stock arrives? Let us know.